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Raymond Chandler - Master of the Hard-boiled Detective Story

Phillip Marlowe Says:

Raymond Chandler was born in Chicago Illinois in 1888. He was raised in England, and attended Dulwich College. He served in World War I in the First Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, transferring to the R.A.F. later in the war. It wasn't until the age of 45 that Chandler turned to writing, publishing his first stories in Black Mask. His Most memorable character is Phillip Marlowe. Chandler died in 1959.

In Association with The Big Sleep
Marlowe is hired by General Sternwood, a paralyzed California millionaire, to solve a blackmail case that turns out to hide a murder. Marlowe has to deal with both of Sternwood's daughters. You'll probably read this one more than once. The motives, twists, and memorable characters will draw you in.

In Association with The Big Sleep
Film version of the book. Read the novel first, or you'll never get this one. They left a lot out for time's sake and because of censors. Bogey and Bacall are excellent. Howard Hawks' signature directing style is evident. Even the bit players are good.

In Association with The Long Goodbye
Marlowe helps out a casual friend, and ends up in the middle of a murder case. A gritty look at Los Angeles as usual.

In Association with The Long Goodbye
The film version is updated to the 1970's, but it's not bad.

In Association with Later Novels and Other Writings : The Lady in the Lake/the Little Sister/the Long Goodbye/Playback/Double Indemnity/Selected Essays and Letters

A good collection worth a look even if you have the stories already. The essays and letters give insight into Chandler's point of view.

In Association with Double Indemnity
Director Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler adapted James M. Cain's hard-boiled novel into this wildly thrilling movie of insurance man Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray), who schemes the perfect murder with the beautiful dame Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck): kill Dietrichson's husband and make off with the insurance money. But, of course, in these plots things never quite go as planned.

In Association with Farewell, My Lovely
Marlowe helps Moose Malloy find his "little Velma". Murder, gambling, and trouble wtih three different girls.

In Association with Murder, My Sweet
This is the film version of Farewell My Lovely. They changed the title for the movie. Dick powell is excellent as Marlowe, and the black and white photography is perfect for the story.

In Association with The High Window
A stolen coin, a mysterious lady, and murder.

In Association with The Lady in the Lake
Marlowe searches for a missing woman, finds betrayal, deception, and of course, a murdered Lady in the Lake.

In Association with The Little Sister
Marlowe searches for a sweet young girl's missing brother, and finds, drugs, blackmail, and a chain of murders.

In Association with Marlowe
This is the film version of The Little Sister. It's updated to the 1960's, but the story is still good. Garner is a good cynical Marlowe.

In Association with Playback
Marlowe is hired to tail a beautiful redhead, solves a case of big money and murder.

In Association with Raymond Chandler : A Biography
Insightful and informative. Any Chandler fan should own this book.

In Association with Raymond Chandler Speaking

In Association with Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles

In Association with The Simple Art of Murder
Four short stories and the title essay.

In Association with Stories and Early Novels : Pulp Stories/the Big Sleep/Farewell, My Lovely/the High Window

In Association with Trouble Is My Business
Four short stories.

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