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How many keys am I holding up?

What A Drunk Driver Is:

A Murderer

A Law Breaker

A Road Hazard

A Destroyer of Dreams

Completely Under Prosecuted

To Easily Accepted

Far To Tolerated

My Views on Drinking:

I am not opposed to drinking. I think every person has the right to drink if they want to. What I am opposed to is someone who drinks then chooses to drive. I am opposed to anyone or anyplace aiding someone in getting drunk then refusing to take the responsibility required to ensure any necessary steps are taken to protect the public and that persons safety. What gives anyone the right to place other people's lives at risk? Are their rights any more important than mine. I want to be safe on the road. I don't want to compete with a drunk driver for my safety. I don't want to end up dead or maimed at the hands of a drunk driver and I don't want to lose anyone else I love because of them. DON'T I HAVE THAT RIGHT? DON'T YOU?

To: Any Drunk Driver

I wish so badly that every drunk driver on the face of this earth would come here and read the entries in our Guestbook and realize the horrible pain your actions can inflict on those who lose a loved one to your malicious violent crime. As I've contacted each person who's left a message here in our book and come to know them and felt the agonizing pain that so many of them are enduring I am filled with rage. As I reflect back on the horror that was inflicted on my family by such a selfish act and remember that the man I loved and had chose to spend a lifetime with, the man whom I bore children with that will never again be guided by his wisdom and his love, the man who was the oldest of his parents children and special to to their hearts and lives, a man who only had one other sibling that will never again know the love of an older brother, a man who was the perfect picture of health and should have had a very long lifetime yet ahead of him, a man who's caring ways had touched the lives of so many people I am sickened by your actions. Drunk Driver how dare you put others lives at risk and cause the intense grief that is evident in this book from many of these posts. What gives you the right to do this to another human being. You are not better than me or anybody else. Your selfish actions should not infringe on our right to be safe from the harm you can inflict on us. Don't you know or do you even care that when you get behind the wheel of that vehicle you so vehemently feel you have the right to drive no matter what condition you are in that you are picking up a 2,000 lb.gun and blowing the brains out of those we love? Do you not understand or don't you even care that you are a murderer when you do this? You may have convinced yourself that you have merely had an accident but we know better. We know what you've really done! And I promise you that those of us who have endured the wrath of your senseless crime will not stand idly by and let you and others like you continue to get away with this vicious violent crime. We will find a way to make society feel the same outrage we have been made to feel because of your crime. And we will find a way to realize the day when this world will grow tired of your senseless slaughter. Then you will know that you can no longer commit murder and hide from justice by calling it an accident. Then, finally, justice will be served.

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