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Side Quests


REALLY straying from the Plot

Side Quest One - Raid on Kelargen

Book One, Act One, Scene Five

After losing their money and building materials to a raid by Arnulf, the characters come up with a way to replenish their funds. They intend to conduct a raid on Kelargen, a Tremere research chantry a few day's travel west from Bistritz. Much preperation is involved, and the characters near the chantry pumped up with rituals and relying on information garnered by Wraith scouts (provided by Sebastian). Mikhail's Fae contacts (a group of vicious Redceps) have agreed to provide a distraction by assaulting the chantry from the north, while the characters approach from the south. As an additional but of subterfuge, the group is disguised (through use of Vicissitude) as the very Gangrel who attacked them before.

The Maze of Thorns
Attempting to tunnel their way through the earth to the bowels of the chantry, they are redirected by the wards therein, and break the surface just outside the main entrance.
The group enters a hedge maze, full of twists, turns and little red arrows, armed only with the clue - Always take the left hand path. After much trial and error (and a couple of hours of aimless wandering), Sebastian deciphers the clue, leading the rest of the group through by taking the paths to the left of the direction any arrow is pointing.

The Entry Hallway
Upon passing through the maze, they come to a large wooden door, leading into an imposing structure which rises above them. As the stand outside, the Gargoyles atop the chantry walls take off, flying northward, to defend the chantry from marauding redcaps. Upon entering, the group encounters Alfred, an illusionary butler who bids them to sign the guestbook before they proceed into the chantry proper. The group confers telepathically, and agrees to sign the names of the personas they have assumed. After they sign, Alfred gestures to the passage, tells them to proceed, and a door appears out of nowhere, leading them further in...

The Scooby-Doo Room
Passing through the door, they enter a short passageway which leads to another room, a decagonal (10-sided) room with two pentacles inlaid on the floor (a gold pentacle upright, and a silver pentacle inverted). The cieling is domed, and a chandelier with five candles hangs from five anchor chains. Each wall of the room has a door, and each corner a pillar. Through pure, blind luck, Mikhail lights the candles, turns a hidden knob on the chandelier, and then pulls the knob down, depositing him and Jafar in the room below (the only way out of the Scooby-Doo room).

The Hall of Eyes
Opening out from the lower room is a corridor sheathed in darkness, with glowing eyes along either side. The blackness is so complete in this hall that you cannot even see the floor. Unnerving sounds and faint whispers can be heard from just outside the passage. One of the ghoul servants tries a mad dash, but falls flat on his face in the center of the room, opening him up to a barrage of taunts, invectives, and laughter from the surrounding eyes. Fearful but resolute, the group continues on through the hallway, leaving the eyes and their taunts behind.

The Thirsty Doorway
A short distance beyond the Hall of Eyes puts the group inside a small room with only one other door. A fountain with two jugs stands in the center of the room, and a funnel is mounted in the door. A doormat reads...

Four litres water,
no more, no less.
This door is thirsty,
and you must pass the test!
Upon examination, the jugs are labeled with the numbers 3 and 5. After much ponderous pondering, Qa'lon and Sebastian come up with the solution...
Fill the 5 litre jug, then use it to fill the 3 litre jug.
Empty the 3 litre jug, then pour the remainder of the 5 litre jug into the 3 litre jug.
Fill the five litre jug again, then fill the last third of the 3 litre jug with the 5 litre jug.
This leaves 4 litres in the 5 litre jug.
After pouring said 4 litres of water into the funnel on the door, it unlocks, leading the group into...

Leap of Faith
A simple test, the characters reach a 100 foot wide chasm with no visible bottom. After little deliberation, they proceed to scatter dust and gravel into the chasm, revealing a cunningly painted 10 foot wide path leading over the gulf. Thinking that this was quite simple, they proceeded to walk across said gulf, when they were laid upon by two Gargoyles throwing rocks (and nearly knocking a ghoul over the edge...). After a short battle, the Gargoyles are defeated, and the group continues to...

The Sunroom
The passage the group was traveling through ends in an archway, which opens out into a rectangular room. The first half of this room is shadowed, while a reflected beam of "sunlight" bathes the other end of the room. After a failed attempt by Mikhail to block the sunlight, Jafar becomes impatient, and rushes through the lit area and into the archway beyond, emerging unhurt. After realizing the sunlight is false, the group taes a little time to "sunbathe," and then continues into...

The Escher Room
Think the final scene of Labyrinth (if you haven't seen the movie, rent it). There's no other way to describe it, just check out some M.C. Escher calendars or posters (preferably on of the cubical rooms with staircases), and imagine being in the. It was hard enough to describe it verbally, there's no way I can type it out... sorry. After deciphering the nuances of mutable gravitational fields, the group passes onward, and nears...

The True Chantry Entrance
A huge double door with a gargoyle mounted above it is flanked by two Tremere apprentices. With a surprise blitzkrieg attack, the sentries are put down without alerting the rest of the Tremere. (mental note... need to make it harder to stake someone with an arrow shot...) They proceed through the door and enter the chantry proper.

The Final Battle
Due to some exceedingly bad dice rolls (on my part) and some exceedingly good dice rolls (on the party's part), about half of the Tremere present managed to immolate themselves, and the rest were staked by the party, with a fantastic Diablerie spree to follow. Jafar proceeds to 7th gen, Sebastian and Mikhail to 8th gen, and Qa'lon to 9th gen. After a careful search, the group locates the Arcane Storage room, and opens it to reveal a treasure trove of books and artifacts, as well as an imprisoned free-willed Gargoyle, who promptly pledges service to Sebastian.

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