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Blessed be, and Welcome!

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Well, a little about myself... My friends call me Sgili. I am a mostly white male, 6 foot tall, and 190 lbs. I have long brown hair and blue eyes. I wear a moustache and goatee(brown), and alternate between glasses and contact lenses.
I am married to a wonderful (though extremely sarcastic) woman I met here in Asheville. Her website, for the curious, is Ashyr's Page
. I do have a few pictures up, and they can be reached from my sitemap.
My interests include music, hiking, role playing games, pre-christian religion, computers, and just about anything else I can try at least once.
You can oftentimes find me hanging out at Vincent's Ear, in downtown Asheville, or wandering the trails of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.

I play several instruments, although I am most proficient on the Saxophone. Someday, I hope to be a music teacher (high school or private lessons), but I would be happy to simply play my songs if that is the wish of my muse.
I graduated High School somewhere in the middle of my class, and attended two years of College before I had to quit due to insufficient funds (Read=I was rolling pennies for gas daily, and then ran out of pennies!)
I am a strong supporter of free speech and equal rights, as well as any environmental issues whatsoever. I am also practicing Pagan.

I've studied the Craft for about five years, but only seriously for one year. (I like to think major decisions through.).
For those of you who are familiar with the Old Religions, I bid you "Merry meet, and be sure to check out my links page!" For those of you who don't follow the Craft, I have compiled a little on my personal beliefs. Being rather eclectic and open-minded, I may have some things that you disagree with on these pages, but try not to get offended just because someone doesn't believe the same way you do.
And on a side note, anyone out there thinking to convert me to your religion, give up now, and save yourself the trouble. I am very comfortable the way that I am, and as an ex-christian, I know the Bible just as well as you do.
Spirited debate, on the other hand, I welcome in all of it's forms. If you disagree with me, let me know (without abusive language and slander), and I'll be happy to start an e-mail discussion with you on the subject.

Till next time,

Blessed Be,

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