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Sgili's Pagan Links

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The Burning Times Memorial - Never again the Burning Times - for Anyone

General Paganism

Crossroads - Pathwork - Hecate in particular
Druidry - An excellent source of information on Druidic Practices
Earth Wisdom - A Spiritual Guide to the Sacred Earth Traditions
Old Ways - Living the Craft in the Modern Age
Witch's Brew - Wonderfully Witchy Sounds!!


Swain Wodening's Page
Angelseaxisce Ealdriht
Frigga's Web
Ring of Troth
Irminsul Aettir
Odinic Rite
Germanic Heritage Page


Cauldrons and Broomsticks - An excellent free E-mail magazine
New Avalon - The E-zine for the Modern Pagan
Path to the Goddess - A little more about the Old Religion
The Portal to Other Worlds - Tons of info about a lot of interesting subjects!

Link Sites

Arachne's Web - Wiccan/Pagan Links
The Craft - Wiccan links and information
Stonehenge Pagan Link Resource - an excellent resource for Pagans on the Web!


Farmer's Almanac - A search utility to tell when the Moon and Sun will rise anywhere
Omega Centauri - Some excellent poetry here

Stop the hate!!

A Good Search Utility (also will promote your site)

A Most Excellent Search Utility (also will promote your site)

Avatar Search - A Pagan Search Utility - excellent!!!

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