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It has long been written that our Benjamin descended from Stephen and Mary Clothier Thomas of Maryland. Stephen was the son of Tristram Thomas, Junior. Mary Clothier was of Quaker descent. After the death of his wife, Stephen followed the move of his older children to Anson County NC in the late 1760's. When Stephen, Sr. died in 1774, he left minor children Philemon, Benjamin, and James. They chose older brother John as guardian. Brother Robert paid a 100-lb. guardian bond. Dated 12 Apr 1775, Benjamin purchased land (K-315, Anson) from his brother Robert. The land was situated on Potlick Fork of Gould's Fork of Brown Creek. Benjamin married ca. 1775 to Melinda Gurley, the daughter of Capt. William Gurley. Credited with service under Captain McCrory in the American Revolution, Benjamin Thomas received a military grant for 640 acres of land in Burnsville District of Anson County. He made further land purchases along Richardson's Creek where he raised a large family. All of the children remained nearby except for son David, who married to Mary Presley/Preslar. The David Thomas family moved to Chester County S.C. with the family of neighbor and brother-in-law Thomas Presley, Jr. Benjamin Thomas died in 1833, and was buried at the Old Thomas Cemetery situated near Charity Ford on the north side of Richardson's Creek. Although the cemetery was bulldozed for need of usable farmland, its existence is well documented.

Through personal research and the evaluation of other findings, I have been unable to verify some of the key events as attibuted to our Benjamin Thomas. I believe there were two other Benjamin Thomas's whose records have been attributed to our ancestor. The first was the deceased Revolutionary War Soldier whose wife is listed in the 1790 Randolph County NC Census. The second Benjamin Thomas lived in Anson and Richmond Counties NC before moving to South Carolina and then to Tennessee prior to 1800. This is likely the Son of Stephen Thomas from Maryland.

As for the Benjamin Thomas who lived and died on Richardson's Creek in Anson/Union County NC, his ancestor is not known at this time. This site is dedicated to the ongoing search for the descendants and ancestors of Benjamin Thomas of Anson County. To learn more about the family, please click on:

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