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What Us Gays Like...


This section is where you will find all the info I have learned on gays in the two LONG weeks I studied this breed of human .

I have found that gays really love this shit. No pun intended. I heard this radio DJ say something like " Gay Homosexual Queer Males Love To Look at Their Crap All Day Long, They Think Its Better Than Sex." Now if it was broadcast across America it had to be true because due to FCC regulations everything said on the radio has to be true. This law was put into effect after a bunch of gays killed a innocent 5 yr old girl who was picking daisies for her mother. We interviewed one of the convicted and this is what he had to say when we asked if he was sorry.  "Sorry? HA! I'm glad I strangled her with my fanny pack. Now instead of picking daisies she'll be pushing them up" To which I burst into uncontrollable  laughter. Us queers sure are funny.


us gays really hate it when this happens...

That's a FACT !

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