This Section is composed of all the Hollywood celebrities that resemble me, Richrd Simmons . YAY !


Brad Pit


OMFG ! JAC and Jamez if  you look anything like this you are soooo going to get your pp sucked everyday! He looks hot even with that hair!

Ben Affleck


This picture was taken just before Benny and I broke up. Oh how I miss that full head of hair. My fingers would get tangled while we did the hanky panky. We even had to take the scissors to it once! No lie.


Keanu Reeves



Hummmm. Do you think that's his real name? I doubt it. He was probably on "Speed" when he thought of it.



Ricky Martin


Nothing special here other than a brainless in the closet homo.

I said HOMO!


Tom Cruise

A.K.A Cutie Patutie. Now that's a hair do! I always have trouble trying to make mine so perfect, its such a "Mission Impossible" . I stare into the mirror and it looks like I did my hair "Eyes Wide Shut" But when I finally do get it perfect I feel like a "Top Gun" hair stylist.

More to come real soon !