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Swan and Vintage Radio Trader

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Please advise us when and if your listing has been satisfied. Without any notification as to status, phone numbers are removed after 60 days and entire listing after 90 days.

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SWAN Radio Equipment Shelf

12/30/2014 Wanted: Swan SS-208 & DD-76
I’m looking for a Swan Model SS-208 VFO, for SS-200 transceiver and DD-76 digital display.
Michele IK5ZUI Gsm: (00 261) 33 14 248 33 or E-mail:

11/5/2014 - Wanted: SWAN DD-76
I am looking for a good DD-76 to run on my Swan 700CX. If you have one let me know. Thanks for the look.
Jack W7JJS E-mail:

10/15/2014 - Wanted: SWAN 230XC
Does anyone have a model 230 XC Swan power supply that will work with a Swan 350 series transceiver?  If not is there one in excess equipment storage?  Instead of using a transformer in the Philippines, I'd rather have a matching power supply of the correct voltage.
Tony/N5JVA E-mail:
tony byrum

10/8/2014 - Wanted: SWAN Astro 150
Swan Astro 150 with mic. Please contact "Bill" WA8BDA ....tnx   E-mail:

09/29/2014 - Wanted: SWAN Front Panel 700CX
700CX Front Panel in good condx. Sandy AC1Y on QRZ or E-mail:

Wanted: SWAN MK II
SWAN  MK II amplifier.  Contact Gordon KG5DKI 830-285-1955 or E-mail:

9/21/2014 - Wanted: SWAN PSU-5A
Swan PSU-5A Power supply. Please contact Bill  WA8BDA E-mail:

08/16/2014 - Wanted: SWAN 350B
Wanted a good swan 350b reasonable me via email .  Tks Bob E-mail:

07/16/2014 - Wanted: SWAN 117XC
Wanted Swan 117XC power supply - No modifications. Contact info good on QRZ. 
Thanks & 73.  KA4PNE E-mail:

07/16/2014 - Wanted: SWAN 410 VFO
Wanted Swan 410 VFO.  Contact info good on QRZ. 
Thanks & 73.  KA4PNE E-mail:

07/9/2014 - Wanted: SWAN 700CX Front Panel
Does anyone out there have a parts-car 700CX with a decent Front Panel? Contact Sandy AC1Y

04/20/2014 Wanted: Swan Tuning Capacitor
Am looking for a Tuning Cap for my Swan 350 P.A. or of some place I can buy one. Thanks  WB6TOM Bud

03/31/2014 Wanted: Swan SS-208 VFO
Need a Swan Model SS-208 VFO, for SS2-200 transceiver. Whatever will run a Swan 750 CW. Also a Hi Impedance three wire mic.
Michele IK5ZUI E-mail:

03/13/2014 Wanted: Swan PSU or 117XC
Need a Swan Model PSU-3, PSU-4 or 117XC. Whatever will run a Swan 750 CW. Also a Hi Impedance three wire mic.

02/24/2014 Wanted: Swan 350 S-Meter
Im looking for a nice S meter for my Swan 350.  Good in QRZ.
Robert KB9ASU, E-mail:

02/23/2014 Wanted: Swan 117XC
117XC in working condition. My supply needs repair and I need spare working one anyway. Good on QRZ.
Sandy AC1Y, E-mail:

02/23/2014 Wanted: Swan Name Plates
I’m looking for a Swan 350 name plate and a 350C name plate.
Red N9GHE, E-mail:

02/7/2014 Wanted: Swan 117XC Speakers
I’m looking for two replacement speakers for the 117XC power supply. Mine are old and don't sound good anymore. I do have two of the power supplies with various SWAN radios Thanks, Mike KA9NCR, E-mail:

01/27/2014 Wanted: Swan 117XC
SWAN 117XC power supply in good working order, please send picture and price to Chris KC8SBZ
Thanks and 73  E-mail:

01/06/2014 Wanted: Swan 300B Cygnet
I am looking for an excellent condition SWAN 300B Cygnet. Photos please.
James B. Geer   WB5LXZ E-mail:

01/04/2014 Wanted: Swan Compendium & Misc.
I would like a copy of the Swan compendium in print. I also need a cover for the finals, a 350 front emblem and a 500 front emblem.  In addition, I have a Atlas 210x that somebody was looking for.  N9GHE Rodney Ph.715-546-4554 E-mail:

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