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Nonstop Series (one hour length dance MIDIs)
Resident MIDI Files (exclusive MIDIs sequenced by our own lineup of musicians)
TATU - All The Things You Said
This Russian Duo are hot!
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DANCE / DISCO / FUNK: Tracks that make you move Total: 99
  1. [2 Far Away] W. Hien
  2. [Acid] Roger Zuend
  3. [After the Party] Koffee Brown (AnthoneyPrice)
  4. [Aicha] Khaled
  5. [Airwalk] Spear K
  6. [All Sorts of Licks] David J. Reading
  7. [A Never Ending Dream] X-perience
  8. [Another Rainy Day] Bernie J. Kelz
  9. [Anticipating You] Chong Lim
  10. [Bailando] Paradisio (MASTERMIDI)
  11. [Ba Kkwo] Dance Dance Revolution (VGMUSIC)
  12. [Balanca Brasil] Copacabana Beat (MASTERMIDI)
  13. [Beat] Timo V
  14. [Boogie Oogie Oogie] A Taste of Honey (GNUBEE)
  15. [Brave Blade] Chisako Inoshita
  16. [Bubble Bobble (Taitio Mu100R Mix)] DHS of The Sound Wavers
  17. [Butterfly] AB / Dance Dance Revolution
  18. [Canned Heat] Jamiroquai
  19. [Child Night] Nakatoma
  20. [Chronology] Jean-Michel Jarre
  21. [Club Mix] Anakun
  22. [Commodore 64 Mix] Arne Mulder (TOPLIST)
  23. [Crazy Way About You] Rene Froger
  24. [Dance Hoedown] Creative Technology LTD
  25. [Das Boot] U96
  26. [Demons] Michael Walthius
  27. [DNCE1-XG] BJB-AllStar-Band
  28. [Don't Go (Joe Rock Remix)] Yaz (JOEROCK)
  29. [Don't Say Farewell to Beloved] A. Ustinov
  30. [Don't Stand Close To Me] Clubhouse
  31. [Don't Stop] ATB
  32. [Dream Of Me (Almost Famous Remix)] Kirsten Dunst
  33. [Dreams] 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
  34. [Enola Gay] Ornd (MASTERMIDI)
  35. [Equador] Sash! (GEERDES)
  36. [Eurobeat / Head 4 za Star] Tsubame Mizuki
  37. [Freedom] Spear K
  38. [Freedom At Midnight] David Benoit
  39. [Funkin Groovin] Michael Walthius
  40. [Funky Bernie] Bernie J. Kelz
  41. [Girls Just Wanna Have Fun] Cyndi Lauper (MASTERMIDI)
  42. [Give Me The Night] George Benson
  43. [Groovin'] Spear K
  44. [Happy Song] Baby's Gang
  45. [Hee Bee Gee Bees (Slow Club 4AM Mix)] Dancecube
  46. [Hi] Yoshiko Yoshinaga
  47. [Houston Texas] Don Carroll
  48. [I Call Your Name] Bernie J. Kelz
  49. [I Need Somebody] Bardot (BardotBoy)
  50. [Inside Your Dreams] U96
  51. [In the Middle of the Night] Magic Affair
  52. [In The Mood] Doc Doc
  53. [I Will Survive] Gloria Gaynor (MASTERMIDI)
  54. [Jellyhead] Crush
  55. [La Primavera] Sash!
  56. [Let's Twist Again] Chuck Berry
  57. [Love is Alive] 3rd Party (MASTERMIDI)
  58. [Matrix] Yamaha Musicsoft Europe
  59. [Memories] Netzwerk
  60. [My Jazz Band] MU-lator
  61. [Nay] Kanon
  62. [Nowhere Land] Clubhouse
  63. [Oh la la la] 2 Evissa (MASTERMIDI)
  64. [Ooh La La La] Alexia (MASTERMIDI)
  65. [Pensopos] Edizioni Milano Publishing
  66. [Pick Up the Pieces] Average White Band
  67. [Pyscho] A to Z
  68. [Quesera] The Gibson Brothers
  69. [Rainbow to the Stars] Dunes
  70. [Rock the House] Scoop
  71. [Sailormoon German Theme] Master Mitch
  72. [Sash Megamix] Sash!
  73. [Scatman] Scatman John
  74. [Scratched] Etienne De Crecy (MYSTIQAL)
  75. [Shining Star] Earth Wind and Fire
  76. [Some Kind Of Wonderful] Bernie J. Kelz
  77. [Spy Break] Propellerheads (MM3K)
  78. [Star Crusader] Deekay
  79. [Stop the Rock] Apollo 440
  80. [Summer Time] DJ Jazzy Jeff (MASTERMIDI)
  81. [Tainted Love] Softcell
  82. [Take My Breath Away (Dance Version)] Berlin
  83. [Tearsdl] Mark Oh (MASTERMIDI)
  84. [Terminator 2 Mix] Arne Mulder
  85. [That's The Way (I Like It)] KC and the Sunshine Band
  86. [The Dance of the Spheares (Extended Mix)] Deekay (DavieKarlsson)
  87. [Theme from The Rock (DJ Blackbird's Techno Remix)] DJ Blackbird
  88. [The Saint] Orbital
  89. [Timeless] Infinity (MASTERMIDI)
  90. [Time Warp] Rocky Horror
  91. [Titanic Theme (XGener8or XG Techno Mix)] James Horner
  92. [Torinouta] Air
  93. [Turn Your Love Around] George Benson
  94. [Tutatta] Pin-Occhio
  95. [Vibration Invasion] Spear K
  96. [Visions of China] Japan
  97. [Workaholic] 2 Limited
  98. [You Should Be Dancing] BeeGees (GNUBEE)
  99. [Zoetic] Vital
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