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Since moving to Miami I have taken advantage of every opportunity to explore and discover all the sights and sounds of this very vital city. None of my adventures has caught my imagination more than the Historic Art Deco District of Miami Beach -- South Beach. The locals call it "SoBe"! During my last visit to South Beach, I decided to pay tribute to some of the finest architectural jewels in this country -- adorned with hundreds of miles of fanciful neon by adding a section to my web site. I have chosen many of my favorite hotels, clubs, restaurants, apartment and commercial buildings along famous Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. And beyond! I'd like to share the sites you may have never seen...or rekindle pleasant memories of the sun, surf, and endless socializing of Miami Beach!

The Cadet Hotel is located at the corner of Seventeenth Street and James Avenue. The detail of the exterior from the vantage point of the photograph at the left shows the classic colors of the Art Deco Era. The front door handles are duplicated in the silver logo above. The Cadet was fully renovated in the late nineteen-nineties.

I have given you these three photographs as a contrast to the sunlight's effect on the buildings in South Beach, and how the character of the the building totally change after dusk and neon is illuminated in the district.

The photograph to the right isn't as good as it could be, but there should be noted that this type of contrast is evident depending on the cloudy, sunny or darkness conditions..

Blue Savannah

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