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       This is the year of the Monkey.  2004, baby.  This is my year. My name is Jane Ohl. For the last three years I have been doing "catch up"!  I have no one to blame but myself. In less than 6 months all my hard work will have paid off; but I'm not stopping there. I was blessed being the only one out of my family to leave the poverty-lifestyle I was accustomed to in the Philippines; but growing up, I took everything for granted. So by the time I was 17 years old I was married and pregnant with my first child. Everything that I have faced and conquered since then I owe to God; and I am now grateful.  I stopped following my footsteps and started following his. I realized the choices I made not only hurt me but my children too.
home    So, in the last three years I have been putting all my focus on my two children, and because of them I finally grew up. Their father was the number one negative factor in our lives, and I knew I had to leave. When I finally made that decision to do it on my own I never looked back. I attend school three nights a week, and I have two jobs so I barely get to spend time with my children. On May 13th 2004 I will be walking off the stage with an Associates Degree!  I feel so much closer to that Bachelor's Degree, and I get excited just thinking about it! I haven't even graduated yet, and I have already accomplished my goal of getting a job in my field: an air personality for a radio station in Fayetteville, NC.  Obviously, I am not making the money I know I should be making, or I wouldn't tell you about my second job. I have been a waitress at a local restaurant since they opened three years ago.  This may be hard to believe, but I make more money as a waitress than I do as a deejay.
    My real goal is to become a freelance journalist. I know if I keep working hard and pushing myself  I'll get there. I have already gotten this far. I'm definitely not quitting now! I owe everything that I have become to my two beautiful children.  They are my spirit and my drive for success and they are definitely my motivation!  I'm looking forward for the future because I know it can only get better.  
    Thank you for checking out my web site. The following page is my resume.  I have included all my broadcasting experience and most of my work experience.  On the third page is a copy of the classes that I am currently taking. If you have the same goals and motivation as I do to beome a journalist or just to excel in broadcasting, I have provided some links on the third page that you are more than welcome to see for yourself.  You are also welcome to email me, so please don't hesitate.


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