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Ok, so I stay busy, but these are my last classes before I graduate!  Underneath my table of  classes I have included web sites for your convenience that you can link to!  Journalism may sound hard for some, but for me it's exciting and challenging!  Besides, I can't be a nurse or a doctor. Just the sight of blood or other people throwing up makes me want to vomit as well!  God gave me the talent to tell stories through words and that is exactly what I intend to do!

English 114
Ty Stumpf                               Monday  6p.m.-8:40p.m.
Human Values and Meaning
Greg Burriss                            Tuesday  6p.m.-8:40p.m.
 L02 Co-Op Work Experience WCD TV67                     Wednesday 6p.m.-10:00p.m.                                               Mon & Thurs 9p.m.-10:30p.m.     
Basic PC and Literacy  Mr. McCoy                           Thursday  6p.m.-8:40p.m.
LC2 Study Skills
Trisha Cragg                           Distance

Peter's Place -  I love this web site! Dr.Peter Warwick has answers for all your questions and if he doesn't he'll send you to                             someone who can!  This site helps beginners as well as professionals!  Dr. Warwick gives writing tips, ideas for                         market researching, and he even knows how to make those dead beat people pay you the money for                                       the hard work you've done for them!
Journalism Tips- Need I say more? This site can also help with those questions you need answers to!  You can also read about                        other journalists and the problems they have had to face.
Hot 1045 FM - This is the radio station that I work for in Fayetteville where I am known as "Trenidad"! But just between you                            and me: of course I'm not from Trinidad!
Famous Journalists - Read about famous journalists and what they have had to overcome just so they could be heard!  Read                            about top stories by hard-working journalists and how they got the stories and what they had to do to get them!
Who Are They?- How many famous journalists do you know?  Do you even remember their names?  Take a quiz to see just                             how much you know about these writers that have made a difference in history!

Mark is the man!
* I loved Mark Twain growing up. I even played Tom Sawyer's Aunt Polly in the 8th grade when we performed a short version of Tom and Huck.*

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