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                                            In everything that you do you must have a positive attitude.
                                      If you go to work thinking negative, the rest of the day is already ruined.  
                                                                That is what broadcasting is about.  
                              It does not matter if you are sick, or if a tornado is about to tear through the city!  
                                 You must be ready to face your job with a smile and still be able to perform.  
             Radio is probably easier because nobody can see you when you are sick, tired, or even mad at the world.
                        But everything is "live" so if you mess up, you have to keep going or your listeners will tune out.  
                                                                Be prepared for the unexpected.  
                                                    Never look at the bad outcomes as a waste of time.
            Learn from those mistakes and remember that no one is perfect; and ofcourse, not everyone loves their job.
                                                                            Just be YOU.


I want to be remembered as a great writer.  I may not become as well known as Mark Twain, but I want to be remembered. I want people to read my writings and remember them.  

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