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Jessica Simpson

Hey yall! On this page I'm going to talk about my favorite artists, why I like them and why I think they really influence us in positive ways. I'll try not to be corny with these and I'll put in some interesting facts. I do want to say that I do not personally know any of these artists;these are just my opinions and what I observe. Aight!! Read on!!***

Well this is the page dedicated to Jessica Simpson, a new star to add to the section of blond divas in pop music. I've only recently heard of her, but I already like her, and obviously so does the music world. And can we say a certain someone from 98 degress. Jessica, though, is different. People are comparing her voice to Mariah and Whitney, but it's not even that aspect that makes her stand out.It's the moral standard that she's already put out and established. Though she is on the rise to fame, she has not forgotten her roots. Thank God she ain't another Britney! She's her own person though she shares the same music genre and hair color as the other songstresses. Interested! Read on!

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