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Harsch Sounds
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Montana Soundscapes

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Videos So Far:
"Auld Lang Reggae with Greys"
- featuring photos of my greyhound friends.
"The Seamist" 2008 - with scenic photos of Montana & Wyoming
"The Last Rains / Dusty Dawn" - featuring artwork by Janna M. Harsch
And my friend Artemisbell has danced to my composition,
Check it out!

5-string Fretless Bass + 4- or 8-string Mandolin =

On indefinite hiatus, but there's some songs to hear.

The Grapes of Wrath - mp3 excerpts
Montana Soundscapes - mp3 excerpts

Mustangs In The Desert - The first Levitators CD

Shakespeare In The South

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Need A Fast Friend?

Catch a greyhound to GPA-Rocky Mountain
& meet some wonderful hounds looking for homes.


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