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My Support and Guestbook :-)

Welcome to my Support page.
I wish to thank everyone that has read my site and emailed me personally. I have a few people who have lung diseases, Cf and also Marfan’s. I was thinking of sharing these email addies with each other, who suffer from these diseases, and swap notes and stay in touch. I have made MANY new friends. All email addies will stay on a list on my desk, and wont be given out to strangers! Please email me if you’re interested and remember your email addie is confidential.

Roses have existed on Earth longer than man. Over the centuries they have inspired the beauty of Renaissance art and provided poets, writers and musicians with endless inspiration. Throughout history, the rose has symbolised love.
The Rose was chosen by CFV as the Australian symbol for CF. The rose has endured throughout history as the symbol of abiding love. It is also linked to CF because of the story of a young boy who, in an effort to describe his sister's Cystic Fibrosis, mis-pronounced it as ‘65 Roses’.

My Goal is to put up 65 animated Roses on my website to support all CF patients, or those who have lost loved ones. If you have any webpages or " gifs." -Feel free to send them to me or email me with the url. Thankyou.**ALSO PLEASE TAKE TIME OUT AND HAVE SOME PATIENCE WHILE THIS SCREEN LOADS. :-)**






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