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Humble Hands

I recently decided to do this page in honour of all Marfans Sufferers. Recently a personal friend - Deano Milne - had Marfans syndrome, he bet the odds, and lived.
Mid year - 2004 - Deano suffered from headaches and was constantly tired. He went to the Doctors for a scan, and discovered that he had a brain tumour and is has been inside his brain approx: 3/6 Years.

A few days later it was removed. Another scan was performed on Deano, Once the Doctors removed the the Brain tumor and tested, it was proven the cancer had spread throught out his whole body. Eventually it hit the lungs. Deano was on morphine and heaps of painkillers. Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy didnt work for him. The Doctors told Deano that he wouldnt see xmas, but he lasted till 2 days after. Enough to spend xmas with his children one last time.

God Bless you Deano. Will miss you heaps.

Marfan Syndrome Patients:
I decided to put Marfan sufferers on this page in honour of all that has had transplants or have passed away. If you would like a loved ones name on this page, please email me with the name and country/state, and age. Thankyou.

Marfans Patients:

1. Deano Milne - Victoria -Australia
2. Kathryn - Victoria - Australia
3. Cathy Callahan
4. Mae Dean Callahan Rainey
5. Dian Callahan Anglin
6. Vannessa Anglin
7. Ray Callahan
8. Shawn Eric Heldt
9. Joshua B Boerger
10. Jack C Boerger
11. Jennifer Dawson
12. Shan Rachel-Leigh Swalling
13. Mona Hamlin
14. Janell Renee
15. Faith Elizabeth Wrench
16.Raymond Owen Davis

Marfans Transplants:
1. Michael
2. Mona Hamlin
3. Janelle Renee
4. Faith Elizabeth Wrench

Death of a loved one:
1. Deano Milne - Died 27th December 2004
2. Cathy Callahan. Born: April 14 1951 and died Feb 13 1966.
3. Mae Dean Callahan Rainey. Born: Jan 21, 1940 and died Feb 13 1992.
4. Dian Callahan Anglin. Born: April 11 1942 and died Feb 6, 2003.
5. Vannessa Anglin. Born: Feb 7 1971 and died 1994 (daughter to dian).
6. Ray Callahan. Born: April 28 1949 and died May 11, 2004.
7. Shawn Eric Heldt, Born 1-02-78, Died 12-11-2000
8. Joshua B Boerger August 10 1979 to December 14 2001
9. Jack C Boerger April 15 1948 to December 25 2001
10. Shan Rachel-Leigh Swalling DOB 08.07.85 - 24.04.98 - Cloncurry Queensland
11. Michael Lawton DOB: 14/8/65 – 18/8/97 - Age: 32 - Alice Springs – Northern Territory. Died as a result of aortic failure – Marfan’s Syndrome.
12. Mona Hamlin - DOB:16 July 1956 - 25th December 2005. Died as a result of aneurism complications - Marfan's Syndrome.Birmingham, AL USA
13. Janell Renee' Williams, age 44, in Gulfport, MS. I love you girl and you will be sorely missed! Janice
14. Faith Elizabeth Wrench - DOB:06/11/04 - 17/02/2005. Died after heart surgery of a stroke.
15. Raymond Owen Davis 12/08/1961 - 06/01/2007.He was a loving and devoted father.

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