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I recently decided to do this page in honour with all people who have Cystic Fibrosis.
Also Lee Collier, an Australian female singer has written the original song "65 Roses". About a little girl who couldnt pronounce her sisters Cystic Fibrosis and called it 65 Roses instead.

Verse 1
When I was just a small child
I remember the day Mum and Dad came to me
And the tears welled up in their eyes
As they told of the flowers my sister received

Why does she have 65 Roses
Why can't she come out to play
She must have been good so why are you sad
What are you trying to say

Verse 2
65 Roses they said
Made her tired so that sometimes she must rest in bed
And I couldn't begin to believe
That the 65 Roses made it hard just to breathe

Why does she have 65 Roses
Why can't she come out to play
She must have been good so why are you sad
What are you trying to say

Now I've grown up and I see
That the only one thinking of flowers was me
And the reason that my Mum and Dad
Came to see me that day and why they were so sad

She didn't have 65 Roses
Roses of yellow and red
Life one supposes is no bed of roses
I wish she had roses instead

65 Roses was Cystic Fibrosis
But I couldn't make out the name
I was too young to understand
What they were trying to say

65 Roses, 65 Roses
Roses of yellow and red
Life one supposes is no bed of roses
I wish she had roses instead

(APRA/AMCOS - Copyright Lee J. Collier 2001)


* Songwriter of the Year 2002 - "65 Roses" (Lee's version)

* Contemporary Country Song of the Year 2002 - "65 Roses" (Lee's version) Equal First Place with Beccy Cole/Rick Price/Rod MaCormack for "Too Strong To Break"

* Childrens' Song of the Year 2002 - "Kamikaze Kangaroo".
"65 Roses" (Wolverines version) Nominated for APRA Song of the Year 2002 - Golden Guitar Awards Tamworth "65 Roses" (Wolverines version) Nominated for 'Most Performed Country Song" APRA Music Awards 2002 The Wolverines won "Group/Duo of the Year" with their version of "65 Roses" - Golden Guitar Awards Tamworth 2002.

Highlights :

* Lee was presented with an Award by the Governor General, Michael Jeffries at Government House in 2003 for her contribution to raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis in Australia.

* She performed HER version of "65 Roses" with the prestigous "Australian Doctors Orchestra" which consisted of 130 musicians at Lleweylln Hall Canberra on September 11, 2005 raising funds for CF research.

* Lee has performed at many CF fundraisers and continues to help raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Australia.

* Her debut original album "Don't Call Me Madam or I'll Send You An Invoice!" Featuring her Award winning songs "65 Roses" & "Kamikaze Kangaroo" is available only from Lee direct. Email Address for Lee J Collier:

Priced at AUS$25 (inc postage within Australia).

I decided to put CF sufferers on this page in honour of all that has had lung transplants or have passed away. If you would like a loved ones name on this page, please email me with the name and country/state, and age. Thankyou.

CF Patients:

1. Kathryn Hamilton - dignosed at 30 years old - Australia - Vic
2. Nick - QLD - Australia
3. Barny - Tasmania -Australia
4. Shannon Cassidy (6 years old)- Tasmania, Australia.
5. Deborah Westmoreland - USA
6. Heather T.- Illinois - USA
7. Andrew Harris - SA - Australia
8. Warren Wayne Whybrow
9. Traci Bruce - San Antonio, TX, USA
10. Amber Dee Latarski - Michigan, USA.
11. Azer Irizarry
12. MacKenzie Goers - New york, USA (Twin one)
13. McKayla Goers - New York, USA (Twin two)
14. Natasha Kennedy - Thames in England
15. Gabrielle Marie Bates-Grondine, Michigan(USA)
16. Tamara Magdelijns, Netherlands, 18
17. Judith Magdelijns, Netherlands, 18
18. Ashley Nowlin San Francisco,USA,22
19. Seffani Alfaro - California, USA, 14
20. Joshua James Denning
21. Pamela S. Florczykowski
22. Davian L. Fretz - 7 years old (born December 12, 1998) - African american
23. Monique Patterson, Manheim, Pennsylvania USA
24. Stephen Peterson
25. Shayne Peterson
26. Jayden H (5) Bunbury, West Australia
27. Tim - Gahanna, Ohio, USA
28. Tracie Lawlor
29. Eddie Shaun Goff
30. Meadow Liddiard - age 14 months - Oneida,NY USA Suffers from CF found out when she was 25 days old.
31. Cheyenne Nichole Henderson born June 15 2006. Lubbock, Texas. Diagnosed at 3 months.

Lung Transplants:

1. Nick B. - Australia - QLD
2. Traci Bruce - San Antonio, TX, USA
3. Tim - a heart and double lung transplant at Cleveland Clinic.

Death of a loved one:
1. Deborah Westmoreland- USA - 19th Jan 2002
2. Andrew Harris - Australia - 14th Feb 2002
3. Warren Wayne Whybrow - Australia - died 9/2/87, aged 17.5
4. Amber Dee Latarski - Michigan, USA - 14/12/1970 - 16/1/1990 aged 20.
5. Natasha Kennedy - Sunbury on Thames in England - 29/4/2004 aged 30.
6. Gabrielle Marie Bates-Grondine, Michigan(USA) - died 11 July 1995.
7. Ashley Nowlin of San Francisco, CA/Jackson Hole WY - aged 22.
8. Joshua James Denning 30/10/78 to 23/3/2004, aged 25 years.
9. Pamela S. Florczykowski 3.4.58 to 1.12.03,syracuse ny, USA
10. Monique Patterson, passed away on 10-18-06 aged 27. Manheim, Pennsylvania USA
11. Stephen Peterson (died 1990 aged 21).
12. Shayne Peterson (died 1998 aged 31).Shayne had the transplant in 96 but got rejected and died while waiting for another transplant.
13. Uncle Tim - He had a heart and double lung transplant at Cleveland Clinic a few years back. He lived in Gahanna, Ohio, USA. He was 39 and he died July 10, 2006. He was a fighter and he never gave up - Love Alison.
14. Tracie Lawlor 1983 -2007 aged 24. She touched so many in such little time. Always remembered and loved by all Rest in Peace".
15. Eddie Shaun Goff - 24yrs old - Mobile, AL USA


(Dedicated To Amber Latarski 12-14-70 ~ 1-16-90)

65 roses, on your grave, I placed today,
then on my knees I got, and silently prayed.

No, not for you, my sweetie, for I know you're safe in heaven,
but for myself and others, whom's heart have never mended.

I want to thank you, honey, and need to apologize, I stood by your grave today and told my reasons why.

65 roses, lay beautifully upon your grave,
to signify the illness that took your life away.

You always knew this is the place where in your youth you'd lay,
and all you asked and wanted is for it to be maintained.

Many people love you and many heard your plea, for each time I come to visit I find things placed anonymously.

65 damn yellow roses, I placed there today.
65 roses is what took you away.

For my little mate Jayden Love Aurien xox - **Image property of Aurien**

Eddie Shaun Goff love your sister: I also just wanted to send you a story that was written about my brother in the news paper when he died:

Shaun Goff was a warrior. He went into an unwinnable fight 24 years ago against Cystic Fibrosis, a terrorist organization against his own body.
Shaun didn't have a lot of weapons - not much money or stability in his life or even that of simple luxuries to ease a young mind: dreams for the future.
Shaun knew he didn't have one.. and still, he didn't give up. They told us when Shaun was 6 that he'd be lucky to live to be 13. They told us right in front of Shaun and like always, he just rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. I thought that conversation might have been over his head or that he might have forgotten it, which shows you how dumb I am. Nobody forgets a death threat.

At an age when most kids are being told not to be afraid of the dark because there are no "Boogie Monsters", Shaun was told that they are real, and they are coming to get him... so sweet dreams! And that didn't break his spirits. The year Shaun turned 14, he reminded us of that conversation and broke into smiles.
It was the kind of thing some other kid might do if he brought home a straight A report card or battle for the cycle in a little league game. His big accomplishment was just being alive. Shaun was not an angel.. in fact, most times, he was a pain in the butt.
He would just show up and hang around the local golf courses, and though he had no real purpose, it never ceased to bring smiles to all the golfers. I watched Shaun's body deteriorate over the years. He could barely breathe with any exertion at all so he was maddeningly slow moving, even for a Mississippi-born boy.

Painfully skinny and stooped, he showed up in May, tubes sticking all in him, packs of medication strapped to that scrawny hunched over body. We ate a pile of Outback Steakhouse rides and frenchfries and reminisced like a couple of old men at a church picnic. He barely had the strength to eat and told me he had been in the hospital 26 weeks last year. He said that like a kid would tell you he made a D in some subject he used to be good at.

Shaun's report card was getting worse. But those big ole sad eyes still had a bit of a twinkle to them. At one point he was watching the Gorum kids and the Langan kids playing (about 30 it seemed!) running around and giggling and being normal and he did an unexpected thing. He broke into a big grin. Instead of being sorry for himself, he was happy for them. That took more guts than I'll ever have.
When we said goodbye that day it was the same as all the years before "I'll see you next year!" Shaun would always say adding after a pause "If the doctors ain't killed me yet!" The Alamo finally fell. When the enemy is this strong, you cant hold out forever no matter how brave you are.

Cystic Fibrosis won again, but not easily... it fought it's way to take this brave man. I wasn't there at the end and I didn't see it happen, but I assume Shaun Goff died like a man, HE SURE LIVED LIKE ONE!

This is a very special dedication to a very special person. Amy Mills also has Diabetes and she had a liver transplant when she was 12yrs old. She's 17 now and although has to go into hospital from time to time and is on many tablets daily, she is doing well.
Liver Transplants:
1. Amy Mills - 12 years old, Canberra, ACT, Australia

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