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 For Visiting!

If you are in need of peace, joy, prayer, support, inspiration, LOVE, or just plain fun, this Website is meant for YOU.

My goal in creating this Website is to reach out; to share my passion(s) with you.  My hope is that there is something here for everybody.

The poems, stories and other pages are designed to reach the heart and soul of human nature. Here, you will find stories of inspiration, of lessons learned, of human emotions and some of life's miracles. The poems are written by a number of different people and have all sorts of themes. I also offer a prayer page and a page dedicated to God's Love.

You will also find a Children's section, a Fiction section and a collection of poems written especially for my daughter.   Please be aware that the fiction section may not be suitable for children.

You are more than welcome to cruise around and sign my guestbook. You are also welcome, and encouraged, to share your own stories and/or poetry. I hope that you will also visit the Prayer Request page, if not only for yourself, for those around you. You are also free to email me with any comments, requests and/or suggestions.

I hope that you will find that I am an open minded person who is willing to lend an ear, shoulder or whatever emotional support you may need. I am not a doctor, but just another human being who KNOWS what it feels like to hurt, to be alone, or to be joyous.

I am thrilled that you decided to stop by!  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit. Be sure to "Tell your friends" about my site if you like it!!

To begin your journey, click on the bouncing HOME button!

With much Love and Best Wishes to you....

Rea Kelsie

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