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Cool Stuff

Desktop Themes and Wallpaper
Get awesome QT related themes & wallpaper for you computer!

Virtual Poster Store
Buy all your fave QT movie posters in my virual store!

Reservoir Dogs Action Figures
Check out pics of the RD action figures from Pallisades and Mezco Toys!

Rare and alternate QT movie posters!

Ezekiel 25:17
Go ahead,read it aloud using your best Jules Winfield impersonation...

Fave QT Movie Lines
Submit your fave lines from QT movies!

Quentin Says...
Quotes from Quentin!

And The Winner Is...
A list of Quentin's awards

Reservoir Dogs-South Park Style
A cute South Park RD parody pic

Quint's Movies
synopsis & info about all QT movies!