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Wiccan Rede


All religions are built upon reverence of Deity, and Wicca is no different. Wiccans acknowledge a supreme divine power. This power was personified into two basic beings: the Goddess and the God. Wicca reveres these twin deities because of its link to nature. Since most (but not all) nature is divided in to gender the deities embodying it are similarly conceived.

In the past when the Goddess and God were as real as the Moon and Sun, rites of worship and adoration were unstructured-spontaneous, joyous union with the divine. Later, rituals followed the course of the Sun through its astronomical year (Sabbats) as well as the monthly waxing and waning of the moon (Esbats). These rite are still observed by Wiccans today. Their regular performance creates a truly magical closeness with these deities and the powers behind them.

We don't need to wait for ritual occasion to be reminded of the Lord and Lady's presence. Living in nature makes every moment a ritual. Wiccans are comfortable in communicating with animals, plants and trees. They feel energies within stones and sand and cause fossils to speak of their primeval beginnings. For some Wiccans, watching the Sun or Moon rise and set each day is a ritual unto itself, for these are the heavenly symbols of the God and Goddess

Some Wiccans call them selves witches and almost all preform "magick". Wiccan magic works with nature and with natural energies. These energies come from everything on the earth, which can be used as tools. Chants, candles, incense and even the moon contain specific energies which can be utilized as tools but they are not necessary. The most important tool is yourself. The spell is a form of ritual magic, a series of psychic, mental and magical actions designed to rouse, program, release and direct magical energy for a specific purpose.

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

**And remember, nothing is written in stone, just because you read it here or anywhere else does not mean that you have to do it this way, do what feels good to you and always trust your intuition.**

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