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Prayers to the Goddess

O great Goddess
O great Lord
Be alive in me
Fill my heart
Give me wisdom
Give me strength to conquer myself
Give me knowledge
Rule over every thought that I have
Rule over every word that I speak
Rule over every action that I take
So mote it be.

First I must find the Goddess;
Then I must find the Goddess within me.

The Goddess is constantly speaking; all I have to do is listen.

O Isis

O Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names,
You who are first, who always has been, and always will be,
Who works through all circumstances,
Who shows me that I am connected to all things,
Cover me now with your outstretched wings,
Lean close to the earth, and hear this small voice
That calls to you in prayer:
From the darkest depths my heart cries out to you;
My soul is troubled, and chaos fills my life.
Put my feet on the path that they should follow.
Give me courage to go the way that I should go
When you have shown it to me.
May your heart and my heart
Be one.

O great Goddess

O great Goddess
O great Lord
Help me to see
The beauty in each person I meet
Help me to see
The lesson contained in every setback
And when I stand toe to toe with evil
And stare unflinchingly into its face
I will call upon you for strength
Even as I find strength within myself.

A Prayer to Hecate:

When I doubt, show me my strength;
When I am wrong, show me the right path;
Light the crossroads before me, that I may see my way.
Queen of Transitions, Guardian of Doorways, Hecate, bless my journeys,
Through dark and dawn, day and dusk.
Help me to bring into balance the forces within myself   -
Light and dark, above and below.
As a coin cannot have only one side, I am not whole, one without the other.

The Goddess is alive.
The love is real.
Walk within it.

Invocation of the Goddess

I call thee down, O my Great Queen
to enter my body
and commune with my spirit.
Be with me now as I fulfill my destiny
and work magic
in accordance with your will.
So mote it be.

Invocation of the God and Goddess

I gazed upon your faces,
in the darkness and the light
I sought your wisdom in the stars
in the fabric of the night.
I looked in books both new and old,
and heard my own heart beating
I looked to find your story,
and so I kept on reading.
To think a thing and make it happen
was your gift to all.
So simple, yet so difficult,
yet you're there at beck and call
in every flower, leaf and bud,
in cat, and snake, and bee
but what is most amazing
is that you are found in me.
Perfect love and perfect peace
will make conditions right
and from that place that's not a place
the form will come to light.
I lift my heart to touch you,
there is magic to be done
and all I need is knowing
that you and I are one.

*As of Feb 28 permission to use the above prayers was given by Pendragon*

Invocation to the Goddess

Creascent One of the starry skies,
Flowered One of the fertile plain,
Flowing One of the ocean's sighs,
Blessed One of the gentle rain;
Hear my chant 'midst the standing stones,
Open me to your mystic light;
Waken me to your silver tones,
Be with me in my sacred rite!

Isis Invocation

Isis of the Moon,
You who are all the ever was,
all that is,
and all that shall be:
Come, veiled Queen of the Night!
Come as the scent of the sacred lotus
Charging my circle
With love and magic.
Do descend upon my circle,
I pray,
O blessed Isis!

New Moon Chant to Diana

Waxing, waxing, growing, growing-
Dianna's power is flowing, flowing.

Goddess Chant

Luna, Luna, Luna, Diana
Luna, Luna, Luna, Diana
Bless me, bless me, bless me Diana,
Luna, Luna, Luna, Diana

Evening Chant to the Goddess

Hail fair Moon,
Ruler of night;
Guard me and mine
Until the light.
(to be said while Moon-gazing at night)

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