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 Astronomy and Cosmology


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Astronomy and Cosmology
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My site has won numerous awards such as, "FE Design Award", "Ravi's Elite Site Award", and "GAR Award". I choose to display these awards since they are the only one's which I have obtained which pertain to this site's information. I hope to win more in the future and will post them when and if I do.
SpaceViews Space Site of the Week Winner!SpaceViews presents "Space Sites of the Week": a list of some of the best space-related space sites on the Web. Each week we update this list with new entries, so stop by often! Each site that appears here has been chosen for their excellence in providing a Web site in a space-related area.
ExploratoriumThe Exploratorium presents ten cool science, art, and education sites. Bringing you the coolest since June of 1995. Only the top sites in these categories are accepted. If chosen you are assured your site is the nest of the best in that category.
Cosmic Site Of The WeekCosmic is vast enough to be cosmological as well as mundane, and including commerce. We bring to your attention sites that are uncommon, uplifting, thought-provoking, mind-expanding, entertaining or just plain fun for your exploration and play.
Cool Site AwardCongratulations! Your site and other handpicked sites are now at the fingertips of thousands of children and teachers surfing the Internet with our product. We truly hope that you welcome this additional web traffic that we generate for you.
Dr. MatrixThe Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence on the World-Wide Web is presented to those sites which serve exploration in any and all topics of human curiosity - not just the sciences. Recipients are distinguished by the quality of their content alone. A flashy Web site will not receive this award if its content lacks interest and integrity. A simple Web site will receive this award if it serves the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment. This award doesn't go to "cool" sites. It goes to the great sites. It's not a daily or weekly award, but an award based on presence, here and now. It is given in gratitude, with no other request but that those maintaining the site keep doing what they're doing.
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