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About The Band

Steadfast is:
Shane Goade: Drums
Aaron Daugherty: Guitar
Chris Uhlich: Guitar
Tom Jones: Vox (no E-mail as of yet)

STEADFAST got started in February 1999. The original lineup consisted of Tom Jones on Vocals and guitar, Aaron Daugherty on Bass and Alex on drums. They started out as a pop punk trio, simply because Tom and Aaron wanted to play music and the drummer wouldn't play anything except pop punk. After playing one show, the drummer quit to pursue other options. Aaron knew Shane from church and knew that he had played in a death metal band (Possession), so he asked him if he would be interested in joining. For some strange reason they continued to play pop punk, but after one show for a Wednesday night youth group service, they began to change into their present form (Thank God). Tom switched to full time vocals and Aaron took over the duties on Guitar. Soon Matt would move back to Kansas City from South Bend, Indiana, and become the fourth member of Steadfast. Aaron, Shane, Matt and Tom began mixing all of their influences to produce their sound. Their influences include, punk, hardcore, metal, death metal, grindcore, rapcore, and just about anything-else-core. Chris came in on guitar in the Spring of 2000, adding his influences. In late 2000, Matt left to pursue other options (Aaron now plays Bass), but between these four, they cover a lot of territory. Their present sound is somewhat difficult to place, because every song is a little different. As far as influences, you'll hear anything from Hatebreed, NIV, S.O.D., Warzone, Sick of it All, Born Blind, Strongarm, Boy Sets Fire, Overcome and the list goes on & on. The mission of STEADFAST is purely to share to gospel of JESUS CHRIST with those who are hurting and lost. Collectively, they know that STEADFAST is nothing without JESUS CHRIST, therefore, they have no other reason to play their music to Him, and FOR Him.

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