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What's happening in the world of KC Hardcore?

Thank You All!
Just wanted to thank everybody who came out for the final two shows at 5th Quarter & The New Earth. Both shows were an absolute blast, and we were moved by all the support & love that you the fans and all the bands all showed us. It makes it even harder to close this chapter in our life. Don't forget though, we ARE doing a new CD on Sept. 8th which we will release A.S.A.P.! We pray that it captures the message & the music in it's finest form and that you'll enjoy listening to it. We'll also have new pics up of the New Earth show soon so come back periodically and look for those. Once again thank you, & God Bless you all.-Steadfast

Steadfast will be recording a new CD of their more recent material in early September! It will be recorded live and put in MP3 format to be downloaded from the website along with cover art & lyrics in a GIF file that you can also download! For those of you without MP3 capabilities, we'll ask that you send $3.00 for a burned-off copy of the recording

Steadfast has 2 final shows planned; one at Fifth Quarter and the other at the New Earth. For further information, check the 'Shows' page.

As sudden & unexpected this may seem, it looks like Steadfast will be no more after our guitarist, Chris, leaves for basic training in September. It wasn't really his leaving for 4 or 5 months that prompted this decision. Also playing into our demise is the likelihood that our bass player (Aaron) will be moving to St. Louis after college courses are completed next year. Combine those two factors with our vocalist (Tom) feeling that God is calling him away from the hardcore scene for at least a time, to work in missions & you got yourself a recipe for a breakup. We've been at this thing for about 2 to 2-1/2 years & in that time have had the priveledge to open up for national acts like P.O.D., No Innocent Victim & The Deal, BoySetsFire, One:21, Living Sacrifice & Embodyment not to mention most of the local groups like Dirge, Manifest to Destroy, Anteye Luci, Entropy, and the list goes on & on! God has blessed us with a pretty good following in the local Christian scene, so it hurts that things must move on now, but the Lord is doing mighty things & we know that we must trust Him, He knows what he's doing. Our band has had discussions going on about the future of this band for a while now, but it has very recently, for all intents and purposes, come to a conclusion. In addition to the shows currently booked, we are planning a couple of "farewell" shows at our favorite Christian & non-christian venues in August and would love to see all of you at either or both shows, because we really do appreciate the support of ALL the bands we've played with in KC & the fans as well. You guys rule! We may be able to record 4 or 5 new songs to release in late August or September, but those will be the final Steadfast events unless God desires to keep it alive or bring us back together someday. Please keep us all in prayer, our lives go through many changes on this journey home and along the way we can leave a lot of messes & get tripped up sometimes, but praise God, His grace is there for us all. May the richest blessings of our Father touch your lives as He has touched ours and may you grow in the spirit of Christ!-STEADFAST (by the way, if you have anything you'd like to say to, or about Steadfast, please e-mail us or go to our guestbook between now and August 31st and your entry may get posted on the"From the fans..." page. You may include comments about show(s) you went to, impressions of any member(s), etc. Thanks again!)

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