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The Civil War History of the

29th Missouri

Volunteer Infantry Regiment, USA

By Jared E. Billings


Introducing the Soldiers

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I decided to post this chapter even though it is incomplete. I will update it as more data is gathered and transcribed. It is being done in alphabetical order on one roster and by company on the other. Please check back frequently for additions.

This page will link you to all of the pages containing the soldiers of the 29th. They are listed by surname in alphabetical order, or may be found listed in their company or companies. Simply find the page that would contain the soldier and link to that page by clicking on the minie ball. Please scroll down to access the list

Before embarkingupon the story of the 29th Missouri
I would like to introduce the soldiers who comprised the
unit. The information following was extracted from
Compiled Military Service Records microfilm available
from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (M409, Reels 600 through 605). These reels are available at the St. Louis City Library, Downtown Branch.

This author scrolled through the records of each soldier,
taking hand written notes and transcribing them into narrative form. Many soldiers have further records on the microfilms that are not included in this work.

Many of the records are incomplete and many have
contradictory entries, especially dates. It was attempted to
analyze all discrepancies and to deduce the most likely
accurate information, however there certainly exists the
possibility for errors.

Unless otherwise noted, or in the cases of well known major cities such as New Orleans or Atlanta, all locations
mentioned are, or were, located in Missouri. Where basic
information about a soldier is not included, it is because the information was not found in the source material.

The author has divided the rosters into two primary groups. One group is by companies and includes only names, alternate spellings, ranks upon enlistment and discharge, and other companies served in, if any. The other group contains some biographical information on the individual soldiers and is listed alphabetically.


Links to Roster Pages

Roster with Biographical/Service Data

        A through Bak

        Bal through Bla

        Ble through Bro

        Bru through Cav

        Caw through Cor

        Cot through Die

        Dim through Ei

        El through Flo

        Fo through Ga

        Ge through Gu

        Hac through Har

        Has through Hil

        Hin through Hur

        Isb through Kee

        Kel through Lan

        Lar through Lov

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?

        ? through ?


Company Rosters Links


        Company A - A thru L

        Company A - M thru Z

        Company B - A thru L

        Company B - M thru Z

        Company C - A thru L

        Company C - M thru Z

        Company D - A thru L

        Company D - M thru W

        Company E - A thru L

        Company E - M thru Y

        Company F - A thru L

        Company F - M thru W

        Company G - A thru L

        Company G - M thru W

        Company H - A thru L

        Company H - M thru W

        Company I - A thru L

        Company I - M thru W

        Company K - A thru L

        Company K - M thru W

        Field and Staff




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