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2012 schedule, All Times Pacific

"If she can stand it so can I. Play it, Sam" Casablanca

                                                                                        June 2012
1 Friday
3:00 AM  Cactus Flower (1969)  
  A philandering dentist asks his assistant to help him deal with his latest girlfriend.
Dir: Gene Saks Cast:  Walter Matthau , Ingrid Bergman , Goldie Hawn . C-104 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 AM  Casey's Shadow (1978)  
  A young boy from a racing family tries to turn his pet horse into a champion.
Dir: Martin Ritt Cast:  Walter Matthau , Alexis Smith , Robert Webber . C-117 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 AM  Island of Love (1963)  
  A con artist scams a gangster into financing his movie.
Dir: Morton DaCosta Cast:  Robert Preston , Tony Randall , Georgia Moll . C-101 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
8:45 AM  Face In The Crowd, A (1957)  
  A female television executive turns a folk-singing drifter into a powerful media star.
Dir: Elia Kazan Cast:  Andy Griffith , Patricia Neal , Anthony Franciosa . BW-126 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox  
11:00 AM  Onionhead (1958)  
  An irresponsible student enlists in the Navy expecting to sit out World War II.
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Andy Griffith , Felicia Farr , Walter Matthau . BW-111 mins, TV-PG, 
1:00 PM  No Time For Sergeants (1958)  
  A hillbilly draftee turns the Air Force upside down.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Andy Griffith , Myron McCormick , Nick Adams . BW-119 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:15 PM  Hearts Of The West (1975)  
  An aspiring western novelist in thirties Hollywood becomes a low-budget cowboy star.
Dir: Howard Zieff Cast:  Jeff Bridges , Andy Griffith , Donald Pleasence . C-102 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  God's Little Acre (1958)  
  A dirt-farmer lets his family fall apart while he hunts for his grandfather's buried gold. 
Dir: Anthony Mann Cast:  Robert Ryan , Aldo Ray , Buddy Hackett . BW-118 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:15 PM  Tobacco Road (1941)  
  A patriarch of a large rural Southern clan are threatened to be thrown off their land. 
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Charley Grapewin , Marjorie Rambeau , Gene Tierney . BW-84 mins, TV-PG
9:00 PM  Claudelle Inglish (1961)  
  A defiant Southern girl marries a poor dirt farmer instead of the wealthy landowner her mother picked out.
Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast:  Diane McBain , Arthur Kennedy , Will Hutchins . BW-99 mins, TV-PG, 
11:00 PM  You Better Watch Out (1980)  
  A psycho in a Santa suit gets to decide who's been naughty and who's been nice.
Dir: Lewis Jackson Cast:  Brandon Maggart , Dianne Hull , Scott McKay . C-94 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
12:45 AM  New Year's Evil (1981)  
  During a rocking New Year's celebration, a man threatens to kill a series of women, including the show's host.
Dir: Emmett Alston Cast:  Michelle Waxman , Roz Kelly , Kip Niven . C-86 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
2:15 AM  Goofballs and Tea (1958)  
BW-34 mins, TV-14, 
2 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Killer Shark (1950)  
  A fisherman's son tries to prove himself by hunting sharks.
Dir: Oscar Boetticher Cast:  Roddy McDowall , Laurette Luez , Roland Winters . BW-76 mins, TV-PG
4:30 AM  Catalina Caper, The (1967)  
  A group of teens try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll. 
Dir: Lee Sholem Cast:  Tommy Kirk , Del Moore , Peter Duryea . C-84 mins, TV-PG
6:15 AM  Hitch-Hiker (1953)  
  A dangerous madman kidnaps two businessmen on a hunting trip.
Dir: Ida Lupino Cast:  Edmond O'Brien , Frank Lovejoy , William Talman . BW-71 mins, TV-PG, 
7:45 AM  Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1948)  
  When he's spotted leaving a laundry whose proprietor has been murdered, a reformed thief has to find the real killer
Dir: Seymour Friedman Cast:  Chester Morris , Maylia , Richard Lane . BW-59 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Dangerous Waters (1937)  
  In the sixth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must survive a fall of several stories.
BW-17 mins, TV-G,  
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Death Rides the Sky (1937)  
  In the fourth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective is caught between two ships about to crash.
BW-21 mins, TV-G
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Brother Against Brother (1937)  
  In the fifth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must escape a crashing plane.
BW-19 mins, TV-G
10:15 AM  Pretty Poison (1968)  
  A young man gets in over his head when he convinces a small-town girl he's a secret agent.
Dir: Noel Black Cast:  Anthony Perkins , Tuesday Weld , Beverly Garland . C-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:00 PM  Wild One, The (1953)  
  Motorcycle-riding delinquents take over a small town.
Dir: Laslo Benedek Cast:  Marlon Brando , Mary Murphy , Robert Keith . BW-79 mins, TV-14, CC, 
1:30 PM  Lone Ranger, The (1956)  
  The legendary hero fights to reconcile a developer with the Natives whose land he wants to mine.
Dir: Stuart Heisler Cast:  Clayton Moore , Jay Silverheels , Lyle Bettger . C-86 mins, TV-PG, 
3:00 PM  Hour Of The Gun (1967)  
  Wyatt Earp tracks down the survivors of the Clanton Gang after the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  James Garner , Jason Robards Jr. , Robert Ryan . C-101 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)  
  A widow dreaming of a singing career ends up waiting tables in Phoenix.
Dir: Martin Scorsese Cast:  Kris Kristofferson , Ellen Burstyn , Diane Ladd . C-112 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox  
7:15 PM  Alice (1990)  
  An unhappy wife turns to an acupuncturist for mystical solutions to her problems.
Dir: Gabriel Benattar Cast:  Nadia Mourouzi , Alain Fromager , Martin Provost . C-106 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox  
9:15 PM  I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968)  
  A henpecked L.A. lawyer escapes into the world of hippies and free love.
Dir: Hy Averback Cast:  Peter Sellers , Jo Van Fleet , Leigh Taylor-Young . C-94 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Alice's Restaurant (1969)  
  A young folksinger becomes a fugitive after dumping trash in the wrong place.
Dir: Arthur Penn Cast:  Arlo Guthrie , Pat Quinn , James Broderick . C-111 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice? (1969)  
  A woman signs on as housekeeper in the home where her friend disappeared.
Dir: Lee H. Katzin Cast:  Geraldine Page , Ruth Gordon , Rosemary Forsyth . C-101 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox  
3 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Young Bess (1953)  
  The future Elizabeth I fights court intrigue in the turbulent years before her ascension to the throne.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Jean Simmons , Stewart Granger , Deborah Kerr . C-112 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 AM  Kiss Me Kate (1953)  
  Feuding co-stars reunite for a musical version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew."
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Kathryn Grayson , Howard Keel , Ann Miller . C-110 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 AM  Talk Of The Town, The (1942)  
  An escaped political prisoner and a stuffy law professor vie for the hand of a spirited schoolteacher.
Dir: George Stevens Cast:  Cary Grant , Jean Arthur , Ronald Colman . BW-117 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 AM  Annie (1982)  
  An orphan attracts the attention of a Wall Street tycoon and a con artist.
Dir: John Huston Cast:  Albert Finney , Carol Burnett , Aileen Quinn . C-127 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  Three Faces of Eve, The (1957)  
  A psychiatrist tries to help a woman integrate her split personalities.
Dir: Nunnally Johnson Cast:  Joanne Woodward , David Wayne , Lee J. Cobb . BW-91 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Scaramouche (1952)  
  In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Stewart Granger , Eleanor Parker , Janet Leigh . C-115 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
3:00 PM  Back From Eternity (1956)  
  When an airliner crashes in the jungle, the repaired plane can only hold five of the survivors.
Dir: John Farrow Cast:  Robert Ryan , Anita Ekberg , Rod Steiger . BW-97 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  12 Angry Men (1957)  
  A jury holdout tries to convince his colleagues to vote not guilty.
Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast:  Henry Fonda , Lee J. Cobb , Ed Begley . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  Caine Mutiny, The (1954)  
  Naval officers begin to suspect their captain of insanity.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Jose Ferrer , Van Johnson . C-125 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 PM  Blot, The (1921)  
  Families from opposite ends of the economic scale are drawn together.
Dir: Lois Weber Cast:  Philip Hubbard , Margaret McWade , Claire Windsor . BW-91 mins, TV-G, 
11:00 PM  Man and a Woman, A (1966)  
  A widow and a widower find a special bond at their childrens' boarding school. 
Dir: Claude Lelouch Cast:  Anouk Aimée , Jean-Louis Trintignant , Pierre Barouh . C-102 mins, TV-PG, 
1:00 AM  Appointment, The (1969)  
  A man suspects his wife of part-time prostitution.
Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast:  Omar Sharif , Anouk Aimée , Lotte Lenya . C-115 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
4 Monday  
3:00 AM  Citadel, The (1938)  
  A struggling doctor is tempted to give up his ideals for a posh high-society practice.
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Robert Donat , Rosalind Russell , Ralph Richardson . BW-113 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 AM  Women, The (1939)  
  A happily married woman lets her catty friends talk her into divorce when her husband strays.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Norma Shearer , Joan Crawford , Rosalind Russell . BW-133 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:30 AM  Sister Kenny (1946)  
  True story of the Australian nurse who fought to gain acceptance for her polio-treatment methods.
Dir: Dudley Nichols Cast:  Rosalind Russell , Alexander Knox , Dean Jagger . BW-116 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:45 AM  Mourning Becomes Electra (1947)  
  Repressed passions and shameful secrets destroy a New England family.
Dir: Dudley Nichols Cast:  Rosalind Russell , Michael Redgrave , Raymond Massey . BW-159 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:30 PM  Picnic (1955)  
  A handsome drifter ignites passions at a small-town Labor Day picnic.
Dir: Joshua Logan Cast:  William Holden , Kim Novak , Betty Field . C-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 PM  Auntie Mame (1958)  
  An eccentric heiress raises her nephew to be a free spirit.
Dir: Morton DaCosta Cast:  Rosalind Russell , Forrest Tucker , Coral Browne . C-143 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox  
5:00 PM  Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (1939)  
  Elizabeth I's love for the Earl of Essex threatens to destroy her kingdom.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Bette Davis , Errol Flynn , Olivia de Havilland . BW-106 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 PM  Virgin Queen, The (1955)  
  Sir Walter Raleigh wins favor with the Queen in order to get financing for a proposed voyage to the New World. 
Dir: Henry Koster Cast:  Bette Davis , Richard Todd , Joan Collins . C-92 mins, TV-PG, 
9:00 PM  Sting, The (1973)  
  Two con men hit the big time to take on a gangster in '30s Chicago.
Dir: George Roy Hill Cast:  Paul Newman , Robert Shaw , Eileen Brennan . C-129 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 PM  Young Philadelphians, The (1959)  
  A young lawyer from the wrong side of town tries to break into society.
Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast:  Paul Newman , Barbara Rush , Alexis Smith . BW-137 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:45 AM  Follow That Dream (1962)  
  A family of squatters takes on a gambling chieftan and a corrupt social worker.
Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast:  Elvis Presley , Arthur O'Connell , Anne Helm . C-109 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
5 Tuesday  
3:45 AM  Sea Of Grass, The (1947)  
  Husband-and-wife ranchers take opposite sides in a range war.
Dir: Elia Kazan Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Katharine Hepburn , Robert Walker . BW-124 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:00 AM  Valley Of The Kings (1954)  
  Archaeologists clash with graverobbers during the search for a priceless Egyptian treasure.
Dir: Robert Pirosh Cast:  Robert Taylor , Eleanor Parker , Carlos Thompson . C-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:30 AM  Glass Slipper, The (1955)  
  Musical adaptation of the story of Cinderella and her magical trip to the prince's ball.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Leslie Caron , Michael Wilding , Keenan Wynn . C-94 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:15 AM  Jupiter's Darling (1955)  
  A beautiful Roman mounts a romantic campaign to halt Hannibal's invasion of the empire.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Esther Williams , Howard Keel , Marge Champion . C-96 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 AM  Tribute to a Bad Man (1956)  
  A brutal rancher has to soften his ways to win the woman he loves.
Dir: Robert Wise Cast:  James Cagney , Don Dubbins , Stephen McNally . C-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:45 PM  Merry Andrew (1958)  
  An archaeologist's search for Roman treasure gets him mixed up with a circus troupe.
Dir: Michael Kidd Cast:  Danny Kaye , Pier Angeli , Baccaloni . C-103 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
2:30 PM  Home From The Hill (1960)  
  A southern landowner's family is torn apart by the revelation that he has an illegitimate son.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Robert Mitchum , Eleanor Parker , George Peppard . C-150 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox 
5:00 PM  Since You Went Away (1944)  
  A mother and wife struggle to cope while her husband is off serving in World War II.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Claudette Colbert , Jennifer Jones , Joseph Cotten . BW-177 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:00 PM  Clock, The (1945)  
  A G.I. en route to Europe falls in love during a whirlwind two-day leave in New York City.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Judy Garland , Robert Walker , James Gleason . BW-90 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
9:45 PM  Union Depot (1932)  
  An out-of-luck con artist discovers a suitcase full of money at a train station.
Dir: Alfred E. Green Cast:  Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Joan Blondell , Guy Kibbee . BW-67 mins, TV-G, 
11:00 PM  In The Heat Of The Night (1967)  
  A black police detective from the North forces a bigoted Southern sheriff to help him solve a murder.
Dir: Norman Jewison Cast:  Sidney Poitier , Rod Steiger , Warren Oates . C-110 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Harvey Girls, The (1946)  
  Straitlaced waitresses battle saloon girls to win the West for domesticity.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Judy Garland , John Hodiak , Ray Bolger . C-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6 Wednesday  
3:00 AM  Frankenstein (1931)  
  A crazed scientist creates a living being from body parts, not realizing it has a madman's brain.
Dir: James Whale Cast:  Colin Clive , Mae Clarke , John Boles . BW-70 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:15 AM  Doctor X (1932)  
  A reporter investigates a series of cannibalistic murders at a medical college.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Lionel Atwill , Fay Wray , Lee Tracy . C-76 mins, TV-PG, 
5:45 AM  Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1932)  
  Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a scientist who unleashes the beast within.
Dir: Rouben Mamoulian Cast:  Fredric March , Miriam Hopkins , Rose Hobart . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:30 AM  Freaks (1932)  
  A lady trapeze artist violates the code of the side show when she plots to murder her midget husband.
Dir: Tod Browning Cast:  Wallace Ford , Leila Hyams , Olga Baclanova . BW-62 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:45 AM  Mask Of Fu Manchu, The (1932)  
  A Chinese warlord threatens explorers in search of the key to global power.
Dir: Charles Brabin Cast:  Boris Karloff , Lewis Stone , Karen Morley . BW-68 mins, TV-PG, CC
10:00 AM  Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)  
  A mad doctor tries to mix human and gorilla blood with deadly results.
Dir: Robert Florey Cast:  Sidney Fox , Bela Lugosi , Leon Waycoff . BW-61 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:15 AM  Island of Lost Souls (1933)  
  On a remote island, a mad scientist turns wild animals into human monsters.
Dir: Erle C. Kenton Cast:  Charles Laughton , Richard Arlen , Leila Hyams . BW-70 mins, TV-14, CC, 
12:30 PM  Mad Love (1935)  
  A mad doctor grafts the hands of a murderer on to a concert pianist's wrists.
Dir: Karl Freund Cast:  Peter Lorre , Frances Drake , Colin Clive . BW-68 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:45 PM  Mark Of The Vampire (1935)  
  Vampires seem to be connected to an unsolved murder.
Dir: Tod Browning Cast:  Lionel Barrymore , Elizabeth Allen , Lionel Atwill . BW-61 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
3:00 PM  Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1939)  
  A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Charles Laughton , Sir Cedric Hardwicke , Thomas Mitchell . BW-117 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  America, America (1963)  
  A young Greek stops at nothing to secure a passage to America.
Dir: Elia Kazan Cast:  Stathis Giallelis , Frank Wolff , Harry Davis . BW-168 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:00 PM  American Romance, An (1944)  
  A European immigrant becomes a master of industry but almost loses his family.
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Brian Donlevy , Ann Richards , Walter Abel . C-121 mins, TV-G, 
10:15 PM  Hester Street (1975)  
  A Russian immigrant brings over his wife only to realize they are now strangers.
Dir: Joan Micklin Silver Cast:  Steven Keats , Carol Kane , Mel Howard . BW-89 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
12:00 AM  Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989)  
  Chinese immigrants adjust to American life in post-war New York.
Dir: Wayne Wang Cast:  Cora Miao , Russell Wong , Victor Wong . C-103 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 AM  Glass Wall, The (1953)  
  A World War II refugee fights to stay in the U.S.
Dir: Maxwell Shane Cast:  Vittorio Gassman , Gloria Grahame , Ann Robinson . BW-80 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7 Thursday  
3:30 AM  Barretts Of Wimpole Street, The (1957)  
  Poet Elizabeth Barrett defies her tyrannical father for the love of Robert Browning.
Dir: Sidney Franklin Cast:  Jennifer Jones , John Gielgud , Bill Travers . C-105 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:30 AM  Carve Her Name With Pride (1958)  
  When her husband is killed in World War II, an Englishwoman risks her life as a spy.
Dir: Lewis Gilbert Cast:  Virginia McKenna , Paul Scofield , Jack Warner . BW-119 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
7:30 AM  Simba (1955)  
  A European family gets caught between English colonists and African rebels.
Dir: Brian Desmond-Hurst Cast:  Dirk Bogarde , Donald Sinden , Virginia McKenna . C-99 mins, TV-14, 
9:15 AM  Town Like Alice, A (1958)  
  In 1941 a British woman captured by the Japanese meets an Australian soldier & settles in his town after the war
Dir: Jack Lee Cast:  Virginia McKenna , Peter Finch , Takagi (Takagi) . C-116 mins, TV-PG, 
11:15 AM  Born Free (1966)  
  A game warden and his wife face a wrenching decision when the lion cub they've raised becomes too big to keep.
Dir: James Hill Cast:  Virginia McKenna , Bill Travers , Geoffrey Keen . C-95 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Storm in Jamaica (1958)  
  A schoolteacher at a progressive school in Jamaica attempts to help a troubled student. 
C-103 mins, TV-PG,  
3:00 PM  Ring Of Bright Water (1969)  
  A pet-shop otter changes a man's life when he feels compelled to move it to the Scottish coast.
Dir: Ernie Lewis Cast:  Bill Travers , Virginia McKenna , Peter Jeffrey . C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Jailhouse Rock (1957)  
  After learning to play the guitar in prison, a young man becomes a rock 'n roll sensation.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Elvis Presley , Judy Tyler , Mickey Shaughnessy . BW-96 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox  
7:00 PM  All Hands On Deck (1961)  
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Pat Boone , Buddy Hackett , Dennis O'Keefe . BW-100 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 PM  Rebel Without a Cause (1955)  
  An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  James Dean , Natalie Wood , Sal Mineo . C-111 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Girl He Left Behind, The (1956)  
  A college dropout has no choice but to go into the Army.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Tab Hunter , Natalie Wood , Jesse Royce Landis . BW-103 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 AM  See Here, Private Hargrove (1944)  
  A green recruit has a series of madcap adventures in the Army.
Dir: Wesley Ruggles Cast:  Robert Walker , Donna Reed , Keenan Wynn . BW-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 

8 Friday  
3:00 AM  Smiling Ghost, The (1941)  
  A newswoman investigates a haunted house.
Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast:  Wayne Morris , Brenda Marshall , Alexis Smith . BW-71 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:15 AM  Dive Bomber (1941)  
  A crusading scientist fights to prevent bomber pilots from blacking out.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Errol Flynn , Fred MacMurray , Ralph Bellamy . C-133 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:30 AM  Constant Nymph, The (1943)  
  A composer finds inspiration in his wife's romantic cousin.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Charles Boyer , Joan Fontaine , Alexis Smith . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:30 AM  Horn Blows At Midnight, The (1945)  
  An angel is sent to destroy the earth with a trumpet blast.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Jack Benny , Alexis Smith , Dolores Moran . BW-78 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:00 AM  Conflict (1945)  
  A man murders his wife so he can be free to marry her sister.
Dir: Curtis Bernhardt Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Alexis Smith , Sydney Greenstreet . BW-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:30 AM  Of Human Bondage (1946)  
  A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Paul Henreid , Eleanor Parker , Alexis Smith . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:30 PM  Stallion Road (1947)  
  A veterinarian and a novelist compete for the heart of a lady rancher.
Dir: James V. Kern Cast:  Ronald Reagan , Alexis Smith , Zachary Scott . BW-97 mins, TV-G, 
3:15 PM  Montana (1950)  
  An Australian gets caught in the battle between ranchers and sheep men.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Errol Flynn , Alexis Smith , S. Z. "Cuddles" Sakall . C-76 mins, TV-PG, 
5:00 PM  Spiral Staircase, The (1945)  
  A serial killer stalks a mute servant girl in a remote mansion.
Dir: Robert Siodmak Cast:  Dorothy McGuire , George Brent , Ethel Barrymore . BW-84 mins, TV-14, CC, 
6:30 PM  Innocents, The (1961)  
  A governess convinces herself the children in her charge are haunted.
Dir: Jack Clayton Cast:  Deborah Kerr , Peter Wyngarde , Megs Jenkins . BW-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:15 PM  Black Cat, The (1934)  
  A Satanist faces off with the vengeful man whose wife and daughter he has stolen.
Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer Cast: Boris Karloff , Bela Lugosi , David Manners . BW-65 mins, TV-PG, 
9:30 PM  Gaslight (1940)  
  A turn-of-the-century bride moves into the house where her aunt was murdered and begins to fear she's going mad.
Dir: Thorold Dickinson Cast:  Anton Walbrook , Diana Wynyard , Frank Pettingell . BW-84 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:00 PM  Town That Dreaded Sundown, The (1977)  
  A small Texas town is terrorized by a hooded serial killer.
Dir: Charles B. Pierce Cast:  Ben Johnson , Andrew Prine , Dawn Wells . C-90 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:30 AM  In Cold Blood (1967)  
  Two vagrants try to outrun the police after committing a savage crime in this real-life shocker.
Dir: Richard Brooks Cast:  Robert Blake , Scott Wilson , John Forsythe . BW-134 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
9 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Up Goes Maisie (1946)  
  A showgirl working for an inventor battles crooks out to steal his ideas.
Dir: Harry Beaumont Cast:  Ann Sothern , George Murphy , Hillary Brooke . BW-89 mins, TV-G, 
4:30 AM  Viking Queen, The (1967)  
  A Roman captain tries to keep Druids and his own unit from destroying a Viking empire.
Dir: Don Chaffey Cast:  Don Murray , Carita (actress) , Donald Houston . C-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:15 AM  Killer Is Loose, The (1956)  
  A crook tries to avenge his wife's accidental shooting by a cop.
Dir: Budd Boetticher Cast:  Joseph Cotten , Rhonda Fleming , Wendell Corey . BW-73 mins, TV-PG, 
7:45 AM  Trapped By Boston Blackie (1948)  
  When the pearl necklace he's been hired to guard goes missing, a reformed thief is the prime suspect.
Dir: Seymour Friedman Cast:  Chester Morris , June Vincent , Richard Lane . BW-67 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Battle in the Clouds (1937)  
  In the eighth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must escape a deadly pit.
BW-19 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Ghost Town Mystery, The (1937)  
  In the seventh chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective is dragged underwater behind a submarine.
BW-20 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Stratosphere Adventure (1937)  
  In the ninth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective's plane is shot down by his own brother.
BW-18 mins, TV-G
10:15 AM  Learning Tree, The (1969)  
  A black boy growing up in Kansas dreams of a better life in this film version of director Gordon Parks's autobiography.
Dir: Gordon Parks Cast:  Kyle Johnson , Alex Clarke , Estelle Evans . C-107 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:15 PM  International Velvet (1978)  
  In this sequel to National Velvet, a former racing champ helps turn a delinquent girl into an Olympic rider.
Dir: Bryan Forbes Cast:  Nanette Newman , Christopher Plummer , Tatum O'Neal . C-127 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox 
2:30 PM  Train, The (1965)  
  French resistance fighters try to stop the Nazis from taking a trainload of art treasures to Germany.
Dir: John Frankenheimer Cast:  Burt Lancaster , Paul Scofield , Jeanne Moreau . BW-133 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox  
5:00 PM  Jezebel (1938)  
  A tempestuous Southern belle's willfulness threatens to destroy all who care for her.
Dir: William Wyler Cast:  Bette Davis , Henry Fonda , George Brent . BW-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:00 PM  Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)  
  A young couple fights off Indian attacks to start a farm in the Mohawk Valley.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Claudette Colbert , Henry Fonda , Edna May Oliver . C-104 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 PM  Mad Miss Manton, The (1938)  
  A daffy socialite gets her friends mixed up in a murder investigation.
Dir: Leigh Jason Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Henry Fonda , Sam Levene . BW-80 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:30 PM  Wings of the Morning (1937)  
  When a young horse trainer falls for a Gypsy girl, it reignites an old family feud.
Dir: Harold D. Schuster Cast:  Annabella , Leslie Banks , D. J. Williams . C-87 mins, TV-G, 
12:15 AM  Slim (1937)  
  Electric linemen compete on the job and in love.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Pat O'Brien , Henry Fonda , Stuart Erwin . BW-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:45 AM  Let Us Live (1939)  
  Two wrongly convicted men are sentenced to death.
Dir: John Brahm Cast:  Maureen O'Sullivan , Henry Fonda , Ralph Bellamy . BW-68 mins, TV-PG, 
10 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Everybody Sing (1938)  
  A theatrical family tries to put on a show but is upstaged by their servants.
Dir: Edwin L. Marin Cast:  Allan Jones , Judy Garland , Fanny Brice . BW-91 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:45 AM  Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938)  
  A small-town boy tries to juggle two girlfriends at once.
Dir: George B. Seitz Cast:  Lewis Stone , Mickey Rooney , Cecilia Parker . BW-91 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:30 AM  Strike Up the Band (1940)  
  A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Mickey Rooney , Judy Garland , Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra . BW-120 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 AM  For Me And My Gal (1942)  
  An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Judy Garland , George Murphy , Gene Kelly . BW-104 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:00 AM  Girl Crazy (1943)  
  A womanizing playboy finds true love when he's sent to a desert college.
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Mickey Rooney , Judy Garland , Gil Stratton . BW-99 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:45 PM  Star Is Born, A (1954)  
  A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Judy Garland , James Mason , Jack Carson . C-176 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
4:00 PM  Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic (1990)  
  The story of how MGM created one of the most beloved family films of all time.
Dir: Jack Haley Jr. Cast:  Angela Lansbury , John Lahr , Liza Minnelli . C-51 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  The Wizard Of Oz (1939)  
  A Kansas farm girl dreams herself into a magical land where she must fight a wicked witch to escape.
Dir: Victor Fleming Cast:  Judy Garland , Frank Morgan , Ray Bolger . C-102 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 PM  Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)  
  Young love and childish fears highlight a year in the life of a turn-of-the-century family.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Judy Garland , Margaret O'Brien , Mary Astor . C-113 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 PM  Easter Parade (1948)  
  A vaudeville star trains an untried performer to take his ex-partner's place, finding love in the process.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Judy Garland , Fred Astaire , Peter Lawford . C-103 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:00 PM  Summer Stock (1950)  
  A farmer gets sucked into show business when a theatrical troupe invades her farm.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Judy Garland , Gene Kelly , Eddie Bracken . C-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 AM  I Could Go On Singing (1963)  
  An American singing star in London tries to reclaim the son she gave up for adoption.
Dir: Ronald Neame Cast:  Judy Garland , Dirk Bogarde , Jack Klugman . C-99 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
11 Monday  
3:00 AM  This Man is Mine (1934)  
  A woman fights to keep her husband from cheating.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Irene Dunne , Constance Cummings , Ralph Bellamy . BW-76 mins, TV-G, 
4:30 AM  Sworn Enemy (1936)  
  A law student poses as a fight promoter to catch a notorious gangster.
Dir: Edwin L. Marin Cast:  Robert Young , Florence Rice , Joseph Calleia . BW-73 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:00 AM  Man Who Talked Too Much, The (1940)  
  A defense lawyer sets out to topple a powerful gangster.
Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast:  George Brent , Virginia Bruce , Brenda Marshall . BW-76 mins, TV-G, 
7:30 AM  Shanghai Gesture, The (1941)  
  A gambling queen uses blackmail to stop a British financier from closing her Chinese clip joint.
Dir: Josef von Sternberg Cast:  Gene Tierney , Walter Huston , Victor Mature . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
9:15 AM  Cornered (1946)  
  A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Dick Powell , Walter Slezak , Micheline Cheirel . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:00 AM  Flamingo Road (1949)  
  A stranded carnival dancer takes on a corrupt political boss when she marries into small-town society.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Joan Crawford , Zachary Scott , Sydney Greenstreet . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:45 PM  Black Hand (1950)  
  In turn-of-the-century New York, an Italian seeks vengeance on the mobsters who killed his father.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Gene Kelly , J. Carrol Naish , Teresa Celli . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
2:30 PM  Saratoga Trunk (1945)  
  A woman with a past returns to 19th-century New Orleans for revenge.
Dir: Sam Wood Cast:  Gary Cooper , Ingrid Bergman , Flora Robson . BW-135 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Group, The (1966)  
  Eight friends from a women's college fight for happiness during the Great Depression.
Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast:  Candice Bergen , Joan Hackett , Elizabeth Hartman . C-152 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox  
7:45 PM  Harry and Tonto (1974)  
  When his apartment house is condemned, a retired man goes searching for his place in the world.
Dir: Paul Mazursky Cast:  Josh Mostel , Ellen Burstyn , Art Carney . C-115 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:00 PM  Ensign Pulver (1964)  
  A young officer on a World War II supply ship battles his captain to keep the men happy.
Dir: Joshua Logan Cast:  Robert Walker Jr. , Burl Ives , Walter Matthau . C-104 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
12:00 AM  Hopscotch (1980)  
  A retired CIA agent threatens to publish an embarrassing book of memoirs about his colleagues.
Dir: Ronald Neame Cast:  Walter Matthau , Glenda Jackson , Ned Beatty . C-105 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
2:00 AM  Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (1974)  
  Gunmen hold a New York subway train and its passengers for ransom.
Dir: Joseph Sargent Cast:  Walter Matthau , Robert Shaw , Martin Balsam . C-104 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
12 Tuesday  
4:00 AM  Varsity Show (1937)  
  A Broadway producer puts on a show at his alma mater.
Dir: William Keighley Cast:  Dick Powell , Fred Waring , Ted Healy . BW-80 mins, TV-G, 
6:00 AM  Brother Rat (1938)  
  A military cadet and his friends try to keep his marriage a secret.
Dir: William Keighley Cast:  Priscilla Lane , Wayne Morris , Johnnie Davis . BW-89 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:30 AM  Brother Rat And A Baby (1940)  
  Three naval cadets graduate and help each other find jobs.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Priscilla Lane , Wayne Morris , Jane Bryan . BW-87 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 AM  Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)  
  A singing cowboy turns out to be a tenderfoot.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Dick Powell , Pat O'Brien , Priscilla Lane . BW-77 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:30 AM  Four Daughters (1938)  
  A small-town family's peaceful life is shattered when one daughter falls for a rebellious musician.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Claude Rains , Jeffrey Lynn , John Garfield . BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:15 PM  Daughters Courageous (1939)  
  A father returns to the family he left years earlier and tries to solve their problems.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  John Garfield , Claude Rains , Jeffrey Lynn . BW-107 mins, TV-G, CC, 
2:15 PM  Love, Honor And Behave (1938)  
  A college tennis star gives up the game for love.
Dir: Stanley Logan Cast:  Wayne Morris , Priscilla Lane , John Litel . BW-71 mins, TV-G, 
3:30 PM  Men Are Such Fools (1938)  
  An ambitious secretary uses the men in her life to turn herself into a radio star.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Wayne Morris , Priscilla Lane , Humphrey Bogart . BW-69 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  Possessed (1947)  
  A married woman's passion for a former love drives her mad.
Dir: Curtis Bernhardt Cast:  Joan Crawford , Van Heflin , Raymond Massey . BW-108 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:00 PM  They Won't Believe Me (1947)  
  A faithless husband is charged with a murder he didn't commit.
Dir: Irving Pichel Cast:  Susan Hayward , Robert Young , Jane Greer . BW-80 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:30 PM  Dead Reckoning (1947)  
  A tough veteran sets out to solve his war buddy's murder.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Lizabeth Scott , Morris Carnovsky . BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
10:30 PM  Mask Of Dimitrios, The (1944)  
  A meek novelist investigates the mysterious death of a notorious scoundrel.
Dir: Jean Negulesco Cast:  Sydney Greenstreet , Zachary Scott , Faye Emerson . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:15 AM  Bribe, The (1949)  
  A sultry singer tries to tempt a federal agent from the straight-and-narrow.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Robert Taylor , Ava Gardner , Charles Laughton . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
2:00 AM  Killer's Kiss (1955)  
  When he rescues a girl from her gangster lover, a prizefighter is marked for death.
Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast:  Frank Silvera , Jamie Smith , Irene Kane . BW-67 mins, TV-PG, 
13 Wednesday  
3:15 AM  Flirting Widow, The (1930)  
  A girl creates an imaginary lover to impress her father, but the lie gets in the way of true romance.
Dir: William Seiter Cast:  Dorothy Mackaill , Basil Rathbone , Leila Hyams . BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
4:30 AM  Lady of Scandal, The (1930)  
  A nobleman risks his family's wrath by courting an actress.
Dir: Sidney Franklin Cast:  Ruth Chatterton , Basil Rathbone , Ralph Forbes . BW-76 mins, TV-G, 
6:00 AM  Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)  
  A stenographer tries to save her boss from his divorcee girlfriend.
Dir: Paul Stein Cast:  Constance Bennett , Kenneth MacKenna , Basil Rathbone . BW-80 mins, TV-G, 
7:30 AM  Anna Karenina (1935)  
  Adaptation of Tolstoy's classic tale of a woman who deserts her family for an illicit love.
Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  Greta Garbo , Fredric March , Freddie Bartholomew . BW-94 mins, TV-14, CC, 
9:15 AM  Feather in Her Hat, A (1935)  
  A female shopkeeper sacrifices everything to give her son a theatrical career.
Dir: Alfred Santell Cast:  Pauline Lord , Basil Rathbone , Louis Hayward . BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
10:30 AM  Kind Lady (1935)  
  A con artist and his criminal colleagues move in on a trusting old lady.
Dir: George B. Seitz Cast:  Aline MacMahon , Basil Rathbone , Mary Carlisle . BW-76 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:00 PM  Confession (1937)  
  A glamorous singer commits murder to protect her daughter's virtue.
Dir: Joe May Cast:  Kay Francis , Ian Hunter , Basil Rathbone . BW-87 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:30 PM  Dawn Patrol, The (1938)  
  A flight commander in France almost cracks under the pressure of sending men to their deaths.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Errol Flynn , Basil Rathbone , David Niven . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
3:30 PM  Fingers At The Window (1942)  
  A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.
Dir: Charles Lederer Cast:  Lew Ayres , Laraine Day , Basil Rathbone . BW-81 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  West Side Story (1961)  
  A young couple from dueling street gangs falls in love.
Dir: Robert Wise Cast:  Natalie Wood , Richard Beymer , Russ Tamblyn . C-153 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:45 PM  Black Legion (1936)  
  A disgruntled factory worker is lured into joining a secret society out to terrorize foreigners.
Dir: Archie L. Mayo Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Dick Foran , Erin O'Brien-Moore . BW-83 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:15 PM  And the Pursuit of Happiness (1986)  
  Director Louis Malle presents the range of immigrant experiences in the US during the 1980's. 
Dir: Louis Malle Cast:  Meseret Ghazan , Richard Pathammarong , Kim Pathammarong . C-80 mins, TV-PG, 
11:00 PM  It's A Big Country (1951)  
  Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Ethel Barrymore , Keefe Brasselle , Gary Cooper . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:45 AM  His Family Tree (1935)  
  An Irish immigrant builds a new life in America as a politician.
Dir: Charles Vidor Cast:  James Barton , Margaret Callahan , Addison Randall . BW-69 mins, TV-G, 
2:00 AM  Romance In Manhattan (1935)  
  A New York chorus girl helps an illegal immigrant build a new life in the big city.
Dir: Stephen Roberts Cast:  Francis Lederer , Ginger Rogers , Arthur Hohl . BW-77 mins, TV-G, CC

14 Thursday  
3:30 AM  BIG CITY FANTASY (1934)  
BW-10 mins, TV-G, 
4:00 AM  Susan Slade (1961)  
  A pregnant teen allows her mother to pass the baby off as her own.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Troy Donahue , Connie Stevens , Dorothy McGuire . C-116 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
6:00 AM  Friendly Persuasion (1956)  
  A peaceful Quaker family's sanctity is tested during the Civil War.
Dir: William Wyler Cast:  Gary Cooper , Dorothy McGuire , Marjorie Main . BW-138 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:30 AM  Trial (1955)  
  A Mexican boy accused of rape and murder becomes a pawn for Communists and red-baiters.
Dir: Mark Robson Cast:  Glenn Ford , Dorothy McGuire , Arthur Kennedy . BW-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:30 AM  Enchanted Cottage, The (1945)  
  A scarred veteran and a homely woman are transformed by love.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Dorothy McGuire , Robert Young , Herbert Marshall . BW-92 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:15 PM  Spiral Staircase, The (1945)  
  A serial killer stalks a mute servant girl in a remote mansion.
Dir: Robert Siodmak Cast:  Dorothy McGuire , George Brent , Ethel Barrymore . BW-84 mins, TV-14, CC, 
1:45 PM  Till The End of Time (1946)  
  A returning World War II veteran falls for a troubled war widow.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Dorothy McGuire , Guy Madison , Robert Mitchum . BW-105 mins, TV-G, CC, 
3:30 PM  Invitation (1952)  
  A millionaire tries to buy his dying daughter a husband.
Dir: Gottfried Reinhardt Cast:  Van Johnson , Dorothy McGuire , Ruth Roman . BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  Young Don't Cry, The (1957)  
  An orphaned teen tries to help a wrongly convicted man who's escaped from prison.
Dir: Alfred L. Werker Cast:  Sal Mineo , James Whitmore , J. Carrol Naish . BW-90 mins, TV-PG, 
6:45 PM  Summer Place, A (1959)  
  An adulterous couple discovers that their children are sexually involved.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Richard Egan , Dorothy McGuire , Sandra Dee . C-130 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 PM  Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961)  
  Two troubled college freshmen find themselves united by their mutual family woes in a beachhouse. 
Dir: Jack Sher Cast:  Tommy Sands , Fabian , Jan Sterling . C-88 mins, TV-PG, 
11:00 PM  Bye Bye Birdie (1963)  
  A rock star's personal appearance turns a small town into a disaster area.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Janet Leigh , Dick Van Dyke , Ann-Margret . C-112 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Cold Turkey (1971)  
  Small-town residents try to quit smoking for a cash reward.
Dir: Norman Lear Cast:  Dick Van Dyke , Pippa Scott , Tom Poston . C-102 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
15 Friday  
3:00 AM  Forty Little Mothers (1940)  
  A girls'-school teacher stumbles on an abandoned baby.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Eddie Cantor , Judith Anderson , Rita Johnson . BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:30 AM  Playmates (1941)  
  A bandleader enlists a down-on-his-luck actor to teach him Shakespeare.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Kay Kyser , John Barrymore , Lupe Velez . BW-95 mins, TV-G, 
6:15 AM  Tennessee Johnson (1942)  
  Bio of Andrew Johnson, who followed Lincoln into office and became the first US president ever to be impeached.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Van Heflin , Lionel Barrymore , Ruth Hussey . BW-103 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:15 AM  Corn Is Green, The (1945)  
  A dedicated teacher sacrifices everything to send a young miner to Oxford.
Dir: Irving Rapper Cast:  Bette Davis , Nigel Bruce , Rhys Williams . BW-114 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:15 AM  Good News (1947)  
  A football hero falls in love with his French tutor.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  June Allyson , Peter Lawford , Patricia Marshall . C-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:00 PM  Miracle Worker, The (1962)  
  True story of the determined teacher who helped Helen Keller overcome deaf & blindness to learn to communicate.
Dir: Arthur Penn Cast:  Anne Bancroft , Patty Duke , Victor Jory . BW-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 PM  Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969)  
  In this musical remake, a conservative boys' school teacher falls in love with an actress.
Dir: Herbert Ross Cast:  Peter O'Toole , Petula Clark , Michael Redgrave . C-155 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Gojira (1954)  
  American nuclear weapons testing results in the creation of a seemingly unstoppable, dinosaur-like beast.
Dir: Inoshiro Honda Cast:  Fuyuki Murakami , Momoko Kochi , Takashi Shimura . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, 
6:30 PM  Rodan (1957)  
  Miners uncover the nest of a giant pterodactyl.
Dir: Inoshiro Honda Cast:  Kenji Sawara , Yumi Shirakawa , Akihiko Hirata . BW-72 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:00 PM  Mothra (1962)  
  After Godzilla kills a legendary giant moth, its offspring set out for revenge.
Dir: Inoshiro Honda Cast:  Franky Sakai , Hiroshi Koizumi , Kyoko Kagawa . C-91 mins, TV-PG, 
10:00 PM  H-Man, The (1958)  
  Nuclear tests create a radioactive man who can turn people into slime.
Dir: Inoshiro Honda Cast:  Yumi Shirakawa , Kenji Sahara , Akihiko Hirata . C-79 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:30 PM  Hausu (1977)  
  A schoolgirl spends her summer vacation in a haunted house.
Dir: Nobuhiko Obayashi Cast:  Kimiko Ikegami , Eriko Tanaka , Kumiko Ohba . BW-88 mins, TV-MA, 
1:00 AM  Empire of Passion (1979)  
  An affair between a young man and an older woman turns deadly. 
Dir: Nagisa Oshima Cast:  Kazuko Yoshiyuki , Tatsuya Fuji , Takahiro Tamura . C-105 mins, TV-MA, 
16 Saturday  
3:00 AM  World Without End (1956)  
  Returning astronauts are caught in a time warp and propelled into a post-Apocalyptic Earth populated by mutants. 
Dir: Edward Bernds Cast:  Hugh Marlowe , Nancy Gates , Nelson Leigh . C-80 mins, TV-PG, 
4:30 AM  Valley of Gwangi (1969)  
  Cowboys discover a lost world populated by dinosaurs.
Dir: Jim O'Connolly Cast:  James Franciscus , Gila Golan , Richard Carlson . C-95 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
6:15 AM  Shield for Murder (1954)  
  A crooked detective masterminds a robbery then fights to keep his money.
Dir: Edmond O'Brien Cast:  Edmond O'Brien , Marla English , John Agar . BW-82 mins, TV-PG, 
7:45 AM  Adventures of Rusty (1945)  
  A lonely boy tries to rehabilitate a police dog trained by the Nazis.
Dir: Paul Burnford Cast:  Ted Donaldson , Margaret Lindsay , Conrad Nagel . BW-67 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Harbor Pursuit (1937)  
  In the eleventh chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must dodge a deadly trap. BW-17 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Trail of the Spider, The (1937)  
  In the twelfth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must escape a runaway motorboat. BW-18 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Gold Ship, The (1937)  
  In the tenth chapter of Dick Tracy, the famed detective must escape from a burning zeppelin. BW-18 mins, TV-G, 
10:15 AM  All Through The Night (1942)  
  A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.
Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Conrad Veidt , Kaaren Verne . BW-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:15 PM  Geronimo (1962)  
  A defiant Apache warrior tries to unite his tribe against the U.S. Army.
Dir: Arnold Laven Cast:  Chuck Connors , Kamala Devi , Ross Martin . C-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:15 PM  Captain From Castile (1947)  
  The invasion of Mexico by Cortez, as seen by a young Spanish officer fleeing the Inquisition.
Dir: Henry King Cast:  Tyrone Power , Jean Peters , Cesar Romero . C-141 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Way We Were, The (1973)  
  A fiery liberal fights to make her marriage to a successful writer work.
Dir: Sydney Pollack Cast:  Barbra Streisand , Robert Redford , Bradford Dillman . C-118 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox  
7:15 PM  Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)  
  When his wife leaves him, an ad exec gets a crash course in parenting.
Dir: Robert Benton Cast:  Dustin Hoffman , Meryl Streep , Justin Henry . C-105 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 PM  Marrying Kind, The (1952)  
  A judge forces a divorcing couple to think back on the problems that drove them apart.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Judy Holliday , Aldo Ray , Madge Kennedy . BW-92 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:00 PM  Divorce, American Style (1967)  
  A bored couple drifts toward divorce, only to discover how hard the single life is.
Dir: Bud Yorkin Cast:  Dick Van Dyke , Debbie Reynolds , Jason Robards Jr. C-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Payment On Demand (1951)  
  A bitter divorcee thinks back on the mistakes that destroyed her marriage.
Dir: Curtis Bernhardt Cast:  Bette Davis , Barry Sullivan , Jane Cowl . BW-90 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
17 Sunday  
3:00 AM  I Never Sang for My Father (1970)  
  When his mother dies, a grieving son is torn between his demanding father and his need to live his own life.
Dir: Gilbert Cates Cast:  Melvyn Douglas , Gene Hackman , Dorothy Stickney . C-92 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox  
5:00 AM  Lies My Father Told Me (1975)  
  An elderly man tries to help his neglected grandson come of age.
Dir: Ján Kadár Cast:  Len Birman , Marilyn Lightstone , Yossi Yadin . C-102 mins, TV-14, 
7:00 AM  Bonjour Tristesse (1957)  
  A jealous teenage girl plots to end her father's engagement.
Dir: Otto Preminger Cast:  Deborah Kerr , David Niven , Jean Seberg . C-94 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
9:00 AM  Impossible Years, The (1968)  
  A psychiatrist's mental health is tested when his daughter starts dating.
Dir: Michael Gordon Cast:  David Niven , Lola Albright , Chad Everett . C-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:45 AM  Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The (1963)  
  A young boy plays matchmaker for his widowed father.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Glenn Ford , Shirley Jones , Stella Stevens . C-119 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Life With Father (1947)  
  Straitlaced turn-of-the-century father presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  William Powell , Irene Dunne , Elizabeth Taylor . C-118 mins, TV-G, CC, 
3:15 PM  Father Of The Bride (1950)  
  A doting father faces mountains of bills and endless trials when his daughter marries.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Joan Bennett , Elizabeth Taylor . BW-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  Rio Bravo (1959)  
  A sheriff enlists a drunk, a kid and an old man to help him fight off a ruthless cattle baron.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  John Wayne , Dean Martin , Ricky Nelson . C-141 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:30 PM  Fort Apache (1948)  
  An experienced cavalry officer tries to keep his new, by-the-books commander from triggering an Indian war.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  John Wayne , Henry Fonda , Shirley Temple . BW-128 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
9:45 PM  Circle, The (1925)  
  A wife on the verge of leaving her husband she meets the mother who deserted him years earlier.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Eleanor Boardman , Malcolm McGregor , Alec Francis . BW-60 mins, TV-PG, 
11:00 PM  Damned, The (1969)  
Dir: Luchino Visconti Cast:  Dirk Bogarde , Ingrid Thulin , Helmut Griem . BW-164 mins, TV-MA, 
2:00 AM  Carabineers, The (1967)  
  Two soldiers from an unnamed country are caught up in an absurd war.
Dir: Jean-Luc Godard Cast:  Geneviève Galéa , Catherine Ribeiro , Marino Masè . BW-76 mins, TV-MA

18 Monday  
3:30 AM  Earthworm Tractors (1936)  
  At the urging of his ambitious girlfriend, a salesman starts hawking tractors.
Dir: Raymond Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , June Travis , Guy Kibbee . BW-69 mins, TV-G, 
4:45 AM  Treachery Rides The Range (1936)  
  A cowboy takes on buffalo hunters out to stir up the Indians.
Dir: Frank McDonald Cast:  Dick Foran , Paula Stone , Craig Reynolds . BW-56 mins, TV-G, 
5:45 AM  Cherokee Strip, The (1937)  
  Outlaws lame a cowboy's horse on the eve of the Oklahoma land rush.
Dir: Noel Smith Cast:  Dick Foran , Jane Bryan , David Carlyle . BW-55 mins, TV-G, 
6:45 AM  Guns Of The Pecos (1937)  
  Texas Rangers take on cattle rustlers.
Dir: Noel Smith Cast:  Dick Foran , Anne Nagel , Gordon Hart . BW-56 mins, TV-PG, 
7:45 AM  Empty Holsters (1937)  
  An outlaw frames a cowboy to steal his girl.
Dir: B. Reeves Eason Cast:  Dick Foran , Patricia Walthall , Emmett Vogan . BW-62 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  She Loved a Fireman (1937)  
  A ne'er-do-well learns the hard way that there's more to fire fighting than lying around the bunkhouse.
Dir: John Farrow Cast:  Dick Foran , Ann Sheridan , Robert Armstrong . BW-58 mins, TV-G, 
10:00 AM  Heart of the North (1938)  
  A Canadian Mounted Policeman searches for the outlaws who robbed a freighter.
Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast:  Dick Foran , Gloria Dickson , Gale Page . BW-83 mins, TV-PG, 
11:30 AM  Over The Wall (1938)  
  A prison chaplin tries to help a man framed for murder prove his innocence.
Dir: Frank MacDonald Cast:  Dick Foran , June Travis , John Litel . BW-67 mins, TV-PG, 
12:45 PM  Fearmakers, The (1958)  
  A Korean War veteran discovers his Washington-based PR firm has been taken over by Communist infiltrators.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Dana Andrews , Dick Foran , Marilee Earle . BW-85 mins, TV-PG, 
2:15 PM  Chicago Confidential (1957)  
  A union president fights off organized crime only to find himself framed for murder.
Dir: Sidney Salkow Cast:  Brian Keith , Beverly Garland , Dick Foran . BW-73 mins, TV-G, 
3:30 PM  Violent Road (1958)  
  Truck drivers take cargo of explosives over bumpy mountain road. 
Dir: Howard W. Koch Cast:  Brian Keith , Dick Foran , Efrem Zimbalist Jr. BW-86 mins, TV-PG, 
5:00 PM  Fat City (1972)  
  A washed-up boxer tries to show a young hopeful the ropes.
Dir: John Huston Cast:  Stacy Keach [Jr.] , Jeff Bridges , Susan Tyrrell . C-97 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  Nights of Cabiria (1957)  
  A streetwalker dreams of a better life. BW-118 mins, TV-PG, 
9:15 PM  Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (1966)  
  An academic couple reveal their deepest secret to a pair of newcomers during an all-night booze fest.
Dir: Mike Nichols Cast:  Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton , George Segal . BW-131 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox  
11:45 PM  Last Picture Show, The (1971)  
  Changing times take their toll on high schoolers growing up in a small Western town.
Dir: Peter Bogdanovich Cast:  Timothy Bottoms , Jeff Bridges , Cybill Shepherd . BW-126 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox  
2:00 AM  King of Marvin Gardens, The (1972)  
  A talk radio DJ gets involved with his brother's get rich quick scheme. 
Dir: Bob Rafelson Cast:  Jack Nicholson , Bruce Dern , Ellen Burstyn . C-103 mins, TV-14, 
19 Tuesday  
4:00 AM  Madame Bovary (1949)  
  A romantic country girl sacrifices her marriage when she thinks she's found true love.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Jennifer Jones , Van Heflin , Louis Jourdan . BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:00 AM  Happy Time, The (1952)  
  A Quebec patriarch fights to keep his wayward son from leading his grandson astray.
Dir: Richard Fleischer Cast:  Charles Boyer , Louis Jourdan , Marsha Hunt . BW-94 mins, TV-G, 
7:45 AM  Swan, The (1956)  
  On the eve of her marriage to a prince, a noblewoman falls for her brother's tutor.
Dir: Charles Vidor Cast:  Grace Kelly , Alec Guinness , Louis Jourdan . C-108 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:45 AM  Gigi (1958)  
  A Parisian girl is raised to be a kept woman but dreams of love and marriage.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Leslie Caron , Maurice Chevalier , Louis Jourdan . C-116 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox 
11:45 AM  Dangerous Exile (1958)  
  A nobleman rescues King Louis XVI's son from the French Revolution.
Dir: Brian Desmond-Hurst Cast:  Louis Jourdan , Belinda Lee , Keith Michell . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, 
1:30 PM  Amazons of Rome (1963)  
  Ancient Rome is threatened with invasion from the Etruscans.
Dir: Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia Cast:  Louis Jourdan , Sylvia Syms , Nicole Courcel . C-105 mins, TV-PG, 
3:15 PM  Made In Paris (1966)  
  A young fashion designer is transformed by her first trip to Paris.
Dir: Boris Sagal Cast:  Ann-Margret , Louis Jourdan , Richard Crenna . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Spartacus (1960)  
  An heroic slave leads a revolt against the corrupt Roman Empire.
Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast:  Kirk Douglas , Laurence Olivier , Jean Simmons . C-197 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox 
8:30 PM  Brave One, The (1956)  
  A Mexican boy saves his pet bull from death in the bull ring by securing a pardon from the president.
Dir: Irving Rapper Cast:  Michel Ray , Rodolfo Hoyos , Elsa Cardenas . C-100 mins, TV-G, 
10:30 PM  Boss, The (1956)  
  A crusading politician falls prey to the temptations of power.
Dir: Byron Haskin Cast:  John Payne , William Bishop , Gloria McGhee . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, 
12:15 AM  He Ran All the Way (1951)  
  A crook on the run hides out in an innocent girl's apartment.
Dir: John Berry Cast:  John Garfield , Shelley Winters , Wallace Ford . BW-78 mins, TV-PG, 
1:45 AM  Front, The (1976)  
  A bookie agrees to put his name on scripts by blacklisted writers.
Dir: Martin Ritt Cast:  Woody Allen , Zero Mostel , Herschel Bernardi . C-95 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
20 Wednesday  
3:30 AM  Green Light (1937)  
  An idealistic doctor sacrifices his career to protect an elderly surgeon.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Errol Flynn , Anita Louise , Margaret Lindsay . BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 AM  Northern Pursuit (1943)  
  A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Errol Flynn , Julie Bishop , Helmut Dantine . BW-93 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:45 AM  Dawn Patrol, The (1938)  
  A flight commander in France almost cracks under the pressure of sending men to their deaths.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Errol Flynn , Basil Rathbone , David Niven . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:30 AM  Charge Of The Light Brigade, The (1936)  
  Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Errol Flynn , Olivia de Havilland , Patric Knowles . BW-116 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:30 AM  Santa Fe Trail (1940)  
  Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Errol Flynn , Olivia de Havilland , Raymond Massey . BW-110 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:30 PM  Warriors, The (1955)  
  The "Black Prince" of England remains in France to guard the lands taken by his predecessor-father. 
Dir: Henry Levin Cast:  Errol Flynn , Joanne Dru , Peter Finch . C-85 mins, TV-PG, 
2:00 PM  Rocky Mountain (1950)  
  A Confederate troop makes a last desperate attempt to build up an army in the West. 
Dir: William Keighley Cast:  Errol Flynn , Patrice Wymore , Scott Forbes . BW-83 mins, TV-PG, 
3:30 PM  Master of Ballantrae, The (1953)  
  A Scottish lord rebels against the British by taking up piracy.
Dir: William Keighley Cast:  Errol Flynn , Roger Livesey , Anthony Steel . C-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  I Remember Mama (1948)  
  Norwegian immigrants face the trials of family life in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.
Dir: George Stevens Cast:  Irene Dunne , Barbara Bel Geddes , Oscar Homolka . BW-134 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:30 PM  Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945)  
  A Norwegian farmer tries to raise two children in the Midwest.
Dir: Roy Rowland Cast:  Edward G. Robinson , Margaret O'Brien , James Craig . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
9:30 PM  Strangers in the City (1962)  
  When their father loses his job, members of a Puerto Rican family struggle to survive in New York.
Dir: Rick Carrier Cast:  Robert Gentile , Camilo Delgado , Rosita de Triana . BW-80 mins, TV-14, 
11:00 PM  I Am An American (1944)
BW-16 mins, TV-PG
11:15 PM  All Mine to Give (1957)  
  Pioneer children fight to build a new family after their parents die.
Dir: Allen Reisner Cast:  Glynis Johns , Cameron Mitchell , Rex Thompson . C-102 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 AM  Big City (1937)  
  An honest cab driver fights against corruption.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Luise Rainer , Spencer Tracy , Charley Grapewin . BW-80 mins, TV-PG, 
21 Thursday  
3:00 AM  Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)  
  An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Eddie Cantor , Bette Davis . BW-127 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:15 AM  Pillow To Post (1945)  
  A girl pretends to be a war bride to get a hotel room in Washington.
Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast:  Ida Lupino , Sydney Greenstreet , William Prince . BW-92 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 AM  Man I Love, The (1947)  
  A night-club singer gets involved with a mobster.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Ida Lupino , Robert Alda , Andrea King . BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:45 AM  Deep Valley (1947)  
  A farmer's daughter helps an escaped convict.
Dir: Jean Negulesco Cast:  Ida Lupino , Dane Clark , Wayne Morris . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
10:30 AM  Escape Me Never (1947)  
  A composer forsakes his innocent bride to romance his brother's fiancee.
Dir: Peter Godfrey Cast:  Errol Flynn , Ida Lupino , Eleanor Parker . BW-104 mins, TV-G, CC, 
12:15 PM  On Dangerous Ground (1951)  
  A tough cop sent to help in a mountain manhunt falls for the quarry's blind sister.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  Ida Lupino , Robert Ryan , Ward Bond . BW-82 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:45 PM  Bigamist, The (1953)  
  A woman discovers her husband has another family in another city.
Dir: Ida Lupino Cast:  Joan Fontaine , Ida Lupino , Edmund Gwenn . BW-79 mins, TV-PG, 
3:15 PM  While The City Sleeps (1956)  
  Reporters compete to catch a serial killer.
Dir: Fritz Lang Cast:  Dana Andrews , Rhonda Fleming , George Sanders . BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Ride the Wild Surf (1964)  
  Three young surfers travel to Hawaii in search of love and the perfect wave.
Dir: Don Taylor Cast:  Fabian , Shelley Fabares , Tab Hunter . C-102 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 PM  Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)  
  The surfing gang rescues a beautiful singer from evil bikers.
Dir: William Asher Cast:  Frankie Avalon , Annette Funicello , Deborah Walley . C-97 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox 
9:00 PM  That Funny Feeling (1965)  
  A cleaning girl tries to pass off her workplace as her home, not knowing she's dating her boss.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Sandra Dee , Bobby Darin , Donald O'Connor . C-93 mins, TV-PG, 
11:00 PM  Wackiest Ship In The Army, The (1961)  
  The captain of a broken-down ship has to sneak an Australian spy into enemy waters during World War II.
Dir: Richard Murphy Cast:  Jack Lemmon , Ricky Nelson , John Lund . C-99 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Instant Love (1964)  
  Romance quickly turns into marriage, but then runs into problems as the lovers face boredom and jealousy. 
Dir: Paul Sylbert Cast:  Carlos Alberto , Peter Bashka , Rhonda Fleming . C-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
22 Friday  
3:00 AM  Ninotchka (1939)  
  A coldhearted Soviet agent is warmed up by a trip to Paris and a night of love.
Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast:  Greta Garbo , Melvyn Douglas , Ina Claire . BW-111 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 AM  Seven Year Itch, The (1955)  
  A married man whose wife is on vacation falls for the blonde bombshell upstairs.
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  Marilyn Monroe , Tommy Ewell , Evelyn Keyes . BW-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 AM  Love In The Afternoon (1957)  
  An aging American tycoon overcomes his inhibitions to court a young Parisian.
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  Gary Cooper , Audrey Hepburn , Maurice Chevalier . BW-130 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox 
9:15 AM  Spirit of St. Louis, The (1957)  
  Charles Lindbergh risks his life to complete his historic flight from New York to Paris.
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  James Stewart , Murray Hamilton , Patricia Smith . C-135 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:45 AM  Some Like It Hot (1959)  
  Two musicians on the run from gangsters masquerade as members of an all-girl band.
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  Marilyn Monroe , Tony Curtis , Jack Lemmon . BW-121 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 PM  Apartment, The (1960)  
  Aspiring executive lets his bosses use his apartment for assignations, only to fall for the big chief's mistress
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  Jack Lemmon , Shirley MacLaine , Fred MacMurray . BW-125 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox  
4:15 PM  MGM Parade Show #12 (1955) host George Murphy 
  Clips featuring Vincente Minnelli & Arthur Freed in "30 Seconds Over Tokyo," Murphy visits the set of "Kismet"
BW-26 mins, TV-G, 
5:00 PM  Street Scene (1931)  
  A husband's violent reaction becomes the talk of the neighborhood when he catches his cheating wife in the act.
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Sylvia Sidney , William Collier Jr. , Estelle Taylor . BW-79 mins, TV-14, 
6:30 PM  You're Only Young Once (1938)  
  Andy Hardy and his sister find romance during a family vacation in Catalina.
Dir: George B. Seitz Cast:  Lewis Stone , Cecilia Parker , Mickey Rooney . BW-78 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:00 PM  Stand by Me (1986)  
  Four friends share a rite of passage on a long walk to view a dead body.
Dir: Rob Reiner Cast:  Wil Wheaton , River Phoenix , Corey Feldman . C-89 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:30 PM  Last Summer (1969)  
  Three vacationing students set out to humiliate an insecure girl.
Dir: Frank Perry Cast:  Barbara Hershey , Richard Thomas , Bruce Davison . C-95 mins, TV-MA, CC, 
11:15 PM  Little Darlings (1980)  
  Girls at a summer camp compete to see who can find romance first.
Dir: Ron Maxwell Cast:  Tatum O'Neal , Kristy McNichol , Armand Assante . C-95 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Modern Girls (1986)  
Dir: Jerry Kramer Cast:  Clayton Rohner , Daphne Zuniga , Virginia Madsen . BW-84 mins, TV-14, 
23 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Great American Pastime, The (1956)  
  A mild-mannered lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he takes over a little league team.
Dir: Herman Hoffman Cast:  Tom Ewell , Anne Francis , Ann Miller . BW-90 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
4:30 AM  Black Scorpion, The (1957)  
  Giant prehistoric scorpions terrorize the Mexican countryside.
Dir: Edward Ludwig Cast:  Richard Denning , Mara Corday , Carlos Rivas . BW-88 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:15 AM  Crime Of Passion (1957)  
  An executive's wife barters sex for her husband's business success.
Dir: Gerd Oswald Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Sterling Hayden , Raymond Burr . BW-86 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
7:45 AM  For the Love of Rusty (1947)  
  A dog helps a boy and his father sort out their differences.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  Ted Donaldson , Tom Powers , Ann Doran . BW-69 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Fire Trap, The (1937)  
  In the thirteenth chapter, Dick Tracy must escape a dark room where's he's the only target. BW-17 mins, TV-G
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Devil in White, The (1937)  
  In the fourteenth chapter, the famed detective fights to escape a burning ship. BW-21 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy: Brothers United (1937)  
  In the final chapter of Dick Tracy, criminals try to turn the famed detective evil. BW-17 mins, TV-G, 
10:15 AM  Bad Seed, The (1956)  
  A woman suspects that her perfect little girl is a ruthless killer.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Gage Clarke , Jesse White , Joan Croyden . C-129 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:30 PM  Harry and Tonto (1974)  
  When his apartment house is condemned, a retired man goes searching for his place in the world.
Dir: Paul Mazursky Cast:  Josh Mostel , Ellen Burstyn , Art Carney . C-115 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 PM  Sundowners, The (1960)  
  An Australian sheepherder and his wife clash over their nomadic existence and their son's future.
Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast:  Deborah Kerr , Robert Mitchum , Peter Ustinov . C-133 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Rebel Without a Cause (1955)  
  An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  James Dean , Natalie Wood , Sal Mineo . C-111 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  Sex And The Single Girl (1964)  
  A journalist sets out to expose a female sex expert but falls for her instead.
Dir: Richard Quine Cast:  Tony Curtis , Natalie Wood , Henry Fonda . C-114 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Cash McCall (1960)  
  A corporate spoiler makes a play for a failing company and the owner's daughter.
Dir: Joseph Pevney Cast:  James Garner , Natalie Wood , Nina Foch . C-102 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Splendor In The Grass (1961)  
  Sexual repression drives a small-town Kansas girl mad during the roaring twenties.
Dir: Elia Kazan Cast:  Natalie Wood , Warren Beatty , Pat Hingle . C-124 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 AM  Kings Go Forth (1958)  
  Two American soldiers vie for the same woman in World War II France.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Frank Sinatra , Tony Curtis , Natalie Wood . BW-110 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
24 Sunday  
3:15 AM  Keeper Of The Flame (1942)  
  A reporter digs into the secret life of a recently deceased political hero.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Katharine Hepburn , Richard Whorf . BW-101 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 AM  Hollywood Canteen (1944)  
  A serviceman and a starlet find love at the star-staffed serviceman's center.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Andrews Sisters , Jack Benny , Joe E. Brown . BW-124 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:15 AM  Mysterious House of Dr. C (1976)  
  A whacky scientist invents a dancing doll.
Dir: Ted Kneeland Cast:  Walter Slezak , Claudia Corday , Caj Selling . C-93 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
9:00 AM  Daddy Long Legs (1955)  
  A tycoon anonymously sponsors a French girl's college education.
Dir: Jean Negulesco Cast:  Fred Astaire , Leslie Caron , Terry Moore . C-127 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  Farmer's Daughter, The (1947)  
  When she goes to work for a congressman, a Minnesota farm girl takes Washington by storm.
Dir: H. C. Potter Cast:  Loretta Young , Joseph Cotten , Ethel Barrymore . BW-97 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 PM  Born Yesterday (1950)  
  A newspaper reporter takes on the task of educating a crooked businessman's girlfriend.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Judy Holliday , Broderick Crawford , William Holden . BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
3:00 PM  Picnic (1955)  
  A handsome drifter ignites passions at a small-town Labor Day picnic.
Dir: Joshua Logan Cast:  William Holden , Kim Novak , Betty Field . C-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Circus, The (1928)  
  In this silent film, the Little Tramp joins a circus to hide from the police.
Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , Merna Kennedy , Betty Morrissey . BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
6:30 PM  Big Circus, The (1959)  
  A ringleader tries to keep his circus on the road despite the efforts of a saboteur. 
Dir: Joseph M. Newman Cast:  Victor Mature , Red Buttons , Rhonda Fleming . C-108 mins, TV-PG, 
8:30 PM  Circus Clown, The (1934)  
  A young man defies his father's wishes to join the circus.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Patricia Ellis , Dorothy Burgess . BW-65 mins, TV-G, 
9:45 PM  Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)  
  In this silent film, a circus clown falls for a young innocent in love with another.
Dir: Herbert Brenon Cast:  Lon Chaney , Bernard Siegel , Loretta Young . BW-74 mins, TV-PG
11:15 PM  La Strada (1954)  
  A traveling strongman buys a peasant girl to be his wife and co-star.
Dir: Federico Fellini Cast:  Anthony Quinn , Giulietta Masina , Richard Basehart . BW-108 mins, TV-PG, 
1:15 AM  Merry Andrew (1958)  
  An archaeologist's search for Roman treasure gets him mixed up with a circus troupe.
Dir: Michael Kidd Cast:  Danny Kaye , Pier Angeli , Baccaloni . C-103 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
25 Monday  
3:00 AM  Men Are Like That (1930)  
Dir: Frank Tuttle Cast:  Hal Skelly , Doris Hill , Charles Sellon . BW-59 mins, TV-G, 
4:30 AM  Romance (1930)  
  An opera singer leaves her wealthy lover for a young priest.
Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  Greta Garbo , Lewis Stone , Gavin Gordon . BW-76 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:00 AM  Turn Back The Clock (1933)  
  A middle aged working man gets to relive his life and make himself wealthy.
Dir: Edgar Selwyn Cast:  Lee Tracy , Mae Clark , Otto Kruger . BW-79 mins, TV-G, 
7:30 AM  Make Way for a Lady (1936)  
  A widower's daughter plays matchmaker for her father.
Dir: David Burton Cast:  Herbert Marshall , Anne Shirley , Gertrude Michael . BW-65 mins, TV-G, 
8:45 AM  Crime Ring (1938)  
  A reporter fights to expose a phony psychic ring.
Dir: Leslie Goodwins Cast:  Allan Lane , Frances Mercer , Clara Blandick . BW-70 mins, TV-G, 
10:00 AM  Nurse's Secret, The (1941)  
  When her patient is murdered, a private-duty nurse investigates the crime
Dir: Noel M. Smith Cast:  Lee Patrick , Regis Toomey , Julie Bishop . BW-64 mins, TV-G, 
11:15 AM  They Rode West (1954)  
  A Calvary doctor defies orders to treat Native Americans.
Dir: Phil Karlson Cast:  Robert Francis , Donna Reed , May Wynn . C-84 mins, TV-PG, 
12:45 PM  Bamboo Prison, The (1955)  
  An undercover agent investigates atrocities at a Koran P.O.W. camp.
Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast:  Robert Francis , Dianne Foster , Brian Keith . BW-80 mins, TV-14, 
2:15 PM  Long Gray Line, The (1955)  
  An Irish immigrant becomes one of West Point's most beloved officers.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Tyrone Power , Maureen O'Hara , Robert Francis . C-137 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Hot Money (1936)  
  Salesman develops fake stock plan in new invention before it's finished.
Dir: William McGann Cast:  Ross Alexander , Beverly Roberts , Joseph Cawthorne . BW-68 mins, TV-G, 
6:15 PM  We're In The Money (1935)  
  Gold-digging process servers set their sights on a breach of promise defendant.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Joan Blondell , Glenda Farrell , Hugh Herbert . BW-66 mins, TV-G, 
7:30 PM  China Clipper (1936)  
  A flyer sacrifices everything to open a transpacific airline.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Pat O'Brien , Beverly Roberts , Ross Alexander . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, 
9:15 PM  Ready, Willing And Able (1937)  
  Two songwriters want to cast a British star in their new show.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Ruby Keeler , Lee Dixon , Allen Jenkins . BW-94 mins, TV-G, 
11:00 PM  Shipmates Forever (1935)  
  An admiral's son gives up the Navy for a career as a song-and-dance man.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Dick Powell , Ruby Keeler , Lewis Stone . BW-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 AM  Boulder Dam (1936)  
  Man mistaken for a murderer hides out while working on construction project.
Dir: Frank McDonald Cast:  Ross Alexander , Patricia Ellis , Lyle Talbot . BW-70 mins, TV-PG, 
2:15 AM  Brides Are Like That (1936)  
  A young man uses flattery to beat out a romantic rival.
Dir: William McGann Cast:  Ross Alexander , Anita Louise , Joseph Cawthorn . BW-67 mins, TV-G, CC

26 Tuesday  
3:30 AM  Strange Interlude (1932)  
  A doctor's daughter defies convention in her fight for love and her child.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Norma Shearer , Clark Gable , Alexander Kirkland . BW-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:30 AM  Stella Dallas (1937)  
  After divorcing a society man, a small-town woman tries to build a better life for their daughter.
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , John Boles , Anne Shirley . BW-106 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:30 AM  Shadow Of The Thin Man (1941)  
  High society sleuths Nick & Nora run into a variety of shady characters while investigating a race-track murder.
Dir: Major W. S. Van Dyke II Cast:  William Powell , Myrna Loy , Barry Nelson . BW-97 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:15 AM  Words And Music (1948)  
  Songwriters Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart search for love while rising to the top.
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Perry Como , Mickey Rooney , Ann Sothern . C-121 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:30 AM  Hasty Heart, The (1950)  
  Doctors try to get a flintt Scots soldier to open up to his comrades before telling him he's dying.
Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast:  Ronald Reagan , Patricia Neal , Richard Todd . BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:15 PM  On Moonlight Bay (1951)  
  A small-town tomboy falls for the boy-next-door in the years before World War I.
Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast:  Doris Day , Gordon MacRae , ["Smiling"] Jack Smith . C-95 mins, TV-G, 
3:00 PM  East Of Eden (1955)  
  Two brothers compete for their father's approval and a woman's love.
Dir: Elia Kazan Cast:  Julie Harris , James Dean , Raymond Massey . C-118 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  MacArthur (1977)  
  General MacArthur feuds with two U.S. presidents through World War II and the Korean conflict.
Dir: Joseph Sargent Cast:  Gregory Peck , Ivan Bonar , Ward Costello . C-130 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
7:30 PM  Purple Plain, The (1954)  
  A blinded Canadian flier has to find his way through World War II Burma.
Dir: Robert Parrish Cast:  Gregory Peck , Win Min Than , Brenda De Banzie . C-102 mins, TV-PG, 
9:30 PM  Guns of Navarone, The (1961)  
  A team of Allied saboteurs fight their way behind enemy lines to destroy a pair of Nazi guns.
Dir: J. Lee Thompson Cast:  Gregory Peck , David Niven , Anthony Quinn . C-157 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:15 AM  Days Of Glory (1944)  
  Russian freedom fighters battle the Nazi occupying forces.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Gregory Peck , Lowell Gilmore , Maria Palmer . BW-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:45 AM  Experiment Perilous (1944)  
  A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Hedy Lamarr , George Brent , Paul Lukas . BW-91 mins, TV-G, 
27 Wednesday  
3:30 AM  Made For Each Other (1939)  
  A couple struggle to find happiness after a whirlwind courtship.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Carole Lombard , James Stewart , Charles Coburn . BW-92 mins, TV-G, 
5:15 AM  Haunted Honeymoon (1940)  
  British sleuth Sir Peter Wimsey's wedding night is cut short by the discovery of a murdered man in his honeymoon 
  cottage. Dir: Arthur B. Woods Cast:  Robert Montgomery, Constance Cummings, Leslie Banks. BW-83 mins, TV-G, CC
6:45 AM  Father Takes a Wife (1941)  
  A famous actress has to win over her ready-made family when she weds a shipping magnate.
Dir: Jack Hively Cast:  Adolphe Menjou , Gloria Swanson , John Howard . BW-79 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:15 AM  Here We Go Again (1942)  
  While on their second honeymoon, Fibber McGee and Molly get mixed up with con men.
Dir: Allan Dwan Cast:  Edgar Bergen , Fibber McGee and Molly , Harold Peary . BW-77 mins, TV-G, 
9:45 AM  Above Suspicion (1943)  
  A honeymooning couple are asked to spy on the Nazis in pre-war Europe.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Joan Crawford , Fred MacMurray , Conrad Veidt . BW-91 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:15 AM  Long, Long Trailer, The (1954)  
  Life on the road isn't what it's cracked up to be when a honeymooning couple invests in an oversized motor home.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Lucille Ball , Desi Arnaz , Marjorie Main . C-96 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 PM  Period Of Adjustment (1962)  
  A newlywed couple's honeymoon is disrupted by their friends' marital problems.
Dir: George Roy Hill Cast:  Tony Franciosa , Jane Fonda , Jim Hutton . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:00 PM  Family Way, The (1966)  
  Living with his parents keeps a newlywed husband from consummating his marriage.
Dir: Roy Boulting Cast:  Hayley Mills , John Mills , Hywel Bennett . C-116 mins, TV-14, 
5:00 PM  Delicious (1931)  
  A Scottish immigrant falls for a dashing playboy engaged to another woman.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Janet Gaynor , Charles Farrell , El Brendel . BW-106 mins, TV-G, 
7:00 PM  Immigrant, The (1917)  
  An immigrant gets into a variety of scrapes on the road to the U.S.
Cast:  Charles Chaplin , Edna Purviance , BW-25 mins, TV-PG, 
7:30 PM  Anything Can Happen (1952)  
  A quirky relationship unfolds between an immigrant and an all-American folk music fan. 
Dir: George Seaton Cast:  Jose Ferrer , Kim Hunter , Kurt Kasznar . BW-107 mins, TV-G, 
9:30 PM  Come Live With Me (1941)  
  A Viennese refugee weds a struggling author platonically so she can stay in the U.S.
Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  James Stewart , Hedy Lamarr , Ian Hunter . BW-87 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:15 PM  Paddy O'Day (1935)  
  An immigrant learns to survive as an entertainer after arriving to America an orphan. 
Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast:  Jane Withers , Pinky Tomlin , Rita Cansino . BW-73 mins, TV-G, 
12:45 AM  Three Cheers for the Irish (1940)  
  A Scottish lad and Irish lass risk their families' wrath by marrying.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Priscilla Lane , Thomas Mitchell , Dennis Morgan . BW-99 mins, TV-G, CC, 
2:30 AM  At Sea Ashore (1936)
  BW-20 mins, TV-G, CC, 
28 Thursday  
3:00 AM  The Time Machine (1960)  
  A turn-of-the-century inventor sends himself into the future to save humanity.
Dir: George Pal Cast:  Rod Taylor , Alan Young , Yvette Mimieux . C-103 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 AM  Village Of The Damned (1960)  
  After a strange blackout, inhabitants of a British village give birth to emotionless, super-powered offspring.
Dir: Wolf Rilla Cast:  George Sanders , Barbara Shelley , Martin Stephens . BW-77 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox 
6:30 AM  The Manster (1962)  
  A mad scientist turns a reporter into a two-headed killer.
Dir: George P. Breakston Cast:  Peter Dyneley , Jane Hylton , Satoshi Nakamura . BW-73 mins, TV-PG, 
7:45 AM  Snow Devils, The (1965)  
  Aliens plot to freeze the Earth as a replacement for their doomed home planet.
Dir: Antonio Margheriti Cast:  Isarco Ravaioli , Freddy Hagar , Enzo Fiermonte . C-91 mins, TV-PG, 
9:30 AM  War of the Planets (1965)  
  Martians with mind-control powers attempt to take over the earth.
Dir: Antonio Margheriti Cast:  Franco Nero , Tony Russel , Massimo Serato . C-97 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  Wild, Wild Planet, The (1965)  
  Space amazons control the Earth by shrinking its leaders.
Dir: Anthony Dawson Cast:  Tony Russel , Lisa Gastoni , Massimo Serato . C-94 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Five Million Years To Earth (1968)  
  Subway excavations unearth a deadly force from beyond space and time.
Dir: Roy Ward Baker Cast:  James Donald , Andrew Keir , Barbara Shelley . C-98 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
2:45 PM  Green Slime, The (1969)  
  A mysterious fungus invades a space station and turns the inhabitants into monsters.
Dir: Kinji Fukasaku Cast:  Robert Horton , Richard Jaeckel , Luciana Paluzzi . C-90 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
4:30 PM  MGM Parade Show #12 (1955) host George Murphy
  introduces clips featuring Vincente Minnelli & Arthur Freed in "30 Seconds Over Tokyo,"
 and visits the set of "Kismet." BW-26 mins, TV-G
5:00 PM  Finian's Rainbow (1968)  
  A leprechaun follows the Irishman who stole his pot of gold to the U.S. South.
Dir: Francis Ford Coppola Cast:  Fred Astaire , Petula Clark , Tommy Steele . C-145 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
7:30 PM  Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter (1968)  
  Herman's Hermits travel to England for a high-stakes greyhound race.
Dir: Saul Swimmer Cast:  Peter Noone , Karl Green , Keith Hopwood . C-95 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 
9:30 PM  Head (1968)  
  A manufactured rock group (the Monkees) tries to find its own identity in a world gone mad.
Dir: Bob Rafelson Cast:  Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith. C-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox 
11:15 PM  Look in Any Window (1961)  
  A troubled teen loses his job as a aircraft mechanic and goes on a drinking binge. 
Dir: William Alland Cast:  Paul Anka , Ruth Roman , Alex Nicol . BW-87 mins, TV-PG, 
1:00 AM  Intimacy (1966)  
  A contractor's attempt to blackmail a politician has unexpected results.
Dir: Victor Stoloff Cast:  Jack Ging , Joan Blackman , Nancy Malone . BW-87 mins, TV-PG, 
2:30 AM  TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Richard Gere (2008)  
  Celebrities reveal the classic movies that influenced their lives in interviews with acclaimed
  film critic/interviewer Elvis Mitchell. C-27 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
29 Friday  
3:00 AM  Letter, The (1940)  
  A woman claims to have killed in self-defense, until a blackmailer turns up with incriminating evidence.
Dir: William Wyler Cast:  Bette Davis , Herbert Marshall , James Stephenson . BW-95 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:45 AM  High Sierra (1941)  
  An aging ex-con sets out to pull one more big heist.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Ida Lupino , Humphrey Bogart , Alan Curtis . BW-100 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:30 AM  Fallen Sparrow, The (1943)  
  Nazi spies pursue a Spanish Civil War veteran in search of a priceless keepsake.
Dir: Richard Wallace Cast:  John Garfield , Maureen O'Hara , Walter Slezak . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:15 AM  Johnny Angel (1946)  
  A sailor sets out to solve his father's murder.
Dir: Edwin L. Marin Cast:  George Raft , Claire Trevor , Signe Hasso . BW-79 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:45 AM  Deception (1946)  
  A woman tries to protect her refugee husband from her rich and powerful ex-lover.
Dir: Irving Rapper Cast:  Bette Davis , Paul Henreid , Claude Rains . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:45 AM  Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946)  
  Illicit lovers plot to kill the woman's older husband.
Dir: Tay Garnett Cast:  Lana Turner , John Garfield , Cecil Kellaway . BW-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:45 PM  Hollow Triumph (1948)  
  A crook on the lam poses as a psychiatrist.
Dir: Steve Sekely Cast:  Paul Henreid , Joan Bennett , Eduard Franz . BW-83 mins, TV-PG, 
3:15 PM  Bribe, The (1949)  
  A sultry singer tries to tempt a federal agent from the straight-and-narrow.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Robert Taylor , Ava Gardner , Charles Laughton . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Woman In Hiding (1950)  
Dir: Michael Gordon Cast:  Ida Lupino , Stephen McNally , Howard Duff . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, 
7:00 PM  Julie (1956)  
  A stewardess is stalked by her psychotic estranged husband.
Dir: Andrew L. Stone Cast:  Doris Day , Louis Jourdan , Barry Sullivan . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Two Mrs. Carrolls, The (1947)  
  A woman slowly discovers that her artist husband is a deranged killer.
Dir: Peter Godfrey Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Barbara Stanwyck , Alexis Smith . BW-94 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:00 PM  Sid Saga Part 1, The (1985)  
  A filmmaker chronicles his 100 year odyssey in a variety of different professions. C-106 mins, 
11:30 PM  Sid Saga Part 2, The (1987)  
  A filmmaker chronicles his 100 year odyssey in a variety of different professions. C-106 mins, 
12:00 AM  Sid Saga Part 3, The (1989)  
  A filmmaker chronicles his 100 year odyssey in a variety of different professions. C-106 mins, 
12:30 AM  Multiple Sidosis (1970)  
  A short film utilizing quick cuts and multiple angles of a one-man-band musical performance. C-10 mins, TV-PG
12:45 AM  Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (1968)  
  Cameras capture the backstage drama as acting students audition for a film.
Dir: William Greaves Cast:  Patricia Ree Gilbert , Don Fellows , Jonathan Gordon . C-75 mins, TV-MA
2:15 AM  Six Murderous Beliefs (1956)  
  BW-12 mins, TV-PG
2:30 AM  Crisis in Morality (1962)  
  BW, TV-PG, 
30 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Jack And The Beanstalk (1952)  
  A baby-sitter dreams himself and his best friend into the famous fairy tale.
Dir: Jean Yarbrough Cast:  [Bud] Abbott , [Lou] Costello , Buddy Baer . C-78 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:30 AM  Giant Behemoth, The (1959)  
  A radioactive dinosaur plots a deadly path to London.
Dir: Eugene Lourie Cast:  Gene Evans , Andre Morell , John Turner . BW-80 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
6:00 AM  711 Ocean Drive (1950)  
  A telephone repairman gets mixed up with illegal gambling.
Dir: Joseph M. Newman Cast:  Edmond O'Brien , Joanne Dru , Otto Kruger . BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:45 AM  Son of Rusty, The (1947)  
  When they are separated, a boy and his dog fight to find each other.
Dir: Lew Landers Cast:  Ted Donaldson , Stephen Dunne , Tom Powers . BW-69 mins, TV-G, 
9:00 AM  Dick Tracy (1945)  
  is faced with a series of murders in which the victims all come from different social and economic backgrounds.
Dir: William Berke Cast:  Morgan Conway , Anne Jeffreys , Mike Mazurki . BW-61 mins, TV-PG
10:15 AM  Passage to Marseille (1944)  
  Devil's Island escapees join up with the Allies during World War II.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Claude Rains , Michèle Morgan . BW-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:15 PM  36 Hours (1965)  
  Nazis kidnap a key American intelligence officer and try to convince him that World War II is over.
Dir: George Seaton Cast:  James Garner , Rod Taylor , Eva Marie Saint . BW-115 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:15 PM  Alexander The Great (1956)  
  Biography of the ancient warrior who conquered the known world.
Dir: Robert Rossen Cast:  Richard Burton , Fredric March , Claire Bloom . C-136 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Sullivan's Travels (1941)  
  A filmmaker masquerades as a hobo to get in touch with the little people.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Joel McCrea , Veronica Lake , Robert Warwick . BW-91 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:45 PM  Christmas In July (1940)  
  An unemployed dreamer thinks he's won a big radio contest.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Dick Powell , Ellen Drew , Raymond Walburn . BW-67 mins, TV-G, 
8:00 PM  Great Mcginty, The (1940)  
  A hobo rises to town mayor when he hooks up with a crooked political boss.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Brian Donlevy , Muriel Angelus , Akim Tamiroff . BW-82 mins, TV-PG, 
9:30 PM  Lady Eve, The (1941)  
  A lady cardsharp tries to con an eccentric scientist only to fall for him.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Henry Fonda , Charles Coburn . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:15 PM  Hail The Conquering Hero (1944)  
  A group of veterans help a small-town fraud convince his family he was a war hero.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Eddie Bracken , Ella Raines , Raymond Walburn . BW-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 AM  Palm Beach Story, The (1942)  
  To finance her husband's career, a married woman courts an eccentric millionaire.
Dir: Preston Sturges Cast:  Claudette Colbert , Joel McCrea , Mary Astor . BW-88 mins, TV-G, CC, 
2:30 AM  MGM Parade Show #12 (1955) host George Murphy introduces clips featuring Vincente Minnelli 
  and Arthur Freed from "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" and visits the set of "Kismet." BW-26 mins, TV-G
TCM begins it's broadcast day at 3am Pacific / 6am EST

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Fun facts:
Official Lon Chaney website In that famous scene, Gene Kelly is not actually "singing in the rain," because water didn't show up well on camera at night. They used a mixture of milk and water for Gene to splash around in.
For The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Lon Chaney wore a hump weighing over 50 pounds so that he would walk realistically. For "The Penalty" (1920), he had his legs bound tightly behind him in a harness, inserting his knees into leather stumps devised as artificial legs with his feet bound at the thighs. This was a very painful ordeal which cut circulation to his legs resulting in broken blood vessels.

Movie producer David O. Selznick was fined $5000 by the MPAA for allowing the word "damn" in the movie Gone With The Wind. And producer Darryl F. Zanuck once rented the entire country of San Marino, the world's oldest republic, as the medievel setting for "Prince Of Foxes" to be filmed, believe it or not!
David Niven was one of the first Hollywood stars to join the war effort, joining the British commando service in 1940.
His first feature movie after the war was Stairway To Heaven (1946), about WW2 pilots and others arriving in Heaven. The publisher of "The Maltese Falcon" wanted the original novel's title changed because he didn't think most Americans know what a falcon is

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This is another fine mess you've gotten me into Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Freaks (1932) was banned in Britain for 30 years, directed by Tod Browning, and even the ending was edited out before it was released in America. The original ending of the storyboard wasn't approved for filming (it involved an axe and a bag of feathers)

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Judy Garland (quoted in TCM's Viewer Guide)
Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't got to show you any stinking badges!
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Star Trek 6)

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Or a wicked fairy?

Fragi-le, must be Italian! Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story

Rod Serling co-wrote the original screenplay for Planet Of The Apes including the ending on the beach. What would it look like as a Twilight Zone episode? (opening narration comes from the episode "Elegy," closing narration comes from "The Shelter")

TCM was launched 4/14/94 as a 24-hour commercial-free classic movie channel, originally for movies 1930-1960, with the occasional silent movies, and newer movies added over time. It was Ted Turner's answer to American Movie Classics, using the vast film libraries Turner bought from MGM, RKO, Warner Brothers and other studio vaults. Ted Turner launched TBS as his first cable channel by sending the signal of his WTBS Atlanta TV-station to satellite 12/17/76, followed by TNT in 1988. TBS and TNT show mostly TV reruns and sports, with 24-hour news on his CNN starting in 1980.

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