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January 2012 schedule, All Times Eastern

January 1 Sunday  
3:15 AM  King Kong (1933)  
  A film crew discovers the "eighth wonder of the world," a giant prehistoric ape, and brings him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.
It wasn't the planes that got him
Dir: Merian C. Cooper Cast:  Fay Wray , Robert Armstrong , Bruce Cabot . 

BW-105 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:05 AM  One Reel Wonder: Donkey Baseball (1935)  
  Pete Smith pays tribute to America's favorite pastime which requires not just speed, knowledge, and agility but donkeys too.

Dir: John Waters 

BW-8 mins, 
5:15 AM  Swing Time (1936)  
  To prove himself worthy of his fiancee, a dancer tries to make it big, only to fall for his dancing partner.

Dir: George Stevens Cast:  Fred Astaire , Ginger Rogers , Victor Moore . 

BW-104 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 AM  One Reel Wonder: Swing High (1932)  
  Pete Smith introduces us to the trapeze family The Flying Codonas.

Dir: Jack Cummings 

BW-10 mins, 
7:15 AM  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)  
  An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.

Dir: Frank Capra Cast:  Jean Arthur , James Stewart , Claude Rains . 

BW-130 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:26 AM  One Reel Wonder: Capital City Washington D.C., The (1940)  
  An installment of James A. Fitzpatrick's Travel Talks honoring Washington D.C.

C-9 mins, 
9:45 AM  Searchers, The (1956)  
  An Indian-hating Civil War veteran tracks down the tribe that slaughtered his family and kidnapped his niece.

Dir: John Ford Cast:  John Wayne , Jeffrey Hunter , Vera Miles . 

C-119 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:51 AM  One Reel Wonder: Cincinnati Kid Plays According To Hoyle, The (1965)  

BW-6 mins, 
12:00 PM  In Cold Blood (1967)  
  Two vagrants try to outrun the police after committing a savage crime in this real-life shocker.

Dir: Richard Brooks Cast:  Robert Blake , Scott Wilson , John Forsythe . 

BW-134 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:20 PM  One Reel Wonder: Look Into The 23rd Century, A (1976)  
  This featurette gives a behind the scenes look at the making of the sci-fi classic "Logan's Run" (1976).

Dir: Ronald Saland 

C-9 mins, 
2:30 PM  Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)  
  A blue-collar worker's encounter with a UFO leaves him a changed man.

Dir: Steven Spielberg Cast:  Richard Dreyfuss , Terry Garr , François Truffaut . 

C-135 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Lover Come Back (1961)  
  An ad exec in disguise courts his pretty female competitor.

Dir: Delbert Mann Cast:  Rock Hudson , Doris Day , Tony Randall . 

C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  That Funny Feeling (1965)  
  A cleaning girl tries to pass off her workplace as her home, not knowing she's dating her boss.

Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Sandra Dee , Bobby Darin , Donald O'Connor . 

C-93 mins, TV-PG, 
8:43 PM  One Reel Wonder: Gasoloons (1935)  

BW-15 mins, 
9:00 PM  Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, The (1927)  
  In this silent film, a young prince attending college falls for a barmaid below his station.

Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast:  Ramon Novarro , Norma Shearer , Jean Hersholt . 

BW-106 mins, TV-G, 
10:51 PM  One Reel Wonder: John Barrymore (1962)  

BW-3 mins, 
11:00 PM  Love On The Run (1979)  
  A divorced man continues to search for romantic happiness.

Dir: François Truffaut Cast:  Jean-Pierre Leaud , Marie-France Pisier , Claude Jade . 

C-95 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
12:40 AM  One Reel Wonder: On Location: The Great Waltz (1972)  
  A short promotional featurette about the making of "The Great Waltz" (1972).

C-7 mins, 
1:00 AM  Holiday Camp (1947)  
  A vacationing family gets mixed up with cardsharps.

Cast:  Diana Dors , 

BW-97 mins, TV-PG, 
2:39 AM  One Reel Wonder: Merida And Campeche (1945)  
  In this "Traveltalk," we learn about the history, land, and people of Mexico's Merida and Campeche.

C-8 mins, 
2 Monday  
3:00 AM  Beginning Or The End, The (1947)  
  True story of the Manhattan Project and the race to build the atomic bomb.

Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Brian Donlevy , Robert Walker , Tom Drake . 

BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 AM  Stolen Life, A (1946)  
  A twin takes her deceased sister's place as wife of the man they both love.

Dir: Curtis Bernhardt Cast:  Bette Davis , Glenn Ford , Dane Clark . 

BW-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:00 AM  Roughly Speaking (1945)  
  A man's wild moneymaking schemes leave his wife to raise their family.

Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Rosalind Russell , Jack Carson , Robert Hutton . 

BW-117 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:00 AM  Time Of Your Life, The (1948)  
  A philosophical drunk encourages his friends to live their dreams to the hilt.

Dir: H. C. Potter Cast:  James Cagney , William Bendix , Wayne Morris . 

BW-105 mins, TV-PG, 
10:51 AM  One Reel Wonder: Did 'Ja Know? (1950)  

BW-8 mins, 
11:00 AM  So Well Remembered (1947)  
  A mill-owner's ambitious daughter almost ruins her husband's political career.

Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  John Mills , Martha Scott , Patricia Roc . 

BW-115 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 PM  Corn Is Green, The (1945)  
  A dedicated teacher sacrifices everything to send a young miner to Oxford.

Dir: Irving Rapper Cast:  Bette Davis , Nigel Bruce , Rhys Williams . 

BW-114 mins, TV-G, CC, 
3:00 PM  Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945)  
  A Norwegian farmer tries to raise two children in the Midwest.

Dir: Roy Rowland Cast:  Edward G. Robinson , Margaret O'Brien , James Craig . 

BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Portrait of Jennie (1948)  
  An artist discovers his gift when he falls for a beautiful ghost.

Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Jennifer Jones , Joseph Cotten , Ethel Barrymore . 

C-86 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:30 PM  Farmer's Daughter, The (1947)  
  When she goes to work for a congressman, a Minnesota farm girl takes Washington by storm.

Dir: H. C. Potter Cast:  Loretta Young , Joseph Cotten , Ethel Barrymore . 

BW-97 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:15 PM  Steel Trap, The (1952)  
  When he has second thoughts, an embezzler races the clock to return what he stole.

Dir: Andrew Stone Cast:  Joseph Cotten , Teresa Wright , Jonathan Hale . 

BW-85 mins, TV-PG, 
9:50 PM  One Reel Wonder: Mighty Niagara (1943)  

C-9 mins, 
10:00 PM  Niagara (1952)  
  Honeymooners get mixed up with an obsessive husband and his cheating wife.

Dir: Henry Hathaway Cast:  Marilyn Monroe , Joseph Cotten , Jean Peters . 

C-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
11:45 PM  Lydia (1941)  
  An unmarried woman stages a reunion with former suitors to recapture the romance of her past.

Dir: Julien Duvivier Cast:  Merle Oberon , Edna May Oliver , Alan Marshal . 

BW-99 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:30 AM  That Uncertain Feeling (1941)  
  A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst and develops doubts about her husband.

Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast:  Merle Oberon , Melvyn Douglas , Burgess Meredith . 

BW-83 mins, TV-G, 
3 Tuesday  
3:00 AM  Florodora Girl, The (1930)  
  A turn-of-the-century chorus girl searches for romance.

BW-79 mins, TV-G, 
4:30 AM  Not So Dumb (1930)  
  A scatterbrained miss throws a big party to advance her boyfriend's career.

Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Marion Davies , Elliott Nugent , Raymond Hackett . 

BW-76 mins, TV-G, 
6:00 AM  Bachelor Father, The (1931)  
  An aging Don Juan decides to get better acquainted with his grown children.

Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Marion Davies , Ralph Forbes , C. Aubrey Smith . 

BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:36 AM  One Reel Wonder: Envy (1930)  

BW-9 mins, 
7:45 AM  Five And Ten (1931)  
  A dime-store heiress elopes with a married man.

Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Marion Davies , Leslie Howard , Richard Bennett . 

BW-89 mins, TV-G, 
9:15 AM  Blondie Of The Follies (1932)  
  Two showgirls on the road from rags to riches compete for the same man.

Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Marion Davies , Robert Montgomery , Billie Dove . 

BW-91 mins, TV-G, 
11:00 AM  Peg O' My Heart (1933)  
  A spunky Irish girl inherits a place in a British estate.

Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Marion Davies , Onslow Stevens , J. Farrell MacDonald . 

BW-87 mins, TV-G, 
12:30 PM  Operator 13 (1934)  
  An actress signs up to spy for the Union, then falls for a Confederate officer.

Dir: Richard Boleslavsky Cast:  Marion Davies , Gary Cooper , Jean Parker . 

BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 
2:00 PM  Cain And Mabel (1936)  
  The publicity romance between a prizefighter and a showgirl turns into the real thing.

Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Marion Davies , Clark Gable , Allen Jenkins . 

BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC, 
3:30 PM  Hearts Divided (1936)  
  Napoleon's younger brother falls for a girl from Baltimore.

Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Marion Davies , Dick Powell , Charles Ruggles . 

BW-76 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  Belle Starr (1941)  
  A Southern belle turns outlaw when her family loses their land.

Dir: Irving Cummings Cast:  Randolph Scott , Gene Tierney , Dana Andrews . 

C-87 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
6:32 PM  One Reel Wonder: Challenge Of The Wilderness (1951)  

C-11 mins, 
6:45 PM  Annie Oakley (1935)  
  The famed female sharpshooter learns that you can't get a man with a gun when she falls for a rival marksman.

Dir: George Stevens Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Preston Foster , Melvyn Douglas . 

BW-91 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:30 PM  Annie Get Your Gun (1950)  
  Fanciful musical biography of wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Betty Hutton , Howard Keel , Louis Calhern . 

C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:30 PM  Westward The Women (1951)  
  A frontiersman leads a wagon train full of mail-order brides.

Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Beverly Dennis , Renata Vanni , John McIntire . 

BW-117 mins, TV-PG, 
12:30 AM  Mail Order Bride (1964)  
  An aging cowhand tries to help a young rancher settle down by buying him a wife.

Dir: Burt Kennedy Cast:  Buddy Ebsen , Keir Dullea , Lois Nettleton . 

C-83 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 AM  Montana Belle (1952)  
  The Daltons force Belle Starr to help them on a dangerous raid.

Dir: Allan Dwan Cast:  Jane Russell , George Brent , Scott Brady . 

C-81 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4 Wednesday  
3:30 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Partners (1956)  
  A rodeo star takes an orphan under his wing.

BW-25 mins, TV-PG, 
4:00 AM  Good-Bye, My Lady (1956)  
  A stray dog brings together a young boy and an old man in the Georgia swamps.

Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Walter Brennan , Phil Harris , Brandon de Wilde . 

BW-95 mins, TV-G, 
5:45 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: White Corridors (1956)  
  An American tourist fights to get the staff of a British hospital to believe she's witnessed a murder.

BW-26 mins, TV-PG, 
6:15 AM  Rogue's March (1953)  
  After being unjustly accused of spying, a British officer tries to redeem himself in India.

Dir: Allan Davis Cast:  Peter Lawford , Richard Greene , Janice Rule . 

BW-84 mins, TV-G, 
7:45 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Carroll Formula, The (1956)  
  A college professor accidentally discovers how to shrink things.

BW-26 mins, TV-PG, 
8:15 AM  Law And The Lady, The (1951)  
  A society jewel thief falls for one of her marks.

Dir: Edwin H. Knopf Cast:  Greer Garson , Michael Wilding , Fernando Lamas . 

BW-104 mins, TV-G, CC, 
10:01 AM  One Reel Wonder: Greer Garson Bio (1962)  

BW-4 mins, 
10:15 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Apples On The Lilac Tree (1956)  
  An unconventional marriage excites small-town gossip.

BW-26 mins, TV-PG, 
10:45 AM  Cattle King (1963)  
  Cattlemen square off over a hotly contested strip of grazing land.

Dir: Tay Garnett Cast:  Robert Taylor , Joan Caulfield , Robert Loggia . 

C-90 mins, TV-G, 
12:15 PM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Bitter Waters, The (1956)  
  A young man's romance at a German resort is threatened by the woman's past.

BW-25 mins, TV-PG, 
12:45 PM  Traveling Husbands (1931)  
  A wild party puts two married salesmen in trouble with their wives and the law.

Dir: Paul Sloane Cast:  Evelyn Brent , Frank Albertson , Constance Cummings . 

BW-74 mins, TV-G, 
2:15 PM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Day I Met Caruso, The (1956)  
  A Quaker girl's resentment of the great tenor's worldliness competes with her admiration for his voice.

BW-26 mins, TV-PG, 
2:45 PM  Great Caruso, The (1951)  
  The legendary opera singer fights to win his place in society.

Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Mario Lanza , Ann Blyth , Dorothy Kirsten . 

C-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:36 PM  One Reel Wonder: Inflation (1943)  
Cast:  Edward Arnold , Esther Williams , 

BW-17 mins, 
5:00 PM  Gaslight (1944)  
  A newlywed fears she's going mad when strange things start happening at the family mansion.

Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Charles Boyer , Ingrid Bergman , Joseph Cotten . 

BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
7:00 PM  National Velvet (1944)  
  A British farm girl fights to train a difficult horse for the Grand National Steeplechase.

Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  Mickey Rooney , Donald Crisp , Elizabeth Taylor . 

C-124 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:15 PM  Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1945)  
  A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.

Dir: Albert Lewin Cast:  George Sanders , Hurd Hatfield , Donna Reed . 

BW-110 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:15 PM  Harvey Girls, The (1946)  
  Straitlaced waitresses battle saloon girls to win the West for domesticity.

Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Judy Garland , John Hodiak , Ray Bolger . 

C-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:15 AM  Hoodlum Saint, The (1946)  
  After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.

Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  William Powell , Esther Williams , Angela Lansbury . 

BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
2:48 AM  One Reel Wonder: Return From Nowhere (1944)  

BW-10 mins, 
5 Thursday  
3:00 AM  If Winter Comes (1947)  
  Scandal results when a well-meaning man takes in a pregnant girl.

Dir: Victor Saville Cast:  Walter Pidgeon , Deborah Kerr , Angela Lansbury . 

BW-97 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:45 AM  Tenth Avenue Angel (1948)  
  A child of the tenements helps an ex-con find a new life.

Dir: Roy Rowland Cast:  Margaret O'Brien , Angela Lansbury , George Murphy . 

BW-75 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:00 AM  Red Danube, The (1949)  
  A Russian ballerina in Vienna tries to flee KGB agents and defect.

Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Walter Pidgeon , Ethel Barrymore , Peter Lawford . 

BW-119 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
8:00 AM  Ready, Willing And Able (1937)  
  Two songwriters want to cast a British star in their new show.

Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Ruby Keeler , Lee Dixon , Allen Jenkins . 

BW-94 mins, TV-G, 
9:45 AM  He Couldn't Say No (1938)  
  A timid advertising man learns to fight for the girl of his dreams.

Dir: Lew Seiler Cast:  Frank McHugh , Jane Wyman , Cora Witherspoon . 

BW-57 mins, TV-G, 
10:45 AM  Private Detective (1939)  
  Rival detectives fall in love when they're forced to work together.

Dir: Noel Smith Cast:  Jane Wyman , Dick Foran , Gloria Dickson . 

BW-56 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:42 AM  One Reel Wonder: How To Be A Detective (1936)  
  Robert Benchley vainly tries to teach the audience what it takes to be a successful detective.

Dir: Felix E. Feist Cast:  Robert Benchley , 

BW-9 mins, 
12:00 PM  Gambling On The High Seas (1940)  
  A reporter tries to nail a gambling-ship owner for murder.

Dir: George Amy Cast:  Wayne Morris , Jane Wyman , Gilbert Roland . 

BW-55 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 PM  Doughgirls, The (1944)  
  Honeymooners in Washington get caught up in wartime crowding, with disastrous results.

Dir: James V. Kern Cast:  Ann Sheridan , Alexis Smith , Jack Carson . 

BW-101 mins, TV-G, 
2:45 PM  Cheyenne (1947)  
  A gambler falls for the wife of the outlaw he's out to catch.

Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Dennis Morgan , Jane Wyman , Janis Paige . 

C-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:30 PM  Now Playing January (2012) (2012)  

BW-21 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:00 PM  Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010)  
  Interviews and classic clips trace the career of one of the screen's greatest cinematographers.

Dir: Craig Mccall 

C-86 mins, TV-14, CC, 
6:30 PM  Wings of the Morning (1937)  
  When a young horse trainer falls for a Gypsy girl, it reignites an old family feud.

Dir: Harold D. Schuster Cast:  Annabella , Leslie Banks , D. J. Williams . 

C-87 mins, TV-G, 
8:00 PM  Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010)  
  Interviews and classic clips trace the career of one of the screen's greatest cinematographers.

Dir: Craig Mccall 

C-86 mins, TV-14, CC, 
9:30 PM  Four Feathers, The (1939)  
  A disgraced officer risks his life to help his childhood friends in battle.

Dir: Zoltan Korda Cast:  John Clements , Ralph Richardson , C. Aubrey Smith . 

C-115 mins, TV-PG, 
11:30 PM  Things To Come (1936)  
  Two generations of philosophers try to bring an end to war.

Dir: William Cameron Menzies Cast:  Raymond Massey , Edward Chapman , Ralph Richardson . 

BW-97 mins, TV-PG, 
1:22 AM  One Reel Wonder: Anthony Adverse: The Making Of A Great Motion Picture (1936)  

BW-7 mins, 
1:30 AM  Knight Without Armour (1937)  
  A British spy tries to get a countess out of the new Soviet Union.

Dir: Jacques Feyder Cast:  Marlene Dietrich , Robert Donat , Irene Van Brugh . 

BW-107 mins, TV-G, 
6 Friday  
3:30 AM  Caesar And Cleopatra (1945)  
  Julius Caesar gives the famed Egyptian queen lessons in government.

Dir: Gabriel Pascal Cast:  Vivien Leigh , Claude Rains , Stewart Granger . 

C-128 mins, TV-G, 
5:45 AM  Heroes For Sale (1933)  
  A veteran fights drug addiction to make his way in the business world.

Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Richard Barthelmess , Aline MacMahon , Loretta Young . 

BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
7:00 AM  She Had To Say Yes (1933)  
  A secretary pads her salary by dating prospective buyers for her company.

Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Loretta Young , Winnie Lightner , Lyle Talbot . 

BW-66 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:15 AM  Unguarded Hour, The (1936)  
  A blackmailer tries to stop a woman from revealing evidence that could save a condemned man.

Dir: Sam Wood Cast:  Loretta Young , Franchot Tone , Lewis Stone . 

BW-87 mins, TV-G, CC, 
9:45 AM  Bishop's Wife, The (1947)  
  An angel helps set an ambitious bishop on the right track.

Dir: Henry Koster Cast:  Cary Grant , Loretta Young , David Niven . 

BW-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:45 AM  Stranger, The (1946)  
  A small-town schoolteacher suspects her new husband may be an escaped Nazi war criminal.

Dir: Orson Welles Cast:  Edward G. Robinson , Loretta Young , Orson Welles . 

BW-95 mins, TV-PG, 
1:45 PM  Rachel And The Stranger (1948)  
  A mail-order bride finds herself attracted to a handsome drifter.

Dir: Norman Foster Cast:  Loretta Young , William Holden , Robert Mitchum . 

BW-79 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
3:15 PM  Key To The City (1950)  
  Two mayors meet and fall in love during a convention in San Francisco.

Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Clark Gable , Loretta Young , Frank Morgan . 

BW-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 
5:00 PM  Pigskin Parade (1936)  
  College football scouts recruit a country bumpkin with a killer kick.

Dir: David Butler Cast:  Stuart Erwin , Patsy Kelly , Jack Haley . 

BW-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 
7:00 PM  Yank In The R.A.F., A (1941)  
  A hot shot flyer discovers the hero within when he joins the British Air Force during World War II.

Dir: Henry King Cast:  Tyrone Power , Betty Grable , John Sutton . 

BW-98 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  My Blue Heaven (1950)  
  A married song and dance team tries to adopt a child.

Dir: Henry Koster Cast:  Betty Grable , Dan Dailey , David Wayne . 

C-96 mins, TV-G, CC, 
11:00 PM  Little Darlings (1980)  
  Girls at a summer camp compete to see who can find romance first.

Dir: Ron Maxwell Cast:  Tatum O'Neal , Kristy McNichol , Armand Assante . 

C-95 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
12:45 AM  Ice Castles (1978)  
  A young girl is on top of the world until a tragic accident dashes her hopes and dreams of becoming a world-class figure skater.

Dir: Donald Wrye Cast:  Robby Benson , Colleen Dewhurst , Lynn-Holly Johnson . 

C-110 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
2:45 AM  Live and Learn (1952)  

BW-12 mins, TV-PG, 
7 Saturday  
3:00 AM  River's End (1931)  
  An accused killer takes over the life of the Canadian Mountie who died hunting him down.

Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Charles Bickford , Evelyn Knapp , J. Farrell MacDonald . 

BW-74 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:15 AM  Tomorrow Is Another Day (1951)  
  A man who spent his formative years in prison for murder is released and struggles to adjust to the outside world. 

Dir: Felix Feist Cast:  Ruth Roman , Steve Cochran , Lurene Tuttle . 

BW-91 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
6:00 AM  Perfect Strangers (1950)  
  A divorcee finds love with a married man while they both sit on a jury.

Dir: Bretaigne Windust Cast:  Ginger Rogers , Dennis Morgan , Thelma Ritter . 

BW-88 mins, TV-G, 
7:30 AM  Counter-Espionage (1942)  
  A reformed criminal hunts Nazi spies in London during the Blitz.

Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Warren William , Eric Blore , Hillary Brooke . 

BW-72 mins, TV-PG, 
9:00 AM  Elephant Stampede (1951)  
  The jungle hero fights off elephant poachers to help a missionary.

Dir: Ford Beebe Cast:  Johnny Sheffield , Donna Martell , John Kellogg . 

BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
10:30 AM  Left-Handed Gun, The (1958)  
  Billy the Kid sets out for vengeance on the men who killed his mentor.

Dir: Arthur Penn Cast:  Paul Newman , Lita Milan , John Dehner . 

BW-102 mins, TV-PG, 
12:30 PM  Man Of The West (1958)  
  A reformed outlaw is among the hostages when his former colleagues rob a train.

Dir: Anthony Mann Cast:  Gary Cooper , Julie London , Lee J. Cobb . 

C-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 PM  Nevada Smith (1966)  
  A part-Indian cowboy avenges his parents' murder.

Dir: Henry Hathaway Cast:  Steve McQueen , Karl Malden , Brian Keith . 

C-131 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  City Lights (1931)  
  In this silent film, the Little Tramp tries to help a blind flower seller to see again.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charlie Chaplin , Virginia Cherrill , Florence Lee . 

BW-87 mins, TV-G, 
6:45 PM  Modern Times (1936)  
  The Little Tramp tries to build a home with a young slum girl.

Dir: Charlie Chaplin Cast:  Charlie Chaplin , Paulette Goddard , Henry Bergman . 

BW-87 mins, TV-G, 
8:30 PM  Dog's Life, A (1918)  
  In this silent film, the Little Tramp finds a stolen fortune with the help of his dog.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , 

BW-34 mins, TV-G, 
9:15 PM  Shoulder Arms (1918)  
  In this silent film, a private fresh out of boot camp accepts a daring mission behind enemy lines.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , 

BW-38 mins, TV-G, 
10:15 PM  Kid, The (1921)  
  In this silent comedy, an adoptive father schemes to keep his son.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Jackie Coogan , Edna Purviance , Carl Miller . 

BW-53 mins, TV-G, 
11:15 PM  Idle Class, The (1921)  
  In this silent short, the Little Tramp discovers he's a dead ringer for a rich man with a beautiful, unhappy wife.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , 

BW-33 mins, TV-G, 
12:00 AM  Pay Day (1922)  
  In this silent film, a bricklayer and his wife clash over his end-of-the-week partying.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , 

BW-22 mins, TV-G, 
12:30 AM  Circus, The (1928)  
  In this silent film, the Little Tramp joins a circus to hide from the police.

Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , Merna Kennedy , Betty Morrissey . 

BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
1:45 AM  Gold Rush, The (1925)  
  In this silent film, a lost soul in the Yukon seeks love and wealth.

Dir: Charlie Chaplin Cast:  Mack Swain , Tom Murray , Georgia Hale . 

BW-72 mins, TV-G, 
8 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Clambake (1967)  
  A playboy switches places with a water-skiing instructor to find a woman who isn't just after his money.

Dir: Arthur H. Nadel Cast:  Elvis Presley , Shelley Fabares , Will Hutchins . 

C-99 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 AM  It Happened At The World's Fair (1963)  
  A pilot's efforts to help a lost girl at the Seattle World's Fair lead to love.

Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Elvis Presley , Joan O'Brien , Gary Lockwood . 

C-105 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 AM  Spinout (1966)  
  A singing race-car driver has to choose among three amorous females.

Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Elvis Presley , Shelley Fabares , Diane McBain . 

C-93 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 AM  Caine Mutiny, The (1954)  
  Naval officers begin to suspect their captain of insanity.

Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Jose Ferrer , Van Johnson . 

C-125 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  Crisis (1950)  
  An American doctor gets caught in the middle of a revolution when he's forced to operate on a South American dictator.

Dir: Richard Brooks Cast:  Cary Grant , Jose Ferrer , Paula Raymond . 

BW-96 mins, TV-G, CC, 
1:00 PM  I Accuse! (1958)  
  True story of writer Emile Zola's defense of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish army officer framed by anti-Semites.

Dir: Jose Ferrer Cast:  Jose Ferrer , Anton Walbrook , Viveca Lindfors . 

BW-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:45 PM  Deep In My Heart (1954)  
  Musical biography of composer Sigmund Romberg, who fought to bring serious music to Broadway.

Dir: Stanley Donen Cast:  Jose Ferrer , Merle Oberon , Helen Traubel . 

C-132 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Cyrano De Bergerac (1950)  
  A swordsman and poet helps another man woo the woman he loves.

Dir: Michael Gordon Cast:  Jose Ferrer , Mala Powers , William Prince . 

BW-114 mins, TV-PG, 
7:00 PM  Joan Of Arc (1948)  
  A farm girl's faith unites France against British invaders.

Dir: Victor Fleming Cast:  Ingrid Bergman , Selena Royle , Robert Barrat . 

C-146 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
9:30 PM  Visages d'enfants (1925)  
  In this silent film, a young boy resents his widowed father's new wife.

BW-117 mins, TV-G, 
11:30 PM  My Life As A Dog (1987)  
  A young boy's life changes the summer he moves in with relatives while his sick mother tries to recover.

Dir: Lasse Hallstrom Cast:  Anton Glanzelius , Anki Liden , Manfred Serner . 

C-101 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 
1:45 AM  Here Come the Huggetts (1948)  
  A working class family looks forward to getting a telephone installed.

Dir: Ken Annakin Cast:  Diana Dors , Petula Clark , 

BW-93 mins, TV-G, 
9 Monday  
3:30 AM  Now Playing January (2012) (2012)  

BW-21 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
4:00 AM  Badman's Country (1958)  
Dir: Fred F. Sears Cast:  George Montgomery , Neville Brand , Buster Crabbe . 

BW-69 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
5:15 AM  Gold of the Seven Saints (1961)  
  Two trappers fight to protect their gold from outlaws.

Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast:  Clint Walker , Roger Moore , Leticia Roman . 

BW-88 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
6:45 AM  Fort Dobbs (1958)  
  A frontierswoman suspects the man who rescued her from the Comanches of killing her husband.

Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast:  Clint Walker , Virginia Mayo , Brian Keith . 

BW-90 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:30 AM  Drum Beat (1954)  
  While negotiating a peace treaty with North California Indians, a presidential emissary has to fight off a renegade.

Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Alan Ladd , Audrey Dalton , Marisa Pavan . 

C-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:30 AM  Barricade (1950)  
  Two fugitives try to prove the head of a mining camp is a murderer.

Dir: Peter Godfrey Cast:  Dane Clark , Raymond Massey , Ruth Roman . 

C-75 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
12:00 PM  Arrow in the Dust (1954)  
  A deserter takes on his dead captain's identity to save a wagon train.

Dir: Lesley Selander Cast:  Sterling Hayden , Coleen Gray , Keith Larsen . 

C-80 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
1:30 PM  Dude Goes West, The (1948)  
  A tenderfoot tries to help a miner's daughter protect her claim.

Dir: Kurt Neumann Cast:  Eddie Albert , Gale Storm , James Gleason . 

BW-87 mins, TV-PG, 
3:15 PM  Springfield Rifle (1952)  
  A Union officer goes undercover to root out Confederate raiders.

Dir: Andre DeToth Cast:  Gary Cooper , Phyllis Thaxter , David Brian . 

C-93 mins, TV-PG, 
5:00 PM  Andromeda Strain, The (1971)  
  Scientists race to find the cure for a deadly space virus.

Dir: Robert Wise Cast:  Arthur Hill , David Wayne , James Olson . 

C-131 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:15 PM  Last Man On Earth, The (1964)  
  A deadly virus turns most of the world's population into blood-drinking ghouls.

Dir: Sidney Salkow Cast:  Vincent Price , Franca Bettoja , Emma Danieli . 

BW-87 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Satan Bug, The (1965)  
  A mad millionaire bribes a scientist to steal a deadly virus.

Dir: John Sturges Cast:  George Maharis , Richard Basehart , Anne Francis . 

C-115 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Killer That Stalked New York, The (1950)  
  Married jewel thieves struggle with infidelity, federal agents and the deadly smallpox virus.

Dir: Earl McEvoy Cast:  Evelyn Keyes , Charles Korvin , William Bishop . 

BW-76 mins, TV-PG, 
12:30 AM  80,000 Suspects (1963)  
  A doctor must contend with a smallpox epidemic and his failing marriage.

Dir: Val Guest Cast:  Jill Curzon , Norman Chappell , Andrew Crawford . 

BW-109 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  Now Playing January (2012) (2012)  

BW-21 mins, TV-PG, CC, 
10 Tuesday  
3:00 AM  Four Jacks and a Jill (1942)  
  A nightclub band's new singer becomes the center of a romantic mix-up.

Dir: Jack Hively Cast:  Ray Bolger , Anne Shirley , June Havoc . 

BW-67 mins, TV-G, CC, 
4:15 AM  Look For The Silver Lining (1949)  
  Musical biography of Marilyn Miller, who overcame heartache to become a Broadway star.

Dir: David Butler Cast:  June Haver , Ray Bolger , Gordon MacRae . 

C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, 
6:15 AM  April in Paris (1952)  
  A bureaucrat's mistake sends a chorus girl to Paris representing American theatre in place of a star actress.

Dir: David Butler Cast:  Doris Day , Ray Bolger , Claude Dauphin . 

C-100 mins, TV-G, CC, 
8:00 AM  Daydreamer, The (1966)  
  The teen-aged Hans Christian Anderson runs away from home and turns his dreams into classic stories.

Dir: Jules Bass Cast:  Paul O'Keefe , Jack Gilford , Ray Bolger . 

C-99 mins, TV-G, 
9:45 AM  Just You and Me, Kid (1979)  
  A retired entertainer helps a runaway elude drug dealers.

Dir: Leonard Stern Cast:  George Burns , Brooke Shields , Burl Ives . 

C-95 mins, TV-14, 
11:30 AM  Rebel Without a Cause (1955)  
  An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad.

Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  James Dean , Natalie Wood , Sal Mineo . 

C-111 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:30 PM  Crime in the Streets (1956)  
  A social worker tries to end juvenile crime by getting involved with a street gang.

Dir: Don Siegel Cast:  James Whitmore , Sal Mineo , Mark Rydell . 

BW-91 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 
3:15 PM  Young Don't Cry, The (1957)  
  An orphaned teen tries to help a wrongly convicted man who's escaped from prison.

Dir: Alfred L. Werker Cast:  Sal Mineo , James Whitmore , J. Carrol Naish . 

BW-90 mins, TV-PG, 
5:00 PM  This is Your Story (1953)  
  Family members tell the story of a reluctant guest.

BW-15 mins, TV-PG, 
5:15 PM  My Favorite Year (1982)  
  A flamboyant star throws a TV comedy show into chaos.

Dir: Richard Benjamin Cast:  Peter O'Toole , Mark Linn-Baker , Jessica Harper . 

C-92 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 

Dr. Strangelove clip, Slim Pickens drops the bomb
(click to play clip)

7:00 PM Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964) A mad United States General orders an air strike against Russia. Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast: Peter Sellers , George C. Scott , Sterling Hayden . BW-95 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 8:45 PM Network (1976) Television programmers turn a deranged news anchor into 'the mad prophet of the airwaves.' Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast: Faye Dunaway , Peter Finch , William Holden . BW-121 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 11:00 PM Prince of the City (1981) A narcotics cop investigating police corruption gets in over his head. Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast: Treat Williams , Jerry Orbach , Richard Foronjy . C-167 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 2:00 AM Travels With My Aunt (1972) A stodgy young man gets caught up in his free-living aunt's shady schemes. Dir: George Cukor Cast: Maggie Smith , Alec McCowen , Lou Gossett . C-109 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 11 Wednesday 4:00 AM Main Attraction, The (1962) An unscrupulous drifter causes problems for a small European circus. Dir: Daniel Petrie Cast: Pat Boone , Nancy Kwan , Mai Zetterling . C-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:30 AM Tamahine (1964) A glamorous Polynesian raises temperatures at a boy's school when she comes to visit her cousin. Dir: Philip Leacock Cast: Nancy Kwan , John Fraser , Dennis Price . C-85 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 7:00 AM Honeymoon Hotel (1964) Two bachelors on the prowl accidentally book a vacation at a resort for newlyweds. Dir: Henry Levin Cast: Robert Goulet , Nancy Kwan , Robert Morse . C-89 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 8:45 AM Liquidator, The (1966) A killer-for-hire gets mixed up with a plot to assassinate England's Prince Phillip. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: Rod Taylor , Trevor Howard , Jill St. John . C-104 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 10:30 AM Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) Lavish remake of the classic tale of the villainous Captain Bligh who drives his crew to revolt during a South Seas expedition. Dir: Lewis Milestone Cast: Marlon Brando , Trevor Howard , Richard Harris . C-185 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 1:45 PM Day They Robbed The Bank Of England, The (1960) Turn-of-the-century Irish patriots plan to overthrow the British government. Dir: John Guillermin Cast: Aldo Ray , Elizabeth Sellars , Peter O'Toole . BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM Great Catherine (1968) The legendary Russian ruler falls hard for a military man in love with someone else. Dir: Gordon Flemyng Cast: Peter O'Toole , Zero Mostel , Jeanne Moreau . C-98 mins, TV-G, 5:00 PM State Of The Union (1948) A presidential candidate fights to keep his integrity and his wife during a grueling campaign. Dir: Frank Capra Cast: Spencer Tracy , Katharine Hepburn , Van Johnson . BW-123 mins, TV-G, CC, 7:15 PM Three Musketeers, The (1948) Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France. Dir: George Sidney Cast: Lana Turner , Gene Kelly , June Allyson . C-126 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:30 PM Samson and Delilah (1949) Epic re-telling of the story of the Biblical strongman laid low by love. Dir: Cecil B. DeMille Cast: Hedy Lamarr , Victor Mature , George Sanders . C-127 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:45 PM Till The Clouds Roll By (1946) True story of composer Jerome Kern's rise to the top on Broadway and in Hollywood. Dir: Richard Whorf Cast: June Allyson , Lucille Bremer , Judy Garland . C-136 mins, TV-G, 2:15 AM Kind Lady (1951) A con artist and his criminal cohorts hold an old lady hostage in her own home. Dir: John Sturges Cast: Ethel Barrymore , Maurice Evans , Angela Lansbury . BW-78 mins, TV-PG, CC, 12 Thursday 3:45 AM Lawless Street, A (1955) A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him. Dir: Joseph H. Lewis Cast: Randolph Scott , Angela Lansbury , Warner Anderson . C-77 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 5:15 AM Screen Directors Playhouse: Claire (1956) A doctor's bride is haunted by guilt over the death of his first wife. BW-26 mins, TV-PG, 5:45 AM Hysteria (1965) An amnesiac stumbles on to a murder plot. Dir: Freddie Francis Cast: Robert Webber , Anthony Newlands , Jennifer Jayne . BW-85 mins, TV-PG, 7:15 AM Inside Daisy Clover (1965) A girl on the road to stardom fights the dehumanizing effects of Hollywood life. Dir: Robert Mulligan Cast: Natalie Wood , Christopher Plummer , Robert Redford . C-129 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 9:30 AM Joy In The Morning (1965) A law student and his bride try to build a life together despite her fear of intimacy. Dir: Alex Segal Cast: Richard Chamberlain , Yvette Mimieux , Arthur Kennedy . C-102 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 11:15 AM Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) A distraught mother searches for her seemingly non-existent daughter, bringing her sanity into question. Dir: Otto Preminger Cast: Keir Dullea , Carol Lynley , Lucie Mannheim . BW-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 1:15 PM Once A Thief (1965) A young ex-con trying to go straight gets caught up in another criminal scheme. Dir: Ralph Nelson Cast: Alain Delon , Ann-Margret , Van Heflin . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM Cincinnati Kid, The (1965) Card sharps try to deal with personal problems during a big game in New Orleans. Dir: Norman Jewison Cast: Steve McQueen , Edward G. Robinson , Ann-Margret . C-103 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The (1943) An aging military man looks back on the loves and friends who shaped his life. Dir: Michael Powell Cast: Roger Livesey , Deborah Kerr , Anton Walbrook . C-163 mins, TV-G, CC, 8:00 PM Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010) Interviews and classic clips trace the career of one of the screen's greatest cinematographers. Dir: Craig Mccall C-86 mins, TV-14, CC, 9:30 PM Matter of Life and Death, A (1947) An injured aviator argues in celestial court for the chance to go on living. Dir: Michael Powell Cast: David Niven , Kim Hunter , Robert Coote . C-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:30 PM Red Shoes, The (1948) A young ballerina is torn between her art and her romance with a young composer. Dir: Michael Powell Cast: Anton Walbrook , Marius Goring , Moira Shearer . C-135 mins, TV-G, CC, 2:00 AM Black Narcissus (1947) Nuns founding a convent in the Himalayas are tormented by the area's exotic beauty. Dir: Michael Powell Cast: Deborah Kerr , Sabu , David Farrar . C-101 mins, TV-14, CC, 13 Friday 4:00 AM Apartment, The (1960) An aspiring executive lets his bosses use his apartment for assignations, only to fall for the big chief's mistress. Dir: Billy Wilder Cast: Jack Lemmon , Shirley MacLaine , Fred MacMurray . BW-125 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 6:15 AM Any Wednesday (1966) A young businessman catches his boss keeping a mistress in the company apartment. Dir: Robert Ellis Miller Cast: Jane Fonda , Jason Robards Jr. , Dean Jones . C-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 8:15 AM Sunday in New York (1963) A philandering pilot gets real moral, real fast when his sister contemplates a premarital fling. Dir: Peter Tewksbury Cast: Rod Taylor , Jane Fonda , Cliff Robertson . C-105 mins, TV-PG, CC, 10:15 AM Boys' Night Out (1962) A psychology student researches infidelity by becoming a platonic kept woman for four buddies. Dir: Michael Gordon Cast: Kim Novak , James Garner , Tony Randall . C-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 12:30 PM Bachelor In Paradise (1961) A writer moves into a housing development to study married couples. Dir: Jack Arnold Cast: Bob Hope , Lana Turner , Janis Paige . C-109 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 2:30 PM Tender Trap, The (1955) A swinging bachelor finds love when he meets a girl immune to his line. Dir: Charles Walters Cast: Frank Sinatra , Debbie Reynolds , David Wayne . C-111 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 4:30 PM Now Playing January (2012) (2012) BW-21 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:00 PM Conquest (1937) A Polish countess sacrifices her virtue to Napoleon to save her homeland. Dir: Clarence Brown Cast: Greta Garbo , Charles Boyer , Reginald Owen . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, 7:00 PM Love And Death (1975) A devout coward vows to assassinate Napoleon in the name of love. Dir: Woody Allen Cast: Woody Allen , Diane Keaton , Georges Adet . C-85 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 8:30 PM Anthony Adverse (1936) An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Fredric March , Olivia de Havilland , Donald Woods . BW-141 mins, TV-G, CC, 11:00 PM Hausu (1977) A schoolgirl spends her summer vacation in a haunted house. Dir: Nobuhiko Obayashi Cast: Kimiko Ikegami , Eriko Tanaka , Kumiko Ohba . BW-88 mins, TV-MA, 12:30 AM Haunting, The (1963) A team of psychic investigators moves into a haunted house that destroys all who live there. Dir: Robert Wise Cast: Julie Harris , Claire Bloom , Richard Johnson . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 2:30 AM We Learn About the Telephone (1965) Dir: Jean Yarbrough Cast: William Boyett , Pam Ferden , Pat Cardi . BW-25 mins, TV-G, 14 Saturday 3:00 AM Now Playing January (2012) (2012) BW-21 mins, TV-PG, CC, 3:30 AM Firefly, The (1937) A Spanish spy masquerades as a singer to sabotage Napoleon's forces. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast: Jeanette MacDonald , Allan Jones , Warren William . BW-130 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:45 AM Cleopatra (1934) The fabled queen of Egypt leads Julius Caesar and Marc Antony astray. Dir: Cecil B. DeMille Cast: Claudette Colbert , Warren William , Henry Wilcoxon . BW-101 mins, TV-PG, 7:30 AM Passport to Suez (1943) A reformed thief goes undercover to stop Nazi agents from hijacking planes. Dir: Andre DeToth Cast: Warren William , Ann Savage , Eric Blore . BW-72 mins, TV-G, 9:00 AM African Treasure (1952) Bomba the Jungle Boy takes on diamond smugglers. Dir: Ford Beebe Cast: Johnny Sheffield , Laurette Luez , Martin Garralaga . C-70 mins, TV-G, 10:30 AM Tight Spot (1955) A district attorney tries to get a hardboiled woman to testify against the mob. Dir: Phil Karlson Cast: Ginger Rogers , Edward G. Robinson , Brian Keith . BW-96 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 12:15 PM Knock On Any Door (1949) A crusading lawyer fights to save a juvenile delinquent charged with murder. Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast: Humphrey Bogart , George Macready , Allene Roberts . BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC, 2:15 PM Bound For Glory (1976) True story of folk singer Woody Guthrie, who rose to the top while fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers. Dir: Hal Ashby Cast: David Carradine , Ronny Cox , Melinda Dillon . C-148 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) General Jimmy Doolittle trains American troops for the first airborne attacks on Japan. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Van Johnson , Robert Walker , Tim Murdock . BW-138 mins, TV-PG, CC, 7:30 PM Adam's Rib (1949) Husband-and-wife lawyers argue opposite sides in a sensational women's rights case. Dir: George Cukor Cast: Spencer Tracy , Katharine Hepburn , Judy Holliday . BW-101 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:15 PM Last Hurrah, The (1958) A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election. Dir: John Ford Cast: Spencer Tracy , Jeffrey Hunter , Dianne Foster . BW-121 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 11:30 PM Father's Little Dividend (1951) In this sequel to Father of the Bride, a doting father faces a series of comic trials when his daughter has her first child. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Spencer Tracy , Joan Bennett , Elizabeth Taylor . BW-81 mins, TV-G, CC, 1:00 AM Cass Timberlane (1947) An aging judge creates a scandal when he marries a younger woman from the wrong side of the tracks. Dir: George Sidney Cast: Spencer Tracy , Lana Turner , Zachary Scott . BW-119 mins, TV-PG, CC, 15 Sunday 3:00 AM Meet Me In St. Louis (1944) Young love and childish fears highlight a year in the life of a turn-of-the-century family. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Judy Garland , Margaret O'Brien , Mary Astor . C-113 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:00 AM Secret Garden, The (1949) An orphaned girl changes the lives of those she encounters at a remote estate. Dir: Fred M. Wilcox Cast: Margaret O'Brien , Herbert Marshall , Dean Stockwell . C-92 mins, TV-G, CC, 7:00 AM Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) A Norwegian farmer tries to raise two children in the Midwest. Dir: Roy Rowland Cast: Edward G. Robinson , Margaret O'Brien , James Craig . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, 9:00 AM Follow The Fleet (1936) Two sailors on leave romance a dance-hall hostess and her prim sister. Dir: Mark Sandrich Cast: Fred Astaire , Ginger Rogers , Randolph Scott . BW-110 mins, TV-G, CC, 11:00 AM To Sir, With Love (1967) A substitute teacher changes the lives of the slum children in his class. Dir: James Clavell Cast: Sidney Poitier , Christian Roberts , Judy Geeson . C-105 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 1:00 PM Rome Adventure (1962) A rebellious teacher moves to Rome and finds love. Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: Troy Donahue , Angie Dickinson , Rossano Brazzi . C-119 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM It Should Happen To You (1954) A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it. Dir: George Cukor Cast: Judy Holliday , Peter Lawford , Jack Lemmon . BW-87 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) Count Dracula plots to put a simpleton's brain into the body of the Frankenstein monster. Dir: Charles T. Barton Cast: Bud Abbott , Lou Costello , Lon Chaney [Jr.] . BW-83 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 6:30 PM Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man (1951) Two bumbling private eyes turn a boxer invisible to save him from being framed for murder. Dir: Charles Lamont Cast: Bud Abbott , Lou Costello , Nancy Guild . BW-82 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 8:00 PM Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955) Two bumblers get mixed up with Egyptian grave robbers and a murderous mummy. Dir: Charles Lamont Cast: Bud Abbott , Lou Costello , Marie Windsor . BW-79 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:30 PM Story of Floating Weeds, A (1934) An actor's jealous mistress sets her sights on ruining his son. Dir: Yasujiro Ozu Cast: Koji Mitsui , Choko Iida , Takeshi Sakamoto . BW-86 mins, TV-PG, 11:00 PM Floating Weeds (1959) When her lover visits the mother of his child, a jealous actress plots revenge. Dir: Yasujiro Ozu Cast: Machiko Kyo , Ganjiro Nakamura , Haruko Sugimura . C-119 mins, TV-PG, 1:15 AM Vote for Huggett (1949) A working class man decides to run for office. Dir: Ken Annakin Cast: Jack Warner , Kathleen Harrison , Susan Shaw . BW-84 mins, TV-G, 16 Monday 3:00 AM World, The Flesh, And The Devil, The (1959) One woman and two men are the only people left alive after a nuclear disaster. Dir: Ranald MacDougall Cast: Harry Belafonte , Inger Stevens , Mel Ferrer . BW-95 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 4:45 AM Cry, the Beloved Country (1952) A South African minister travels to Johannesburg to find his missing son. Dir: Zoltan Korda Cast: Canada Lee , Sidney Poitier , Charles Carson . BW-108 mins, TV-14, CC, 6:30 AM Pressure Point (1962) A black psychiatrist tries to help a racist convict deal with his mental demons. Dir: Hubert Cornfield Cast: Sidney Poitier , Bobby Darin , Peter Falk . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 8:00 AM Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) Desperate losers plan a bank robbery with unexpected results. Dir: Robert Wise Cast: Harry Belafonte , Robert Ryan , Shelley Winters . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, 9:45 AM Lost Boundaries (1949) A black family tries to build a new life by passing as white. Dir: Alfred L. Werker Cast: Beatrice Pearson , Mel Ferrer , Susan Douglas . BW-99 mins, TV-14, CC, 11:30 AM Intruder In The Dust (1949) Only a young boy and an old woman stand between an innocent black man and a lynch mob. Dir: Clarence Brown Cast: David Brian , Claude Jarman Jr. , Juano Hernandez . BW-87 mins, TV-G, 1:00 PM Raisin in the Sun, A (1961) A black woman uses her late husband's life insurance to build a better world for her children. Dir: Daniel Petrie Cast: Sidney Poitier , Claudia McNeil , Ruby Dee . BW-128 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM Defiant Ones, The (1958) Two convicts, a white racist and an angry black, escape while chained to each other. Dir: Stanley Kramer Cast: Tony Curtis , Sidney Poitier , Theodore Bikel . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM My Brother's Wedding (1983) Estranged brothers reconcile when one agrees to be the other's best man. Dir: Charles Burnett Cast: Everett Silas , Jessie Holmes , Ronald E Bell . C-81 mins, TV-14, 6:30 PM Learning Tree, The (1969) A black boy growing up in Kansas dreams of a better life in this film version of director Gordon Parks's autobiography. Dir: Gordon Parks Cast: Kyle Johnson , Alex Clarke , Estelle Evans . C-107 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 8:30 PM Black Girl (1972) A dramatic tale about three generations of women in a black family. Dir: Ossie Davis Cast: Brock Peters , Claudia McNeil , Leslie Uggams . C-97 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 10:30 PM Stir Crazy (1980) Two innocents go to prison after being framed for a bank robbery. Dir: Sidney Poitier Cast: Gene Wilder , Richard Pryor , Georg Stanford Brown . C-111 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 12:30 AM Watermelon Man (1970) A bigoted man comes to see the many sides of racism. Dir: Melvin Van Peebles Cast: Godfrey Cambridge , Estelle Parsons , Howard Caine . C-100 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 2:30 AM MGM Parade Show #8 (1955) Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant perform in a clip from "The Philadelphia Story"; Host George Murphy introduces a clip from "The Tender Trap." BW-26 mins, TV-G, 17 Tuesday 3:00 AM Night Must Fall (1937) A charming young man worms his way into a wealthy woman's household, then reveals a deadly secret. Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast: Merle Tottenham , Kathleen Harrison , Dame May Whitty . BW-116 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:00 AM Crime School (1938) A crusading warden sets out to improve conditions at a reform school. Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast: Humphrey Bogart , Gale Page , Billy Halop . BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 6:45 AM Out Of The Fog (1941) A racketeer terrorizes a small fishing community until he falls in love with a fisherman's daughter. Dir: Anatole Litvak Cast: John Garfield , Ida Lupino , Thomas Mitchell . BW-85 mins, TV-PG, CC, 8:15 AM Gaslight (1944) A newlywed fears she's going mad when strange things start happening at the family mansion. Dir: George Cukor Cast: Charles Boyer , Ingrid Bergman , Joseph Cotten . BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC, 10:15 AM Cast A Dark Shadow (1955) A wife-killer marries an innocent barmaid and plots her death. Dir: Lewis Gilbert Cast: Dirk Bogarde , Margaret Lockwood , Kay Walsh . BW-83 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 11:45 AM Young Stranger, The (1957) A neglected teen gets into trouble with the law. Dir: John Frankenheimer Cast: James MacArthur , Kim Hunter , James Daly . BW-84 mins, TV-PG, CC, 1:15 PM Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1960) Classic Mark Twain story of a young troublemaker who tries to help a runaway slave. Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast: Tony Randall , Patty McCormack , Neville Brand . BW-107 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1961) A factory worker lives for the chance to have fun on the weekends. Dir: Karel Reisz Cast: Albert Finney , Shirley Field , Rachel Roberts . BW-89 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice? (1969) A woman signs on as housekeeper in the home where her friend disappeared. Dir: Lee H. Katzin Cast: Geraldine Page , Ruth Gordon , Rosemary Forsyth . C-101 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 7:00 PM Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (1955) A Eurasian doctor in Hong Kong falls in love with a war orrespondent. Dir: Henry King Cast: William Holden , Jennifer Jones , Torin Thatcher . C-102 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 9:00 PM Night in Paradise, A (1946) Aesop takes a break from spinning fables to help a king and fall in love. Dir: Arthur Lubin Cast: Merle Oberon , Turhan Bey , Thomas Gomez . C-84 mins, TV-G, CC, 10:30 PM Diary of a Chambermaid, The (1946) An ambitious chambermaid hopes to seduce a rich husband. Dir: Jean Renoir Cast: Paulette Goddard , Burgess Meredith , Hurd Hatfield . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, 12:00 AM Second Chorus (1940) Two composers vie for their lady manager's heart as they head for Broadway. Dir: H. C. Potter Cast: Fred Astaire , Paulette Goddard , Artie Shaw . BW-84 mins, TV-G, CC, 1:30 AM On Our Merry Way (1948) An aspiring reporter interviews people about the child that changed their lives. Dir: King Vidor Cast: Paulette Goddard , Burgess Meredith , James Stewart . BW-98 mins, TV-G, 18 Wednesday 3:15 AM Toast Of New York, The (1937) A 19th century con artist rises from medicine shows to Wall Street. Dir: Rowland V. Lee Cast: Cary Grant , Edward Arnold , Frances Farmer . BW-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:15 AM Topper (1937) A fun-loving couple returns from the dead to help a henpecked husband. Dir: Norman Z. McLeod Cast: Constance Bennett , Cary Grant , Roland Young . BW-98 mins, TV-G, CC, 7:00 AM Holiday (1938) An unhappy heiress falls in love with her stodgy sister's freethinking fiance. Dir: George Cukor Cast: Katharine Hepburn , Cary Grant , Doris Nolan . BW-96 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:00 AM In Name Only (1939) A wealthy man falls for a widow but can't get his wife to divorce him. Dir: John Cromwell Cast: Carole Lombard , Cary Grant , Kay Francis . BW-95 mins, TV-G, CC, 10:45 AM My Favorite Wife (1940) A shipwrecked woman is rescued just in time for her husband's re-marriage. Dir: Garson Kanin Cast: Irene Dunne , Cary Grant , Randolph Scott . BW-88 mins, TV-G, CC, 12:15 PM Every Girl Should Be Married (1949) A young woman uses scientific research to trap a man into marriage. Dir: Don Hartman Cast: Cary Grant , Franchot Tone , Diana Lynn . BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 1:45 PM Room For One More (1952) A family with three children takes in troubled orphans. Dir: Norman Taurog Cast: Cary Grant , Betsy Drake , Lurene Tuttle . BW-95 mins, TV-G, 3:30 PM Runaway Bus, The (1954) A London motor coach gets lost in the fog with a cache of stolen gold aboard. Dir: Val Guest Cast: Frankie Howerd , Margaret Rutherford , Lisa Gastoni . BW-74 mins, TV-G, 5:00 PM World Of Henry Orient, The (1964) Two poor little rich girls dog the steps of a womanizing pianist. Dir: George Roy Hill Cast: Peter Sellers , Paula Prentiss , Tippy Walker . C-107 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 7:00 PM Manchurian Candidate, The (1962) A Korean War hero doesn't realize he's been programmed to kill by the enemy. Dir: John Frankenheimer Cast: Frank Sinatra , Laurence Harvey , Janet Leigh . BW-127 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 9:15 PM All Fall Down (1962) A young drifter's romance with an older woman is threatened by his possessive mother. Dir: John Frankenheimer Cast: Eva Marie Saint , Warren Beatty , Karl Malden . BW-110 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 11:15 PM Court Jester, The (1956) A traveling actor is mistaken for a medieval rebel. Dir: Norman Panama Cast: Danny Kaye , Glynis Johns , Basil Rathbone . C-101 mins, TV-G, 1:00 AM Season of Passion (1959) Two men continue a traditional summer rendezvous only to discover that life has changed for them all. Dir: Leslie Norman Cast: Ernest Borgnine , Anne Baxter , John Mills . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 2:45 AM Reluctant Debutante, The (1958) British parents try to prepare their Americanized daughter for her social debut. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Rex Harrison , Kay Kendall , John Saxon . C-96 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 19 Thursday 4:30 AM Joan Of Paris (1942) A waitress risks her life to help downed pilots escape occupied France. Dir: Robert Stevenson Cast: Michèle Morgan , Paul Henreid , Thomas Mitchell . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, 6:30 AM Uncertain Glory (1944) A French playboy gets serious when his country is threatened during World War II. Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: Errol Flynn , Paul Lukas , Lucille Watson . BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, 8:30 AM This Land Is Mine (1943) A soft-spoken school teacher tries to prove he's not a Nazi collaborator. Dir: Jean Renoir Cast: Charles Laughton , Maureen O'Hara , George Sanders . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 10:30 AM Reunion in France (1942) A Frenchwoman tries to help a downed U.S. flyer escape the Nazis. Dir: Jules Dassin Cast: Joan Crawford , John Wayne , Philip Dorn . BW-104 mins, TV-PG, CC, 12:30 PM Secret Mission (1942) Two British Intelligence agents infiltrate occupied France to learn the Germans' secrets. Dir: Harold French Cast: Hugh Williams , James Mason , Michael Wilding . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, 2:30 PM Train, The (1965) French resistance fighters try to stop the Nazis from taking a trainload of art treasures to Germany. Dir: John Frankenheimer Cast: Burt Lancaster , Paul Scofield , Jeanne Moreau . BW-133 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Under Capricorn (1949) Newly arrived in Australia, a man discovers his childhood love is now an alcoholic. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock Cast: Ingrid Bergman , Joseph Cotten , Michael Wilding . C-117 mins, TV-PG, 7:15 PM Master of Ballantrae, The (1953) A Scottish lord rebels against the British by taking up piracy. Dir: William Keighley Cast: Errol Flynn , Roger Livesey , Anthony Steel . C-90 mins, TV-PG, 9:00 PM Prince And The Showgirl, The (1957) An American showgirl in London creates an international incident when she falls for a European prince. Dir: Laurence Olivier Cast: Richard Wattis , David Thorne , Jeremy Spenser . C-117 mins, TV-G, CC, 11:00 PM Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) A Spanish temptress falls for a haunted ship's captain. Dir: Albert Lewin Cast: James Mason , Ava Gardner , Nigel Patrick . C-124 mins, TV-14, 1:15 AM Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010) Interviews and classic clips trace the career of one of the screen's greatest cinematographers. Dir: Craig Mccall C-86 mins, TV-14, CC, 20 Friday 3:00 AM It's a Great Feeling (1949) When nobody at Warner Bros. will work with him, movie star Jack Carson decides to turn an unknown into his co-star. Dir: David Butler Cast: Dennis Morgan , Doris Day , Jack Carson . C-85 mins, TV-G, CC, 4:30 AM John Loves Mary (1949) A World War II veteran's marriage of convenience threatens his real wedding plans. Dir: David Butler Cast: Ronald Reagan , Jack Carson , Wayne Morris . BW-96 mins, TV-G, CC, 6:15 AM Fountainhead, The (1949) An idealistic architect battles corrupt business interests and his love for a married woman. Dir: King Vidor Cast: Gary Cooper , Patricia Neal , Raymond Massey . BW-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, 8:15 AM Bright Leaf (1950) Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market. Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast: Gary Cooper , Lauren Bacall , Patricia Neal . BW-111 mins, TV-PG, 10:15 AM Hasty Heart, The (1950) Doctors try to get a flintt Scots soldier to open up to his comrades before telling him he's dying. Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast: Ronald Reagan , Patricia Neal , Richard Todd . BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, 12:00 PM Face In The Crowd, A (1957) A female television executive turns a folk-singing drifter into a powerful media star. Dir: Elia Kazan Cast: Andy Griffith , Patricia Neal , Anthony Franciosa . BW-126 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 2:15 PM Subject Was Roses, The (1968) A young veteran returns home to deal with family conflicts. Dir: Ulu Grosbard Cast: Patricia Neal , Jack Albertson , Martin Sheen . C-108 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 4:15 PM MGM Parade Show #8 (1955) Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant perform in a clip from "The Philadelphia Story"; Host George Murphy introduces a clip from "The Tender Trap." BW-26 mins, TV-G, 5:00 PM Al Capone (1959) Chicago's most notorious gangster rules the city ruthlessly. Dir: Richard Wilson Cast: Rod Steiger , Fay Spain , James Gregory . BW-104 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 7:00 PM Anderson Tapes, The (1971) After ten years in prison, a thief tries to adjust to improved surveillance methods. Dir: Sidney Lumet Cast: Sean Connery , Dyan Cannon , Martin Balsam . C-99 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 9:00 PM Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (1974) Gunmen hold a New York subway train and its passengers for ransom. Dir: Joseph Sargent Cast: Walter Matthau , Robert Shaw , Martin Balsam . C-104 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format 11:00 PM Town That Dreaded Sundown, The (1977) A small Texas town is terrorized by a hooded serial killer. Dir: Charles B. Pierce Cast: Ben Johnson , Andrew Prine , Dawn Wells . C-90 mins, TV-14, 12:45 AM Experiment in Terror (1962) A master criminal tries to force a bank teller to help him pull off a big heist. Dir: Blake Edwards Cast: Glenn Ford , Lee Remick , Stefanie Powers . BW-123 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 21 Saturday 3:00 AM Angels Wash Their Faces, The (1939) A young delinquent defies his sister to join a tough street gang. Dir: Ray Enright Cast: Ann Sheridan , Billy Halop , Bernard Punsley . BW-86 mins, TV-G, CC, 4:30 AM Men of Chance (1932) Gamblers go after a man with a knack for picking winning horses. Dir: George Archainbaud Cast: Ricardo Cortez , Mary Astor , John Halliday . BW-67 mins, TV-G, 6:00 AM Glass Key, The (1942) A hired gun and his gangster boss fall out over a woman. Dir: Stuart Heisler Cast: Brian Donlevy , Veronica Lake , Alan Ladd . BW-85 mins, TV-14, CC, 7:30 AM Notorious Lone Wolf, The (1946) A reformed thief tracks a stolen gem to clear his name. Dir: D. Ross Lederman Cast: Gerald Mohr , Janis Carter , Eric Blore . BW-65 mins, TV-G, 9:00 AM Bomba and the Jungle Girl (1952) The jungle hero tries to find out who killed his parents. Dir: Ford Beebe Cast: Johnny Sheffield , Karen Sharpe , Walter Sande . BW-70 mins, TV-PG, 10:30 AM Reach For The Sky (1956) A double amputee fights to master his artificial legs and become a World War II flying ace. Dir: Lewis Gilbert Cast: Kenneth More , Muriel Pavlow , Lyndon Brook . BW-105 mins, TV-G, 1:00 PM 3:10 To Yuma (1957) A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town. Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: Glenn Ford , Van Heflin , Felicia Farr . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:00 PM Of Mice and Men (1939) A drifter and his slow-witted pal try to make their way in the West. Dir: Lewis Milestone Cast: Burgess Meredith , Betty Field , Lon Chaney Jr. . BW-106 mins, TV-14, CC, 5:00 PM Letter to Three Wives, A (1948) A small-town seductress notifies her three best friends that she has run off with one of their husbands. Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Cast: Jeanne Crain , Linda Darnell , Ann Sothern . BW-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 7:00 PM Love Letters (1945) A soldier falls for the woman who may have killed his best friend. Dir: William Dieterle Cast: Jennifer Jones , Joseph Cotten , Ann Richards . BW-101 mins, TV-14, CC, 9:00 PM Letter, The (1940) A woman claims to have killed in self-defense, until a blackmailer turns up with incriminating evidence. Dir: William Wyler Cast: Bette Davis , Herbert Marshall , James Stephenson . BW-95 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:00 PM Letter For Evie, A (1945) A timid soldier sends his buddy's picture to a romantic pen pal. Dir: Jules Dassin Cast: Marsha Hunt , John Carroll , Hume Cronyn . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 12:45 AM Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946) Illicit lovers plot to kill the woman's older husband. Dir: Tay Garnett Cast: Lana Turner , John Garfield , Cecil Kellaway . BW-113 mins, TV-PG, CC, 22 Sunday 3:00 AM Miss Robin Crusoe (1953) A shipwrecked woman fights to survive on a desert island. Dir: Eugene Frenke Cast: Amanda Blake , George Nader , Rosalind Hayes . C-75 mins, TV-G, 4:30 AM Ruby Gentry (1952) A tempestuous girl from the swamps ignites passions when she moves into the business world. Dir: King Vidor Cast: Jennifer Jones , Charlton Heston , Karl Malden . BW-83 mins, TV-14, CC, 6:00 AM Bedtime Story (1942) A stage star's dreams of retirement conflict with her playwright husband's need for a hit -- with her starring. Dir: Alexander Hall Cast: Fredric March , Loretta Young , Robert Benchley . BW-85 mins, TV-G, 7:30 AM Lion In Winter, The (1968) England's Henry II and his estranged queen battle over the choice of an heir. Dir: Anthony Harvey Cast: Peter O'Toole , Katharine Hepburn , Jane Merrow . C-134 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 10:00 AM Glenn Miller Story, The (1954) The famed bandleader fights to establish himself and keep his family going. Dir: Anthony Mann Cast: James Stewart , June Allyson , Henry Morgan . C-116 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 12:00 PM Around The World In 80 Days (1956) A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe. Dir: Michael Anderson Cast: Cantinflas , Finlay Currie , Robert Morley . C-182 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM Mating Game, The (1959) A tax agent falls for a farm girl whose father he's investigating. Dir: George Marshall Cast: Debbie Reynolds , Tony Randall , Paul Douglas . C-97 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) A mad doctor tries to mix human and gorilla blood with deadly results. Dir: Robert Florey Cast: Sidney Fox , Bela Lugosi , Leon Waycoff . BW-61 mins, TV-PG, CC, 6:15 PM Black Cat, The (1934) A Satanist faces off with the vengeful man whose wife and daughter he has stolen. Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer Cast: Karloff , Bela Lugosi , David Manners . BW-65 mins, TV-PG, 7:30 PM Island of Lost Souls (1933) On a remote island, a mad scientist turns wild animals into human monsters. Dir: Erle C. Kenton Cast: Charles Laughton , Richard Arlen , Leila Hyams . BW-70 mins, TV-14, 9:00 PM Haxan (1922) Scenes trace the history of witchcraft from the middle ages to the early 20th century. Dir: Benjamin Christensen Cast: Benjamin Christensen , BW-104 mins, TV-14, 11:00 PM Nights of Cabiria (1957) A streetwalker dreams of a better life. BW-110 mins, TV-PG, 1:00 AM Huggetts Abroad (1949) The family heads for South Africa by truck. Dir: Ken Annakin BW-89 mins, TV-G, 2:30 AM MGM Parade Show #8 (1955) Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant perform in a clip from "The Philadelphia Story"; Host George Murphy introduces a clip from "The Tender Trap." BW-26 mins, TV-G, 23 Monday 3:00 AM Texas (1941) Friendly cowhands end up on opposite sides of the law. Dir: George Marshall Cast: William Holden , Glenn Ford , Claire Trevor . BW-93 mins, TV-PG, 4:45 AM Kid From Texas, The (1939) A playboy turns cowboy and sets up a polo match with an Indian tribe. Dir: S. Sylvan Simon Cast: Dennis O'Keefe , Florence Rice , Anthony Allan . BW-71 mins, TV-G, 6:00 AM Kid From Kokomo, The (1939) A fight manager decides his client needs a family for publicity purposes. Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast: Pat O'Brien , Wayne Morris , Joan Blondell . BW-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 7:45 AM Utah Kid, The (1944) Two cowboys investigate a string of murders at the rodeo. Dir: Vernon Keays Cast: Hoot Gibson , Bob Steele , Beatrice Gray . BW-53 mins, TV-G, 8:45 AM Kid From Broken Gun, The (1952) A postal inspector pretends to be an outlaw to smoke out lawbreakers. Dir: Fred F. Sears Cast: Charles Starrett , Smiley Burnette , Jack Mahoney . BW-53 mins, TV-G, 9:45 AM Stranger Wore a Gun, The (1953) A gold robber tries to reform in the middle of a big heist. Dir: Andre DeToth Cast: Randolph Scott , Claire Trevor , Joan Weldon . C-82 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:15 AM Man Behind The Gun, The (1953) A cavalry officer sent to stop a rebellion helps found the city of Los Angeles. Dir: Felix Feist Cast: Randolph Scott , Patrice Wymore , Dick Wesson . C-83 mins, TV-PG, 12:45 PM Gun Fury (1953) A cowboy trails the outlaws who kidnapped his fiancee during a stagecoach robbery. Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: Rock Hudson , Donna Reed , Phil Carey . C-82 mins, TV-PG, CC, 2:15 PM Gun Belt (1953) A notorious outlaw tries to go straight, only to be framed by his former gang. Dir: Ray Nazarro Cast: George Montgomery , Tab Hunter , Helen Westcott . C-78 mins, TV-PG, 3:45 PM Top Gun (1955) After he's cleared of murder, a cowboy runs for town marshal. No relation to the Tom Cruise movie of the same name Dir: Ray Nazarro Cast: Sterling Hayden , William Bishop , Karen Booth . BW-74 mins, TV-PG, 5:00 PM Reckless Moment, The (1949) A mother attempts to protect her murderous daughter. Dir: Max Opuls Cast: James Mason , Joan Bennett , Geraldine Brooks . BW-82 mins, TV-PG, 6:30 PM Caught (1949) A woman's dream marriage to a multi-millionaire turns into a nightmare when she discovers he's insane. Dir: Max Opuls Cast: James Mason , Barbara Bel Geddes , Robert Ryan . BW-88 mins, TV-14, 8:15 PM Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948) A woman's lifelong love for a callous concert pianist leads to tragedy. Dir: Max Opuls Cast: Joan Fontaine , Louis Jourdan , Mady Christians . BW-87 mins, TV-14, CC, 10:00 PM Exile, The (1947) A deposed king fights for his life while hiding out at a farm. Dir: Max Opuls Cast: Maria Montez , Paule Croset , Henry Daniell . BW-95 mins, TV-PG, 11:45 PM La ronde (1950) A series of inter-related affairs link lovers from all levels of society. Dir: Max Ophüls Cast: Danielle Darrieux , Simone Signoret , Fernand Gravey . BW-93 mins, TV-14, 1:30 AM Earrings of Madame De..., The (1954) When a woman sells her earrings to pay a gambling debt, it leads to a string of betrayals. Dir: Max Ophüls Cast: Charles Boyer , Danielle Darrieux , Vittorio De Sica . BW-100 mins, TV-PG, 24 Tuesday 3:15 AM From Here To Eternity (1953) Enlisted men in Hawaii fight for love and honor on the eve of World War II. Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast: Burt Lancaster , Montgomery Clift , Deborah Kerr . BW-118 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:15 AM Bad Day At Black Rock (1955) A one-armed veteran uncovers small-town secrets when he tries to visit an Asian-American war hero's family. Dir: John Sturges Cast: Spencer Tracy , Robert Ryan , Anne Francis . C-82 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 6:45 AM Marty (1955) A lonely butcher finds love despite the opposition of his friends and family. Dir: Delbert Mann Cast: Ernest Borgnine , Betsy Blair , Esther Minciotti . BW-94 mins, TV-PG, CC, 8:30 AM Catered Affair, The (1956) A working-class mother fights to give her daughter a big wedding whether the girl wants it or not. Dir: Richard Brooks Cast: Bette Davis , Ernest Borgnine , Debbie Reynolds . BW-94 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 10:15 AM Badlanders, The (1958) Western outlaws join forces for a daring gold robbery in this remake of The Asphalt Jungle. Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: Alan Ladd , Ernest Borgnine , Katy Jurado . C-84 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 11:45 AM Torpedo Run (1958) A submarine commander is forced to blow up a Japanese prison ship carrying his family. Dir: Joseph Pevney Cast: Glenn Ford , Ernest Borgnine , Diane Brewster . C-95 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 1:30 PM Dirty Dozen, The (1967) A renegade officer trains a group of misfits for a crucial mission behind enemy lines. Dir: Robert Aldrich Cast: Lee Marvin , Ernest Borgnine , Charles Bronson . C-150 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 4:00 PM Private Screenings: Ernest Borgnine (2009) Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine sits down with Robert Osborne to discuss his life and career. C-58 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM In Like Flint (1967) A super-agent must save the world from a secret organization of women who plan to seize power. Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast: James Coburn , Lee J. Cobb , Jean Hale . C-114 mins, TV-14, 7:00 PM Where the Spies Are (1965) A country doctor dabbles in espionage to get a new car. Dir: Val Guest Cast: David Niven , Françoise Dorléac , John Le Mesurier . C-109 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 9:00 PM Agent 8 3/4 (1965) British Intelligence dupes an unemployed writer into thinking he's an industrial spy. Dir: Ralph Thomas Cast: Dirk Bogarde , Sylva Koscina , Robert Morley . BW-98 mins, TV-PG, 11:00 PM Matt Helm in The Silencers (1966) In the first Matt Helm adventure, the over-sexed secret agent comes out of retirement to defend a nuclear testing ground. Dir: Phil Karlson Cast: Dean Martin , Stella Stevens , Daliah Lavi, Victor Buono. C-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox 1:00 AM Salt and Pepper (1968) Two nightclub owners investigate the murder of a secret agent found in their apartment. Dir: Richard D. Donner Cast: Sammy Davis Jr. , Peter Lawford , Michael Bates . C-101 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 25 Wednesday 3:00 AM TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Sydney Pollack (2008) Celebrities reveal the classic movies that influenced their lives in interviews with acclaimed film critic/interviewer Elvis Mitchell. C-28 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:30 AM Show Business (1944) Four vaudevillians struggle to make it to the big time. Dir: Edwin L. Marin Cast: Eddie Cantor , George Murphy , Joan Davis . BW-92 mins, TV-G, 5:30 AM George White's Scandals (1946) Two sets of lovers come together while working on a big musical. Dir: Felix E. Feist Cast: Joan Davis , Jack Haley , Phillip Terry . BW-95 mins, TV-G, 7:15 AM Ziegfeld Girl (1941) Three showgirls in the Ziegfeld Follies face romantic trials on their way to the top. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast: James Stewart , Judy Garland , Hedy Lamarr . BW-133 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:30 AM Funny Girl (1968) Comedienne Fanny Brice fights to prove that she can be the greatest star and find romance even though she isn't pretty. Dir: William Wyler Cast: Barbra Streisand , Omar Sharif , Kay Medford . C-157 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 12:15 PM Gypsy (1962) A domineering mother pushes her two daughters to burlesque stardom. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Rosalind Russell , Natalie Wood , Karl Malden . C-143 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 3:00 PM There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) A blonde beauty upsets a show business family. Dir: Walter Lang Cast: Ethel Merman , Donald O'Connor , Marilyn Monroe . C-117 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Private Screenings: Angela Lansbury (2006) Angela Lansbury discusses her life and career with TCM host Robert Osborne. Cast: Angela Lansbury , Robert Osborne , C-56 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 6:00 PM Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1982) A father returns to London after being deported to find out what happened to his wife and child. Dir: Terry Hughes Cast: George Hearn , Angela Lansbury , Cris Groenendall . C-141 mins, TV-14, 8:30 PM Death On The Nile (1978) Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of an heiress during an Egyptian tour. Dir: John Guillermin Cast: Peter Ustinov , Bette Davis , Mia Farrow . C-140 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 11:00 PM Mister Buddwing (1966) A man suffering from amnesia confronts a series of women in his search for his memory. Dir: Delbert Mann Cast: James Garner , Jean Simmons , Suzanne Pleshette . BW-99 mins, TV-14, CC, 12:45 AM Dear Heart (1964) A middle-aged postmistress falls for an engaged man during a convention in New York. Dir: Delbert Mann Cast: Glenn Ford , Geraldine Page , Michael Anderson Jr. . BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC, 2:45 AM In the Cool of the Day (1963) A man's efforts to save his friend's marriage lead to infidelity. Dir: Robert Stevens Cast: Jane Fonda , Peter Finch , Angela Lansbury . BW-84 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 26 Thursday 4:15 AM Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1965) All-star epic retelling of Christ's life. Dir: George Stevens Cast: Max von Sydow , Dorothy McGuire , Robert Loggia . C-199 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 8:00 AM MGM STORY,THE (1950) A collection of MGM previews with an introduction by Lionel Barrymore. C-57 mins, TV-G, 9:00 AM Skipper Surprised His Wife, The (1950) A captain tries to keep home as tight as his ship. Dir: Elliott Nugent Cast: Robert Walker , Joan Leslie , Edward Arnold . BW-85 mins, TV-G, 10:30 AM Silver Chalice, The (1954) A silversmith is charged with engraving the Holy Grail. Dir: Victor Saville Cast: Virginia Mayo , Pier Angeli , Jack Palance . C-135 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 1:00 PM Outrage, The (1964) A Mexican bandit's crimes receive wildly different interpretations from four witnesses. Dir: Martin Ritt Cast: Paul Newman , Laurence Harvey , Claire Bloom . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 2:45 PM Harper (1966) A broken-down private eye sets out to find a rich woman's missing husband. Dir: Jack Smight Cast: Paul Newman , Lauren Bacall , Julie Harris . C-121 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Intent to Kill (1958) An unhappily married doctor operates on a South American dictator. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: Richard Todd , Betsy Drake , Herbert Lom . BW-88 mins, TV-PG, 6:45 PM Lion, The (1962) A man visits his daughter on an African wildlife reserve to make sure she's not growing up too wild. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: William Holden , Trevor Howard , Capucine . C-96 mins, TV-PG, 8:30 PM Young Cassidy (1965) True story of playwright Sean O'Casey's involvement with the Irish rebellion of 1910. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: Rod Taylor , Flora Robson , Jack MacGowran . C-110 mins, TV-14, CC, 10:30 PM Liquidator, The (1966) A killer-for-hire gets mixed up with a plot to assassinate England's Prince Phillip. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: Rod Taylor , Trevor Howard , Jill St. John . C-104 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 12:30 AM Dark Of The Sun (1968) A mercenary band fights to get refugees and a fortune in diamonds out of the Congo. Dir: Jack Cardiff Cast: Rod Taylor , Yvette Mimieux , Peter Carsten . C-101 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format 2:30 AM MGM Parade Show #8 (1955) Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant perform in a clip from "The Philadelphia Story"; Host George Murphy introduces a clip from "The Tender Trap." BW-26 mins, TV-G, 27 Friday 3:00 AM Numbered Men (1930) A convict learns that a fellow prisoner has been messing with his woman. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Conrad Nagel , Bernice Claire , Raymond Hackett . BW-65 mins, TV-G, 4:15 AM Personal Property (1937) The bailiff charged with disposing of a financially strapped widow's estate pretends to be her butler. Dir: W. S. Van Dyke II Cast: Jean Harlow , Robert Taylor , Reginald Owen . BW-84 mins, TV-G, 5:45 AM Each Dawn I Die (1939) A crusading reporter becomes a hardened convict when he's framed. Dir: William Keighley Cast: James Cagney , George Raft , Jane Bryan . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, 7:30 AM Millionaires In Prison (1940) Four convicts volunteer as medical guinea pigs to win early paroles. Dir: Ray McCarey Cast: Lee Tracy , Linda Hayes , Raymond Walburn . BW-64 mins, TV-G, 8:45 AM Get-Away, The (1941) A jailed cop befriends a mob chieftain and stages a breakout with him. Dir: Edward Buzzell Cast: Robert Sterling , Charles Winninger , Donna Reed . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, CC, 10:30 AM Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943) A wheelchair-bound doctor tries to prove a convicted killer's innocence. Dir: Willis Goldbeck Cast: Lionel Barrymore , Van Johnson , Keye Luke . BW-89 mins, TV-PG, 12:15 PM Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951) A warden and his assistant clash over prison reform, triggering a violent riot. Dir: Crane Wilbur Cast: Steve Cochran , David Brian , Philip Carey . BW-87 mins, TV-14, 1:45 PM Women's Prison (1955) A crusading psychiatrist battles a sadistic female warden to improve conditions at a women's prison. Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast: Ida Lupino , Jan Sterling , Cleo Moore . BW-80 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM House Of Numbers (1957) A man tries to spring his twin brother from prison. Dir: Russell Rouse Cast: Jack Palance , Harold J. Stone , Edward Platt . BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 5:00 PM Great Garrick, The (1937) French actors set out to deflate the ego of legendary stage star David Garrick. Dir: James Whale Cast: Brian Aherne , Olivia de Havilland , Edward Everett Horton . BW-89 mins, TV-G, 6:45 PM One More River (1934) An abused wife flees her husband and finds love, but at a price. Dir: James Whale Cast: Diana Wynyard , Colin Clive , Mrs. Patrick Campbell . BW-85 mins, TV-14, 8:15 PM Invisible Man, The (1933) A scientist's experiments with invisibility turn him into a madman. Dir: James Whale Cast: Claude Rains , Gloria Stuart , William Harrigan . BW-71 mins, TV-PG, CC, 9:30 PM Frankenstein (1931) A crazed scientist creates a living being from body parts, not realizing it has a madman's brain. Dir: James Whale Cast: Boris Karloff, Colin Clive , Mae Clarke , John Boles . BW-70 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:00 PM Possession (1981) In search of his missing wife, a man uncovers a deadly motive for her behavior. Dir: Andrzej ^D:Zulawski Cast: Isabelle Adjani , Sam Neill , Margit Carstensen . C-127 mins, TV-MA, 1:15 AM Repulsion (1965) Strange dreams haunt a beautiful young woman left alone in her apartment. Dir: Roman Polanski Cast: Catherine Deneuve , Ian Hendry , John Fraser . BW-105 mins, TV-PG, 28 Saturday 3:00 AM Cosmic Monsters, The (1958) A scientist's experiments open the doorway to a strange and deadly world. Dir: Gilbert Gunn Cast: Forrest Tucker , Gaby Andre , Martin Benson . BW-72 mins, TV-14, 4:30 AM Queen of Outer Space (1958) A space mission to Venus discovers a society of Amazons. Dir: Edward Bernds Cast: Zsa Zsa Gabor , Eric Fleming , Lisa Davis . C-80 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 6:00 AM Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954) A mad scientist uses an ape to murder his enemies. Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast: Karl Malden , Claude Dauphin , Patricia Medina . C-83 mins, TV-14, 7:30 AM Lone Wolf in London, The (1947) A reformed thief gets mixed up in blackmail and the theft of diamonds held at Scotland Yard. Dir: Leslie Goodwins Cast: Gerald Mohr , Nancy Saunders , Eric Blore . BW-68 mins, TV-G, 9:00 AM Safari Drums (1953) A group of movie makers arrive in Africa to make a film about jungle wildlife. Dir: Ford Beebe Cast: John[ny] Sheffield , Douglas Kennedy , Barbara Bestar . BW-71 mins, TV-PG, 10:30 AM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Classic sci-fi epic about a mysterious monolith that seems to play a key role in human evolution. Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast: Keir Dullea , Gary Lockwood , William Sylvester . C-149 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format 1:00 PM Rocky (1976) A dimwitted boxer fights to prove he can go the distance against a glamorous champ. Dir: John G. Avildsen Cast: Sylvester Stallone , Talia Shire , Burt Young . C-120 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format 3:15 PM King Solomon's Mines (1950) A spirited widow hires a daredevil jungle scout to find a lost treasure in diamonds. Dir: Compton Bennett Cast: Deborah Kerr , Stewart Granger , Richard Carlson . C-103 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:00 PM Misfits, The (1961) A sensitive divorcee gets mixed up with modern cowboys roping mustangs in the desert. Dir: John Huston Cast: Clark Gable , Marilyn Monroe , Montgomery Clift . BW-125 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 7:15 PM Saratoga (1937) A horse breeder's daughter falls for a bookie. Dir: Jack Conway Cast: Clark Gable , Jean Harlow , Lionel Barrymore . BW-92 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:00 PM Soylent Green (1973) A future cop uncovers the deadly secret behind a mysterious synthetic food. Dir: Richard O. Fleischer Cast: Charlton Heston , Edward G. Robinson , Leigh Taylor-Young . C-97 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format 11:00 PM Rebel Without a Cause (1955) An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad. Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast: James Dean , Natalie Wood , Sal Mineo . C-111 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 1:00 AM Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) An aging couple's liberal principles are tested when their daughter announces her engagement to a black doctor. Dir: Stanley Kramer Cast: Spencer Tracy , Sidney Poitier , Katharine Hepburn . C-108 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 29 Sunday 3:00 AM Hard Way, The (1942) An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star. Dir: Vincent Sherman Cast: Ida Lupino , Dennis Morgan , Joan Leslie . BW-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:00 AM Nancy Goes To Rio (1950) Mother-and-daughter singers compete for the same role and the same man. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast: Ann Sothern , Jane Powell , Barry Sullivan . C-100 mins, TV-G, CC, 7:00 AM Mother Wore Tights (1947) A married vaudeville team struggles to raise a family while touring the nation. Dir: Walter Lang Cast: Betty Grable , Dan Dailey , Mona Freeman . C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:00 AM Strike Up the Band (1940) A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest. Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast: Mickey Rooney , Judy Garland , Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra . BW-120 mins, TV-G, CC, 11:00 AM Thrill Of It All, The (1963) A doctor tries to cope with his wife's newfound stardom as an advertising pitch woman. Dir: Norman Jewison Cast: Doris Day , James Garner , Arlene Francis . C-104 mins, TV-G, Letterbox Format 1:00 PM Man's Favorite Sport? (1964) A sporting goods salesman who knows nothing about fishing must enter an angling contest. Dir: Howard Hawks Cast: Rock Hudson , Paula Prentiss , Maria Perschy . C-120 mins, TV-G, 3:15 PM Father Of The Bride (1950) A doting father faces mountains of bills and endless trials when his daughter marries. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Spencer Tracy , Joan Bennett , Elizabeth Taylor . BW-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:00 PM D.I., The (1957) A tough drill sergeant has three days to keep a sensitive enlistee from washing out. Dir: Jack Webb Cast: Jack Webb , Don Dubbins , Cpl. Laurence C. Windsor Jr., USMC . BW-106 mins, TV-PG, 7:00 PM 30 (1959) An active day in the life of a metropolitan newspaper, Dir: Jack Webb Cast: Jack Webb , William Conrad , David Nelson . BW-96 mins, TV-PG, 9:00 PM Exit Smiling (1926) In this silent film, the worst actress in a theatrical company turns out to be their only hope of survival. Dir: Sam Taylor Cast: Beatrice Lillie , Jack Pickford , Doris Lloyd . BW-77 mins, TV-G, 11:00 PM Vanishing, The (1988) A young man is obsessed with finding the girlfriend who vanished at a rest stop. Dir: George Sluizer Cast: Gene Bervoets , Johanna Ter Steege , Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu . C-107 mins, TV-14, 1:15 AM Broken Journey (1948) Plane crash survivors must work together to survive in the Swiss Alps. BW-89 mins, TV-PG, 30 Monday 3:00 AM Las Vegas Story, The (1952) When newlyweds visit Las Vegas, the wife's shady past comes to the surface. Dir: Robert Stevenson Cast: Jane Russell , Victor Mature , Vincent Price . BW-88 mins, TV-PG, CC, 4:30 AM Talk About A Stranger (1952) Small-town gossips rage over the arrival of a mysterious stranger. Dir: David Bradley Cast: George Murphy , Nancy Davis , Billy Gray . BW-65 mins, TV-G, CC, 5:45 AM This Woman Is Dangerous (1952) A female gangster learns she is losing her vision. Dir: Felix Feist Cast: Joan Crawford , Dennis Morgan , David Brian . BW-97 mins, TV-PG, 7:30 AM My Man And I (1952) A Mexican-American laborer fights for his dignity. Dir: William A. Wellman Cast: Shelley Winters , Ricardo Montalban , Wendell Corey . BW-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, 9:15 AM Light Touch, The (1952) An art thief tries to double cross his gangster boss. Dir: Richard Brooks Cast: Stewart Granger , Pier Angeli , George Sanders . BW-93 mins, TV-G, CC, 11:00 AM Bad and the Beautiful, The (1952) An unscrupulous movie producer uses everyone around him in his climb to the top. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Elaine Stewart , Sammy White , Leo G. Carroll . BW-118 mins, TV-PG, CC, 1:00 PM Devil Makes Three, The (1952) A soldier returns to Munich after the war and gets mixed up with the black market. Dir: Andrew Marton Cast: Gene Kelly , Pier Angeli , Richard Rober . BW-90 mins, TV-14, 2:45 PM Above and Beyond (1952) The pilot who helped drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima struggles with the demands of the dangerous mission. Dir: Melvin Frank Cast: Robert Taylor , Eleanor Parker , James Whitmore . BW-122 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:00 PM Jane Eyre (1944) A governess at a remote estate falls in love with her brooding employer. Dir: Robert Stevenson Cast: Orson Welles , Joan Fontaine , Margaret O'Brien . BW-97 mins, TV-PG, 7:00 PM Constant Nymph, The (1943) A composer finds inspiration in his wife's romantic cousin. Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast: Charles Boyer , Joan Fontaine , Alexis Smith . BW-112 mins, TV-PG, 9:00 PM Born To Be Bad (1950) An ambitious girl steals a rich husband but keeps her lover on the side. Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast: Joan Fontaine , Robert Ryan , Zachary Scott . BW-90 mins, TV-PG, CC, 11:00 PM Suspicion (1941) A wealthy wallflower suspects her penniless playboy husband of murder. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock Cast: Cary Grant , Joan Fontaine , Sir Cedric Hardwicke . BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC, 1:00 AM Ivanhoe (1952) Sir Walter Scott's classic tale of the noble knight torn between his fair lady and a beautiful Jew. Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast: Robert Taylor , Elizabeth Taylor , Joan Fontaine . C-107 mins, TV-G, CC, 31 Tuesday 3:00 AM Elmer Gantry (1960) A young drifter finds success as a traveling preacher until his past catches up with him. Dir: Richard Brooks Cast: Burt Lancaster , Jean Simmons , Arthur Kennedy . C-147 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 5:30 AM Black Narcissus (1947) Nuns founding a convent in the Himalayas are tormented by the area's exotic beauty. Dir: Michael Powell Cast: Deborah Kerr , Sabu , David Farrar . C-101 mins, TV-14, CC, 7:15 AM Young Bess (1953) The future Elizabeth I fights court intrigue in the turbulent years before her ascension to the throne. Dir: George Sidney Cast: Jean Simmons , Stewart Granger , Deborah Kerr . C-112 mins, TV-G, CC, 9:15 AM Seven Hills Of Rome, The (1958) A television star finds love while trying to get away from it all in Rome. Dir: Roy Rowland Cast: Mario Lanza , Renato Rascel , Marisa Allasio . C-104 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format 11:00 AM Great Caruso, The (1951) The legendary opera singer fights to win his place in society. Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast: Mario Lanza , Ann Blyth , Dorothy Kirsten . C-109 mins, TV-G, CC, 1:00 PM Toast Of New Orleans, The (1950) A New Orleans fisherman fights snobbery to become an opera star. Dir: Norman Taurog Cast: Kathryn Grayson , Mario Lanza , David Niven . C-97 mins, TV-G, CC, 3:00 PM That Midnight Kiss (1949) A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star. Dir: Norman Taurog Cast: Kathryn Grayson , José Iturbi , Ethel Barrymore . C-98 mins, TV-PG, CC, 5:00 PM Requiem For A Heavyweight (1962) A washed-up prizefighter tries to free himself from his ruthless promoters to build a new life. Dir: Ralph Nelson Cast: Anthony Quinn , Jackie Gleason , Mickey Rooney . BW-85 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format 7:00 PM House Of Dark Shadows (1970) A vampire seeks a cure so he can wed the reincarnation of his lost love. Dir: Dan Curtis Cast: Jonathan Frid , Joan Bennett , Grayson Hall . C-97 mins, TV-14, 9:00 PM Claudine (1974) A single mother falls for a garbage collector who's not sure he's ready to raise six children. Cast: Diahann Carroll , Tamu , David Kruger . C-92 mins, TV-MA, 11:00 PM Gardens of Stone (1987) Soldiers long for combat in Vietnam while serving at Arlington Cemetery. Dir: Francis Ford Coppola Cast: James Caan , Anjelica Huston , James Earl Jones . C-111 mins, TV-MA, 1:00 AM Rain People, The (1969) A housewife who feels trapped leaves home and takes up with a hitchhiker. Dir: Francis Ford Coppola Cast: James Caan , Shirley Knight , Robert Duvall . C-101 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format
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Fun facts:
Official Lon Chaney website In that famous scene, Gene Kelly is not actually "singing in the rain," because water didn't show up well on camera at night. They used a mixture of milk and water for Gene to splash around in.
For The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Lon Chaney wore a hump weighing over 50 pounds so that he would walk realistically. For "The Penalty" (1920), he had his legs bound tightly behind him in a harness, inserting his knees into leather stumps devised as artificial legs with his feet bound at the thighs. This was a very painful ordeal which cut circulation to his legs resulting in broken blood vessels.

Movie producer David O. Selznick was fined $5000 by the MPAA for allowing the word "damn" in the movie Gone With The Wind. And producer Darryl F. Zanuck once rented the entire country of San Marino, the world's oldest republic, as the medievel setting for "Prince Of Foxes" to be filmed, believe it or not!
David Niven was one of the first Hollywood stars to join the war effort, joining the British commando service in 1940.
His first feature movie after the war was Stairway To Heaven (1946), about WW2 pilots and others arriving in Heaven. The publisher of "The Maltese Falcon" wanted the original novel's title changed because he didn't think most Americans know what a falcon is

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This is another fine mess you've gotten me into Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Freaks (1932) was banned in Britain for 30 years, directed by Tod Browning, and even the ending was edited out before it was released in America. This storyboard wasn't approved for filming (it involved an axe and a bag of feathers)

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Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Star Trek 6)

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Fragi-le, must be Italian! Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story

Rod Serling co-wrote the original screenplay for Planet Of The Apes including the ending on the beach. What would it look like as a Twilight Zone episode? (opening narration comes from the episode "Elegy," closing narration comes from "The Shelter")

TCM was launched 4/14/94 as a 24-hour commercial-free classic movie channel, originally for movies 1930-1960, with the occasional silent movies, and newer movies added over time. It was Ted Turner's answer to American Movie Classics, using the vast film libraries Turner bought from MGM, RKO, Warner Brothers and other studio vaults. Ted Turner launched TBS as his first cable channel by sending the signal of his WTBS Atlanta TV-station to satellite 12/17/76, followed by TNT in 1988. TBS and TNT show mostly TV reruns and sports, with 24-hour news on his CNN starting in 1980.

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