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A&E Primetime Programming Schedule, This Week

Thursday, October 1, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 46 - Doubt
The BAU team, having caught the serial killer, begins to doubt themselves when the case appears to continue. They discover that a groupie is recreating the crimes to throw suspicion off of the serial killer.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 51 - Family Affair/The Hustler
In Dallas, a young woman is found stabbed, beaten, and burned on a bed. The victim's 12-year-old niece and her mother are missing. Lead Detective Dale Lundberg soon discovers that this murder is extremely personal. In Memphis, Sgt. Mitch Oliver is investigating the homicide of a pool hustler found dead in a seedy motel room. The victim's car is nowhere to be found. Oliver hopes if he finds the car, he'll find his suspect.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 85 - Neighborhood Sweetheart/Hail of Gunfire
In Miami, Detective Ricardo John is investigating the brutal homicide of a 19-year old girl. The detectives believe that she may have been murdered to send a message to her boyfriend, an alleged drug dealer. In Kansas City, Missouri, a man is shot dead during a gun fight. Detective Everett Babcock has to unravel the mountain of ballistics evidence on the scene to solve the case.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 97 - Last Ride/Trailer Trap
In Dallas, homicide Detectives Rick Duggan and Ken Penrod investigate the shooting of young man left in the trunk of an abandoned car. In Memphis Sergeants Terry Max and Caroline Mason work the murder of a man brutally murdered in a trailer park.

Friday, October 2, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 47 - In Name and Blood
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) investigates a serial killer in Milwaukee who kidnaps women by baiting them with his own son.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 48 - Scared to Death
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) tracks down a sadistic killer who exploits his victims' worst fears to torture and kill them.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 49 - Children of the Dark
The BAU investigate a series of brutal home invasions that leave a trail of bodies throughout Denver. The serial killers are two brothers. When the BAU discovers that one of the killers has formed an attachment to a survivor of one of their home invasions--they use the survivor as bait to trap the killers.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 50 - Seven Seconds
When a child is abducted at a local mall, the BAU locks down the area and must profile the people at the scene to retrieve the child.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 123 - Cyber-lebrity
Teenage swimming sensation Candace Walker becomes an overnight Internet star when a picture of her in a Speedo is plastered all over the Web. But things turn ugly when her boyfriend is killed at a swim meet by an arrow shot through his chest, and Horatio must investigate the sleazy world of cyber-stalkers. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 22 - The Fisher King - Part 1
A devious killer finds a special way to make the team members miserable--he ruins their vacations. The killer sends a body and a unique type of puzzle to each of the team members at their vacation spots. The scheme forces the profilers to get back together to solve the mystery, but that's when they discover that the case is even more serious than they thought.
9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 23 - The Fisher King - Part 2
As Gideon and the team put the clues together, the crazed killer takes a young girl hostage and continues to target the BAU for death.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 145 - And How Does That Make You Kill?
When the daughter of Delko's therapist is murdered, the team must find the killer before Delko's darkest secrets are divulged. Stars David Caruso, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Adam Rodriguez, Rex Linn, Emily Procter, and Megalyn Echikunwoke.

Sunday, October 4, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 48 - Innocent
After an adult film actress is murdered, the head of the company that distributed her films becomes the chief suspect. But the investigation threatens to unravel when the CSI team mishandles a crucial piece of evidence. David Caruso, Kim Delaney, Emily Procter, Rory Cochrane, Adam Rodriguez and Khandi Alexander star.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 51 - About Face
A killer taunts his victims with "Missing" fliers that feature the soon-to-be victim's photo.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 52 - Identity
When one half of a killing duo blows himself up when caught by authorities, the team must rush to identify and apprehend his partner.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 53 - Lucky
The pursuit of a cannibalistic "nightstalker"- type serial killer who believes Satan protects him forces Morgan to question his faith. Also, Garcia's date with the "perfect man" takes a deadly turn

Monday, October 5, 2009
7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Sebring: Social Insecurity
A Florida town, popular with retirees, is shocked when two of its senior citizens are found murdered. Leo Gleese and Hazel Stanley had both moved to Sebring after retiring and met at the church of another newcomer, Reverend John Canning, pastor at the Fountain of Life Church. Just days after he presided over the funeral of Hazel Gleese, Sebring police arrested Canning and charged him with the two murders. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- Ripley's Believe It Or Not - 103
A boy walks through fire and tourists swim with sharks on this all-true episode. Hosted by Dean Cain, Ripley's serves up tales of the bizarre, the outlandish and the seemingly impossible.
9-10pm -- Ripley's Believe It Or Not - 314
Members of the "Playboy Extreme Team" race across dangerous waters from Alcatraz to San Francisco in floating balls. Also: A man swivels his head backwards -- shades of the "The Exorcist"! A roller coaster enthusiast builds one in his own backyard. A man buries his head in a handstand in the sand for 12 hours. And a man who eats rotten meat says it makes him healthy.

10-10:30pm -- Urban Legends - 21 - Love Hurts
Three love stories featuring cruel twists of fate; an on-line romance becomes a chilling nightmare when dark secrets are exposed; a young man tries in vain to escape an arranged marriage; and, a jilted husband unexpectedly gets revenge after a five-star chef makes off with his wife. Three incredible stories... But can you tell fact from fiction?

10:30-11pm -- Urban Legends - 22 - Beyond Belief
Three stories so unlikely you'll be hard pressed to spot the truth: Belgian police search a dead man's house for clues and end up with some nasty surprises; a Chicago woman takes a wrong turn and gets herself into a seriously sticky situation; and a Danish woman cooks up an unusual meal that makes headlines around the world. Three amazing tales... But can you spot the truth?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
6-8pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Shirley Jones
Oklahoma made her a star and The Partridge Family made her TV-mom to a generation. Here's the life of the actress with an angelic singing voice who wowed Rodgers and Hammerstein at 18, married actor Jack Cassidy, stepmothered teen idol David Cassidy, and wed comedian Marty Ingels against family wishes. This 2-hour special features interviews with Shirley, David Cassidy, sons Patrick, Ryan, and Shaun Cassidy, Marty Ingels, Danny Bonaduce, Rod Steiger, and Sheila MacRae.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Partridge Family
Come on, get happy with this look back at the popular 1970s sitcom. Find out how the Partridges became a pop music phenomenon--their first album outsold the Beatles' Let It Be--and how lead singer David Cassidy's fall from teen-idol grace brought down the entire group. Includes interviews with Partridge stars Shirley Jones and Danny Bonaduce, and guest stars Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith.
9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Danny Bonaduce: Tabloids' Bad Boy
A look at the wild and crazy life of the child star, TV talk show host, author, and DJ whose personal life has resembled--by his own admission--a car crash. With complete access to Danny, we recall all the highlights and lowlights, including his stint as a star of the 1970s TV hit, The Partridge Family; his battles with cocaine addiction and alcoholism; his well publicized brawl with a 220-pound transvestite; the months that he spent living in his car in Hollywood; and his marriage to wife Gretchen, which took place just seven hours after they met on a blind date. Includes interviews with Shirley Jones, Dave Madden, Mario Lopez and Danny's mom Betty Bonaduce.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - 79 - Durham: Dangerous Housewife
In 1988, police and paramedics responding to a 911 call found Russell Stager, popular high school teacher and baseball coach, dead at home from a reported accidental gunshot wound to the head. But many in Durham, North Carolina suspected his philandering and big-spending wife Barbara, who made the call, of killing Russell to cash in his life insurance policy. After all, her first husband died under similar circumstances as we learn on a journey down Tobacco Road with narrator Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Sarah Silverman
Profile of the sharp-tongued and controversial comic who has become an unlikely television staple. Silverman got her start as a writer for Saturday Night Live, was fired by fax after only one year on the job, and now is the star of her own series. Never fearing to tiptoe up to the lines of good taste--and then crossing them--Silverman delights in shocking America just about every chance she gets. Her TV appearances are often unpredictable, as when she famously lambasted Britney Spears after Britney's disastrous performance at the 2007 Video Music Awards.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Roseanne
She's racked up an Emmy, three ex-husbands (including Tom Arnold), and her own comedy, talk, cooking, reality, and radio shows. We chronicle the life and times of the loud-mouthed comedienne who can't keep her mouth shut (on or off the screen).

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Kirstie Alley
She won an Emmy for playing Rebecca Howe, the neediest soul in the bar where everyone knows your name, and then Kirstie Alley won a second in the made-for-TV movie, David's Mother. She has also starred in the enormously popular Look Who's Talking movies as well as her own sitcom vehicle, Veronica's Closet. Now, though, she's more known for her continuing struggle to keep her weight under control--a battle she has both won and lost over the years.

Thursday, October 8, 2009
7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Park City: High Times and Hate Crimes
Residents of Park City, Utah accuse the state of condoning a hate crime after the killer of a homosexual man receives a lenient jail sentence. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Barry White Story
Portrait of the singer, producer, and songwriter renowned for his suave, mellifluous voice that inspired thoughts of romance in lovers everywhere. White was a poor boy who broke away from potential trouble and overcame racial barriers to become a huge star. We recall how he re-invented the big, orchestral sound with the Love Unlimited Orchestra, and we follow his progress as an artist with archive footage of his vintage performances. We also look at White's career decline in the 80s and his later comeback, along with some of the heartbreaking events of his life, which include being cruelly denied the love of his children as he lay dying. Features interviews with Glodean White, his wife and performing partner, Barry's fellow artists and record executives, and the sounds of such immortal Barry White hits as "My First, My Last, My Everything," and "Love's Theme."

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Whitney Houston
A look at the life of the great pop star who found enormous success on the stage but misery away from it. Signed by the legendary Clive Davis, Houston burned up the charts with such hits as "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and "Greatest Love of All," and became one of the most successful recording artists of all time with 170 million records sold. But her personal life became a train wreck. Her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown was plagued by persistent rumors of drug abuse, and their reality TV show, Being Bobby Brown, did more to harm Whitney's career than help it.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Tina Turner
Profile of the rock star who was born the daughter of a sharecropper and overcame poverty, racism, and sexism to become one of the most successful entertainers of all time. We'll look at all the dramatic twists and turns in Tina's life, and the hit songs that brought her international fame and Grammies. Today, almost 50 years after she first took the stage, her admirers include David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and legions of adoring fans.

Friday, October 9, 2009
7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - 30 - Key West: Pirates in Paradise
The sad story of Mel Fisher, the chicken farmer who became a celebrated treasure hunter before he ran afoul of the law. Fisher discovered a sunken ship filled with treasure in 1985. But the tale had a tragic ending when Mel was accused of selling counterfeit coins and then died soon after of cancer. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- Mobsters - Joe Bonanno
Sordid tale of the gangster whose life spanned a century of Mafia history. Includes the story of his downfall, when his own mob commission turned against him. Still, Joe Bonanno became the first godfather to publish his own memoirs.

9-10pm -- American Gangster - Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols
It's one thing to sell drugs and get caught up in a violent lifestyle, but it's quite another thing to kill a cop. Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols, a Queens, N.Y. native, got involved with the Seven Crowns gang as a young teen and served five years in prison for armed robbery by the time he started dealing drugs at 22. Although Nichols didn't pull the trigger that killed NYPD officer Edward Byrne in 1988, his organization was held accountable. Those gunshots were heard around the world and the ensuing backlash would ultimately affect drug trafficking nationwide. This intriguing episode will show what was really going down in Southeast Queens during the days when Fat Cats loomed large and lawlessness was rampant.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Ted Bundy
He was the dapper, charming monster who confessed to killing 28 women during a 4-year reign of terror and may have killed as many as 100 before he was jailed and executed. Who was Ted Bundy? How was his serial killer personality formed? And how did he keep his violent nature hidden? We interview prosecutors, detectives, psychiatrists, forensic scientists, and Bundy's neighbors and classmates to seek answers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009
7-8pm -- Haunted History - New York
In New York--a state full of folklore, legends, and perhaps ghosts--we visit Manhattan's Merchant House Museum, where Gertrude Treadwell was born, died...and may still reside. At the Buffalo Naval Park, we search for George Sullivan's ghost aboard the USS Sullivans--the ship dedicated to the five Sullivan brothers who died together in WWII. In the Mohawk Valley, we stop off at the haunted Beardslee Castle, and on Staten Island, we tour Conference House, home to Revolutionary War spirits.

8-9pm -- Haunted History - New England
Historically rich New England witnessed many events that shaped young America--perhaps setting the stage for future hauntings! Meet a lonely lass who wanders a Connecticut homestead; a murderer's ghost that roams a bar he once owned; a witch that haunts the site of her torture; and the House of the Seven Gables' family of specters.

9-9:30pm -- Ghostly Encounters - 47 - Passive and Aggressive
Craig and Rosanna come face to face with two different ghosts--one passive and one aggressive, forcing them to flee their homes. After moving into a dilapidated house, Craig mocks everyone who thinks the place is haunted until he sees a ghost for himself. Rosanna has strange feelings as soon as she moves into a home across the street from a castle, but it's not until ghostly shadows surround her that her beliefs are shaken up enough to make her to move out.

9:30-10pm -- Ghostly Encounters - 56 - Buried Secrets
The secret past of Patrick's childhood home torments him for years before he finally discovers its shocking source. After his father gets a suspiciously good deal on a suburban family home in Toronto, Patrick begins to notice unusual things about the house. But what starts out as spooky quickly turns to terrifying as the ghosts in the house reveal their nefarious past.

10-11pm -- Celebrity Ghost Stories - Barry Williams, Debi Mazar, Greg Grunberg, Sammy Hagar
When Barry Williams holds a memorial service for his father, a few strange "happenings" make the day even more unforgettable; Debi Mazer gets a hostile welcome from a ghost when she moves into a friend's home; Greg Grunberg meets a ghost with a shocking past; and Sammy Hagar gets a visit from Van Halen's dead manager.

Sunday, October 11, 2009
7-8pm -- Dead Men Talking - Cold Case Files: The Tourniquet/Burning Desire
DNA evidence found on a murder victim whose body had been dumped in a Dairy Queen drive-thru leads to the arrest of Houston's notorious "tourniquet killer." And after a young woman is found shot and burned in a California olive orchard, investigators spend years trying to pin the rap on the woman's boyfriend and his cousin.

8-9pm -- I Survived... - 06 - Wayne & Mary/Holly/Linda
Wayne and Mary woke up to find their farm house surrounded by a cloud of lethal chlorine gas following a rail derailment. Thus began a harrowing six hour ordeal until emergency services arrived, where they struggled to take a breath, coughed up blood and watched their metal appliances literally melt before their eyes. While Holly and her boyfriend Chris were taking a quiet stroll near the railroad tracks, they were accosted by a man demanding money. Both were bound, gagged and then brutally bludgeoned. Chris died at the scene, but miraculously Holly survived the assault and was able to seek help. Linda was driving to her lakeside cabin when she was run off the road in the middle of the night by four strangers. High on drugs, they viciously attacked her, demanded money, set her car ablaze, and left for dead in a deserted field. She was rescued by two teenagers in a passing car who saw the fire and dragged her to safety.

9-10pm -- I Survived... - 17 - Darren & Chastity/Ryan/Julie
A family is subjected to a vicious attack during a brutal home invasion; a rail yard worker risks his life to save a town; and a realtor is attacked by a man posing as a client.

10-10:30pm -- Ghostly Encounters - 13 - When Kids See Ghosts
Lesley is traumatized when her father doesn't believe she's seen a ghost, while young Lance's family takes it in stride when he sees a phantom in an old dormitory. Through re-enactment, interviews, and archival photography, watch as ordinary people experience the exhilarating drama of a supernatural encounter.

10:30-11pm -- Ghostly Encounters - 02 - Father Knows Best
Mitch's dead father and Salwa's ghostly sister return to tell the two how to live their lives. Through re-enactment, interviews, and archival photography, watch as ordinary people experience the exhilarating drama of a supernatural encounter

Monday, October 12, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 29 - North Mammon
The apparent abduction of two college girls, star athletes from a seemingly idyllic small town, has the BAU profiling not only the offender but the town itself to uncover a much more horrific crime, deep in the town's past.

8-9pm -- Intervention - Brittany
Brittany was born five years after the brutal rape and murder of her 9-year-old sister, Terry. Brittany struggled with the pressure to live up to her mother's perfect image of Terry. At 12, Brittany was molested, and she began taking drugs and sneaking out at night--anything to get out from under Terry's shadow. Now she shoots up Dilaudid six times a day, begs family members for money and prostitutes herself. Brittany's mother scrambles to give Brittany enough money for her fix. Desperate and on the verge of bankruptcy, Brittany's family prepares for an intervention.

9-10pm -- Intervention - 96 - Joey
With a terrifying addiction to heroin, Joey's career as a tattoo artist is in jeopardy. His parents divorced when he was three. At 13, Joey started smoking marijuana and soon graduated to ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. When he stole his mother's credit cards, she reluctantly filed charges and he went to jail. He has a daughter now, but the girl's mother is afraid to let Joey be alone with her. An intervention is the only way to stop Joey from overdosing.

10-11pm -- Hoarders - Linda/Steven
Linda's compulsive shopping not only depleted her family's finances but filled every room in their home with piles of bags and boxes. Her husband left her three years ago when he could no longer cope with her hoarding. They are now in the final stages of divorce and Linda must clean out and sell the family home as part of the settlement. Tensions run high as she struggles to let go of her things. Steven is at risk of eviction from his government subsidized housing. His apartment is filled with garbage, human feces, bottles and cans. It's so unpleasant that even he spends his days elsewhere. Steven must clean up or be evicted from his home and end up back on the streets.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 30 - Empty Planet
Gideon and the team go to Seattle in pursuit of a bomber who targets various places which are technologically advanced.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 19 - Roadside Burning/Blood Ties
In Dallas, a motorist passing along a highway discovers a man's body with a knife wound to the chest and his genitals burnt up; the shocking riddle of this scene propels the detectives on an odyssey through a rowdy world of Texas prostitutes and drugs. And when a hard working Mexican migrant supporting his young family is found dead in an apartment complex parking lot, detectives can't find a motive. As their investigation deepens, the detectives must navigate through a complex web of family ties to identity the killer...and catch him before he can flee across the border to Mexico.

9-9:30pm -- Parking Wars - 30
At the lot it's a race against time for a man trying to get his car off the auction block. Sherry takes on the challenge of booting while Steve watches her back, and ticket writer Marlene has a showdown with angry citizens and her unruly hair.
9:30-10pm -- Parking Wars - 28
A new resident struggles to get his car after being towed on his first day in Philly. Shawn can't keep up with the tickets in front of a famous hoagie shop, and Neema deals with being the only female tow driver on the squad.
10-10:30pm -- Parking Wars - 40
Sparks fly as Mike stumbles onto a parking fiasco at a Philly gala event. Rodney and Michele catch red-handed a Detroiter in the act of removing a boot. And brotherly love is put to the test when two Jersey boys try to rescue their hoopdie from the Philly impound lot.
10:30-11pm -- Parking Wars - 42
Philadelphia ticket writer Jeff returns to Parking Wars, this time as a newly promoted supervisor. When tempers flare on South Street on Saturday night, he runs to the rescue of his new squad that includes Denise, a rookie learning the ropes and Gina, a magnate for male attention.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 31 - The Last Word
Two independent serial killers in St. Louis are competing with each other, trying to outdo each other with their murders. When the BAU apprehends one of them, they shrewdly make the arrest an event in order to trap the other serial killer.

8-8:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 46 - Moms & Dads
Dog pursues two people whose lives have been devastated by drugs. First, he tracks Mae, who traded a good home, loving kids, and an adoring husband for an ice pipe. He busts Mae, but is amazed to discover that her family still showers her with love. The next case involves Jude. His addiction has caused his pregnant wife to fear for her safety, but she still can't bring herself to revoke his bail and return him to jail. Dog decides that he must go, though, and it's up to Beth to comfort the distraught woman.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 40 - Suga on my Cuffs
Dog and the team go after Kandice, AKA Candy, AKA Suga, a stripper who didn't make her court appearance. They convince one of her friends to lure her to a supermarket parking lot, where Dog has an easy time fetching the fetching young thing. But then Dog takes a shine to Suga, and it hurts him to hand her over to the law.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 54 - Rock-a-Bye Bounty
Dog and Beth have their hands full when they go after their former housekeeper, Lisa, who's jumped bond. They know this case will be tricky because Lisa knows everyone in the family. But as luck will have it, Beth's nephew, Jason, is visiting from Texas and quickly put to work as the bait. When the team closes in on Lisa's building, she tries to escape over her back balcony, but ultimately surrenders to Beth. It's a bittersweet victory as Dog comforts Lisa while she cries in his arms before going off to jail.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 64 - Ticket to Ride
As Dog likes to say, "it's not the years it's the miles," and this goes for both men and machines. Those long hunts and the rides to jail take a toll not only on Dog but also on his vehicles. So he decides it's time to outfit the Da Kine crew with new SUVs. After a quick visit to their local dealership Duane and Beth emerge behind the wheels of two wicked whips, brand new top-of-the line SUVs. They also leave with a new mission, to break-in the new cars by the end of the day in by giving the fugitive "a smooth ride to a hard place." Their target is Jasmine, a woman whose criminal record includes over 37 arrests for everything from drug promotion to assault. She has disappeared without a trace and Dog will need every trick in his book to track her down.

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Rush from Judgment
Facing hard time for forging checks, Melissa pulled a vanishing act at her sentencing hearing, bolting from the courthouse in broad daylight. Lucky for her bondsman, Dog and his posse are in Colorado and ready to help. A tip from an informant sends the team racing to the felon's safe house, but after surrounding it they discover she's skipped again! Dog's plan is to stirs up the neighborhood while working the phones and hoping for a breakthrough. In the end it will be Beth's skill at this high stakes game of hide-and-go-seek that brings this elusive lady to justice.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Inside Out
Colorado bondsman Bobby Brown's got trouble and his name is Jackson. Weighing in at over 240lbs and standing six foot tall this bad boy has skipped out on a $10,000 bond. He also has four previous felony arrests to his name, and Bobby needs some help in reeling this big fish in. Dog, who can never say no to a friend in need, agrees to come to the rescue and the hunt is on! Dog kick starts the search and soon the team has both a hot address, and a warning. Jackson's apparently holed-up at his father-in-law's house. Once the crew is in place Dog pounds on the front door. After a long wait the father-in-law appears with a piece of surprising information. Not only is Jackson not at the house but he has found one of the most unique hideouts Dog has encountered in all his years of bounty hunting!

Thursday, October 15, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 32 - Lessons Learned
Called in by Homeland Security, the BAU has 48 hours to determine where and when a sleeper cell will strike within the U.S. Using profiling techniques, Gideon travels to Guantanamo Bay to break the leader of this cell, while the rest of the team works the case stateside.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 34 - Torched
In Miami, Sgt. Mo Velazquez and Detective Freddy Ponce discover an unidentified victim in the back seat of a torched rental car. The investigation takes a bizarre turn, as detectives uncover a kidnapping and robbery plot involving a crew of drug dealers. They must find everyone involved - before they all disappear.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 133 - Signs of Violence/Live By the Gun
When a deaf father of three is stabbed to death in his doorway, Det. William Brown must enter the silent world of the hearing-impaired. As he closes in on the potential killers, he gets shocking information that may link his suspects to an earlier unsolved murder. And in Miami, a lively street party turns deadly when a young man is shot on the sidewalk at close range. Det. Frank Sanchez must hit the streets to find a witness who can lead them to the killer.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 105 - Blackout
In Dallas, Det. Robert Arredondo and his team investigate the murder of a 22-year-old man tied up and shot along with two of his friends during a robbery. Armed with only the street names of his two suspects, Arredondo must identify them and track them down in a manhunt that takes them across the country.

Friday, October 16, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 33 - Sex, Birth, Death
Reid is approached by a troubled young man who fears that he may be a serial killer in the making when he describes his fantasies to Reid about killing hookers. When several prostitutes turn up dead in the D.C. area, the young man becomes the prime suspect in their murders.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 60 - A Higher Power
When the suicide rate spikes in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, the Behavioral Analysis Unit discovers that the deaths weren't suicides but murders, and the perpetrator is an "Angel of Death." Joe Mantegna stars.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 61 - Elephant's Memory
When the BAU profiles a series of murders in a small Texas town, they discover that the victims had wronged the killer and their deaths are his revenge. Joe Mantegna stars.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 62 - In Heat
Conflicted about his own sexual identity, a serial killer targets gay men. Joe Mantegna stars.

Saturday, October 17, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 97 - One of Our Own
The CSI team loses one of its own while investigating a shootout at the luxurious mansion that serves as a safe house for the notorious Mala Noches. Determined to end the Mala Noches' reign of terror for good, Horatio and the team get one final shock--they discover the identity of the mole in the CSI lab. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 03 - Won't Get Fooled Again
When Gideon and the BAU team investigate two bombings in Florida, the case puts them on a nerve-wracking race to save an innocent man from getting blown up.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 04 - Plain Sight
After a woman is murdered while working out to an exercise video, the BAU team goes on the hunt for the "Tommy Killer." Gideon goes to the woman's home to recreate her attack and murder--and stumbles on a clue that could blow the case wide open.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 147 - Bombshell
After a teenager dies in an explosion while trying on clothes in an expensive boutique, the team investigates a shady plastic surgeon who may be linkied to the killing. Stars David Caruso, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Adam Rodriguez, Rex Linn, Emily Procter, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and guest star Elizabeth Berkley.

Sunday, October 18, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 112 - Man Down
Doctors race to save Delko's life, Horatio sets out to find the man who shot him, and Natalia runs a trace on the GPS locator in the bag that contains a million dollars and now belongs to Clavo Cruz. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Eva La Rue, and guest star Gonzalo Menendez.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 63 - The Crossing
Morgan, Prentiss, Reid and JJ are on the trail of a stalker and Hotch and Rossi are asked to consult on a murder case to determine whether or not a woman killed her husband because of his constant abuse.

8-9pm -- I Survived... 10 - Jennifer/Sampson/Norina
Jennifer, a young lawyer, must use all of her instincts to fight off an intruder who sexually assaults and stabs her; Sampson is a corn farmer faced with the agonizing decision of whether to amputate his own arm or risk burning to death when his hand is pulled into a harvester that catches on fire; and Norina, a primary school principal must fight off a crazed man with a machete to save the lives of her students.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 64 - Tabula Rasa
After a suspected serial killer wakes up from a coma, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 65 - Lo-Fi
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) is dispatched to New York, where they have to determine if the shootings of victims at point blank range are the work of a single killer or a team of killers. People who seemingly have nothing in common are shot at random and the B.A.U. discovers it is deadlier to them then they anticipated.

Monday, October 19, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 37 - Revelations
Tobias, the serial killer the BAU was hunting in a previous episode, has taken Reid as a hostage. Through behavioral profiling, the BAU race to discover his hideout before he takes Reid's life.

8-9pm -- Intervention - 61 - Tom
Growing up in a South Boston neighborhood run by the Irish mob, Tom got caught up in the gangster lifestyle. By his 20s, he was dealing drugs and running with the wise guys while holding down his day job as a fireman at the Boston Fire Department. Throughout it all, Tom remained a dedicated and loving father to his four children. Eventually, Tom's other life caught up with him after being indicted on drug charges. He lost everything -- his house, his job, and his family's respect. Can an intervention help Tom and heal his fractured family?

9-10pm -- Intervention - Pot City, USA
A lot of people think that Humboldt County in northern California is an American paradise. Small towns in the county like Arcata look like they've been plucked right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. But the town has a dirty little secret--law enforcement officials say that over 1,000 homes there may be growing marijuana illegally. Capt. Mark Chapman and the Humboldt County Drug Task Force are determined to take back the town, house by house. Our cameras follow as they make busts and fly over forestlands searching for hidden marijuana groves.

10-11pm -- Extreme Paranormal - New Mexico State Penitentiary
Unlike other paranormal investigators, Shaun, Nathan, and Jason put themselves directly in harm's way--taunting ghosts, summoning the dead and daring the demonic to attack. The team has developed a bring-it-on mentality when it comes to their explorations. In 1980, the New Mexico State Penitentiary was the site of the worst prison riot in U.S. history. Thirty-three inmates were hacked to death, burned alive and tortured with no remorse. In this hour, the investigators recreate moments of this horrific event--even shedding their own blood--to provoke the violent spirits that still remain in this abandoned maximum-security lockup.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 38 - Fear and Loathing
The BAU hunts a serial killer who murders young African American women from upscale New York neighborhoods.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 116 - Smoke/Touch of Evil
In Dallas, a man is found dead in a vacant lot. With no leads, witnesses or motive, lead Det. Rick Duggan and his team must put the pieces of the case together to find their killer. And in Minneapolis, Sgt. Gerhard Wehr and Sgt. Jerry Wallerich are working one of the most brutal crimes of their careers--the violent stabbings of a mother and her 10-year-old son.

9-9:30pm -- Parking Wars - 19
At the lot Tracey's "extra nice" style rubs the desperate owner of an impounded car the wrong way. Ticket writers Brian and Danielle take their football rivalry to the streets. And Sherry and Garfield push their luck while booting cars downtown.

9:30-10pm -- Parking Wars - 18
As the PPA deals with the tense aftermath of a fatal cop shooting, tow driver Frank is called to the scene of a volatile live stop. Glamorous ticket-writer Marlene encounters a chronic parking violator who ends up at the lot in search of her impounded car.

10-10:30pm -- Parking Wars - 41
A hit and run throws Detroit booters Courtney and Sonjia off their beat. At the Philly impound lot, a son struggles to get his car back after his father was caught speeding without a license. And it's all fireworks in Detroit when Ponytail tries to enforce a special parking ordnance for the Fourth of July.

10:30-11pm -- Parking Wars - 39
After losing 70lbs, Detroit ticketer Robert is extra confident when challenged by an outraged man who parked commercial equipment on the street. In Philly, ticketer Marlene's years of experience give her the upper hand when insulted by a group of young men, and at the lot, Yolanda's service with a smile turns into a big headache for a fast food manager struggling to retrieve his impounded car.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 39 - Distress
The BAU investigates the murders of three people who have been killed in the last 48 hours at various construction sites in Houston's Fifth Ward. What they discover is that the killings are not at the hands of a serial killer but a war veteran suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He thinks he's in the middle of a war zone and is trying to stay alive until he's rescued. The BAU stage an extraction to "rescue" this veteran before he kills again.

8-8:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 56 - Cops and Criminals
What better way for Dog to start his morning, than at an elementary school Career Day, inspiring a new generation of potential bounty hunters? After giving a rousing speech to an audience of enthusiastic grade-schoolers, Dog catches up with an old friend, Sheriff Tommy Cayetano, to talk business. Dog's got a tough fugitive to catch and Tommy is happy to lend a hand. Mia is no ordinary fugitive--even the FBI wants to talk with her because of her drug world connections. As Dog and the crew are heading out on their first lead, they get a hot tip--Mia's distinctive red car has been spotted, parked in a busy downtown area. After a tense stakeout and a dramatic bust, Dog finds that his work has just begun.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 62 - Playing Possum
Tim's got a big problem on his hands. One of his clients, Owen, has failed to appear in court. He's on bond for serious drug charges and now Tim could lose $30,000 if he doesn't catch Owen. With Dog's help he tries to track down the co-signer but they comes up dry. The next step is for the team to start the hunt with the only lead they have, the address of the fugitive's father. What they discover is when they hit Dad's place is not a single house but an entire compound. Although Owen has been spotted earlier in the day, he could be in any one of the half dozen houses. Dog's only hope to catch Owen is to convince the family to help them in their search, and finally a whispered clue leads a secret hide away and a dramatic bust.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 37 - Double Trouble
Dog's feeling lucky, so he's going to try to capture two women in one day. The first, Moani, has "crazy" tattooed on her neck and is facing drug charges. Dog and the team will have to chase her down at the beach if they're going to bring her in. The second fugitive, Jade, also turns out to be a tough catch. Despite help from Jade's sister, Dog has problems snaring her.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - No Piece of Cake
Being hunted by the Dog is a lousy way to celebrate your birthday but that's exactly the spot that Robert finds himself in today. He's missed his court date, quit his job, and vacated his last known address. With precious little to go on Dog and the team turn to Robert's extended family. The hunt leads them through the homes of the fugitive's aunts, uncles, and various cousins. Some are forthright, and others are less so, and it's Dog's job to determine whom he can trust. Finally, the hunt comes down to a single tip that Robert is on his way to a relative's apartment. The team surrounds the apartment lying in wait. The question on everyone's mind, `Is Dog right?'

10-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 145/146 - Father of the Bride
Baby Lyssa's wedding is only three days away, but Dog is thinking about bounties, not bouquets. A hot jump has comes in and Dog wants to go on the hunt. When Lyssa and Beth object, Dog explains his decision, "We're a family of hunters, we need to hunt." How will the Chapman clan balance the demands of bounty hunting and wedding preparations?

Thursday, October 22, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 40 - Jones
A serial killer, thought to have perished in Hurricane Katrina, resurfaces in New Orleans and begins killing again. During the course of the investigation, the BAU discover that they have a "Jane The Ripper" on their hands.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 91 - Inked in Blood
In Memphis, Sergeant Connie Justice investigates the murder of a 32-year-old tattoo artist shot to death during a robbery. The victim's husband, who survived the robbery, only knows the suspects' nicknames. Armed with stencils of tattoos the customers received before the robbery, Justice must identify and track down the multiple suspects.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 134 - Cold as Ice
In Louisville, a 45-year-old man is found gunned down in the snow. Det. Rick Arnold and his team track down a key witness who is forced to chose between her friendship with the suspect and her own freedom.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 113 - Collateral/Driven to Kill
In Detroit, Sgt. Gary Diaz and Officer Kelly Mullins investigate a triple shooting that left a young mother and her friend dead. The third victim, a critically injured 18-year-old girl, is the only one who can tell them what happened. And in Dallas, a man is intentionally run down and killed by someone in a car. Detective John Palmer tracks down two potential suspects, but must figure out which one was driving.

Friday, October 23, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 41 - Ashes and Dust
The BAU hunt down a serial arsonist who's posing as an activist in an environmental group.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 42 - Honor Among Thieves
A kidnapping case is introduced to our team when Agent Prentiss's mother, Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss, brings a case directly to the BAU. Russian mobsters in the Baltimore area have been kidnapping immigrants for ransom. The BAU team goes into the heart of Little Odessa and profiles the local mob boss and the Russian Thieves Code. The mystery unravels when the BAU learns that the daughter of the kidnap victim was in on the crime.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 66 - Mayhem
Hotch's SUV explodes leaving Kate (the head of the NYC's FBI office) seriously injured. Hotch fights to keep Kate alive as the team tracks down the terrorists responsible for the bombing. They discover the bombing is a diversion so that the terrorists can carry out an assassination of a VIP undergoing medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 67 - The Angel Maker
Recent murders are linked to a serial killer who was executed a year ago. The team determines that a woman who was in love with the deceased serial killer is completing his work as a testament to her love for him.

Saturday, October 24, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 05 - Broken Mirror
When the daughter of a powerful federal prosecutor is kidnapped, Gideon and the team are in for quite a shock--the kidnapper steals a page from their book, profiling them and taunting them with their weaknesses.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 06 - L.D.S.K.
When an "L.D.S.K.," or long distance serial killer, shoots and wounds six victims, the team's profile suggests that the LDSK might be a cop.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 07 - The Fox
The team tracks a serial killer who preys on families, takes them hostage, pretends to be their father, and then kills them.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 148 - Wrecking Crew
A witness set to testify against a gangster is suddenly murdered in a bizarre way--a huge crane comes crashing through his safe house and kills him. Stars David Caruso, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Adam Rodriguez, Rex Linn, Emily Procter, and Megalyn Echikunwoke.

Sunday, October 25, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 120 - Kill Switch
A carjacking that ends in murder puts Caine and the team on a collision course with a powerful drug kingpin. And Ryan takes heat from the CSIs when he begins a new job. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 08 - Natural Born Killer
A federal agent who went undercover in the mob is missing and the team fears that the Iceman, a serial killer and mob hit man, may be involved in the disappearance.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 09 - Derailed
When a paranoid schizophrenic takes hostages, the team profiles his delusion and plays along with his fantasies to stop him from killing the hostages.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 10 - The Popular Kids
Did the devil do it? Ritual Satanism may be behind the murders of two high school students.

Monday, October 26, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 43 - Open Season 
Our BAU team races to stop a pair of serial killers who abduct their victims, let them loose in the forest and then hunt them down for sport. 

8-9pm -- Intervention - Ed and Bettina
Ed, 53, and Bettina, 49, had a picture-perfect life, including three adoring kids, a dream home, sports cars, motorcycles, and a respected place in their church community. But six years ago, Ed made a bad career move and ended up unemployed. He and Bettina lost everything they had worked for. They began to drink, and quickly became alcoholics. Ed has been hospitalized for internal bleeding, and Bettina for withdrawals so excruciating she thought she was dying. Their children have begged them to stop drinking, but it only strengthens the bond between Ed and Bettina, leaving the children to wonder, "How do you intervene on a married couple?"

9-10pm -- Intervention - 31 - Cristy 
Cristy was born into a tight-knit family and sought a career as a clothing designer before she became addicted to alcohol and crystal meth. Now she earns her money as a stripper, and her desperate family knows she needs an intervention. 

10-11pm -- Extreme Paranormal - Pennhurst Insane Asylum & Manchac Swamp
Shaun, Nathan and Jason investigate Pennhurst State School and Hospital, a decrepit mental asylum in Eastern Pennsylvania. The facility was closed in 1986 after decades of abuse, neglect and torture under the guise of "treatment" were reported. Ever since, strange sightings and unexplained phenomena have been witnessed. Our team relives horrific abuses such as prolonged restraint and electroshock therapy in the hopes of experiencing the paranormal legends themselves. Then the team travels deep into the heart of Manchac Swamp, a haunted swamp just outside of New Orleans where they bury alive one of their own in a mass gravesite so they can contact the souls of the residents of an entire town wiped away by a massive hurricane in 1915.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 44 - Legacy 
The BAU go to Kansas City at the request of a cop whose beat is the downtown area and where 63 people--the hookers, the homeless and the runaways have disappeared off the streets. The team discovers that the serial killer is a wealthy man on a mission to rid his city of "the low life elements." With the help of his manservant, they abduct their victims and torture them by having them travel through a chamber of horrors before killing them. 

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 56 - Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance
Miami Detective Carlos Castellanos and Sgt. Jose "Pepi" Granado are working the murder of a 54-year old tourist. As they hit the streets to track down the killer, they learn the victim was in town for more than the Miami sunshine: it's his son's 17th birthday. And in Memphis, a high school dance turns deadly when shots ring out. Sgt. Kevin Lundy must figure out who shot at a car outside the school, leaving one teen near death and another dead at the scene. 

9-9:30pm -- Parking Wars - 14 - Parking Wars
At the Impound Lot Yolanda struggles to placate a screaming couple. Booting team Frank and "Cheeks" have a dangerous face off with a man determined to drive off with the boot on. And Lisa takes on smart mouthed students while ticketing on the college beat.

9:30-10pm -- Parking Wars - 40 - Parking Wars 
Sparks fly as Mike stumbles onto a parking fiasco at a Philly gala event. Rodney and Michele catch red-handed a Detroiter in the act of removing a boot. And brotherly love is put to the test when two Jersey boys try to rescue their hoopdie from the Philly impound lot.

10-10:30pm -- Parking Wars - 43 - Parking Wars
In Philly, Garfield tests his Irish luck trying to boot two cars on the same block, until one citizen gets physical. Can Detroit ticketer Robert, know as "Mr. Perfection" for lack of voided tickets, keep his record when challenged by irate citizens? A 70 year-old man's patience is tested as he tries to get his car out of the Philly impound lot.

10:30-11pm -- Parking Wars - 34 - Parking Wars
Police are called in when Jen and Mike face off with an angry man who resorts to extreme measures--and a garden tool--to try to get them to remove the boot. At the lot, a brother and sister from out of town struggle to find their impounded car that is lost in the system.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 45 - No Way Out: The Evilution of Frank 
Frank is back and Gideon is his target. Fearing that Frank will kill her, Jane (his love) leaves him and goes in search of Gideon for protection. Unable to find her, Frank goes to Gideon's apartment; kills a friend of Gideon's and leaves the message that he will continue to kill the people Gideon has saved until Jane is delivered to him. As Hotch and the rest of the team search for Jane, Gideon and Garcia work together to profile Frank's history in order to stop him. During the course of this investigation, Hotch continually bends the rules which ultimately puts his position as the BAU team leader in jeopardy. Keith Carradine guest stars as Frank and Amy Madigan guest stars as Jane. 

8-8:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 42 - Dog is Smokin'
Dog is trying to cut down on smoking, but it's not easy with his high-stress job. Today, he must track down Walter, a fugitive who believes that the Canadian military has planted a chip in his tooth that allows him to communicate with his van, which is just an old jalopy. After nabbing Walter, Dog goes back out to search for Tammy, an ice addict. He busts Tammy and tells her that she's got to get off drugs - something Dog knows he needs to do himself when it comes to tobacco.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 27 - Lost in Paradise
Dog lectures high school students about the dangers of drugs before going after Joseph, a dangerous fugitive who won't be easy to capture. Dog gets special help from a UPS driver, but has to reject the assistance of another potential ally--4-year-old Garry, who wants to go after Joseph, but is dragged back to the house kicking and screaming.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 81 - You Can Bet On It!
Kristine had a string of gambling and forgery charges before she jumped bail leaving Dog "holding the bag" -- in this case a $20,000 bond. Now it's time for Dog to call in some chits of his own, getting the help of trusty informants he's helped out over the years. Their tips will send him and the team on a multi-day tour though the low-rent hotels and illicit gaming houses of the Hawaii few tourists ever see. As the hunt stretches out, Dog amps up the pressure putting the squeeze on the very gaming rooms Kristine frequents. But when the hand plays to a close, Dog is in for a surprise when he discovers that he and Kristine share a common past.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 69 - Baby Lyssa Steps Up 
The team is still in Colorado, and today Dog starts his day by to giving his kids and crew a sample of their western heritage by taking them horseback riding. This hunt takes Dog back to his old stomping grounds in Denver. He's helping out his childhood friend, Red, who also is a bail bondsman. One of Red's longtime customers, Ana, has failed to appear in court. But she knows everyone in Red's office, so he's afraid she'll be able to elude them. But she doesn't know Dog...yet. They start the hunt by hitting the home address she listed on her application, only to discover it's standing empty. Canvassing the neighbors they learn her house has been vacant for months. But one thing leads to another and after some persistent searching, they catch a break. During the take down Lyssa takes charge, and at the end of the day Dog has a surprising and moving reward for his daughter.

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 67 - Rocky Mountain Roundup 
Dog decides to help two of his bondsmen buddies, Dave "Red" Widhelm and "Downtown" Bobby Brown. First up is Red, who has a client named Alvin who failed to appear on a $20,000 bond with charges of drug possession and distribution pending. Dog plans to make the bust by using Lyssa to lure Alvin out of his apartment. Then the team goes after Craig, a client of Bobby's who has failed to appear on traffic offenses worth almost $70,000. They track Craig to his house, but must move quickly because Craig's father is poised to tip him off that the bust is going down. 

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 30 - To Capture One's Own
Dog faces a tough personal and professional situation when he must hunt down his friend, Ili, who has helped him on many busts. But now Ili's on the other side of the law. She's didn't come to court to answer charges that she burned down her house after a fight with her husband, and now Dog must bring her in.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 48 - Scared to Death
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) tracks down a sadistic killer who exploits his victims' worst fears to torture and kill them.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 70 - Hard Fall 
In Miami, a former airline executive is stabbed to death in his car. Rookie detective Mario De Los Santos tracks two suspects and finds out that both the suspect and his victim shared promising futures-and a deadly vice.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 80 - About Face/Backyard Murder
On a rainy night in Detroit, Sgt. Mike Martel finds a young man shot to death in a neighborhood yard. Martel finds he must rely on a friend of the victim's to help him close the case. And in Miami, Detectives Castillo and Castellanos work the murder of a young man brutally shot in broad daylight. To find their suspect they need to persuade the community to come forward and tell detectives what they saw.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 92 - Dead Sleep/Tag Team
Cincinnati Homicide Detective Kurt Ballman investigates a brutal beating death in the close-knit East End neighborhood. In Memphis, Lieutenant Toney Armstrong and Sergeant Mason use surveillance footage to track down the killer of local teenager. 


Friday, October 30, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 49 - Children of the Dark 
The BAU investigate a series of brutal home invasions that leave a trail of bodies throughout Denver. The serial killers are two brothers. When the BAU discovers that one of the killers has formed an attachment to a survivor of one of their home invasions--they use the survivor as bait to trap the killers.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 50 - Seven Seconds 
When a child is abducted at a local mall, the BAU locks down the area and must profile the people at the scene to retrieve the child.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 68 - Minimal Loss
Prentiss and Reid go undercover with Child Services, to investigate possible abuse charges of children in an underground cult and get caught inside the compound when a federal raid goes bad. They have to help the team from the inside as they try and resolve the ensuing hostage situation with the extremely charismatic cult leader. Luke Perry guest stars at the cult leader.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 69 - Paradise 
The profilers hunt a killer who kidnaps and tortures couples at a resort motel. Stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness, with guest star Wil Wheaton.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 11 - Blood Hungry 
The team goes on the hunt for a psychopathic killer who drinks his victims' blood.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 12 - What Fresh Hell 
When an 11-year-old girl is snatched from a playground, the BAU team has only four hours to save her life.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 13 - Poison
The FBI profilers investigate a series of poisonings that have had deadly consequences in a New Jersey town.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 149 - Cheating Death 
When a man is found stabbed to death in his hotel room, the CSI team gets involved in a twisted case of prostitution and murder. Stars David Caruso, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Adam Rodriguez, Rex Linn, Emily Procter, and Megalyn Echikunwoke.
Note: The Sopranos is seen Monday-Friday @ 8am & 2pm followed by American Justice @ 9am & 3pm, see daily listing feed at top of page for today's episode titles

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