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A&E Primetime Programming Schedule, August 2009


Saturday, August 1, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 125 - Bang, Bang, Your Debt
Horatio and the CSI team investigate the mysterious death of a college student whose death may have been linked to her enormous credit card debt. And Delko makes a startling discovery about Speedle. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 122 - Dangerous Son
When a probation officer is murdered, Horatio's investigation leads to a shocking discovery--one of the suspects may be his own son. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.
9-10pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 123 - Cyber-lebrity
Teenage swimming sensation Candace Walker becomes an overnight Internet star when a picture of her in a Speedo is plastered all over the Web. But things turn ugly when her boyfriend is killed at a swim meet by an arrow shot through his chest, and Horatio must investigate the sleazy world of cyber-stalkers. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.
10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 124 - Inside Out
Horatio's son, Kyle, is put in danger when crime kingpin Julio Rentoria and other prison inmates pull off a daring escape. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

Sunday, August 2, 2009
7-7:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 61 - Power Outage
Exhausted after surviving a grueling 24 hours aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, Gene returns home only to be reminded he must babysit his 4-year-old nephews, Jake and Hunter.

7:30-8pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 46 - Nail Me
Gene is unable to remain a silent partner when he agrees to help fund Shannon and Tracy's new Nail Salon business venture. Attempting to muscle in and run the business his way, Shannon and Tracy must call all of their family and friends in for back-up to undo Gene's mess.

8-9pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 72/73 - Sophie's Sweet 16
Nothing is too good for Gene's little girl when he takes what starts as a simple birthday celebration and, against Sophie's wishes, attempts to turn it into the Sweet Sixteen of the Century.

9-9:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 87 - Derby Queen
Gene becomes the homemaker and Shannon the breadwinner when the kids convince Shannon to return to acting after she is offered a role in a new Roller Derby exploitation film.
9:30-10pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 88 - Fresh Meat
While Shannon recovers from her roller derby accident Gene continues to handle the day-to-day household chores, and Nick entertains a friend and his "cougar" mother from out of town.

10-10:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 65 -X-Gene
Gene courts a bizarre assortment of pro-riders in an attempt to find a spokesperson for his new snowboard apparel line.

10:30-11pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 93 - Dirty Little Secrets
Like father, like son. Gene and Nick are both caught in embarrassing situations they must hide from Shannon.

Monday, August 3, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 62 - One Night Stand
Horatio and the team investigate a big-time counterfeiting operation when the special paper used to print the bogus bucks is heisted. Meanwhile, Calleigh looks into the murder of a woman who had gone to a sexy "friction party" with her husband. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star.

8-9pm -- Intervention - 33 - Laurie and Jessie
A look at two women whose lives have spun out of control. At one time, Laurie was a psychotherapist and mother of three. But then an addiction to pain killers and alcohol led to the loss of her job and her family, and now only an intervention can stop her from losing her life. Jessie is a beautiful young woman who once dreamed of becoming a doctor. But that was before bulimia trapped her in cycle of despair.
9-10pm -- Intervention - 94 - Chad / Brooke Follow-up
This follow-up episode features former subjects Chad and Brooke as they rediscover their lives during and after treatment. Chad's crack addiction destroyed his career as a world-class cyclist. Seven months after his intervention, he's been given a chance to redeem himself. He's joined a racing team in Italy, but his body may be too damaged to make a successful comeback. Brooke was in denial about her addiction to pain pills but agreed to go to treatment after an explosive intervention. Now her parents are visiting Brooke to see how much progress she's made.

10-11pm -- Obsessed - 09 - AJ/Vanessa
AJ needs a service dog ("Sparky") to help manage her anxiety and panic attacks. But AJ can't stop her OCD mind from bombarding her with horrific images of animal abuse. Another coping mechanism AJ uses is compulsively tweezing out her eyebrows. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, AJ will go to an animal shelter to confront her obsessive thoughts about animal cruelty. Meanwhile, Vanessa has a compulsion to pick her skin. At one time, she actually picked clear through to her jawbone. But Vanessa recently connected with a woman online, and now she's preparing to meet her new girlfriend for the first time. Knowing she needs to manage her picking for the relationship to work, Vanessa is highly motivated to begin CBT.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
7-8pm -- The First 48 - 128 - Live Bait/Drama at the Classic
In Minneapolis, a young man is robbed and killed while meeting up with a girl he met earlier on a bus. Sgts. Christopher Gaiters and Robert Dale need to find out if the murder was a random act of violence or if the girl the victim just met, set him up. And in Birmingham, Det. Cynthia Morrow and her team are investigating the murder of a man gunned down outside the city's annual Magic City Classic football game. Detectives learn that there was tension between the victim and his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and need to determine if he was involved in the murder.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 93 - Unnecessary Roughness/Stolen Life
In Cincinnati, Ohio, a children's Peace Bowl football tournament is interrupted by gunfire, leaving a teenager dead. With no leads, Detectives Greg Gehring and Kurt Ballman hope a witness will come forward to lead them to a suspect. And in Dallas, Texas Detectives Robert Quirk and PE Jones must find who robbed and shot a popular high school basketball coach.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Kristy McNichol (Bio channel only)
She first captured hearts as a fresh-faced teen actress in the TV drama Family, a role for which she earned two Emmy Awards. Inside, though, Kristy McNichol was battling a debilitating bipolar disorder which eventually became so overwhelming that she abandoned her film career. In December of 1982, she walked off the set of a movie due to the disease which was taking an increasing toll on her willingness to live a public life as an actress. Over the next several years her roles dwindled precipitously, and although she earned kudos as an activist on behalf of abused children, by the mid-1990s her acting career was over.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 122 - Blood Money/Fifteen
When Tucson Detectives John Dorer and Kathi Kelley arrive at the murder scene of a young man gunned down behind an apartment complex, their investigation is hampered by hostility from the victim1s friends. Detectives think the friends know more than they are telling, but will they be able to get the friends to cooperate in order to find the killer? And in Dallas, a birthday party turns violent when a stray bullet from an AK-47 strikes down a teenaged girl. To solve this senseless tragedy, Det. Robert Quirk must track down the patrons of the club and get them talk.

10-11pm -- The Cleaner - An Ordinary Man
William tackles the substance abuse problems of a surgeon with a God complex. The hospital administrator approaches William after receiving an anonymous letter accusing a doctor and some of the nurses of using drugs. When a nurse named Carey passes out during a surgery, William brings her in for treatment. It turns out, Carey is dating the surgeon with the drug problem and she is banking on him marrying her and becoming the father-figure to her young son. Melissa assists William by babysitting Carey's son while Carey undergoes treatment and she helps William get to the bottom of Carey's real addiction--she is addicted to being in love.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 63 - Identity
When a woman is swallowed by a gigantic snake, Horatio discovers an ingenious drug smuggling operation that uses big snakes to bring the drugs into the country. And Wolfe meets two women who claim that the other is guilty of identity theft. Which one is telling the truth? David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star.

8-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 134/135 - Friends and Neighbors
Dog and his posse head to Colorado for a special mission--to catch Marco, an alleged drug dealer. It's been ten months since Marco went on the lam, and his bondsman stands to lose his family business if Marco is not caught. Dog's hunt for this elusive criminal reveals a world of half-truths, hot checks, identity theft, drug ravaged lives, and even a violin case containing a sawed-off shotgun.

9-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 136/137 - The Set-Up
Darkness has fallen, but with the trail hot and the stakes high Dog and posse refuse to let up. The "Big Fish" in this case is Marco, an alleged drug dealer with a big bond. But a major key to catching him is Elizabeth, who is also a fugitive from the law. Will Dog's plan to trick her in using her close friend work? What does Dog do when he realizes that the bait in the set-up is also a wanted man?
10-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 138/139 - The Searchers
Dog's relentless ruthlessness is being put to the test on the search for the elusive fugitive, Marco. Dog is tracking him across Colorado, from Grand Junction to Denver--facilitating four arrests along the way--and now a hot tip that a long time associate of his is hiding in Pueblo sends the team racing south. With the net closing in around Marco, and time running out, will this development give Dog the clues he needs to bring his target to justice?

Thursday, August 6, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 65 - Money Plane
When a plane carrying over $1 billion is shot down with a laser light, Horatio must investigate the puzzling death of the wealthy socialite who was inside the plane but killed before the crash. Elsewhere, romantic problems get in the way when Calleigh works on a case with her ex-boyfriend. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 62 - Blood Trail/50G Murder
In Memphis, Tennessee, a woman is brutally stabbed and left for dead in the street. When a witness comes forward with the license plate number of a van she saw driving from the scene, the homicide team must employ unique tactics to lure the suspect in. In Dallas, Texas, Detective Rick Duggan investigates the murder of an elderly man, shot inside his dental clinic. Investigators have little to work with until a woman comes into headquarters with information that seems too good to be true.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 126 - Devil Inside/Rattlesnake
In Tucson, Det. John Dorer and his team investigate the gruesome murder of a 58-year-old woman found naked and dead under a highway overpass--a satanic symbol near the body is written in blood. When detectives learn about a similar case, they believe they may have a serial killer on their hands and quickly enlist the help of the entire Tucson PD to track down the killer before he strikes again. And in Birmingham, a community lives in fear after a teenager is senselessly shot in his apartment complex. Det. Eric Torrence and his team head out to the victim's neighborhood to help convince witnesses to speak, so they can bring the killer to justice and put the community back at ease.

10-11pm -- Crime 360 - 21 - Payback
Shortly before dawn, Investigators Tom Cassidy and CJ Dominic arrive at the scene of a homicide on a quiet, neighborhood street. A van has barreled off the road and crashed in front of a house. The victim inside was found riddled with bullet holes, but it's not clear where the shooting took place. Analysis of fingerprints on the van and witness testimony lead investigators deep into the victim's inner circle, where they find deceit, thievery and revenge but no simple answers to who killed the victim. It will take skilled detective work to determine if this homicide suspect is a friend or a foe.

Friday, August 7, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 66 - Game Over
When an extreme skateboarder and videogame tester is found dead, the CSI team enters the cutthroat world of videogame programmers and testers to find the killer. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star.

8-9pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 19 - Double Cap
Horatio and the team are puzzled when the evidence suggests that a professional hit man was involved in the seemingly routine murder of a woman found dead near a hotel pool. The case gets even more baffling when the FBI and U.S. Marshals enter the picture. David Caruso, Kim Delaney, Emily Procter, Rory Cochrane, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, and Sofia Milos star.

9-10pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 20 - Grave Young Men
An ex-con begs Horatio to find his missing teenage son. Horatio tracks down the boy - and also discovers that the kid is plotting an attack on his high school. David Caruso, Kim Delaney, Emily Procter, Rory Cochrane, Adam Rodriguez, and Khandi Alexander star.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 21 - Spring Break
A vacation turns deadly for two college students, leaving the CSI team with two perplexing homicides. The first victim is a teenage girl, found dead on the beach with her neck broken and human bite marks on her legs. The second is a young man found in the bottom of a hotel swimming pool who apparently died before he hit the water. David Caruso, Kim Delaney, Emily Procter, Rory Cochrane, Adam Rodriguez and Khandi Alexander star.

Saturday, August 8, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 129 - Permanent Vacation
When a young man is senselessly murdered, Caine suspects that the killing may have been part of a gang member's initiation into the vicious Cobra gang. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander and Eva La Rue, with guest star Dean Cain.

8-9pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 127 - Sunblock
Horatio and the team deal with one of their strangest cases when they discover that the suspect in the murder of a drug dealer was taking wolf hormones stolen from the victim. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander and Eva La Rue.

9-10pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 135 - You May Now Kill the Bride
Star baseball player Greg Tanner's wedding day turns into a nightmare when his bride, Susan Alton, is shot and killed. When Horatio and the CSI team investigate, the trail leads to a strip club and a blackmail plot. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 138 - To Kill a Predator
A couple of seemingly unrelated murders send Horatio and the CSI team into the sleazy world of pedophiles. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

Sunday, August 9, 2009
7-7:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 75 - Movin' Out
The Simmons-Tweed household is turned upside down when a foreign exchange student visits Sophie and Nick gets his own apartment for the summer with a difficult landlord.

7:30-8pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 93 - Dirty Little Secrets Like father, like son. Gene and Nick are both caught in embarrassing situations they must hide from Shannon.

8-8:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 89 - Puppy Love
When his nephews' dog passes away Gene lends them Snippy to help cheer them up, but Gene quickly realizes he needs to find them a new pet before they get too attached.
8:30-9pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 90 - Grapes of Wrath
Shannon and Tracy spend a weekend at a Wine Country Vineyard in order to placate a big time investor Gene does not want to offend. Meanwhile, Nick must stay up for 48 hours to finish a missed deadline for his comic book.

9-9:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 80 - Memphis Blues
Nick learns the blues first hand when an innocent business trip with Dad results in him taking the stage on the spot where the legendary Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil 100 years before.
9:30-10pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 92 - Gene the Slacker
When Gene finds himself with a week of nothing to do the family gets a sense of what it would be like if he didn't work so much and hatches a plan to show him their appreciation.

10-12am -- Animal House: The Inside Story
Toga! Toga! Toga! This special marks the 30th anniversary of Animal House, the legendary movie that celebrated youthful rebellion, college fraternities gone amok, and food fights. We'll interview the movie's creators and stars, including Harold Ramis, John Landis, Peter Riegert, Karen Allen, and Kevin Bacon. We'll delve into the world of fraternities past and present to uncover the inspiration for the film's outrageous frat-house antics, and to see how it inspired the toga party fad. We'll also travel to Dartmouth College with co-writer Chris Miller to revisit the scenes of his own college debauchery, and go to the University of Oregon, the producers' location of last resort after they were turned down by other colleges.

Monday, August 10, 2009
7-8pm -- Intervention - Janet
At age 6, Janet was molested. She was also bullied by other kids, making her extremely self-conscious about her looks. At 18, she married a drug dealer who made her rich, but her husband was sent to prison, leaving her alone with two sons. She turned to drugs and alcohol, and had multiple affairs. Her husband discovered one of her affairs and divorced her. Janet remarried and had two more children, but she missed her old luxurious lifestyle and began drinking heavily. Now she frequently passes out, threatens suicide, and puts herself in life-threatening situations.

8-9pm -- Intervention - 63 - Sandra
She sits in her garage every day, popping painkillers, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and sleeping pills. Sandra's pill use is so bad that her two sons, 17 and 11, have left the house. Her best friend, Julie, moved in with her, and although Julie suffers from multiple sclerosis, she takes care of all the housework. Julie and Sandra's husband, Dan, ration Sandra's pills so she doesn't overdose. They know they're enabling her, but they're afraid of what will happen if they stop. Sandra's family is ready to try an intervention, but they're not sure she'll ever choose her family over her addiction.

9-10pm -- Intervention - 96 - Joey
With a terrifying addiction to heroin, Joey's career as a tattoo artist is in jeopardy. His parents divorced when he was three. At 13, Joey started smoking marijuana and soon graduated to ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. When he stole his mother's credit cards, she reluctantly filed charges and he went to jail. He has a daughter now, but the girl's mother is afraid to let Joey be alone with her. An intervention is the only way to stop Joey from overdosing.

10-11pm -- Obsessed - 10 - Richie
Richie is an extreme hoarder who can't throw away anything that belongs to his deceased mother. As he grieves her loss, he's even blocked off the hallway to his mother's bedroom, making the room inaccessible. In the longest therapy process of the entire season (approximately one year,) his therapist pushes and helps Richie as he tries to fight through his emotions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
7-8pm -- The First 48 - 109 - The Last Yard/Root of All Evil
In Memphis Sgt. Eric Freeman and the homicide team investigate the high-profile murder of a University of Memphis college football player found shot in his car near the university campus. Investigators must determine if the victim's long-standing feud with a fellow student resulted in a deadly vendetta. In Tucson, Detectives Jennifer Whitfield and Mike Carroll investigate the double murder of a married couple shot in their home. Detectives cross state borders in search of two potential suspects, an exotic dancer and a drug dealer who mysteriously fled town the day after the double homicide.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 104 - Frenzy/Hard Truth
In Miami, Sgt. Louis Melancon and Det. Carlos Castellanos investigate the murder of two men savagely gunned down in the middle of a residential street. Detectives learn that a roommate of the two victim's is missing. Now they need to track him down to find out what he knows about the murders. And in Cincinnati, Det. Hilbert and his team search for the suspect in a shooting that left one man dead and another wounded. Detectives hope the wounded man will be able to identify their shooter.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 141 - Torn/Gun Crazy
In Louisville, rookie detective Kristen Downs is trying to untangle a love triangle that turned deadly. And in Dallas, lead detective Scott Sayers and his team must piece together what happened inside a car that left the driver dead and a second victim critically injured.

10-11pm -- The Cleaner - The Turtle and the Butterfly
An upscale woman named Gail seeks William's help in retrieving her drug addicted son from jail in the Inland Empire. Swenton helps get Gail's son, Travis, released from jail, but they soon discover Travis is a long way from being ready to change his life. While trying to bring Travis back to Los Angeles with them, they meet a 13-year old boy who is running drugs for a powerful dealer. The boy weighs on William's conscience and William must decide if there is a way to save him, or if their trip to the Inland Empire is a total wash.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
7-7:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 123 - No Fly Zone
So what does a bondsman do when he learns that the felon he's bonded out is booked on an afternoon flight to Florida? Especially when over $140,000 is at stake? If you're Dog, you 911 the team and race to Honolulu International. But things get stressful when the flight starts to board and Dog still can't ID his man.

7:30-8pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 96 - Day of the Dog
Dog and the team are back in Colorado hunting bounties. Today's fugitive has a long rap sheet and a reputation for packing heat. With nothing but an address and phone number, the team heads out on the hunt. When they get to his girlfriend's pad, no one answers. But Dog's sixth sense tingles when he hears a puppy scratching at the door of the apartment...he knows it's worth sticking around. The stakeout is long and tense. And when they get him, the fugitive is not quite what his record would suggest.

8-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Family Business
Dog and the Chapman clan start their hunt today with another well-established bail bonding family. And in fact as Dog's fame has grown, so have his responsibilities. So in addition to tracking down two felons on the lam, Dog has to prepare for a goodwill and fundraising trip to Mooseheart, one of America's largest homes for children in need. Can he catch his prey in time to be there for the kids?

9-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 147/148 - Buddha's Delight
Dog and the posse travel to the Big Island to help Leland track down a small-time Bonnie and Clyde couple. Their crime: theft, including allegedly stealing a pair of Buddha statues for resale. But this only masks deeper problems with the couple. On the ride to jail all is revealed, and the picture is not pretty.

10-11pm -- Criss Angel MindFreak - 89 - White Death
Criss takes the "Buried Alive" escape attempt to an unprecedented level, adding the extra weight and freezing temperatures of snow and ice. Shackled and placed in a transparent coffin before hundreds of fans and his concerned family and then buried in ice and snow, Criss must escape the bonds and dig himself out of impossible conditions before succumbing to hypothermia, suffocation or the possibility of the ground collapsing from the weight of the snow. Many who have attempted "Buried Alive" have perished and Houdini refused to do it again after a near death experience, so Criss must rigorously train to be prepared, especially for these conditions.

Thursday, August 13, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 67 - Sex and Taxes
Horatio investigates the murders of two IRS agents right before income tax day, April 15. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Who (Bio Channel only)
In the annals of rock history The Who stand alone. Though technically they were Mods and musically self-proclaimed "Maximum R&B," The Who were also the godfathers of punk, the pioneers of rock opera, and among the first rock groups to integrate synthesizers. The group members--whose personality clashes are almost as legendary as their music, experienced drugs, death of a band member, and every other vice associated with the rock-and-roll lifestyle, but rose from the ashes to establish themselves as one of the greatest rock bands in history. May follow a bio of Billy Idol

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 72 - Blindsided
In Dallas, Detective Eddie Ibarra discovers a woman shot dead in the lobby of her workplace. When he uncovers video surveillance of the murder he is given an unusual piece of evidence: an image of the killer. Ibarra takes on the difficult job of putting a name to the face.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 127 - Blame Game/Chasing Shadows
In Birmingham, a thirty-year-old man is found murdered next to his car in an apparent robbery gone bad. When Detectives Warren Cotton and Cynthia Morrow round up the suspects, they're forced to pit brother against brother to get to the truth. In Louisville, Det. Will Brown and his team investigate the shooting of a thirty-two-year-old family man found dead in a parking lot. The case takes a turn when detectives find surveillance video that shows them more than they expected.

10-11pm -- Crime 360 - 28 - Crime 360
In a suburban neighborhood of Cleveland, gunshots ring out in the middle of the night, and a young male is found dead on the front porch of his own house. Detectives Tom Armelli and Joe Chojnowski learn from the victim's girlfriend that a visit by friends that evening quickly turned violent. Was this a home invasion? Or, a friendly fight taken too far? To discover the truth, detectives must rely on their strongest piece of evidence, a cooking pan. Will this pan hold the recipe to catch the killer? Forensic science and diligent detective work are the crucial ingredients needed to break this case.

Friday, August 14, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 64 - Tabula Rasa
After a suspected serial killer wakes up from a coma, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 01 - Extreme Aggressor
In the premiere of this series, a vicious serial killer abducts his next victim. With few clues to the killer's identity, the FBI calls in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite squad of profilers led by special agent Jason Gideon. Gideon's team puts together a portrait of the killer, but they soon discover that the case is going to be a lot more complicated--and deadly--than they thought. Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna star.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 02 - Compulsion
After Gideon tells a group of agent trainees how the Footpath Killer was captured, the team heads for Bradshaw College, where a student has been burned alive in his dorm room. Hotch and Reid investigate and discover that the killer is obsessed with the number three--and has a plan to burn even more students to death.
10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 03 - Won't Get Fooled Again
When Gideon and the BAU team investigate two bombings in Florida, the case puts them on a nerve-wracking race to save an innocent man from getting blown up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 99 - Going Under
A body falling from an apartment building and an attempt on Calleigh's life put the CSI team on the trail of a dangerous biker gang. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 139 - Tunnel Vision
When Horatio investigates the death of a bank employee whose body was found at the bottom of a sink hole, the trail leads him to a wealthy billionaire with some dark secrets to hide. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

9-10pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 140 - Rock and a Hard Place
When a jet skier is killed by a falling piece of slate thrown off a bridge, Alexx makes a startling discovery that could link her son, Bryan, to the death. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 141 - Down to the Wire
Horatio and the team are hounded by a sleazy private eye when they investigate a deadly love triangle. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

Sunday, August 16, 2009
7-8pm -- Gene Simmons: Family Jewels - 33/36 - Fact or Fiction?
While appearing on The Adam Corolla radio show, Gene is given the ultimate public challenge: take a lie detector test and settle the score--are his sexual exploits Rock Star bravado or cold hard fact? After lunch with Hugh Hefner and a shot at being Playboy guest photographers, Gene and Shannon travel to Vegas for her sister Sara's wedding. While Shannon and Tracy party with the men of Chippendales, Gene has quite an adventure of his own with comedian Carrot Top. With everyone from Hugh Hefner to Extra putting the pressure on, will Gene crack and take the test?

8-8:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 68 - GeneHarmony
Gene attempts to find "nice guys" for Sophie and Tracy before he dashes off to Australia on business.

8:30-9pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 74 - Slumber Party
When Shannon falls ill it is up to Gene to keep an eye on Sophie and her five hyper friends, fend off a hoard of horny boys trying to crash the party, and track down one girl who sneaks out for a little rendezvous.

9-9:30pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 91 - Sex & Rock n' Roll
Nick's band hits a roadblock when all of their gear is stolen moments before their debut gig. Meanwhile Shannon convinces Gene to be social and attend a dinner party that unknowingly has another agenda.

9:30-10pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 84 - Letters Lost
While Gene is in Japan filming a monster movie Shannon and Tracy go antiquing and buy a piece of furniture that sends them on a search for its original owner.

10-11pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 54-56 - The Gene Simmons Roast
Roastmaster Jeff Ross calls on his all-star comedian friends to destroy Gene's ego and raise money for the Wounded Warriors Charity. Even Nick, Shannon and Aunt Tracy take shots at good ol' Gene.

Monday, August 17, 2009
7-8pm -- Intervention - 58 - Brad
The chaos and bloodshed that Brad witnessed as a young soldier in Iraq, including the death of a close friend, left him emotionally damaged. He now suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and uses alcohol and marijuana to quell the endless nightmares and flashbacks that haunt him. Brad's temper also flares and he's had several incidents of blackout drinking which have led to two car accidents. His parents and sisters are terrified that Brad will kill himself or someone else in a drunken stupor. An intervention is their final attempt to save his life.

8-9pm -- Intervention - 90 - Donald
When he was five, Donald's parents divorced. He longed for a strong father figure, but his father had very little contact with him. Donald became a gifted boxer, but ultimately chose drugs over his career. He joined a violent gang and turned to stealing to support his crack habit. Now his son is angry because Donald wasn't there for him growing up. Donald's girlfriend just had a baby and Donald has a second chance to be a good father, but his crack use is spiraling out of control.

9-10pm -- Intervention - 97 - Sebastian and Marcel
Sebastian, 21, and his brother Marcel, 20, were soccer celebrities in their town at a very young age. Cool and rebellious, Sebastian hung out with older teammates and started doing marijuana, cocaine and meth. Then Marcel got strung out on cocaine, Xanax and OxyContin, and also sold drugs. Now their older brother is angry, their mother feels betrayed, and their father is ready to give up his wife, his oldest son, and his own life to save them. An intervention is the last hope for the entire family.

10-11pm -- Hoarders - 04 - Jennifer & Ron/Jill Jennifer is a young stay at home mom. Both she and her husband Ron, suffer from hoarding and their three kids are growing up with piles of junk, food, and clothing everywhere. They have been cited by the city on numerous occasions. Jennifer lives every day in fear of child protective services coming and taking her kids away and must now try to get the house in order before it's too late. Jill's home is a nightmare. Food in various stages of decay is stuffed among her two freezers and four refrigerators--one of which is held shut by duct tape and a box of dented canned goods. She recently lost her job and knows that if her landlord were to pay a visit she would get evicted immediately.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
7-8pm -- The First 48 - 82 - Double Life
In Miami, Detective Ricardo John discovers a man stabbed to death behind an abandoned church. With no identification, the investigation hinges on identifying the victim through his fingerprints. When John finally gets a name for his victim, he is running out of time. In the final hours, John finds out that the victim has a surprise up his sleeve that throws the investigation into a tailspin.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 108 - Last Night Out/Death Do Us Part
When a young man is gunned down outside a Cincinnati nightclub, witnesses see another young man running from the scene. Detectives Doug Lindle and Matt Thompson hope one of their witnesses can identify the shooter and help them catch a killer on the run. In Miami, a pair of one-year-old twins cry helplessly in the back of a black SUV -- their mother slumped over in the driver's seat, shot dead. Detectives Manny Castillo and Carlos Castellanos pursue every mysterious lead, hoping to find one that will identify their shooter.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - After The First 48: Ashes and Snow/Backyard Murder
Now that some of our strongest cases have been adjudicated, we can take viewers inside the powerful and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the conviction.

10-11pm -- The Cleaner - Path of Least Resistance
A self-help guru's drug addicted son disappears right before the release of her second book, so she turns to William for help. William and his team search for her son and once William finds the estranged young man, he learns her son struggles with gender dysphoria. William tries to get him to confront both his addiction issues and his gender dysphoria honestly and without pressure from his ambitious mother.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 80 - Nailed
When a man cheats on his wife with his beautiful young secretary, the wife refuses to sign the divorce papers that would allow hubby to live happily after with his new love. Could things get any nastier? They can and do--the wife is soon found dead with four nails sticking out of her body. The case becomes complicated when one of the CSI's is attacked and ends up in hospital.

8-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 34/35 - This Dog Can Hunt
Dog and the family visit the Rockies for a little work and lot of fun, but soon they're on one of the biggest cases of their career. They go on the hunt for Harry, a repeat offender, and the search takes them through a seedy world of tattoo parlors, cheap motels, and crack dens. But soon Dog realizes that he will need all of his man-hunting expertise and even the Indian tracking skills his grandfather taught him if he has any hope of bringing Harry to justice. (1 hour special.)

9-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 142/143 - Three's Company
This fugitive is hard to pin down in Honolulu's downtown district--moving from hostel to hotel to apartment high-rise. But as the hunt evolves, Dog discovers that this alleged burglar isn't the only family member wanted by the law.

10-11pm -- Criss Angel MindFreak - 88 - Death Field
Criss and his team head to Edwards Air Force Base in California where they take "Mindfreak" to an explosive new level. Criss first learns about the dangers of mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS) and works with the K-9 bomb detection unit to learn about their remarkable abilities. Utilizing his own instincts, he finds a hidden canister of explosive material and prepares for his big challenge of the day: to safely traverse a field of live explosives, where the potential for serious injury, if not death, is extremely high.

Thursday, August 20, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 81 - Urban Hellraisers
Delko witnesses a bank robbery and the CSIs soon discover that the culprits are playing out the action from the videogame "Urban Hellraisers" on the streets of Miami. As they score points for each crime committed, the team must discover what consists of getting to the next level in the game in order to stop the culprits before they strike again.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 67 - Final Investment/Writing on the Wall
In Memphis, a well-loved neighborhood investor is shot, and the only eyewitness is a young girl on her way home from school. Sgt. Mitch Oliver and his team must persuade the girl's mother to let her talk to police. And in Miami, the murder of a homeless man appears to involve the notorious MS-13 gang. Detective Aguilar and his team follow a mysterious trail of graffiti that they hope will lead to the killer.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 137 - In Broad Daylight/Fight Club
In Birmingham, Detective Chris Anderson and the homicide team investigate the brutal murder of a young woman shot to death in a park in the middle of the day. Detectives must first discover the identity of the victim before they can track down their suspect and learn the disturbing motive behind her murder. In Minneapolis, Sergeants Chris Thomsen and Scott Larson investigate the murder of a young man beaten and shot during a gunfight in front of a strip club. Using surveillance video and forensic evidence, investigators race to find their murder suspect before some one else gets hurt.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 97 - Last Ride/Trailer Trap
In Dallas, homicide Detectives Rick Duggan and Ken Penrod investigate the shooting of young man left in the trunk of an abandoned car. In Memphis Sergeants Terry Max and Caroline Mason work the murder of a man brutally murdered in a trailer park.

Friday, August 21, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 65 - Lo-Fi
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) is dispatched to New York, where they have to determine if the shootings of victims at point blank range are the work of a single killer or a team of killers. People who seemingly have nothing in common are shot at random and the B.A.U. discovers it is deadlier to them then they anticipated.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 05 - Broken Mirror
When the daughter of a powerful federal prosecutor is kidnapped, Gideon and the team are in for quite a shock--the kidnapper steals a page from their book, profiling them and taunting them with their weaknesses.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 06 - L.D.S.K.
When an "L.D.S.K.," or long distance serial killer, shoots and wounds six victims, the team's profile suggests that the LDSK might be a cop.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 07 - The Fox
The team tracks a serial killer who preys on families, takes them hostage, pretends to be their father, and then kills them.

Saturday, August 22, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 101 - If Looks Could Kill
A male model turns up dead, and one of his top competitors for modeling jobs becomes a suspect. Meanwhile, Natalia is dismayed when her abusive ex-husband shows up at the CSI offices looking for work. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 142 - Going Ballistic
A case involving competing munitions dealers puts the lives of Horatio, the medical examiner, and the other team members in danger. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

9-10pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 64a - Nothing to Lose, Part 1
The CSIs feel the heat when a massive fire in the Everglades allows a serial killer to run free and destroys the evidence in the murder of a local college student. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star. Part 1 of 2.
10-11pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 64b - Nothing to Lose, Part 2
The CSIs feel the heat when a massive fire in the Everglades allows a serial killer to run free and destroys the evidence in the murder of a local college student. David Caruso, Khandi Alexander, Sofia Milos, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo star. Part 2 of 2.

Sunday, August 23, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 102 - Death Eminent
Horatio suspects that the murder of a city councilman may be connected to a powerful businessman's plans to get the city council to open up an area for redevelopment. Stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 09 - Derailed
When a paranoid schizophrenic takes hostages, the team profiles his delusion and plays along with his fantasies to stop him from killing the hostages.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 10 - The Popular Kids
Did the devil do it? Ritual Satanism may be behind the murders of two high school students.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 11 - Blood Hungry
The team goes on the hunt for a psychopathic killer who drinks his victims' blood.

Monday, August 24, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 83 - Payback
A man who was convicted for rape is found innocent after 6 years, and when the real rapist turns up dead, Horatio and the team must figure out who killed him.

8-9pm -- Intervention - Casie
Once a successful hairstylist, Casie now works in a small-town salon to fuel her $500-a-week meth habit. Casie's childhood was marred by her mother's drug addiction. Suffering from low self-esteem, Casie became bulimic and an addict. She lost her career, her life's savings, and her husband. Casie's mother now tries to make up for Casie's difficult childhood by enabling her, even at the cost of her own marriage. Casie's boyfriend, John, also an addict, is desperately trying to keep her alive. Casie's drug use is taking everyone down with her.

9-10pm -- Intervention - 98 - Gloria
At 53, Gloria prides herself on being a good cook and an independent, fun-loving woman. But Gloria uses her cooking and charm to manipulate her family into letting her drink as much as she wants. Gloria had difficulty raising her children, and was married to an abusive man. At 42, Gloria got breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation but did not stop drinking. Now Gloria drinks and drives, misses work, and spends all her money on alcohol. Gloria's family has had enough of her selfishness, and they're ready for an intervention.

10-11pm -- Hoarders - 01 - Patty/Bill
Patty and David appear to be living the American dream. But their secret hides behind the manicured yard of their new home. Patty's hoarding has taken over the entire house and their children were removed by authorities. Now, if the family is to have any hope of ever getting their children back, Patty must overcome her compulsive shopping and hoarding and clean out her entire home. For 25 years Lorelei coped with her partner Bill's hoarding. But last year she tripped on a pile of his things, fell down the stairs and broke her arm. Bill didn't seem to care. His clutter has taken over their home, which is filled with junk and nearly uninhabitable. She has given Bill an ultimatum, clean up or move out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
7-8pm -- The First 48 - 90 - Double Time
In Miami, Detective Ervens Ford is called to a shooting in a Little Haiti café. Witnesses say it was a robbery gone bad. But just as Ford and his team close in on their suspects, the team gets assigned to a second homicide investigation. It's a race against the clock for the team to solve both cases.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 95 - American Dream / Easter Sunday
In Memphis, a man who fled the war in Bosnia is found shot dead in his truck. A surveillance video could lead Sgt. Joe Stark and his team to their suspects. In Detroit, a young father striving to escape life on the street turns up dead in the back of a car. Tips from his family could lead Sgt. Constance Slappey to the killer.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 135 - Road Hazard/Cold
In Birmingham, Det. Chris Anderson works to unravel the mystery of a motorcycle club president shot in the head after being run off the road. And Louisville Det. Corey Cadwell races against the clock to catch the killer of a mother of seven, strangled to death in her apartment.

10-11pm -- The Cleaner - Cinderella
While William watches his daughter Lula rehearse for an important ballet recital, he begins to suspect that the star ballerina, whom Lula idolizes, is addicted to drugs. William wrestles with his own issues of being an overprotective father and must find a way to help the ballerina with her problems while not damaging his relationship with Lula. Benjamin Bratt stars.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 84 - The Score
A man is brutally murdered while trying to learn how to pick up women at a hip Miami nightclub. Left only with a club full of likely suspects and a murder weapon wiped clean, the team must find the killer amongst the backdrop of Miami's nightlife. Meanwhile, Eric's sister, Marisol, is arrested for buying a large amount of marijuana, and Horatio, learning that she bought the drugs to help her and her fellow cancer sufferers, must find a way to help her avoid jail time.

8-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 97/98 - Girl Trouble
Dog and the team have girl trouble in this case. Krystal jumped bail and seems to have vanished into the high plains of Colorado. To make matters worse, she's running with her lover (and bond co-signer) Carrie. But Thelma and Louise they ain't. As the pursuit unfolds, the team descends into a frightening suburban dystopia where behind well-manicured lawns and handsome facades, the houses harbor dark secrets. An escaped convict, a grieving mother, and a kid with a hidden AK-47--Dog will see it all as he attempts to bring this bad girl to justice and help her find a new path.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 120 - Save the Dogs
What starts out as a perfect day for Dog turns ugly fast. He and Beth just bought bunnies for their kids, and Dog is enjoying helping them learn to care for their new pets. But duty calls and this is a tough case to fathom. The charges: alleged cruelty to animals. The fugitive: a young man with a bad drug habit. The alleged victim: a kitten. The tenderhearted Dog has left the room as the team reads aloud the details from the police report. But in the end, this only fuels Dog's determination to get his man.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 151 - Dog the Bounty Hunter [episode description unavailable]

10-11pm -- Criss Angel MindFreak - 91 - Mass Levitation
Criss Angel has demonstrated he can levitate anywhere: he has levitated more than 500 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard in the light of the Luxor Hotel and Casino; he has floated from one building to another; and he has shown the ability up close and in person on public sidewalks and streets. Now, he takes levitation to new heights by levitating an entire Las Vegas crowd whose safety he is responsible for. This demonstration requires intense concentration, should he fail some will fall and face certain injury.

Thursday, August 27, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 85 - Silencer
When a female executive is shot at an afternoon concert, the evidence leads the team to suspect that the dreaded Mala Noche gang has struck again. Now, as they gather evidence, they must try to find the connection between the upper class victim and Miami's most dangerous criminal gang. Meanwhile, Wolfe starts to catch on to Delko and Natalia's off-duty relationship.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 87 - Motel No-Tell/Brotherly Love
In Dallas, Detective Phil Harding investigates a brutal shooting in a motel parking lot that killed a 22-year-old and injured two of his friends. The surviving victims are the only ones who can identify the suspects. Detectives just have to convince them to talk. Then, in Memphis, Sergeants Ron Collins and Kevin Lundy must track down a murder suspect who may have fled the state. Will the suspect's sister cooperate with detectives and turn her brother in, or will she take the fall to protect him?

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 100 - Shell Shocked/Cradle to Grave
In Memphis, Sergeants Mundy Quinn and Kevin Lundy set up a sting to catch the victim's killer. And in Miami, Detective Manny Castillo and Sgt. Juan Herrera are called to a brazen execution in the middle of a bustling neighborhood in Coconut Grove.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - 138 - Ditched
In Birmingham, when motorists discover a decomposed body on the side of the interstate, a missing-person case turns into a homicide investigation. As lead Det. Jerry Williams searches for the friend who filed the missing-person report, he finds that in this case it's a tortuous route to the truth.

Friday, August 28, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 13 - Poison
The FBI profilers investigate a series of poisonings that have had deadly consequences in a New Jersey town.
8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 14 - Riding the Lightning
Gideon makes a shocking discovery when he interviews a husband-and-wife serial killer team two days before their executions.
9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 15 - Unfinished Business
After disappearing for nearly 20 years, a serial killer contacts the BAU to promise he'll kill again in five days. As the team springs into action, Gideon gets the help of a former colleague who worked the case when it began years ago.
10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 16 - The Tribe
When five college students are brutally tortured and murdered in a way resembling rituals practiced by Native Americans during the Indian Wars, the team investigates the residents of a nearby Indian reservation to find the killers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009
5:30-8pm -- Edward Scissorhands
Movie. Johnny Depp stars in this great fantasy-comedy about a shy young man who has scissors for hands and no place to go. Taken in by a suburban family headed by a sweet Avon Lady (Dianne Wiest), Edward astounds the neighbors with his ability to cut hair and turn hedges into beautiful works of art with his talented scissor hands. It's a story about tolerance and the challenges of growing up, directed by Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) With Winona Ryder, Alan Arkin, and Anthony Michael Hall. (1990)

8-10:30pm -- My Cousin Vinny
Movie. One of the great Hollywood comedies, Joe Pesci stars as a bumbling lawyer from New York who finds himself in Alabama defending his cousin in a murder case. Pesci gets help from his street-wise fiancée, played to hilarious perfection by Marisa Tomei. Fred Gwynne turns in an unforgettable performance as the no-nonsense judge who gives Pesci fits. Also stars Ralph Macchio. (1992)

10:30-11pm -- Gene Simmons Family Jewels - 75 - Movin' Out
The Simmons-Tweed household is turned upside down when a foreign exchange student visits Sophie and Nick gets his own apartment for the summer with a difficult landlord.

Sunday, August 30, 2009
7-8pm -- CSI: MIAMI - 137 - All In
Horatio tries to cope with his troubled past, while Calleigh is kidnapped by two men looking to cover up a murder. Stars David Caruso, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, and Eva La Rue.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 18 - Somebody's Watching
When people connected to a top TV actress start dying, the BAU team fears that a stalker may have turned into a serial killer.
9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 19 - Machismo
The BAU team travels south of the border to Mexico help authorities identify and catch a serial killer who preys on elderly women.
10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 20 - Charm and Harm
The profilers track a known "chameleon" serial killer across the southeastern U.S. trying to stop him before he kills again.

Monday, August 31, 2009
7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 01 - Extreme Aggressor
In the premiere of this new series, a vicious serial killer abducts his next victim. With few clues to the killer's identity, the FBI calls in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite squad of profilers led by special agent Jason Gideon. Gideon's team puts together a portrait of the killer, but they soon discover that the case is going to be a lot more complicated--and deadly--than they thought. Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna star.

8-9pm -- Intervention - 86 - Jeff
Forty-year-old Jeff was once known as a heroic firefighter after he saved his partner's life. But Jeff was traumatized by the harrowing event, and his drinking increased drastically. Jeff has received two DUI's and been rushed to the hospital numerous times for seizures. Jeff's alcoholism has also forced his son and wife to move out. Now his family's last hope is that an intervention will stop Jeff from drinking himself to death.

9-10pm -- Intervention - 99 - Marci
To outsiders, Marci's family life seemed ideal. But while her mother worked, Marci was left home with her alcoholic father. She endured his abuse while her mother looked the other way. Marci began drinking and doing drugs. Her marriage failed, and she lost custody of her children. But her mother still denies that Marci has a bad problem. Can an intervention help Marci and her mother to stop their dangerous behavior before it's too late?

10-11pm -- Hoarders - 03 - Tara/Betty
Tara has been reported to her landlord and needs to clean out now or she'll be homeless. She's an obsessive collector, favoring things like McDonald's Happy Meal toys, nativity scenes, snow globes and hundreds of teddy bears. Now Tara must finally get control of her hoarding and part with most of the clutter in her home or face eviction. When fire crews responded to a small fire at Betty's house they discovered her sick husband living in filth. Adult Protective Services removed him from the home because of his medical condition. For the last two months he and Betty have been staying in a hotel--but funds are quickly running out. If Betty doesn't clean up her home and her yard, he may never be able to live in the home again.

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