My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian, one of the many television favorites to be shot on the soundstages at Desilu, premiered with extraordinarily high ratings on CBS in 1963. The plot revolves around Tim O'Hara, a newspaper reporter who lives with a stranded Martian traveler posing as Tim's Uncle Martin.
Most of the enjoyable, if improbable, story lines feature attempts to repair Martin's spaceship while keeping his true identity a secret from the general public. The four central characters, Tim O'Hara (Bill Bixby), Uncle Martin (Ray Walston), Mrs. Brown (Pamela Britton) and Mr. Burns (J. Pat O'Malley) truly live an out-of-this-world existence.

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Martin (pronounced Armitan in Martian) is a 450-year-old anthropologist from Mars. Among his unique Martian abilities are telepathy, levitation and invisibility. Martin lives by a sort of code, and is always polite, respectful and reserved. He has an amazing capacity to understand the erratic quirks of human behavior. This ability could, in part, be attributed to the stability of his parents' relationship. They have been a happy couple for some 500 years.
Martin adores all aspects of Earthly culture. When, in one episode, his hands are tied behind him, rendering him unable to use his forefinger to levitate an object to cut the ropes, he twitches his nose like Samantha Stephens on Bewitched. His explanation? He saw it on television, of course!

Though Martin enjoys humans, he really wants nothing more than to repair his spaceship and return home to his girlfriend, a 312-year-old beauty who doesn't look a day over 280! Unfortunately, the parts he needs haven't been invented on Earth yet.
Several My Favorite Martian episodes were written and/or directed by James Komack, who worked with Ray Walston on the original Broadway production of Damn Yankees and later created another Bill Bixby vehicle, "The Courtship of Eddie's Father." The integrity of its writing, its superior cast and its unfailing humor make My Favorite Martian as much of a delight to current audiences as it was during its original run.

About the time My Favorite Martian was ending its run at Desilu Studios, another tv-series was just starting there: Star Trek!

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Pilot: Reporter Tim O'Hara (Bill Bixby) sees a UFO crash while on his way to an assignment covering an experimental rocket-plane flight. He finds the pilot and agrees to take him home before authorities arrive, but when Tim's article comes out in the newspaper that the 4000 mph plane was overtaken and almost hit by a UFO traveling at 9000 mph (something he had no way of knowing), Tim is arrested by an Air Force officer (Simon Oakland) for questioning. Directed by Sheldon Leonard.
#1 "The Matchmakers"
Tim takes care of his boss' lovesick dog, George, whose object of affection is the pooch next door, Chloe. However, her man- hating owner won't let her out. Because Tim must keep George happy in order to maintain his job, he romances Chloe's owner in hopes that she will have her faith restored in men and let Chloe out of the house to meet George.
#2 "The Man On The Couch"
Martin is mistaken for a would-be suicide after he climbs a water tower to get some fresh air and is then committed to a psychiatric hospital.
#3 "Man or Amoeba"
Martin helps Annabelle with her science report which tries to prove that there is no life on Mars except at the most primitive level. Martin, however, knows otherwise and his contribution causes Annabelle to fail the assignment.
#4 "A Nose for News"
After Martin covers an assignment for Tim, he is offered a permanent job at the newspaper. Problems soon arise, however, as Martin is forced to keep dodging questions about his "misplaced" application.
#5 "There Is No Cure For The Common Martian"
Martin's cold causes him to disappear and reappear whenever he sneezes. Meanwhile, Tim is ordered to write an article praising the Children's Space Display at a large department store. The exhibit, however, is based on childish concepts so Martin tries to convince Tim to make a stand against this misrepresentation of the truth. There was a similar episode of Bewitched, in which Samantha & Endora object to how witches are depicted as ugly old hags. There was also a (different) Bewitched episode in which she appeared/disappeared with sneezes
#6 "How To Be A Hero Without Really Trying"
Tim's lovely neighbor's son climbs Sunset Mountain after Martin tells him that on Mars, the gravity is so low that people can scoot up mountains as if they were flies. The boy, however, gets stuck and Tim is forced to rescue him.
#7 "Russians R In Season"
Tim is mistaken for a Russian spy after he writes a phony article concerning the U.S. government's foolish misuse of funds for the Space Program. This was less than a decade after the McCarthy era
#8 "A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Peaches"
Martin sets out to experience "love at first sight," an emotion they do not have on Mars.
#9 "Raffles No. 2"
Martin applies for a driver's license but uses the fingerprints of a stranger because Martians don't have any of their own. Later on, however, these fingerprints incriminate Martin as a jewel thief.
#10 "That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin"
Tim asks his Uncle Martin to use his extraordinary powers of perception and read the mind of a co-worker with whom he has become enamored.
#11 "The Awful Truth"
Martin reluctantly allows Tim to first, use his power of levitation and then his power to read minds. Tim uses this to expose Daphne Joyce's lies about her not being able to keep a date with him.
#12 "Rocket to Mars"
Martin's spacecraft mysteriously disappears from Tim's garage just as he is preparing to return to Mars. He finds out it was taken by junkmen who had cleaned out the wrong garage. Martin then uses his ESP to enlist the neighborhood dogs to help trace their whereabouts.
#13 "The Atom Misers"
Martin works with a 13-year- old science genius from the University to develop a material that would repair his spaceship. When their experiment results in an explosion in the laboratory, however, Martin must try to convince the faculty not to expel the boy.
#14 "Rx for a Martian"
Martin learns that he is able to return to Mars but he has only 10 hours to do so. His plan is interrupted, however, after he falls down the stairs and is admitted to the hospital with a twisted ankle. He is held there for an extended period because the doctors want to learn how a man his age appears to be so young. With his time running out, then, Martin makes himself disappear in order to escape. But is it already too late?
#15 "Poor Little Rich Cat"
After Martin reads an article about a cat that is bequeathed $650,000, he visits the owners and discovers that the deceased had left a second will that bequeaths the money to a children's orphanage. The will, however, is not signed. As a result, Martin and Tim hold a seance that brings about a spiritual meeting between the deceased and the guardians of the estate so that they can come to an understanding about the proper place where the money should go.
#16 - Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth
Martin develops a toothache in his "eye tooth", but this condition creates problems with his vision. Despite the peculiar problem, he wants to seek out the use of a dentist's office to treat the problem
#17/19 - Blood is Thicker Than The Martian
Tim's cousin Harvey, pays him a visit on short notice so Martin is not given enough time to prepare for his arrival. Consequently, he must remain invisible whenever Harvey is in the apartment. Meanwhile, Harvey has badgered Tim into getting him a job on the Sun as a cub reporter.
#18/20 - Going, Going, Gone
A heavy flare-up of sunspots interferes with Martin's control of his levitation and visibility powers, causing him to become invisible and unable to reappear. This causes problems when an insurance investigator shows up to review a policy Martin has purchased with Tim as beneficiary; when Tim cannot produce Martin, he is brought before the District Attorney and questioned on suspicion of having murdered his "uncle."
21 – Who Am I
Uncle Martin develops amnesia just before a meeting with an eminent scientist who may be able to help fix his spaceship. Tim must convince Martin that he is, in fact, a 450-year-old Martian with astonishing powers.
22 – Now You See It, Now You Don’t
At a museum, Uncle Martin reads the curator’s mind and learns that an important rare piece of sculpture has been purchased for exhibition. Sensing a story for Tim, Uncle Martin levitates the work of art out of the museum to get a closer look at the sculpture. Title is similar to a Kurt Russell movie "Now You See Him, Now You Don't"
23 – My Nephew, the Artist
In an effort to raise money for the upkeep of Tim’s apartment, Uncle Martin sells one of his original paintings to an art dealer, who is so impressed that he unexpectedly arranges a showing of some of Martin’s other artwork. To avoid publicity, Martin gives Tim credit for being the artist – a charade he carries off quite well until challenged by an expert.
Richard Deacon guest stars.
24 – Uncle Martin’s Broadcast
Tim finds out that Uncle Martin’s antennae can pick up radio waves. He then tunes Uncle Martin in and picks up a special private police call. The next day, when he checks with the police for last-minute details about his "scoop," he and Martin are jailed as prime suspects in the previous evening’s crime because of his inside knowledge.
25 – Hitch-hike to Mars
When Uncle Martin learns that an instrument-bearing rocket is in readiness to explore outer space, he decides to become the first interplanetary hitchhiker; that is, if the rocket heads for Mars. To influence this "if" in their favor, Uncle Martin and Tim try to influence the head of Inter-Galaxy Corporation.
26 – Super-Duper Snooper
Mrs. Brown enrolls in a correspondence course for private investigators and picks Martin as her "unsuspecting" subject on whom to practice her homework. She discovers and photographs the log of his Mars flight, then unwittingly foils his attempts to get the film.
27 – An Old, Old Friend of the Family
Uncle Martin promises to get Tim an interview with Jakobar, the mysterious and suspicious President of a newly created East Indian country.
28 – Martin and the Eternal Triangle
When Martin meets Mrs. Brown’s new romantic interest, a handsome Frenchman, he experiences an emotion he cannot understand. It takes Tim to point out that he is suffering from the pangs of Earthly jealousy.
30—The Sinkable Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown puts her house up for sale. To keep prospective buyers from discovering the spaceship, Martin must hide it in a way that causes him great discomfiture, if not downright pain.
31—Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin
Uncle Martin’s spaceship is stagnating due to not being flown on a regular basis. He takes it for a flight, causing lots of calls to Tim’s newspaper about UFO sightings.
32 – Danger! High Voltage!
His spaceship finally in readiness for a return trip to Mars, Uncle Martin converts himself into a two-way radio for interplanetary navigational purposes. Plugging himself into an electric light socket to store up power seems a perfect solution until, through Tim’s error, Uncle Martin absorbs more voltage than he bargained for.
33 – If You Can’t Lick ‘Em
Because of a mechanical failure, Uncle Martin’s raised antennas stick and remain raised. Horace, a small boy, sees Martin with his antennas raised and concludes this is a new game called "playing Martian." He and all the other little boys in the neighborhood decide they want to play too, creating a potentially hazardous demand for toy antennas.
34 – How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Pharmacy?
Uncle Martin awakens and to his shock finds he has VDM, which is "vitamin deficiency in a Martian." It is an annoying problem in which he draws on his surroundings to make up for this deficiency. And if someone looks him directly in the eye, the looker will fall instantly asleep!
35—Miss Jekyll and Hide
When Mrs. Brown’s intelligent but homely niece becomes a threat to Martin’s identity, he uses his trickery to make her beautiful. The fraud backfires, however, when Tim falls completely for the girl and asks her to marry him.
Marlo Thomas and Tom Skerritt guest star.
36 –Who’s Got the Power
An electrical storm grounds Uncle Martin while he is sleeping. He develops "popsy," which causes him to appear and disappear uncontrollably.
37 – Oh, My Aching Antenna
Uncle Martin’s extended stay on earth has depleted his resistance to gravity. Exhausted and aging fast, Martin enlists Tim’s help in fabricating a "degravitizer" necessary to save his life.
38 – The Disastro-Nauts
When Omar Keck, meat packing tycoon and inventor of the square meatball, decides to send an astronaut to our sister planet, he is unaware that the first man to go to Mars will actually be a Martian if Uncle Martin gets his way.
Alan Hale of Gilligan's Island and Frank de Vol guest star.
39 – Shake Well – and Don’t Use
Martin volunteers to help Tim get a promotion by inviting the boss to the apartment for a Martian stew. Unfortunately, the mixture of Martian condiments with Earth food has a disastrous effect on Mr. Burns.
40 – Dreaming Can Make It So
Tim is intrigued when he learns that Martin’s dreams are momentarily visible to others, but this interest soon changes to annoyance as Uncle martin is mysteriously stricken with a malady that causes his dreams to actually materialize.
41 – The Memory Pill
Tim has trouble with his memory; he can’t keep his girlfriends straight. Uncle Martin offers to help him with a Martin invention that clears the memory and records it on a small pill, which can be swallowed to recover the memory. In Uncle Martin’s absence, Tim uses the invention and accidentally erases all memory of Martin from his brain.
42 – Never Trust a Naked Martian
While watching Uncle Martin clean his antennae, Tim curiously touches them and ZAP! disappears into a world of invisibility. Uncle Martin has tremendous problems in trying to bring Tim back.
43 – Three to Make Ready
When Uncle Martin cannot make a decision whether or not to hitch a ride on a U.S. rocket to Mars, his Positive, Negative, and Undecided personalities actually split and form three very real and irascible Uncle Martins.
44 – Nothing but the Truth
Mrs. Brown’s seven-year-old nephew witnesses Martin’s spaceship in flight and is wrongly accused of lying by his father.
45 – Dial M for Martian
While fixing TV antennae, a phone wire drops on Martin and he is transformed into a walking telephone, able to listen in various interesting calls.
46 – Has Anyone Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?
When Uncle Martin prepares to test fly his spaceship, a little boy comes upon it during an unguarded moment and takes it for a joyride orbit of the Earth. Martin manages to get the ship back, but discovers that the boy has run off with his essential electro-magnetic neutron converting gravitator.
47 – Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!
Tim is working at the local university with a professor who is an authority on ESP. He is boxed into bringing the professor home, causing Uncle Martin to worry that his own extrasensory perception will be discovered.
48 -- The Great Brain Robbery
To earn extra money, Martin undertakes the tutoring of a neighborhood boy with a bad reputation. The boy’s mouthful of solid silver braces plays havoc with Martin’s silver sensitivity, causing some unexpected side effects.
49 – My Uncle, the Folk Singer
When visiting a coffeehouse, a sudden chemical imbalance causes a serious malfunction in Martin’s brain recorder. The resulting misfire in his "playback" function leads to Martin’s being mistaken for a musical genius.
50 – Don’t Rain on My Parade
A neighbor with a secret rainmaking machine creates havoc with Uncle Martin’s Martian tear chemistry.
51 – Double Trouble
When Uncle Martin invents a duplicating machine that reproduces objects as solid and real in every respect as the originals, Tim is fascinated…too much so.
52 – The Night Life of Uncle Martin
Uncle Martin is working night and day to complete vital space navigational problems. When the exhausted Martin goes to sleep, his subconscious self emerges as a far different Uncle Martin.
53 – Martian Report #1
In a report Martin is preparing for the Martin Inter-Planetary Explorative Committee, he suggests that inasmuch as Earth children are unhappy and misunderstood by adults, they should be deep-frozen until they reach the age where they can protect themselves. Tim contests this vigorously and suggests that Martin observe an actual Earth child for a weekend.
54 – To Make a Rabbit Stew – First Catch a Martian
Martian vitamins are a good deal more potent than Earth vitamins, as is revealed when a pet rabbit nibbles on one of Martin’s vitamin pills and immediately grows six feet tall.
55 – Won’t You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won’t You Come Home?
To allay Detective Brennan’s growing suspicion, Martin makes use of a "benevolence bulb" which permeates him with a "like-me" glow. Tim is so impressed with the results that he applies the bulb to himself, with disastrous consequences.
56 – Gesundheit, Uncle Martin
When is a sneeze not a sneeze? When it is a symptom of the dread Martian allergy known as Sneezaphobia, an ailment that causes the victim to have temporary lapses of memory.
57 – The Case of the Missing Sleuth
When Uncle Martin invents a device that makes material things invisible by reducing them to molecular form, Tim is rightly impressed. This feeling changes to one of horror when Detective Brennan activates the machine and disappears into thin air.
58 – How’re Things in Glocca Martin
Tim’s Grand Uncle Seamus from Ireland comes to visit and catches Martin in the act of performing some of his "normal" activities. Seamus’ conclusion: Martin is, of course, a Leprechaun!
59 – Uncle Martin and the Unidentified Flying Objects
Martin’s levitation finger goes out of control when it is exposed to the sun’s cosmic rays. Martin accidentally points it toward Mrs. Brown’s house, causing strange phenomena to take place there.
60 – Gone but Not Forgotten
Uncle Martin gets a sliver of isoflex, which causes invisibility, stuck in his finger. This causes everything he touches to disappear, including the furniture and his valuable Martian identity disk.
61—Humbug, Mrs. Brown
When Martin discovers Mrs. Brown’s generosity is threatening her own financial security, he employs noodle soup as the agent in subliminal hypnosis to persuade her to reform. Unfortunately, he overcompensates and Mrs. Brown becomes a penny-pinching veritable Scrooge.
62 – A Martian Fiddles Around
When Mrs. Brown decides to take up the fiddle, Martin hears a dissonance that short circuits his nervous system and causes him to become transparent. In an effort to alter the instrument producing this horrible sound, Martin and Tim become involved with the violin’s creator.
63 – Crash Diet
Martin has to lose weight to fit into his spacesuit. He connects himself to a device in the spaceship that will help him lose pounds, but through Tim’s error it’s the ship that gets reduced—it shrinks until it’s only six inches across!
64 – Stop Or I’ll Steam
Tim is shocked to see clouds of steam pouring from Martin’s ears as a result of his most recent encounter with Lieutenant Brennan, who had been visiting Mrs. Brown too often. Martin explains that this is how a Martin blows his top, but he and Tim must conspire to keep it from happening in front of Brennan.
65 – A Martian’s Sonata in Mrs. B’s Flat
When Martin invents a device that turns music into liquid form, Tim thinks it can be his ticket to fame and fortune. But Mrs. Brown accidentally finds that the Martian music juice offers her a career on the concert stage.
66 – The Magnetic Personality – and Who Needs It?
Uncle Martin tries to help a pickpocket mend his thieving ways, but accidentally exposes him to a dose of Martian magnetism and increases his problems a hundredfold.
68 – We Love You, Miss Pringle
When Uncle Martin and Tim discover that one of Tim’s old schoolteachers feels she has been a failure, they decide to convince her students to honor her by voting her Teacher of the Year.
69 – Once Upon a Martian Mother’s Day
Martin is feeling mighty low as Mother’s Day approaches on Mars and he realizes he won’t be home in time to celebrate it with his mother.
70 – Uncle Baby
Martin feels he has begun to show his age due to the Earth’s differential time-cycle and asks Tim to help him give himself a Martian rejuvenation treatment. But Tim screws up the process and finds Martin has been thrown back to infancy.
71 - .006-3/4
When Tim accidentally receives a message from a fleeing secret government agent concerning the activities of a deadly organization known as "Crush," he becomes involved in undercover work. Bandleader Les Tremayne guest stars in this Get Smart spoof.
72 – Uncle Martin’s Bedtime Story
Martin’s plan to hitchhike to Mars runs into trouble when he discovers that Mrs. Brown’s new electronic bed enables her to read all his top-secret thoughts.
73 – The Martian’s Fair Hobo
Martin unwittingly picks up a message from an Earth-launched Mars probe called "Martian Scout." Martin believes the Martian Patrol is telling him to contact a "Shorty Smith," but the only Shorty Smith that Martin and Tim can find is a hobo, whom they take home.
74 – Martin’s Favorite Martian
Martin and Tim are in the desert for seclusion while Martin repairs his spaceship. But a family comes across Tim wearing Martin’s spacesuit and mistake Tim for the Martian!
Linda Evans guest stars.
75 – The Green-Eyed Martian
Mrs. Brown gets a Martian chemical on her which makes her irresistible to all men. Brennan, now hopelessly in love with Mrs. Brown, plots to get Martin out of the way while the similarly-affected Martin plans to elope with Mrs. Brown to Venus.
76 – El Senor from Mars
When Uncle Martin learns that an ancient Aztec chest contains a record of a former visit to Earth, he travels to the Mexico to view the discovery. But overindulgence in chili peppers causes his antennae to remain visible at all times, causing suspicion among the locals. Bernie Kopell of Get Smart guest stars.
77 – Time Out for Martian
When Tim accidentally sends himself and Uncle Martin back to the year 1215, they inadvertently intercept the delivery of the Magna Carta and must deliver it themselves or the road to democracy will never start in England and the United States will cease to exist.
78 – Portrait in Brown
Due to an accident with one of Martin’s miraculous machines, Mrs. Brown loses one dimension: she has height and width, but no breadth! To protect her from damage, Martin pastes Mrs. Brown onto a picture canvas and paints in a background around her, not counting on Brennan’s reaction to this "artistic triumph." Harvey Lembeck guest stars.
79 – Go West, Young Martian, Go West, Part I
Brennan accidentally triggers Martin’s time machine, sending Martin and Tim back to St. Louis in 1849 and subjecting them to many harrowing adventures. What's worse, the machine itself is still in California, subject to the open-air weather of 1849 since their apartment hasn't been built yet. They must get there somehow before it is damaged or they will never get back to the future.
80 – Go West, Young Martian, Go West, Part 2
Martin and Tim try to get back to California from St. Louis in the year 1849 while dealing with Brennan and Mrs. Brown’s ancestors (he's a suspicious law man). Tim is arrested for counterfeiting when he tries to spend a dime from the 1960s.
81 – Avenue C Mob
Martin turns himself into an old man so he can make a first-hand study of old age on earth. He becomes involved with two little old ladies who have a talent for breaking and entering and attempts to help them reform. Lurene Tuttle and Jamie Farr guest star.
82 – Martin of the Movies
When martin discovers that a silent movie in which he accidentally starred while on a previous visit to earth is to be shown on television, he travels back in time to 1925 in an attempt to force the picture to be re-shot with another actor in the leading role.
83 – Keep Me from the Church on Time
While illustrating his futuroid camera, Martin takes a picture that shows Tim going through a marriage ceremony with a girl whom they can’t identify because her back is to the camera. Yvonne Craig (Batgirl on Batman) and Parley Baer guest star.
84 – I’d Rather Fight than Switch
Mrs. Brown accidentally steps in front of a Martian molecular reassembler ray, causing her to switch personalities with Martin.
85 – Tim, the Master Mind
Martin develops an allergy to his memory pills, so he transfers the scientific data in his memory to Tim until the allergy passes. Consequently, Tim is mistaken for a scientific genius while covering a story about the Government space program and is sent to Washington to help with outer space research.
86 – Martin Goldfinger
Due to lack of gold in the average Earth diet, Martin suffers gold starvation, causing everything he touches to turn to gold as he compensates for the lack.
87 – Bottled Martian
Martin reduces himself to four inches tall and has Tim place him in a wine bottle with a special inert atmosphere that will keep him tiny. But Martin’s bottle accidentally falls off the table into an Overseas Relief charity package, and he is shipped to a needy young rugmaker in Baghdad.
88 – Hate Me a Little
Martin uses a "sweetness" ray on Brennan and discovers, through his futuroid camera, that his actions will have serious consequences.
90 – Tim and Tim Again
Martin’s duplicating machine makes a permanent copy of Tim. Martin must try to find an eraser for Tim #2, who has become a scheming conniver out to ruin Tim #1 and expose Martin! Steve Franken guest stars.
91 – That Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine
Martin’s time machine malfunctions and brings Frank and Jesse James back from the past and into Tim’s kitchen. They adapt to the situation surprisingly well - and start planning a train robbery. Stafford Repp and L.Q. Jones guest star.
92 – Loralee Brown vs. Everybody
Mrs. Brown is made an honorary police officer and, thanks to one of Martin’s concentration pills, becomes a super-zealous guardian of law and order. Victor French guest stars.
93 – Who’s Got a Secret
Mrs. Brown’s brother Alvin makes some high-sounding comments to a general and his aide, which they interpret as meaning that Alvin and Martin are working on a top-secret government space project. Gavin McLeod guest stars.
94 – The O’Hara Caper
Tim, having missed a great robbery scoop, is demoted to writing obituaries. To redeem himself, he uses Martin’s time machine to go back to the moment of the robbery and get a second chance to cover the story, but police become suspicious when he says he's waiting for a robbery that he knows is about to occur.
95 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tim is about to inherit an estate until one of the claimants declares there is no Martin in the O’Hara clan. Against Martin’s advice, Tim borrows the time machine to go back to 1920 and put Martin’s name in the family records. Allan Melvin guest stars.
96 – Martin’s Revoltin’ Development
Martin’s picture is taken as he captures an escaping convict, but because of a compound he was using his image won’t appear on the negative. As a result, the news photographer is fired and Tim and Martin scheme to get his job back. A pre-Cheers Nicholas Colasanto guest stars. Title is spoof of catch-phrase from early radio/tv-series "The Life Of Riley"
97 – TV or Not TV
Martin’s telesensory transmitters short out and he begins televising everything he sees. While trying to correct the problem, he inadvertently reveals the truth behind a movie star’s debonair image. Conrad Janis of guest stars.
98 – The Man from Uncle Martin
Mrs. Brown’s brother Alvin buys a worthless robot from a con man. When Martin accidentally activates the robot through levitation, Mrs. Brown becomes convinced that the robot is a good investment. Allan Melvin guest stars. Not a spoof of Man from UNCLE despite title.
99 – Martin, the Mannequin
While visiting a department store, Martin smells cologne that causes him to become totally rigid and, therefore, mistaken for a store mannequin. Tim can’t get him out, because the management thinks Martin is store property.
100 – Butterball
Butterball, the leader of the CRUSH spy organization from a previous episode, kidnaps Tim, whom he has mistaken for an enemy agent.
102 – When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry
When a gypsy puts a curse on Mrs. Brown, matters go from curse to worse.
103 – Doggone Martin
Martin reduces himself to half a cup of "Essence of Martin" and is accidentally swallowed by a little lost dog.
104 – Our Notorious Landlady
Mrs. Brown steps in front of Martin’s Personality Altecator and becomes a crook. Among the things she tries to steal is a precious diamond under Brennan’s protection.
105 – Virus M for Martian
Tim walks into the apartment while Martin is clearing his system of Martian Virus M. Tim contracts the disease, which Brennan mistakes for a rare and highly contagious tropical disease. Jamie Farr guest stars.
106 – Horse and Buggy Martin
Martin becomes the "blood brother" of a racehorse after the same mosquito bites them. Now Martin also feels everything the racehorse feels!
107 – Stop the Presses – I Want to Get Off
When Martin loses his Sixth Sense to Mrs. Brown trouble abounds as her new powers put Tim’s job and Martin’s identity in danger.
108 – Martin Meets his Match
Martin uses his Time Machine to bring his old friend Leonardo da Vinci (Michael Constantine) into the present. The Mona Lisa is on exhibit in town, and the artist reclaims it as his personal property. To pass the time, he begins painting a new version using Mrs. Brown as his model.
109 – When You Get Back Home to Mars, Are You Going to Get It
When a spaceship from Mars crash-lands on Earth, the pilot turns out to be Martin’s eleven-year-old nephew Andromedae. Without means of returning to Mars, he too must remain a guest in Tim’s home.
110 – Pay the Man the 24 Dollars
Tim’s unauthorized use of Martin’s time machine has somehow undone the sale of Manhattan Island to Peter Minuit. Martin and Tim return to 1626 to rectify the situation, only to make things worse when the daughter of the Indian chief falls in love with Tim and he receives Manhattan Island as a dowry!
111 – My Nut Cup Runneth Over
Martin accidentally changes a squirrel into a human being and must restore him back to squirrel form within 8 hours.


Ray Walston

Ray Walston had a long and distinguished career as an actor on both the big and small screens, as well as the stage. He won a Tony for his portrayal of Applegate in Damn Yankees, and two Emmys for his portrayal of Judge Bone on Picket Fences. Over the course of five decades, he has appeared in numerous feature films, including South Pacific, The Apartment, The Sting, Silver Streak, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the MonsterVision 100% Weird film Popeye as Wimpy. And while he guest-starred on dozens of TV shows, Walston is still best known to television audiences as the lovable Uncle Martin from My Favorite Martian.
Sadly, Ray Walston passed away January 1, 2001 after a six-year battle with lupus.

Bill Bixby

An only child, Bill Bixby was born in San Francisco on January 22, 1934. His first television appearance on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis led to roles on shows of various genres. But it was his comic work on The Danny Thomas Show that led to a notable appearance on The Andy Griffith Show and then a recurring role on The Joey Bishop Show. In the fall of 1962, Bixby auditioned for My Favorite Martian. According to Hollywood legend, he shook hands with the producer, Jack Chertok, and said, "Hi, I'm Bill Bixby," to which Chertok responded, "No, you're not. You're Tim O'Hara."

Bixby acted in numerous stage productions and films (he was in two Elvis Presley vehicles, Clambake and Speedway). But it's for his work in television that he is best known. In 1971 Bixby received an Emmy nomination for The Courtship of Eddie's Father. He starred in his third TV series, The Magician and then a fourth, The Incredible Hulk (1978). In 1982, Bill Bixby hosted Against the Odds, a weekly children's series on Nickelodeon. In 1983 he began his last regular role on TV in "Goodnight Beantown."

Bixby frequently directed episodes of many of the shows in which he appeared, and in 1982 became the primary director of the sitcom Blossom. Bixby continued to direct Blossom while battling cancer until five days before his death on November 21, 1993. Actor, director and respected humanitarian, Bill Bixby was proud to say, "My shows are the kind children can watch with their parents without embarrassment. And parents can watch with their children without embarrassment."

The Fictional Characters

Tim O'Hara was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Southern California. He is a UCLA graduate who works as a newspaper reporter for the Herald. Though he dates many women (he has an admitted soft spot for redheads), he doesn't have a steady girl. He is, however, a loyal companion and confidant to his "Uncle" Martin.
We don't know much about Tim's family, but he has had visits from his cousin Harvey and his great uncle Seamus.

Lorelei Brown is a kind and generous friend to both Tim and Martin. She isn't nosey, per se, but she always seems to drop in at the O'Hara apartment at the most inopportune times. A widow, Lorelei has a bit of a thing for Martin. Despite her wifely ambitions, Lorelei isn't a very good cook. Not even her fudge brownies (her specialty) are edible, though they make a handy excuse to drop in on Martin in the continuing hope that he'll take a romantic interest in her.

In addition to cooking, Lorelei's many hobbies include gardening, correspondence detective classes, violin lessons, and insurance sales. It's this unfocused attention to everything and nothing that makes Martin less than happy to read her mind. But her scatterbrained nature doesn't seem to bother Detective Brennan, who appears as her beau in the show's second season. She was played by Pamela Britton.

Pamela Britton's film career began in the 1940s with appearances in the classics Anchor's Aweigh and A Letter for Evie. She was first introduced to television audiences as Blondie Bumstead in the hilarious 1957 series Blondie. In 1963 she was cast as Mrs. Lorelei Brown on My Favorite Martian. One of the many Martian cast members with Broadway credits, she appeared in the original production of Brigadoon and can be heard on the original cast recording. She died of cancer in 1974 at age 51.

Born in 1901 in Burnley, England, J. Pat O'Malley had one of the most prolific careers in show business, rivaling those of Burt Mustin and William Schallert. It would be safe to say that the veteran character actor has appeared in nearly every classic TV show ever produced. His gruff-yet-lovable personality garnered him accolades on shows ranging from the classic westerns Gunsmoke, The Rebel and Bonanza in the '50s, to sitcoms such as The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched in the '60s, to Barney Miller, Three's Company and Taxi in the '70s. Not one to sit still for long, O'Malley's list of film credits is equally impressive. He appeared in Willard (a horror film about rats), Hello, Dolly!, Son of Flubber and dozens more. He died in California in 1985.
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