In Search Of

In Search Of episodes hosted by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, in alphabetical order:

***** A *****

The Doctor needs help

Abominable Snowman
Relive the experiences of the explorers who say they have actually sighted the legendary creature (see also Big Foot, Swamp Monster, Loch Ness)
A study of the amazing healing technique which may cure "incurable" diseases. Host Leonard Nimoy investigates the power of the ancient Chinese healing art
Air Disaster Predictions
A study of reports that major air crashes have been "seen" or predicted beforehand in nightmares. (see also Dreams, Psychic)
Alien - see Earth Visitors, UFO
Amelia Earhart
Run down rumors that the famous aviatrix, who disappeared during a 1937 flight over the Pacific Ocean, was on a spy mission
Amityville Horror
A dream house in a lovely suburb becomes a nightmare when the owners discover an evil presence (see also Ghosts)
An examination of evidence that the youngest daughter of Russia's Czar Nicholas II survived the family executions, and settled in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Ancient Aviators
Consider the existence of aliens. Are there signs of their visitation here on earth? Might the mysterious markings on the Nazca Plain in Peru be landing instructions for UFOs? (see also UFO)
Angel of Death
Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal tracks infamous war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele (portrayed by Gregory Peck in the sci-fi movie The Boys From Brazil) to his hiding place in Paraguay
Animal E.S.P.
Dramatic scenes prove that close communication between people and their pets may be due to more than emotional bonds (see also Other Voices)
Ants - see Deadly
Can astronomical movements affect the affairs of man? Join host Leonard Nimoy as he reviews the long history of astrology and looks at its attraction today
Explores the possibility that 14 huge stone buildings beneath the waters of the Bahamas, and a 2000 year old computer part, are part of the lost empire of Atlantis (see also Bimini, Magic)
Aura - see Human Aura
Aztec Conquest
Why did the great Montezuma surrender to Cortes without fighting? What part did Aztec legend about a bearded white god play in the ultimate downfall of the Aztec Empire? (see also Mayan)

***** B *****

Bermuda Triangle
Probes a broadcast claim that the graveyard of ships and planes is actually a testing area for spacemen. (see also Great Lakes Triangle)
Bermuda Triangle Pirates
Luxurious yachts are disappearing off the coast of Florida--are are pirates trafficking in drugs to blame? (see also Money Pit)
Big Foot
An evaluation of giant footprints and other evidence that some believe prove that the half-man, half-animal creature really exists (see also Monster Hunters, Missing Link). Monstervision's Bigfoot page
Bimini Wall
The saga of the giant stones found at the bottom of the Caribbean. Host Leonard Nimoy probes whether they might be part of the ancient, supposedly mythical, empire of Atlantis.
A revealing study of how computers are now healing the sick and building sports champions
Bishop Pike
Was Bishop Pike a minister, martyr, or madman? (see also Van Gogh)
Brain Power
A study of the incredible hidden potential of the human mind, including the possibility that "average" people can become geniuses
Butch Cassidy
Examines the possibility that Butch Cassidy was not killed in Bolivia along with the Sundance Kid, but actually lived a full life and died peacefully in 1937 (see also Jesse James)

***** C *****

Call from Space
Can the space technologies that discovered other galaxies help us communicate with other life? (see also Time & Space)
Carlos, The World's Most Wanted Man
A chilling profile of the playboy-turned-terrorist who was called "The World's Most Wanted Man."
Castle of Secrets
The fascinating saga of the Coral Castle, said to have been built by a frail hermit who carved and lifted 3 million pound solid stone blocks using the secrets of Atlantis
Chinese Explorers
Did the Chinese discover America 1,000 years before Columbus? Host Leonard Nimoy explores evidence that a Buddhist monk named Hu-Shen arrived on the American continent in 458 A.D.
An in-depth look at the process which may allow us to "copy" people exactly and produce single-parent human beings.
Coming Ice Age
An inquiry into whether the dramatic weather changes in America's northern states mean that a new ice age is approaching [Note: the person who said in this 1975 report that pollution was leading to a new ice age is today a founding member of the Global Warming Report]
Scientists are discovering new methods to prolong human life and, in the case of cryogenics, to suspend the possibility of life for centuries.

***** D *****

Dangerous Volcanoes
Scientists wonder whether California's Mount Shasta, Washington's Mount St. Helens, and other American volcanoes will soon erupt again. (see also Pompeii)
Daredevil Death Wish
A look at some of the impossible stunts daredevils attempt, and why they keep trying even after suffering near-fatal injuries.
Dark Star
Travel to Africa to find out why a primitive tribe knows so much about astronomy, a black hole, and travelers from outer space (see also Indian Astronomers). No relation to the John Carpenter movie "Dark Star"
D.B. Cooper
The incredible story of the man who hijacked a jetliner, parachuted out with his loot, and was never seen again. What happened to D.B. Cooper? (see also Jimmy Hoffa)
Dead Sea Scrolls
The story of the 2,000-year-old scrolls, discovered by a shepherd, that revolutionized religious thought. Are there more yet to be found? (see also Ten Commandments)
Deadly Ants
A look at the billions of fire ants that march across the southern United States and the failure so far of all attempts to stop them. (see also Killer Bees)
Death of Marilyn Monroe
Examines evidence that suggests that the Hollywood sex goddess may not have committed suicide.
Diamond Curse
Why do mystery and tragedy plague the owners of great gems like the Hope Diamond? (see also Mummy's Curse)
Investigates Count Vlad's castle in Romania to determine if he could have been the original Dracula of Bram Stoker fame
Dreams and Nightmares
Our dreams provide clues to the dark world of our unconscious mind, but can we learn to control them?

***** E *****

Earth Visitors
Forget Darwin. Forget the apes. Our earliest ancestors may have been travelers from other planets (see also UFOs)
An examination of the techniques scientists are developing to study seismic activity and predict quakes
Easter Island Massacre
Provides answers to the mysteries of how 70-ton giant stones came to the remote island and who might have destroyed some of them. (see also Magic of Stonehenge)
Elephant Man
From side show freak to the friend of royalty, review the true, touching story of Tom Merrick.
End of the World
Will an astroid or comet on a collision course with earth end it all?
(see also Ultimate Disaster)
Eva Braun
Explores the possibility that Adolf Hitler's wife may not have died with him down in the bunker that day in 1945.
Explorers - see Chinese Explorers, Lost Vikings

***** F *****

Faith Healing
Millions swear by it, others mock it--is faith healing hoax or holistic medicine?
How do people walk on red-hot coals without being burned?
Fountain of Youth
A look at the various scientific ways people use to stay young for years longer. (see also Laugh Therapy)
Future Life
Jump ahead in time to the year 2010 and see what the world may be like for our children (this originally aired 35 years ago in 1975)

***** G *****

Garden of Eden
Using the Old Testament as a road map, researchers trace the site of the original Garden to India, China, and an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
Studies specters and a parapsychologist's theory that they are troubled earthbound souls in need of help.
Ghosts in Photography
Is it possible to photograph the dead? (see also Human Aura)
Ghost Ship
In 1872, the captain and crew of the Mary Celeste vanished without a trace. The sails were set to the wind and breakfast was on the table. Who or what possessed the ship? (see also Psychic Sea Hunt)
Ghostly Stakeout
In a haunted house, a psychic team contacts troubled spirits that live on after death
Glenn Miller
An inquiry into why the mysterious death of the great musician was never investigated, and a possible military coverup
Great Lakes Triangle
Investigates efforts by scientists and psychics to discover the mysterious forces around the Great Lakes that have caused more air and sea disasters than the Bermuda Triangle.
Great Lovers
A look at some of history's famous lovers. What drove certain men to pursue sensual pleasure above all else?
Great Wall of China
The story of the one of the world's greatest wonders--who built it and why?

***** H *****

Hindenburg Mystery
A probe into the theory that the famed Nazi "lighter-than-air" ship, which exploded while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, in 1937, was destroyed by political saboteurs as portrayed in the George C. Scott movie. (see also Titanic)
Hiroshima Survivors
A revealing study of the wounds suffered by survivors of the first A-bomb blast, which killed more than 80,000 Japanese civilians on August 6, 1945.
Holy Grail
Explores the intriguing possibility that the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper may have been found. (see also Ten Commandments)
Houdini's Secrets
Probes the still-mysterious secrets of the world's greatest escape artist, including the theory that Houdini "came back" after death.
Human Aura
A look at the multi-colored rays we transmit, which seem to change with our moods.
Take a close-up look at these violent killers that have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Can they be controlled or prevented? (see also Tornados)
A look back at the great scientist Mesmer, whose hypnotic techniques are being used in modern surgery, teaching, and police investigations (see also Learning ESP)

***** I *****

Looks at scientific discoveries of new methods of prolonging human life, such as cryonics, which can suspend life for centuries.
Immortal Sharks
Why has the great white shark not evolved as other animals have? Leonard Nimoy hosts this look at this most ancient and primative creature. (see also Shark)
Inca Treasures
Camera crews accompany a Peruvian excavation party in quest of a great Inca city believed lost for 300 years. (see also Mayan)
Indian Astronomers
Recent excavations in southern Illinois provide tantalizing glimpses at Native-American use of astronomy.

***** J *****

Jack the Ripper
An investigative report that seeks to determine whether Jack the Ripper, one of the world's most notorious killers, was second in line to the British throne
Jesse James
Probes one of the most intriguing questions of the Old West--was legendary gunman Jesse James shot in the back or did he escape capture and live to a ripe old age? (see also Butch Cassidy)
Jim Jones
The story that shocked the world--how Jim Jones, the cult Svengali from California, convinced over 900 of his followers to follow him into suicide
Jimmy Hoffa
Probes the disappearance of the union boss with mob connections. Was he killed, kidnapped, or did he go underground?
John the Baptist
An investigation to determine whether the great holy man's remains are in Europe or Egypt

***** K *****

Killer Bees
A photographic report from Brazil on the behavior of the bees and genetic experiments underway to stop the savage swarms from reaching the U.S. Swarm of Bees Attacks (2006 archive).
King Solomon's Mines
A look at one of the most exciting searches of all--the hunt for the riches of the Old Testament. Did King Solomon actually have a mine near Mount Sinai? (see also Lost Dutchman Mine)
King Tut
Investigates the ancient Egyptian monarch's final days. Was he a beloved leader who died a natural death or did court intrigues lead to his assassination? (see also Pyramid Secrets)

***** L *****

Laugh Therapy
Can laughter combat disease? A Nobel-prize winner says he cured himself after doctors gave up hope. (see also Fountain of Youth)
Learning E.S.P.
Do the powers of extrasensory perception really exist, and can they be taught?
Lee Harvey Oswald
If you saw Oliver Stone's movie JFK about the assassination of President Kennedy, you may be intrigued by the assassination evidence presented here: visual proof of two guns in Dallas and possibly two Oswalds
Life after Death
A visit to a soul research institute for firsthand accounts of people who have died and come back to life.
Life after Life
The stories of people who have had after-life experiences and say they no longer fear death.
Lincoln Conspiracy
Cracks "the case of the 19th century"--how the assassination of Abe Lincoln was meticulously planned and abominably executed
Lindbergh Kidnapping
Digs for the facts behind the controversy that still rages today, the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh's baby. Was the wrong man executed for the crime?
Loch Ness Monster
A hunt for the tricky and somewhat lovable leviathan who has eluded all expeditions to prove that it truly exists (see also Ogopogo)
Lost Colony of Roanoke
A look at new evidence which offers an intriguing theory about where the colonists went.
Lost Dutchman Mine
An investigation into why hundreds of gold hunters have died searching for a lost treasure ever since a Dutch prospector wandered out of Arizona's Superstition Mountains in the 1860s. Is there really cursed gold hidden there, as Apache lore suggests? (see also King Solomon's Mines)
Lost Vikings
The fascinating story of Viking Erik the Red's descendants, who left Scandinavia and arrived in northern Canada centuries before Columbus.
An in-depth examination into the sinking of the British liner by a German submarine in 1915, killing over 1,000 passengers, including 114 Americans. Was it really all part of a plot to involve the U.S. in World War I? (see also Titanic)

***** M *****

Magic of Stonehenge
Suggests the Druid landmark could be the source of a mysterious power that might hold all of Britain in a strange magnetic force field
Man Who Would Not Die
The fascinating saga of Count St. Germain, who dazzled the courts of Europe for over 100 years, leading some to believe he was immortal.
Offers the theory that the Red Planet is dying of climate changes and suggests that Earth may face a similar fate.
Marilyn Monroe - see Death of Marilyn Monroe
Mayan Mysteries
The Mayans of Mexico carved an advanced civilization out of the jungles, then disappeared. Where did they come from? Where did they go? (see also Aztec)
Mexican Pyramids
The bloody story of the great pyramids, which were used for daily human sacrifices. (see also Pyramid Secrets)
An investigation into a highly controversial and emotional question: Are American servicemen still lingering in prison in Vietnam?
Missing Heirs
There is still a $3.2 million dollar fortune that remains unclaimed after a century. To whom does it belong?
Missing Link
Delves into one of the most intriguing questions of all--which side is right, the evolutionists or creationists? (see also Big Foot)
Money Pit Mystery
A true tale of hidden treasure and mysterious death. Six people have died in the scramble to dig up the Oak Island treasures, supposedly buried by Captain Kidd. (see also Pirates)
Monster Hunters
Host Leonard Nimoy investigates what compels scientists and teachers to pursue a man-like beast in Northern California
Moon Madness
Violence and passion are commonplace when the moon is full. Is there any truth to the Werewolf legends? Leonard Nimoy hosts this historical look at "lunacy"
Mummy's Curse
Probes the claim that a protective curse on King Tut's tomb accounted for a chain of mysterious deaths (see also King Tut, Mysteries of the Pyramids)

***** N, O *****

Nazi Plunder
Pursues the rumor of Nazi loot worth billions and a 30-year old track that could lead to it.
Nightmares - see Dreams
Noah's Flood
A dramatic inquiry into whether or not scientific proof exists for the legend of the Great Flood.
Examines the life of the great seer whose predictions about our world and times have been realized with astonishing accuracy. Nostradamus video on YouTube
Ogopogo Monster
This huge beast, similar to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, has been seen by thousands of people in western Canada.
Oracle Chamber - see Strange Visitors
Other Voices
Examines groundbreaking experiments that show that plants respond to people's thoughts

***** P *****

Past Lives
Can reincarnation be proved? Host Leonard Nimoy examines the data, testimony, and theories.
Pirates - see Bermuda Triangle Pirates
This great Roman city was a wealthy resort and mecca for fun-lovers before it was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Were early Christians among the Roman revelers? (see also Volcanos)
Psychic Detectives
Meet a unique scientific detective squad that uses E.S.P. as an effective crime-solving tool
Psychic Sea Hunt
A team of psychics gives scientists the exact description and location of an unknown shipwreck, and a submarine hunt proves them right
Pyramid Secrets
Examines the theory that the pyramids of Egypt were built to provide shelter from a holocaust, not as tombs for the pharaohs. (see also King Tut, Mexican Pyramids)

***** R *****

Reviews actual case histories of people who claim to have lived in previous lifetimes.
Roanoke - see Lost Colony of Roanoke
Michael Rockefeller
Did he drown or was he murdered? An investigation into the disappearance of Nelson Rockefeller's youngest son who vanished without a trace among some of the most primitive peoples in the world. Film found in a camera suggested they were the victim of headhunters, or was it staged?

***** S *****

Salem Witches
Are the witches of Salem still casting spells in Massachusetts? Watch Leonard Nimoy's report while you take down your Halloween decorations
San Andreas Fault
Analyzes California's great earthquake fault line to determine whether the long-predicted catastrophic quake can be predicted. (see also Earthquakes)
Secrets of Life
Explores the possibility that human life can be created in laboratories engaged in DNA research
Shark Worshippers
A trip to remote parts of the Pacific where man-eating sharks are considered gods. Adults pray to them and children swim unafraid among them. (see also Immortal)
Sherlock Holmes
A look at surprising new clues that indicate the famed super sleuth actually did exist
Shroud of Turin
An in-depth examination of the famed cloth that many believe holds the image of Jesus Christ
Siberian Fireball
Studies the evidence that the earth experienced a mysterious atomic blast 37 years before the development of the A-bomb.
Sodom and Gomorrah
Studies evidence developed by archaeologists suggesting that the two wicked cities existed on the site of a crater now filled in by the Dead Sea (see also Ten Commandments)
Space Travel - see Time
Spirit Voices
Do loved ones call back to us from their next lives? Leonard Nimoy examines historical evidence of voices from the beyond, as well as scientific research into the possibility of spirit voices (see also Other Voices)
Stonehenge - see Magic of
Strange Visitors
Was Oracle Chamber, which lies beneath New Hampshire's Mystery Hill, built by ancient Phoenicians who traveled to the continent thousands of years ago?
Sun Worshippers
Will solar energy free us from dependance on foreign oil? Host Leonard Nimoy analyzes how solar energy stacks up against fossil fuel and nuclear energy.
Super Children
Investigates scientific efforts to produce a generation of child prodigies; are they born or made?
Swamp Monster
An investigation of reports that a huge man-like beast is living in the swamps of Louisiana's bayou. (see also Big Foot, or Ogopogo)

***** T *****

The Ten Commandments
Join host Leonard Nimoy as he profiles Moses and tries to pinpoint Mount Sinai's exact location. Have pilgrims to the Holy Land been praying at the wrong location?
Tidal Waves
See a reenactment of the incredible destruction wrought by the tsunami (giant sea wave) that struck Hawaii in 1960
Time and Space Travel
Soon it will be possible to travel through space faster than the speed of light and avoid aging. (see also UFO)
Investigates the most perplexing question about the 1912 North Atlantic disaster that cost 1,517 lives: Why did the captain ignore the ice warnings and speed on into oblivion?
A terrifying look at one of nature's deadliest forces. Tornadoes can swallow up buildings and people without a trace--can they be stopped? (see also Hurricanes)
Tower of London Murders
How the destiny of England was changed by the disappearance of young princes from the fabled Tower.
The story of Heinrich Schliemann, an eccentric who went looking for the famed city and discovered not one, but nine ancient cities in Turkey.

***** U *****

An evaluation of reports by people who have seen "saucers", and the growing body of evidence that America is regularly being visited by UFOs (see also Earth Visitors)
UFO Australia
Actual film footage of unidentified flying objects flying Down Under
UFO Captives
Meet people who believe they have been held captive aboard alien spacecraft--close encounters of the fourth kind as depicted in the movie Fire In The Sky!
UFO Cover-Ups
Examines charges that the U.S. Air Force is hiding alien corpses in Ohio
Ultimate Disaster
Delves into the ultimate question--how will life on this planet perish? (see also End of World)

***** V *****

Van Gogh
A look at the life and death of the great Dutch master--was he really mad?
Vikings - see Lost

Volcanos - see Dangerous

Experience an actual voodoo rite, and meet a priest dedicated to disarming its effects.

***** W, Y, Z *****

Walls of Jericho
The great Biblical saga is examined for evidence that the walls really did tumble down for Joshua (in Joshua 6).
Water Seekers
Scientists take another look at the divining rod. Does water emit valuable signals?
Wild Children
When raised by animals, can children survive in civilization? Host Leonard Nimoy examines several historical cases.
Witches - see Salem
Witch Doctors
Leonard Nimoy hosts this look at ancient folk medicines that are being reinstituted today in modern mental institutions and are yielding positive results
Yeti - see Big Foot
Zeppelin - see Hindenburg

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