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The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Nazi Doctor Mengele (Gregory Peck), who used Jews for inhuman medical experiments in World War 2, has some of Hitler’s DNA and now is breeding little boy clones somewhere in the Amazon. Laurence Olivier plays his nemesis, an aging Nazi-hunting Jew. Cloning of sheep, let alone humans, was still decades in the future when this movie came out, so critics thought the Hitler-clone plot was “silly & unbelievable”, but the box-office success of this movie brought new attention to Nazis living in hiding in North & South America, for which Peck said he is very proud. The Mengele family still operates a large company, by that name, in Germany and Argentina or Paraguay.
With renewed interest in their most infamous family member, an announcement was made that Dr. Joseph Mengele had died and been cremated. If true, I suspect he is somewhere where he’ll be cremated for eternity.

Anywho, “The Boys From Brazil” is 123 minutes, originally rated R, based on a novel by Ira Levin.
Two years earlier, Laurence Olivier also appeared in “Marathon Man” (1976), in which Dustin Hoffman of Tootsie plays a grad student who discovers a Nazi war criminal in New York.

Additional Cast: James Mason , Lilli Palmer , Uta Hagen , John Dehner , Rosemary Harris , Anna Meara , John Rubinstein , Denholm Elliott , Steve Guttenberg , David Hurst , Jeremy Black , Bruno Ganz , Walter Gotell , Michael Gough , Prunella Scales .
Music by Jerry Goldsmith . Olivier’s character was based on real-life Jewish Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal. There is a Simon Wiesenthal Center with a holocaust museum, and a website:

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