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Beast With A Million Eyes (1955)

Roger Corman produced this one, which actually has an interesting premise - an alien can see telepathically through the eyes of any animal, making everything on Earth a potential spy. Local citizens in the small town near a UFO landing spot are soon fending off attacks by birds, cows and dogs, before finding and killing the hideous alien. At the end, a cute bunny rabbit scampers off, either possessed by the alien or heading off for the Night Of The Lepus casting call.
Beast With A Million Eyes 78 minutes, black and white.

Mars Needs Women (1964)

Admit it, you're smiling already. And well you might. Tommy Kirk, who played a Martian in the 4th Beach movie (Pajama Party) the same year, not to mention that Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite, "Village Of The Giants," was hired by writer/director Larry Buchanan for this one, filmed in Texas. Four Martians arrive to capture Earth women in order to repopulate Mars. The actors, including Yvonne Craig of Batman fame, try their sincere best to rise above the silly and distended script. Unreleased until 1968.

Pajama Party (1964)

Odd mixture of sci-fi, comedy and beach theme has a Martian (Tommy Kirk) guest starring in the fourth Annette Funicello "Beach Party" movie (Frankie Avalon has only a cameo), as an alien arriving to prepare for an invasion but instead getting caught up in an all-night pajama party in-doors. Buster Keaton (star of the only silent seriocomic Twilight Zone episode) and Don Rickles (the evil puppeteer in a "Tales From The Crypt" ep) also guest star, and Teri Garr (of Star Trek: Assignment Earth, and Close Encounters) has a bit role as a dancer buried in sand. Cast also includes Elsa Lanchester (the Bride of Frankenstein herself).
85 minutes
20 years later, Frankie & Annette got back together for "Back To The Beach," a movie so odd, there's a Joe Bob Briggs review

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