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Online Puzzles

Click on any of the word search puzzles shown below. When they appear on your screen, use the print option of your browser to print the puzzle. Then, solve the puzzle. Sunday School teachers, use them to supplement your lessons. Have fun!

Various Scripture Related Puzzles:
Secret Word:
The Friend-June 1997
The Friend-Nov.98
New Era-Nov.98

Star Mazing
Star Maze #2
Pencil Maze
Rectangle Maze
Feast Maze Snowman Maze

The Book of Mosiah

Word Scramble:
Prophets of the Book of Mormon
Signs of Autumn
Things we are thankfull for
Words of   December

Hidden Word Puzzles Index

Book of Mormon People (youth/adult)
Book of Mormon People in color (youth/adult)
Answers to Book of Mormon People

Life's Obligations (older youth/adult)
Life's Obligations in color (older youth/adult)
Answers to Life's Obligations

Obligations of Life (Primary)
Obligations of Life in color (Primary)
Answers to Obligations of Life

Witnesses to Birth of Jesus (Primary)
Witnesses to Birth of Jesus in color (Primary)
Answers to Witnesses to Birth of Jesus

Hidden Pictures/Words:

See how many exotic animals you can find in the rain forest!
Find the Animals - 1 (77k)
Find the Animals - 2 (71k)
Hidden Books of the Bible (71k)
More Hidden Books of the Bible (71k)
Still More Hidden Books of the Bible (71k)

Maze Puzzles:

It's a jungle out there! Don't get lost in these mazes:
The Crazy Streets of Jerusalem (easiest)
The Baffling Shepherd's Corral
Fishing for Money
The Incredible Twisting Rain Forest Path
The Most-Important Quest for the Lost

Crossword Puzzles:

How's your "word power"?
The Greatest Events in History
"I AM's" of Jesus
The Wonders of Genesis
The Creation Stumper Genesis 1-9
Jan. 98: Genesis 1-9
Jan. 99
Feb. 98
Mar. 98
Apr. 98

Word Search Puzzles:

What Happened in the Garden?
The Amazing, Stupendous Flood
Wow! What Happened in Babel?
Does God Really Love You?
The First Christmas.
Easter - a time for rejoicing?
Jesus Will Return!
Books of the New Testament!

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