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Online Games
Web Application

Note: Most games require frames or java compatible browser.

Email Us if you have found other Online LDS Theme games, puzzles or quizzes on the internet and would like them added to the list.

Online Games:
Bible Brain Twister
Swap Puzzles (13)
ICA Jigsaw Puzzles (8)
Coloring Book (30)
Hangman (205)
Quest for the Plates of Brass
Crossword Puzzles (5)
Quizzes (5)
Word Search (3)
Scriptorian (6)
Jumble (2)
  LDS Games Smile Check!   Nauvoo Kids Temple Pick-Up.
  Mormon Madlib!   Nauvoo Kids Prophet Pick-Up.
  LDS Games Online Hangman.   Nauvoo Kids Noahs Ark.
  Cumorah's Hill Slider Puzzle.   Nauvoo Kids Hymn Trivia.
  Nauvoo Kids Arrange the Prophets.   Book of Mormon Times Wordsearch.
  Nauvoo Kids Prophet Trivia.   Elders Web Wordsearch.
  LDS Trivia Quiz.   Elders Web Slider Puzzle.
  Mormon Word Meister.   Moromon Word Search Puzzle.
Brass Plates Maze Noah's Animals Coloring
Prophet Match with hidden picture! Book of Mormon Quizz
Online Bible Games: (NOTE: not all are LDS specific)
Holy Bible Quizzes Bible Study Trivia Games
Holy Bible Tutor Test Bible Study Quizz Game
Holy Bible Questions More Holy Bible Quizzes
Online Bible Creation Story

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