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From 1846-1869, approximately 70,000 Mormons traveled the Mormon Pioneer Trail. The Trails' general route is from Nauvoo, Illinois, to Salt Lake City, Utah.

This 1,300 mile long trail starts in Nauvoo and passes through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and ends near the Great Salt Lake. Departing from Nauvoo, Illinois, in February 1846, thousands crossed into Iowa seeking refuge from religious persecution. They spent the next winter in the Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska area.

Early in 1847, Brigham Young led an advanced party west, generally paralleling the Oregon Trail, to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, where they turned southwest and eventually came to the Great Salt Lake.

In January of 1847 some 12,000 Saints were waiting out the winter in hundreds of camps along the Missouri River. Unable to reach the Rocky Mountains as planned in 1846, they intended to head west as soon as spring returned. President Brigham Young, the Quorum of the Twelve, and up to 5,000 Saints were at the headquarters camp called Winter Quarters living in log cabins, dugouts, wagons and tents.

The first company of Mormon pioneers, led by Brigham Young, officially entered the Valley of the Great Salt Lake on 24 July 1847. For Latter-day Saints, this event has come to signal the founding the earthly Zion.

Mormon pioneers first commemorated this new beginning in 1849. The celebration took place near the spot that Brigham Young had recently designated as the site of a future temple. The observance consisted of a procession which led Brigham Young from his home to Temple Square to which members of the nearly twenty local LDS congregations had marched earlier that morning behind their respective bishops. Brigham Young presided over a devotional full of both religious reverence and zeal. The celebration ended with a thanksgiving feast for a bountiful harvest and the blessings of a merciful God.

1997 being the 150th anniversary of the pioneer trek from Winter Quarters, Nebraska, to the Salt Lake Valley. We decided to create a game which would be in celebration of the sesquintennial following the theme "Faith In Every Footstep".

Your objective in "Mormon trails" is to lead your family of three through the difficult terrain of the unsettled wild western states to arrive safety to the Salt Lake Valley to join with the saints in Zion. To accomplish this task you must answer many questions testing your knowledge of your new found faith. These questions may apply to The Book of Mormon or The Holy Bible.

The Mormon Trail has been divided into four levels. You must complete each level before the sun or moon has gone down. If you do not you will have lost one of your family members to the perils of the west and will have to continue on to Salt Lake in sorrow.

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Mormon Trails
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