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bio and other interesting things

all you would ever want to know about me and maybe just a *piff* more :o)

like i said on my front page, i am planning on becoming an artist when i am done with college. or maybe an art teacher. except some art teachers can be bad. did you ever have one that did your work for you? i did, i hated it. well i promise here and now...if i become an art teacher, i will not be one of the bad ones, k? my soul purpose of being an art teacher will be to introduce the world of creativity to children and let them take thier own paths from there...

well i am a sophomore at the university of minnesota, a lovely place to go to school except for the winter. it gets a bit cold walking to classes then. i am doing pretty well but it's all due to the support of my best friend, steve, and my great parents. I would also like to mention my brother Mike, my other bestest friend Laura, and all the people who are a part of my life. Ok, enough with the sappy stuff. I just thought I would mention somewhere that I am Irish (only 60% but thats more than half!) and other than that I am Swedish, Finnish, British, and Scotish. A bit of a northern European mutt really. Other than Art I am really into biology, nature, writing and pshychology. ok I think I covered it all but if you want to know anything more...just ask! And I do not mean anything anything but within reason. Did I even need to say that? *smile*

so...this being my page and all...i thought i would add my favorite, random links...k?

i know you are just dying to be spify like me (ok well i'm not spify but it's relly neat to know these things) and know your sun, moon and rising sign so go check out the chartshop. best of all, it's free! free stuff is a good thing.

i've got just three words for stuff rocks!!

hey! go spot the nerd!

can you ever get enough conan o'brien? isn't he dreamy...?

Ok, I know enough about this chick, take meBACK