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little irish sweetpea's place on the web

welcome to the strange yet interesting mind of me (aka little irish sweetpea, aka gerri, aka gerrilynn, aka rily or go ahead and make up yer own, but be nice :P). if you are a first time visitor, WELCOME! but if you've been here before, WELCOME BACK!! yes its my little space on the big world wide web...i am an interesting creature and here you might get the chance to understand how my mind works (and please if you get any answers email me...ok bad joke just kidding) I have finally gotten a chance to add a new page, my lovely Fraggle Rock page Excitng aint it? So its a new school year and its fall and the leaves are turning all sorts of lovely colors *sigh* pretty aint it? I actually have been messing around on this big place and kinda opened up a please go take a look at that too The Lucky Leprechaun! anyways, hope you enjoy your stay and as it, hate it, suggestions, comments? tell me what you really think! you can email me...
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to learn more about me click on my bio down below. But to give you a brief decription of me...

I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, a great place in the corner of the world known as Minneapolis, MN. I am a female (as if you couldn't guess) who has been told a thousand times resembles Drew Barrymore. I am planning to major in art (visual) and hope to be a famous world know artist someday. But enough about me...

This page has different links to differrent pages on my site. they are very random and contain things that I like and things you might want to know more about. but please bear with me while some pages are still in the editing stage. as always, my page is eternally under
but hey, isn't everyone's?

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a deeper look into the life and mind of me, boring people call it a bio

sean connery may be somewhat older now, but he and always will be a babe

college students (and everyone else!) will get a kick out of 101 ways to mess with your roomate, 50 nifty things you can do during an exam or the great 100 ways to order a pizza

speaking of college and college students...this is my unoffical site to the Universtiy of Minnesota (aka the school i attend)

ahhh, my favorites, the quotes

the coolest man ever kurt vonnegut! or at least one of them

Oh my gosh its...FRAGGLE ROCK!!

HEY!! my govener can beat up yours!! ladies and gents, Jesse Ventura

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