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April 8th, 2001

-MY NightFaye, Bred
-RnR Pepsi, Bred
MRC So Naughty, Bred
End of April


Find a local breeder!
~ From now on I will just be listing the select, established breeders I know of and the directories of breeders ~


If you need a full listing, Yahoo, Google, Altavista or Dogpile can find them for you.

Myomorpha- SW Illinois

AristoRat's Rattery- Northern Illinois

RavenHeart Rattery-SW Illinois

Rat N' Rave Rattery-Michigan

Amphigory Rattery-Florida (No web page, only e-mail)

Tiny Toes Rattery-Michigan (No web page, only e-mail)

Raffin House Rattery-Ohio (No web page, only e-mail)




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Altimers (Alhiemerz) with e-mails sometimes,
reading them and then forget to reply.  

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