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Cosmo's Critiques

Hello, fellow Donny fans. Steph (Cosmo) here, I am the lucky keeper of the "Cosmo's Critiques" page. A page full of reviews for you to read and comment on. The following reviews are my personal opinion and in no way represent the thoughts or feelings of others (unless they agree). If you agree or disagree with any of my reviews feel free to e-mail me and your voice will be heard!

OH MY GOSH!!! COSMO IS ACTUALLY UPDATING HER REVIEW PAGE, MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS AND KEEP ME WHILE I HAVE A HEART ATTACK!!!! pardon the sarcasm, but I am more suprised than Celine Dion when they let her on stage (for Daily Show fans) I'll cut the B.S. (pardon the expression) and Just get to the review.

There's No Business Like Show Business

This is one of the most difficult movies I have ever tried to explain. While it is a musical, it isn't your average MGM type "happy time fantasy film." Much of this movie consists of some things that aren't real appealing to your everyday musical fan.

Donny plays Timmy Donahue, the youngest of 3 children of a vaudville family named (you guessed it) the 5 Donahues. In a nut shell, his brother (masterfully played by Johnny Ray) grows up to be a priest, his sister (the very cute, Mitzi Gaynor) grows up to be, well, Mitzi Gaynor and Donny grows up to be basically, a drunk. He falls in love with Vicki Parker (Marilyn Monroe) and when he gets a little too jealous, he gets in a car accident and goes to "find himself."

Ethel Mermon and Dan Daily play the parents, and to me, steal the film. Mermon would have been a lot better if she had chose not to sing. She has some good moments though. Dan Daily is (what can I say) perfect.

Musical, oh right...sorry. I almost forgot about some of the coolest musical numbers I have ever seen. The "Heat Wave" is a must see for Monroe fans. "Alexander's Rag Time Band" is pretty cool. A Man Chases a Girl (Untill She Catches Him) is a very cute song with and equally cute dance (Timmy, Pete, you know what I'm talking about!). But My favorite musical scene in this one was "Lazy" not only is it funny, but the dancing that Donny and Mitzi do is amazing, a must see.

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