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Peter's Pictures

Hello everyone, Sarah B (Peter) here. These are some of my favorite Donny pictures I've picked up off the 'net. Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

1. 2.
3. 4. 5. 6.

1. Donny, Gene Kelly, & Fred Astaire
2. (actual size)
3. Donny & Marilyn Monroe from "There's No Business Like Show Business"
4. Donny and Francis
5. A promotional picture for "Francis Goes To West Point"
6. Donny, Stanley Donen, & Gene Kelly

This is a picture of Donald and Billy Lee. They starred in three films together: "Night Work", "Sons of the Legion" and "Boy Trouble". Later in life, Billy reported that Donald O'Connor was the best friend he'd made in show business.

*Thanks to Joseph for the picture and the information!


*A special thanks to T 'n' T for most of these wonderful pictures!

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