Site hosted by Build your free website today! want to know more about me. I guess I can't blame you. Who would want to believe someone they know nothing about, much less take advice from that person? So, I have decided to tell you a little about myself in a more informal way that the old Bio I used to have up. As you may have noticed I am an astrologer. I began studying seriously just over a decade ago. I have learned under several astrology teachers, some quite closely including one in particluar over a long period of time. I also have learned a great deal on my own in reseach and practical application. My interests in astrology lean towards the esoterical/metaphysical aspects of it, as well as the Jungian psychological uses of it. I guess you could say that my innitial introduction to astrology was a mix of natal and mundane/event astrology. While I rarely ever do mundane or event work anymore except in my own reseach and observation, I think it is one of the best jumping boards in how to learn astrology. Observation, in my humble opinion, is the key towards understanding this subject.

So, when I was still a teen my interest was grabbed by astrology. I studied it, pulled it apart, put it back together again. There are a few things I have learned from this.

#1. Undoubtedly astrology works.
#2. No one can ever live long enough to know everything there is to learn on this subject.
I truly believe I will be learning for the rest of my life!

In August 1998, I became a Minister and got my Bachelor's Degree in Divinity in metaphysical counseling and healing. This way, not only was I forwarding myself spiritually, but I can also help folks in many different ways now that I may have been unable to before.

This past year I have become active in writing articles and essays on astrology and have been published in several place on the net. I am the contributing editor for the Astrology site at where I write a new article every friday and provide best of the net links. I write the Astrology site at Noahsays. I also wrote for the Third Eye Newsletter online e-zine, though this is the last month of publication of that...they are starting a new site soon.
I teach/host an online class/chat for the Master Ho's Reality Box which meets at the Reality Box room on the WBS/Go/Infoseek chat network. Just follow the links for more info about that!

Personal Stuff

I have been married for 5 1/2 years, and have a wonderful two year old daughter. I have a dog (shelter baby), and four cats (adopted from various circumstances), and stay home with them. All my work is done from my home office. I also have 2 horses, a quarterhorse mare who is 23 and an appalossa gelding who is 21, however, my Mom is currenlty taking wonderful care of them for me in a different state...I miss them greatly.
I am originally from New Jersey, USA, spent about 3 years living in Virginia Beach, and currently reside in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I hope to be moving back east this Autumn 1999.

I have varied interests outside astrology. I am versed in Tarot, but I no longer do card readings professionally. I have been studying Dreams for over a year now and find it very interesting.

I am a fan of the Muppets and all things Henson...Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal are up there with my favortie movies (as is "Better off Dead...but that is the twisted side of me that never wants to grow up!!*LOL*)
I am also a music fan, and I like all types of music, from Chopin to Ozzy. Literally. My favorites? That's a toughy...Rush, definatly. I am a big Rush fan. Cheap Trick, Led Zepplin, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Chopin, Indigo Girls, Alainis Morrisette, The Beatles (together and seperate), Peter, Paul, and Mary...the list goes on and on.
I admit it, I am a Weather Channel Fan. (Does Mark Mancouso have a fan club?)

I competed in the NJ Garden State Games in 1990 in speed roller skating. I lost, but I competed! I love roller skating. I will be 100 years old and if I can walk, I shall skate!

Well, its nice to meet you! Please sign my guest book and let me know a little about you!

I hope you enjoy roaming my it is growing daily!! You may find some new stuff, and if you are a return visitor you will find that some stuff is gone. Some will resurface, some will be rewritten!

Please keep in mind that if you choose to have a session with me or have me write a report for you that you will be treated like the individual you are. I never judge you, and part of the reason for my ordination was so that I could offer the credible promise that your information is as confidental as a confessional. Reports are always written by me, hand typed for you, and never ever from an impersonal computer. While the majority of my clients are from the USA, due to the wonders of the internet I have done charts for people internationally. So, it doesn't matter where you live!
Please join me online at the Suite101, at the Reality Box, or at the chat here sometime. You are welcome to e-mail me, or sometimes you can catch me in the Astrology Talk chat on Talkspot, as I recently found that and it is both enlightening and entertaining.

Be Creative. be Inquisitive. Be Alive!

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