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Readings-Information on obtaining personalized astrology reports and readings

Astrology Class-Chat-Looking to learn and have fun with Astrology and good, like-minded people? Its free, so take a peek!

Buy Stuff-This link is not complete yet. Please check back for cool stuff soon!

Astrology Chat!- A place to chat and for stray RBers when the room at Bob is down. Come on in! (HTML chat, no java or downloads required, from

Links-A comprehensive page for astrology elsewhere on the net-at least it will be in a week or so....but there are a few links listed right now.

Astrology Information

Articles-Read Articles on Various Astrology Topics.
The Astrological Moon
The Cusp Myth
The Lessons of Venus
Astrology and Karma
Lunar Nodes
Healing and Mars Problems
Jupiter and Expansion

Beginner Astrology
Tips on Learning Astrology- Some different techniques for learning astrology.
Elements-An intro to the four elements.
Qualities-An intro on The meanings of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable
Masculine and Feminine-A look at the "genders" of the signs as we can see them today.
Ruling Planets-definitions of rulers, detriment, exaultation, and fall.
Your Rising Sign-Curious about what the Ascentdant says generally about your personality?
Signs-An intro on Signs and symbolism of the zodiac signs for beginners.
Planets-Introduction to the planets for beginners.
Houses-Intro to Houses.
Major Aspects-Intro to Basic Major Aspects-just the big four right now, but more will be on this page soon.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff
Free Tarot-Get a free computerized Tarot reading....its just for fun but awfully cute!
Free Graphics and Clipart- some free astrology graphics and clip art on three pages.

More Coming Soon....

The Lighter Side

Why did The Sign Cross the Road?-A list of answers to the age old chicken question, put together by my class...
Love Test-Need I say More?
Joke of the Day from Laugh a Day-Totally not astrology oriented, but come find a new giggle or groan daily!

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