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Chapter 8

Ike stood starring at his shoes in the front entry way at the Jensens not knowing what to excpect from these people. From the suroundings it was quite obvious that they were a very wealthy family & stereotyped that they would be very rude, but much to his surprise they were not. They house much looked like the one in that goofy movie "Clueless" (** accually I like that movie but whose to say what Ike likes**) and he prayed that the daughter wasn't that ditzy. "Hello again!," Pam grinned to his parents. "I'm so glad you all could come! Now let me see.. I remember Avery, and Jessie and Mack, but who are thses three handsome young men standing before me??" This lady is one ball of energy Ike thought.. "I am Zachary Walker Hanson. At your service madame. And these other to goons are my brothers, Clarke Isaac Hanson, and Jordan Taylor Hanson." Zac took charge. "Well, well. You must be the family ham." Pam said jokingly. "I'm sorry to say that my husband won't be joining us tonight, problems at the office but my daughter, Cara, who is 14 will be with us. Tonight you three will stay in the room ajoining hers, so I hope you all will get along nicely which I'm sure you will." her head snapped around at a sound up on the stairs behind her. "Well speak of the devil. Here she is now." Three pairs of teen-age eyes all looked up at the same time and stared. Tay's jaw dropped open and Zac had to nudge him so he'd close it. "Oh, Lord. She's only 14... I think I'm gonna like living here a lot more now.." Tay murrmured under his breath.. ******************************************************************************** Cara felt all eyes on her as she slowly, and gracefuly made her way down the grand staircase. she was usually a bit wary around strangers, escpesially ones that will be living with her for the next 24 hours, but these people were.. differant.. They were nice. Not fake nice. Nice, NICE. They all made their intruductions and the whole time out of the corner of her eye, Cara could see the boys staring at her... That boy.. whats his name? Tyler.. No wait Taylor. Yeah Taylor.. He's pretty cute.. My age, too.. What luck.. Isaacs not too bad, either.. Zac seems a little crazy.. Just like me... We'll get along I'm sure....

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