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Chapter 7

Diana & Walker came back from the Jensen's to get changed to go out. Mrs. Hanson went to go find her kids while Walker got in the shower. She found Zac up in his room, on his blue comfortar fighting with a tie. "Honestly, Mom. Is their a need for me to wear this evil, cloth collar?" he pouted. "Yes. I'd appreciate your looking nice when you meet the Jensens. They're a sweet family, and they have a daughter Tays age who seems very lovely. Now come here and let me help you," she told him tugging at his tie. "Your father is out of the shower & I need to get in so please go tell your brothers that in excatly 45 min. I excpect them to be downstairs, ready and waiting." With that she patted her son on the shoulder and left... *************************************************************************** Cara was kneeling on the floor of the closet with her dress up around her waist digging through a pile of shoes WHERE'S THE OTHER ONE?!?! She shouted shaking a black, satin, platform sandal in her fist. Ahh.. There you are. Cara had spent the past ten minutes on her floor rummaging for the lost shoe... Now what?? OMIGOD!!! Make-up! Gotta do my make-up!! her mind raced as she bolted for the bathroom with only 15 minutes to spare...

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