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Chapter 9

When are we leaving?... We've been standing here for the longest time...Zac pondered. We glanced to his left and saw Tay qawking at the pretty blonde. He followed Taylor's gaze and figured out why. She was so cool. The way she talked she sounded like the type of girl who'd love to go fire water balloons off decks, and get into food fights. But the way she was dressed made him have a small doubt. What kind of a girl who got to live in a house like this could be bad. He started to worry. Maybe Tay was right.. Maybe she's a snot.. Maybe we won't like her... Maybe she won't like us... Maybe I'm wrong.. Maybe she's nice.. She looks nice.. Just a little rich thats all. Yeah. Just rich... ***************************************************************************** "Mom?" asked Cara. "Yes, hun? What is it? We need to get a move on so we can make our reservation." Pam said. "Oh good. Thats what I was going to ask- When we could leave. How are we all going to cram in the car, though?" Cara asked her mom. I better not have to sit on anyones lap or my dress will be crushed.. "Oh yes! How could I have forgotten! I've rented us, all of us a limo to ride in. Part of my way of thanking you and your family for your hospitality. It should be here by now..," Walker said glancing over his shoulder...

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