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Chapter 5

So this must be the room you brats stuck me with... Taylor thought to himself when opening the door to his new room. He immediatly regretted his last thoughts. "This is the best!!!!!", he shouted. he ran to the window and looked out. It faced the side of the house where the girl had been laying. Across from him at that house was a balcony. He returned to his new room and wondered why his brothers didn't want this room. It was amazing! It had a door that led outside onto a balcony. Outside on that balcony he found a door at either side of his own and the right door led to Zac's room, and the left door to Ike's.Back in his room there was a ledge about 12 ft sq. with a little step that led up to it off to one side. wow! he thought runnung up to it. This room is HUGE! And this elavated area would be PERFECT to put my keyboard and bed up on! I gotta go find the guys. He shoved the box he had been holding into a corner and flew out of the room right passed two moving guys who were holding his mattress. "Hey! Watch it kid!" the bald one said. "Sorry!" Tay called running down the stairs in search of his brothers... Where in the world could she be?? Cara wondered. "Excuse me, Rosie. Have you seen my mom?", she asked one of the maids who was vacuming a hallway. "Oh, yes, honey. I believe she's down in the studio talking to a Mr. and Mrs. Hanson about something." the sweet 60-something maid told her. Who are the Hansons? Maybe they're some new clients or something... Cara pondered making her way down a flight of stairs and into the luxurious (*ha ha.. by now you realize I can't spell for shit..*) recording studio. Her mother, Pam, was a wonderful musican and worked producing and recording for many popular bands. Both her parents jobs caused the Jensen family to become very wealthy. "Mom?", Cara called out. "I'm right here sweetie.", her mom replied , "Come meet our new neighbors, Diana and Walker Hanson. We will be taking them out for dinner tonight. And then since they aren't unpacked, and half their furnishings haven't arrived yet, they're family will be splitting up into 3 of our empty rooms. The youngest three children in the room in the west wing on the first floor and Diana and Walker will be in the ajoining room. And the three oldest sons will be in the room conecting to yours up in the attic. Now go up and get ready to go. We're leaving in an hour and a half." Pam explained. "Where are we going?", Cara asked. "How about that cute little French place down by Nicolet Ave.? Just dress up. How about that darling red number you wore to that opera you're aunt dragged you to last year?" Pam laughed. "How about not. That doesn't even fit any more. I'll figure something out.. Avec plasir M. Hanson et Mme. Hanson. A bientot. (*Nice to meet you Mr. Hanson and Mrs. Hanson. See you later* In case you can't tell, I take French so you better start learing it now, because I'll use it quite a bit in my stories) Cara parted, went up to her room and jumped in the shower...


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