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Chapter 6

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"Ike!! Zac!! Where are you guys?!" Tay shouted running down the attic stairs. "We're in here dude! Like your new room?", Zac said. "I love it! But why didn't you guys want it?" Tay asked couriusly. "We knew how upset you were about the move and all so we felt like you could use a little cheering up, so Zac and me figured we could be the nice brothers we are and give you the good room.", said Ike. "Thanks guys! Where are mom and dad? And the runts?" (* Tay said "runts" in a teasing form, not to be mean towards his younger sibs) "umm... I think they said something about going next door. You know, to that really big house with the hot girl that you obviously like.." Zac teased. "Zac!! You die!! I can't like her! I've never met her!!" Taylor tackled his little brother to the floor laughing. Ike made his perch on a box containing the kitchenware to watch his brothers "fight". "You know Tay, you'll spend all of tonight with her seeing as her family is bringing us out to eat and then we're staying in some guestrooms over there because not all of our stuff is here yet.." Ike told him. "What?? We have to sleep over there?? She's probably some snotty, daddy's- girl!" Tay moaned. Zac sat up and dusted himself off. "Well, while you two sit down here and bicker about how much you'll like the mystery girl, I'm going upstairs to take a shower. Mom said we're leaving at seven." and with these final words Zac ran up the stairs leaving two amused brothers behind.... Cara stepped from the shower and entered a walk in closet. too plain... too dressy... to small... too UGHH pink! she thought I really need to get rid of some of this stuff... Oooh! I'll wear this! Cara pulled a long, black, satin dress from the closet. I was plain with no gaudy ruffles or anything on it, but it had a long slit up the side. Although she was only 14 she looked 17, and occasionaly modeled on runways. She slipped it over her head and twirled in front of her mirror. Preferct . Cara entered her marbled bathroom and pulled in the hot rollers...